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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Charity Shopping | Chunky Turquoise Necklace & Tartan Brogues.

Fake Fabulous | Chunky Turquoise necklace.

Lets talk about Charity (thrift) shopping.

I am not sure about how things work overseas, but in the UK charity shops can be a hit or a miss.

{Warning: 90% miss!}

There is often a jumble of (quite frankly) over-priced tat.
I see many cheap, and nasty, tops, jumpers and dresses...bobbly, stained and priced at a silly price points.
Sometimes more than they were originally!

Then there is the smell.
"Old lady".
... or worse!!

I'm not painting a very attractive picture am I?

After reading that, it might be hard to believe that I love charity shopping.
In fact, I can't walk past a shop without having...
"Just a quick look, 5 minutes, honestly!". 
{Cue the collective groan from my family}

Yes, there are plenty of over worn (and worn out) clothes to look through...
But, then.
A real gem.

See some of my favourite Charity shop finds here...

In fact, most of my outfits involve at least one secondhand item.
Sometimes the whole look!

Fake Fabulous | Chunky Turquoise necklace, blush jumper & burgundy tartan brogues.

Last Saturday I was having a look through one of the local charity shops, ready to discover that hidden 'gem'.
There were some gorgeous vintage 80's clothes (I assume someone had a big clear out) and a few nice pairs of high-street-designer shoes.
Unfortunately the clothes were a 14-16, and the shoes a 6.
Never mind.
Better luck next time.

As I was leaving, I decided to have a quick rummage through the jewellery.
It is usually a tangle of really cheap (and uninspiring) pieces.
All priced at £3.00.
All worth no more than 50p!
I don't hold out hope of finding anything.
Today (amongst the tangle) was this necklace.
Not only is it chunky and colourful (which is right up my street) but it is also one of my favourite colours!
Delicious knobbly chunks of vibrant turquoise.
Perfect to add life to any look.
£3.00 very well spent!

Fake Fabulous | Chunky Turquoise necklace.

It may come as no surprise to you that this outfit started with a necklace.
A beautiful, full of character, full of colour, necklace!

Simple dark wash jeans, and a blush coloured jumper (last seen here) are lifted out of the doldrums with this pop of turquoise.

Fake Fabulous | Chunky Turquoise necklace, blush jumper & burgundy tartan brogues.

Burgundy brogues (with a tartan design) seemed the obvious choice of footwear.
Comfortable and practical, with just enough personality to compliment, without competing with, the necklace.
They have touches of turquoise in the tartan panel, subtle but effective.

Fake Fabulous | Burgundy tartan Clarks brogues.

This beautiful necklace goes to prove that popping into a charity shop for a 5 minute rummage is well worth the effort.
Every now and again something special will be lurking, and could be yours for the price of a coffee!
What's not to love about that?

Well, I know for sure that some people really hate charity shops, and I totally understand why...

  • Outfits are hard to visualise.
  • Colours are random. {Although there is a shop near me that hangs everything in groups of colour, which is really pleasing to the a rainbow!}
  • The general messiness.
  • The lack of sizes.
  • The chaotic nature of the whole experience.
  • Old clothes can be unappealing.
  • Rifling through rubbish can be disheartening.
  • Not to mention the smell...did I mention that?!

A clean, ordered and well presented shop is much more appealing.

  • Outfits are laid out for you.
  • Colours compliment each other.
  • The sizes are reliable {Although, not always these days!}.
  • Styles are safe and socially acceptable.
  • There is little danger of looking eccentric or "different".
  • Fabrics are modern and (usually) washable.
  • Items are new.

I really enjoy both types of shopping experience.
{As long as it involves coffees and this!}

But, if I had to choose, I would pick a rummage through a charity shop over a high-street shop, any day!

Over to you...
How do you feel about charity shopping?
Do you love it?
Or, can you not be bothered rummaging through the tat?

Please share your thoughts on this in the comments.
Or Contact me!

Feel free to leave a link (or email me a photo) and share any charity shop finds that you are particularly proud of.

I love reading your comments, and would love to see some of those hidden gems!

NECKLACE: Charity shop (This necklace is similar)
JEANS: H&M (similar)
JUMPER: Primark (this one is cool)
GLASSES: Fenchurch
BAG: Rosetti (this one is lovely)
BROGUES: Clarks (these are cool, and half price!)



