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Saturday, 20 August 2016

One Maroon Shrug, 3 ways | PPP 6

Fake Fabulous | PPP 6 | Graphic Patterned midi dress, leopard bag and belt, Maroon shrug, sheepskin mules.

This post is the sixth, in a series, called the Ping Pong Posts.

This time Anna, Ann and I are styling a maroon shrug, in a super soft knit, with a silk yoke. 

The shrug belongs to me, and I thought that it would be a very versatile item to send to Anna and Ann.
A simple cover-up that could go over anything.

I thought this would be the month that our outfits turned out to be vastly different.
The month that we would come up with three totally unique looks.

Well... did we?

Let's find out!

Fake Fabulous | PPP 6 | Graphic Patterned midi dress, leopard bag and belt, Maroon shrug, sheepskin mules.

Before I go any further I must tell you that my photographs were taken back in March (before I sent the shrug off to Anna, then she sent it off to Ann).

So, I am freezing cold in these images.
{Look at the slight grimace on my face.}
I had to imagine it was August, and I was warm.
Hahaha... ridiculous really.

Anyway, the sun came out on this cold March day (which helped a little) but I was still chittering between the shots (sipping a mug of hot tea).

Then, I almost threw a wobbly when my husband (who was wearing his winter coat) decided to have a fiddle with the camera settings in order to "try something new".

Needless to say that I did not want to try anything "new".
I just wanted to go back inside and get my cosy cardigan on!
Get on with it!!

Back to the outfit...
I initially wanted to wear some jeans, but decided not to go for that look because I honestly thought Anna would be wearing something similar.

I also decided against block colour clashing, because I thought Ann might do something bold, bright and clashing.
I wanted to be different.

So, I reached for this patterned dress.
It is such a fun piece to wear, and always receives a comment or two!

Fake Fabulous | PPP 6 | Graphic Patterned midi dress, leopard bag and belt, Maroon shrug, sheepskin mules. Back View.

I had been using this leopard bag (almost every day) at the time these photos were taken.
Maybe it would be a bit "too much" for the dress?
A plainer bag would be better.

But, a plainer bag just look boring.
Maybe a clash of patterns was a better idea after all!

Adding a leopard belt (knotted at the waist) pulled the bag and the dress together a little more.

I decided to wear my sheepskin-lined clogs on the day (only because I was worried about looking a toe in the march chill!)
But, now that I have my new boots, I would definitely be wearing them with this outfit.

Simple studs finished my look of nicely.

Fake Fabulous | PPP 6 | Sheepskin mules.

{P.S....After these photos were taken I ran back inside and grabbed a pair of cosy wool tights, a thermal baselayer and my chunky cardigan!
The kettle went on again too.
Nothing beats a hot cup of tea to warm the cockles, and defrost the fingers.}

Fake Fabulous | PPP 6 | Graphic Patterned midi dress, leopard bag and belt, Maroon shrug, sheepskin mules.

Over to my blogging friends...

Anna from Anna's Island Style

What a fun look from Anna!

I love this flirty outfit.
The layered petticoat, and the warm vibrant colours.
That chunky belt is emphasising her waist, perfectly.
{Wide belts are going to be big news this AW}
The whole look is finished off with Anna's signature accessorising, using her charity shop finds.

A great outfit.
I was almost certain she was going to be in trousers this time around!

It just goes to show that you should never assume, especially when it comes to a woman and her style choices.

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann's outfit is another flirtatious one.
{This shrug does feel lovely on the skin so maybe it is texture related?}

I almost laughed out loud (in a good way) when I saw Ann's look...see the "never assume" comment above.

The principles of Ann's outfit are the same as mine.
Okay, she has more of a prairie feel with her cowboy boots, and belt-bag (which I am coveting).
And, her look is more feminine than mine, with a floral pattern and pretty accessories.
But, we are basically in a patterned dress and tan shoes.
The same outfit.
I love it!

We never discuss what we are going to do with the items we send each other, so each month is as much of a surprise for us as it is you!

I love the fact that this month I was convinced we were all going to be SO different, but all three of us have ended up doing something very similar.
I learn something new about these ladies (and myself) every time we work together.
Stay tuned to find out what happens next time...on the 20th September.