Monday, 26 September 2016

The FAB 40's in Hats!

Fake Fabulous | Christys Trilby, floral pencil skirt, sleeveless jacket, patent vagabond boots | Hats

Welcome back to the fab 40's.

I am delighted to be part of this group of international bloggers, called The fab 40's.
The purpose of this diverse group is to show how eight (very different) women interpret a specific style.

{Although, we are a "man down" this time, see below}

Each month there is a new theme chosen by one of the group.
These ladies prove that being in your forties does not mean you have to be dowdy, frumpy, boring or forgettable.
All of these women are 40+ and fabulous!

Fake Fabulous | Christys Trilby, floral pencil skirt, sleeveless jacket, patent vagabond boots | Hats

This month's theme was Hats.

I love hats!
Most of the ones I own are berets, or other winter styles, and I wear them for warmth.

It was great to be able to get my favourite hat out again, and wear it just "because".

Today's outfit came together with ease.
It (obviously) started with the hat, but it was the lips that came next.
Deep purplish-redish-pinkish-plum.
Perfect for Autumn.

{See my post about trying lipstick, here}

Fake Fabulous | Christys Trilby, floral pencil skirt, sleeveless jacket, patent vagabond boots | Hats

The floral skirt was sent to me by the lovely Ann (of Kremb de la Kremb... see more of her below), she knew I would love the colours.
Perfect for an autumn look.
I decided to pick out the subtle blue from the pattern, as a contrast to the warm tones.
Adding a green belt held everything together.

{See this belt here, here and here}

My sleeveless coat was the perfect coverup.
Not too heavy, but just enough warmth to stop my lips turning blue... not that you would know under this vibrant lippy!

Plum tights and my (now favourite) patent boots finished things off nicely.
{See a simple guide to wearing coloured tights, here}

Fake Fabulous | Christys Trilby, floral pencil skirt, sleeveless jacket, patent vagabond boots | Hats

COAT: French Connection... this one is cool and on sale.
JUMPER: Asos... this is perfect!
BELT: Tkmax (this is cool)
SKIRT: A gift from Ann!... this one is nice.
TIGHTS: Gipsy 100
NAILS: Ciate
BOOTS: Vagabond

Do you love the look of hats, but need some more outfit inspiration?
Well, check these out...

Fake Fabulous | Christys Trilby, floral pencil skirt, sleeveless jacket, patent vagabond boots | Hats

Introducing our Guest blogger this month... 

Janeane from Designing from my closet.

Janeane is a interior designer, stylist and blogger.
She proves that being plus sized (and over 40) is no barrier to wearing what you want, and celebrating your personal style.
I would quite happily wear this entire outfit.
White jeans, a slouchy tee and a long necklace... simple.
It looks so comfortable, and those shoes are fab!
Check out her blog (link in the title) for more style tips and outfit inspiration.

Sheela from Sheela Writes.

Sheela never fails to bring a fierce attitude to her outfit.
This outfit is very sexy...and looks like great fun to wear.
Definitely not a look for a wallflower!
Sheela knows how to have fun with fashion, and make a bold statement.

You must check out her blog if you are a high heels lover, but prepare yourself for serious shoe envy!

Fuchsia Hat: Ruby Lane 
Sequined Cardigan & Bangles: Thrifted
Rings: gifts
Lacy Bra Top: Victoria’s Secret
Leather & Velvet Skirt:Urbanog
Brolly: Betsey Johnson
Heels: Ami Clubwear
Lipstick: Pink Lust from NYX

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

I was hoping Ann would do something a little different, and she has not let me down.
Who else could pull off a turban?
The fact that the reset of her outfit is quite androgynous works well to contrast with the statement headwear.
Such an individual look.
However, shorts Annie??
I am in tights! :oP

Turban: H&M
Pin: Zara
Too much jewellery to explain! Hoops and bangles from Saudi Arabia, long necklace from Bali, and two more baubles from the Seattle Airport
Watch: my Fitbit!! I've been getting in 10,000 steps almost every day!
Sleeveless Blazer: DIY Forever 21
Cutoffs: DIY Wranglers
Drawstring Purse: Zara (precious gift from my students!)
Trainers: Lacoste

Jennie from A pocketful of polka dots.