How would you have styled this shrug?
Please let me know in the comments.
Or, contact me.
I love hearing your thoughts and opinions!



  1. You Look Amazing:) Kisses Happy Weekend:) Karina
    New post:

  2. Samantha,

    I loved that this was our sixth time around, and it was the first where we were the most similar. I think that is amazing! And Sam, I fell in love with you when I saw your styling of this dress with the black kimono. I was like, "Wowza! This woman is H-O-T hot!!"

    Sorry I wrote that I didn't like your shrug initially, but believe in the end that I turned around and actually really like it. And, it is soooo soft!

    Till next September 20th.....!

    Love, Annie

    1. Hahahaha...thank you Annie! :oD
      There is something really slinky and nice about this little shrug....although I want to rename it as the word "shrug" makes me think of frumpy dresses and badly fitting mother-of-the-bride outfits! :oP

  3. How fun that you all ended up in slightly different versions of the same outfit!

    I love your dress, especially the bold colourful pattern.

    I adore Annie's belt/bag.


    1. Weird isn't it, Suzanne?
      It made me laugh!
      I am loving Annie's bag too, it is very cool. XXX

  4. This is such a fun series! And it's funny that you came up with very similar outfits for the first time! I love your bag!

    Looking forward to next month's post!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    1. Thank you month's post might involve a bit of a story too, stay tuned!! :oD XXX

  5. All in prints! Haha, that s great! I love the petticoat skirt btw, lovely series! Hope to see you Lady s one time on Fancy Friday linkup!

  6. All in prints! Haha, that s great! I love the petticoat skirt btw, lovely series! Hope to see you Lady s one time on Fancy Friday linkup!

    1. I know Nancy!! It really made me laugh how we all picked the same idea. So strange. Thank you...I love Anna's petticoat too! XXX

  7. It's a fabulous look Samantha!! And I think it was perfect that you added in the fun purse!!
    You have such dedication to brave the weather to give us a wonderful portrait of a summerish outfit (the things we do for our blog, eh?)
    I have to ask a question---so how long does it take to get the piece to the three of you---talk about planning???

    1. Thank you Jodie!
      It does take a while, I shot my dress in March, Anna did hers in April and Annie this month. Next month's item is coming from Hong Kong and has still not arrived in the UK yet! So Anna and I will need to think fast and work quickly to make it work. I am hoping a parcel arrives soon or we will be struggling to get it posted on time. Finger's crossed for us!? XXX

  8. Simply adorable! Love these prints and the fun way you all styled them!

    Have a fabulous Monday.
    XX Yvonne

  9. The plain shrug was a great piece for us - a real blank canvas to play with. And yet, isn't it funny that we still ended up with such a similar theme? Pattern is clearly what you pair up with when faced with a plain little top like this. The dress is gorgeous and really highlights your figure Samantha. And I adore the wonderful handbag too. I remember your fishbone necklace from a previous #PPP and know how clever you are at finding something memorable to feauture on these occasions - well done that girl! Little did we know how much fun this would be when we were first bouncing this idea about? Hurrah for Ping Pong Post x

    1. Yes Anna! It was a great idea of yours and I can hardly believe I was a little reluctant at first... I am so glad it is working out. Although this coming month might be a race against time!! :oP XXX

  10. Love this shrug - and the fab dress under it! All of you are really delivering the good looks. xox


  11. I love all three of you ladies so much that I'd probably like anything you came up with but I must say that the way you all did a nod to a very fun femme look for this joint adventure is really great!! You are all "owning" your look despite the uncertainty and misgivings you may have had.
    You are all cool,colorful and classy and I LOVE your stylings!!

  12. ohhh, really lovely outfits, and surprisingly similar, as all three of you are wearing printed dresses/skirts!, I think it's something very interesting and inspiring!
    Love particularly that printed dress you're wearing on these pics, it's an amazing fabulous print!, and love your clogs!

    1. It was such a surprise Monica! Anna and Annie are so different from me that I was sure we were all going to look totally different. Our similarities made me laugh! Thank you for your kind words...I love these clogs too (they have a cosy sheepskin lining, great for the Scottish chill) XXX


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