Jennie is cute in her baker boy cap (I almost wore mine).
I think this style looks great with a short bob... especially if it happens to be flame red!

Diane from Fashion on the fourth floor.

Diane is absent from this month's line up... I'm sending her my best wishes and hope she make it next month.
She is missed.

Mary from Curlybyrdie Chirps

Mary is showing us how to mix a rich burgundy/plum with shades of blue.
Her colour combinations are always spot on!
Rich and autumnal.
I think it is safe to say that I live in the cooler climate than Mary.
There may be rich autumnal hues but plenty of bare skin too!

Dress : Jcpenney ­
Bag: Jcpenney ­
Necklace: The LImite­d 
Vest: The Limited ­
Shoes: Jessica Simps­on 
Hat: Old 

Veronica from CID Style file

I can't believe this is the same lady as last month!
Veronica was super-fierce last time, in her bomber jacket, and looks sweet and feminine in her floppy hat and olive maxi.
A simple look that works!

Maxi Dress: c/o CGGMe
Hat: American Egale
Shoes: MIA cutout sandals (although you can't seem them in this pic)

Over to you...

Do you wear Hats?
What styles do you like?
If you don't, what puts you off?

Please let me know your thoughts by leaving me a comment.
Or contact me!
I love hearing from you.


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Friday, 23 September 2016

Navy Ballerina-length Dress and Chunky Sandals.

Fake Fabulous | Navy Finery Midi-dress, grey and taupe accessories & Chunky Vagabond sandals.

I've had this navy long-length dress in my wardrobe for a few months now.
I bought it as soon as it came in stock (as it looked so cool on the model) but it has hung in my wardrobe, unworn, since it arrived.

The long ballerina-length hemline (that looked so great on the model) has thrown me slightly in real life.

{See me trying midi-lengths, here and here}

Fake Fabulous | Navy Finery Midi-dress, grey and taupe accessories & Chunky Vagabond sandals.

So, today I wanted to stop avoiding this dress, and get it worn!

I decided to style it simply, with grey (and taupe) accessories.
The draped front of this dress is a feature in itself, so long earrings, and a resin buckle belt, were all of the embellishment it needed.

Fake Fabulous | Navy Finery Midi-dress, grey and taupe accessories & Chunky Vagabond sandals.

The dress is so comfortable that I wondered why I had not been wearing it sooner!
However, the wool content of the fabric makes it more suitable for a more autumnal day.
{I think I will use that as my excuse for it being neglected for so long.}

The weather today was still warm enough for me to wear my chunky sandals.
I love a chunky shoe!

The sandals also give a little more height to the exposed part of my leg, as well as some toughness.
Red nails finished my look off nicely.

DRESS: Finery
SHOES: Vagabond (on sale now)
NAILS: Ciate
BELT: Old (this one is nice)
BAG: Dune (this one is fab!)
EARRINGS: Very, very old! ...these are lovely.

Do you ever buy an item early, only leave it hanging in your wardrobe for ages?
How would you style this awkward length?

Please share your thoughts, in the comments.
Or, contact me.
I love to hear from you!



Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Are Facial Serums Worth the Bother?

Fake Fabulous | Are Facial Serums worth the Bother? | Elizabeth Grant

I don't mind admitting that I am a little bit of a beauty product (and makeup) addict.
I love to try new things, and really enjoy experimenting with products.
So, when Ideal World contacted me to ask if I would like to try some beauty products, I was happy to give them a go!

{Please note: I am NOT being paid to 'review' these products, so all of my opinions are honest and unbiased.}

When trying new products I am always wary of the fact that they might react with my skin, but take comfort that I can pass them on to friends (and family) if they do not suit.

I explained to the lovely Chloe (at Ideal World) that I had sensitive skin and was not interested in anything that claims to "lift & tighten".
Tight skin is not something that appeals to me.
Comfort is my priority when it comes to my face.
She said she would send me a couple of things.
Oooooo... how lovely, I really like surprises!

I must tell you now, that even though I love try new beauty products, I don't really believe the hype surrounding a lot of them.
I don't think that spending hundreds of pounds will make me look younger.
All I want is to feel comfortable and hydrated.
If a product makes me feel pampered, then that is an added bonus!

{If you read this post you will see my thoughts on ageing.}

Fake Fabulous | Are Facial Serums worth the Bother? | Elizabeth Grant

When my surprise parcel arrived I must admit that I was initially disappointed to find that it contained a selection of serums (I expected a moisturiser or a cleanser).
I have never felt the need to buy a serum.
They seem like a waste of time.
What could a serum possibly do for my skin?
Are serums not just a ploy by the cosmetic giants to get us to spend more money?

I also worried about the texture of the products.
Would they be thin, and watery?
Would they make my skin nip?

Oh dear.
Was this a mistake?
However, in the spirit of trying something new, I had to give them a go.
I reminded myself that I could easily pass them on to my friend if they were no good.
All was not lost.

I was sent a day serum, night serum, eye serum and a "Line relaxer".
The last one made me laugh.
My frown lines could certainly do with some relaxing after a hard day!

Fake Fabulous | Are Facial Serums worth the Bother? | Elizabeth Grant

The products came in very pretty packaging (which I am a sucker for) and are a pleasure to use.

I could "copy and paste" the blurb now... about the brand (and it's ethos) plus the active ingredients, and their properties... blah, blah, blah.
But, to be honest, the only thing that really concerns me is if a product feels good on my skin.

So my test for these serums was...Can they be applied on my freshly cleansed, bare skin?

I am delighted to tell you that they can!

All of the serums have a pleasant and subtle scent, nothing too overpowering.
One pump is more than enough to cover the whole face.
{In fact, half a pump could be enough if you have a small face}

Fake Fabulous | Are Facial Serums worth the Bother? | Elizabeth Grant

The textures are all very fine and they leave a lovely feeling on the skin.
I was very pleasantly surprised.
No nip at all.

I like to feel moisturised, and know that my product is in place doing it's job.
So this slightly 'coating' feeling is a great texture for me.
If you don't like the feeling of a product 'on' your skin, this might not be the best product for you.

I popped my normal moisturiser over the day serum, as a barrier against daily grime.
My makeup went on easily, and my face was comfortable all day.
I thought it looked smoother too!

Fake Fabulous | Are Facial Serums worth the Bother? | Elizabeth Grant

The night serum was simple to use and left my face feeling protected, as well as plumped up.
It felt nourishing, like I was treating my skin to something good.
I woke with that feeling of being hydrated, which I really like.
{I still looked like a hippo had slept on my face, but that is normal :oP}

I used the eye serum morning and night, and rubbed the Line Relaxer on my frown-lines at bedtime.
Massaging the skin is very beneficial, so anything that encourages that is a winner for me.

Fake Fabulous | Are Facial Serums worth the Bother? | Elizabeth Grant

Are facial serums worth the extra bother?

If you like the feeling of a serum, and you enjoy the application, then Yes!
Spend your hard-earned money on treating yourself.
Take a moment.
Massage your face and neck.
Enjoy that few minutes of "me time".
Feeling good about yourself is guaranteed to make you look better.

After my initial scepticism about serum, I ended up really enjoying using these products...
I felt like I was giving myself a real treat, and my skin looks better for it!

{Apologies to my friend, who was hoping for some new goodies, these are staying!}

See the range of Elizabeth Grant products, here... including all of the blurb you need.

Please let me know your opinion of serums (or moisturisers, or any other beauty products) by leaving a comment.
I love to hear your thoughts!


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

One Breton Jumper, 3 Ways | PPP 7

Fake Fabulous | Breton jumper, red midi skirt, chunky patent boots and belt | PPP 7

I can hardly believe that this is the seventh Ping Pong Post.
How time flies when you are having fun!

This time Anna, Ann and I are styling a striped Breton-style boxy top.
A real classic.

I was worried that this Breton top was going to result in three very "samey" looks.

Breton + Jeans (blue, black or white)?
Breton + Cut-offs?
Breton + Capri trousers and ballet shoes?


Lets find out what happened....

Fake Fabulous | Breton jumper, red midi skirt, chunky patent boots and belt | PPP 7

I was initially stumped by this jumper as it is a little too roomy around the bust (for me) and felt wrong on my body.
The boxy shape is right up my street but, I could not get it to sit right with the red dress I wanted to wear.
No amount of 'slouching' was cutting it!

So, I cheated a little...

There is always going to be a 'fit challenge' with these PPP posts.
Simply because all three of us are different.
We are not the same shape, or size.
We live in different worlds, and have different lives.
That is what makes it fun!

Sometimes a little invention is required.
A tiny tweak here and there.

Black and white stripes always look great with a bold colour.
Red is one of my favourites.

This (tweaked) Breton was perfect over a red dress, giving the illusion of a skirt and top.

Adding a wide patent leather belt, opaque tights and chunky boots kept it modern and fresh.

{Wide belts and chunky boots are 'big news' this AW16/17}

Fake Fabulous | Vagabond Chunky patent boots.

A bold clutch, cheeky cat necklace, and red lips, finished my look off nicely!

Fake Fabulous | Breton jumper and Cat necklace | PPP 7


Over to...

Anna from Anna's Island Style

Anna has turned this top on it's head.
She has created something that works for her frame... a cute mini skirt.
{Oh, and it just so happens to be pretty sexy too!!}
The colour palette is pared back.
Black, white and tan.
And, her (uncharacteristically) simple accessorising works a treat.

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann had taken the simple colour palette, and made it even softer.
Muted and tonal.
{Which is strange because I expected more black and maybe a pop of red, from Ann.}

She has given the top a soft and relaxed feel... with a hint of cheeky pirate tongue-in-chic!

We never discuss what we are going to do with the items we send each other, so each month is as much of a surprise for us as it is you!

I love the fact that this month I was convinced we were all going to be SO similar, but all three of us have ended up doing something very different.

The total opposite of last month!

Stay tuned to find out what happens next time...on the 20th of October
(Even I don't know what's coming!)

How would you have styled this Breton top?
Please let me know in the comments.
I love hearing your thoughts and opinions!

Friday, 16 September 2016

Embroidery and Wet Look Leggings.

Fake Fabulous | Embroidered long-line shirt, vinyl legging & red ballet pumps, over 40.

Embroidery is big news again this AW16/17, and I am the first to admit that I looked at the trend and thought "Yuck, that's certainly not for me!".

This kind of floral embroidery reminds me of cushion covers from my childhood.
Or, Granny's favourite armchair.

I thought I would quite happily sit this trend out.
Velvet is much more 'me' anyway.

Fake Fabulous | Embroidered long-line shirt, vinyl legging & red ballet pumps, over 40.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I was reading a post by Yvonne @funkyforty, and commented that the embroidery trend was not really my kind of thing.
But, I had to admit that she had inspired me to go out and have a fresh look.
Maybe there was something not so cushion-like out there for me to try?


Fake Fabulous | Embroidered long-line shirt, vinyl legging & red ballet pumps, over 40.

I came across this embroidered shirt when I was out looking for something else (A gym kit for my second youngest) and I was taken by surprise.
It is unlike anything I own, and not my usual style.
It really caught my eye and I thought... "Why not?".

As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect with something like vinyl leggings.
A real contrast of texture is always a winner, for me.
Maybe I could rock this embroidery trend after all?

Fake Fabulous | Embroidered long-line shirt, vinyl legging & red ballet pumps, over 40.

A simple (and super-comfortable) outfit came together very easily.
The shirt is long and loose, sitting nicely with the wet-look leggings.
Adding a red under top kept me warm enough for a cool September day, and made the red flowers pop!
My chunky turquoise and coral necklace, and a cluster of interesting rings picked out more colour in the embroidery, and added interest to my look.

Fake Fabulous | Embroidered long-line shirt, vinyl legging & red ballet pumps, over 40.

Simple red ballet pumps, a black bowling bag and a slick of red lipstick finished things off nicely.

So comfortable and easy to wear.
I am pleased to be proved wrong!

Fake Fabulous | Embroidered long-line shirt, vinyl legging & red ballet pumps, over 40.

How do you feel about embroidered items?
Are you reluctant, like I was?
Or, are you already smitten?

Please share your thoughts on embroidery in the comments.
I love hearing your opinion!

SHIRT: Matalan
LEGGINGS: Pamela Mann
SHOES: French Sole
BAG: Primark
RINGS: Various bits and bobs!



Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Styling Dungarees, Over 40.

Fake Fabulous | Blue denim dungarees, floral chiffon blouse, buckle strap sandals... over 40!

Dungarees get a hard time, don't they?

They drift into fashion every now and again (or so the fashion houses tell us) and are styled beautifully in the fashion magazines.

They are back in the shops for AW16/17 in various guises from traditional denim (with legs) to velvet and cord mini-dresses.
Something for everyone.

Some of us rush out to buy in to this seeming effortless image.
Only to realise that the dungarees can make us look like we are heading out to a fancy dress party.
{Chucky, or Bob the builder, anyone?
Add a yellow T-shirt and I'm a Minion!}

Not so chic and effortless after all.
Just a bit of a mess.

Often these poor pairs of dungarees end up being worn once, only to be regretted, and eventually donated to charity.
Or, they might be lurking in a drawer somewhere, gathering dust, relegated to decorating or gardening attire.

Such a shame.

Well, while some women are donating their dungarees to the charity shop, I bought myself a new pair!
This time in blue denim.

Did I mention that dungarees are incredibly comfortable?
I love them!

Fake Fabulous | Blue denim dungarees, floral chiffon blouse, buckle strap sandals... over 40!

This pair of dungarees are from the teen range of Boden, and were on sale, so they were super-cheap.
{I got them for £9, after sale discounts and voucher codes... a serious bargain considering my Topshop ones were £48}

If anyone is tempted to shop at the kiddies section, these dungarees are age 15-16, which is approximately a UK10.
I have cuffed the ankle to show off my shoes, but unfolded they reach just below my ankle bone (I am 5 feet 6).
(Always check the measurements.)
Don't rule out the kiddies section, you can find great basics (and shoes) at much cheaper prices.

{Here I am in kiddies shoes, and again Here.
This outfit Here, includes a vest top from the teen section.}

Fake Fabulous | Blue denim dungarees, floral chiffon blouse, buckle strap sandals... over 40!

On to shoes...
{See a list of shoes you can easily wear with Dungarees, Here}

I am swooning over the new Jimmy Choo 'Trick' buckle sandals (see my pinterest board for more shoe inspiration) they are stunning.
Unfortunately, they are also £825... gulp!
If you have the budget, then go for it.
If not, you need to be a little more inventive.
{Try these, from Topshop}

These are my old All-Saints (bought on eBay for a few pounds) dupes!

I can't vouch for the Choos, but mine are so comfortable.
They are a definite 'all day' shoe.
(I trailed around Ikea in them, I was bored stiff but my feet felt great!)

I thought these buckle shoes would lift my dungarees out of gardening mode and make them more grown-up, and fun to wear.

Fake Fabulous | Blue denim dungarees, floral chiffon blouse, buckle strap sandals... over 40!

This floral blouse (last spotted here) adds more of a feminine touch to my outfit, with both the pattern and the fabric.
The loose sleeves keep the top feeling light and airy, a perfect contrast for the toughness of the denim.

Warning: Any tops you wear with your dungarees can 'ride up' (unless it is a cropped top).
This might expose unwanted fleshy bits... I know that I don't want my flesh hanging out!
If you don't either, you can wear a bodysuit. can 'secretly' tuck the very edges of your top into your undies (just at the sides).
No one will know, so don't tell a soul!
Such a simple trick and it works a treat.

Fke Fabulous | Butterfly necklace.

A super-girly butterfly necklace added yet more femininity and sweetness.

Fake Fabulous | Blue denim dungarees, floral chiffon blouse, buckle strap sandals... over 40!

My cute 'running hare' pin, a fun bag and a cluster of pretty rings finished things off nicely.

Fake Fabulous | Rings

See my other (black) dungaree posts:
Here, with a touch of Chanel!
Here, with a tie neck blouse and chunky sandals
And, Here with a simple knit.

Are you sticking with Dungarees?
Will you be buying any of the AW styles?
Or, will you be glad to see the back of them?

Please share your thoughts on dungarees in the comments.
Or, Contact me.
I love hearing from you!

DUNGAREES: JohnnieB (teen section)... These are the adult version.
SANDALS: All Saints (old)....check these out (swoon)!!! These are affordable.
BLOUSE: Charity shop (very, very old) ... this one is pretty, and on sale.
NECKLACE: Accessorise...check this pretty one out.
BROOCH: Bought from a street market in Edinburgh... This one is lovely.
GLASSES: Primark... I love these.
RINGS: Various gifts, Charity shop finds and sale pieces.
TOE POLISH: BarryM Blueberry

Fake Fabulous | Running Hare pin with green gem.


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