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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Dressing Well, Why it Matters.

Fake Fabulous | Red knitted dress & blue blazer | Why it's important to dress your best!

Why should we bother dressing up everyday?

Life is a constant cycle of events ranging from routine, to boring, to wonderful to catastrophic.
There is no escaping it.

When life throws some of it's challenges our way (as it always does) the thought of getting dressed and doing your makeup can be daunting.
Just functioning can be hard enough.
Surly putting on makeup, and nice clothes, can't really help anyway?
Is it not just superficial, pathetic and shallow?
Won't people judge me if X is happening and I am all 'dolled up' in lipstick and heels?

Well, yes they will.
Not always how you think!

Appearances are important.
Even if you feel that being concerned with how you look is superficial, pathetic and even unfair, it is still a fact of life.

People judge you.
People treat you in a certain way according to how you look.
Looking your best matters.

Fake Fabulous | Red knitted dress & blue blazer | Why it's important to dress your best!

How making an effort can help during difficult times.

In the face of adversity attempting to look your best can help how you feel, and how you cope.
Just going through the routine of "getting ready" can be calming, reassuring and help maintain some level of normality.
This is especially important when life's stress button is turned up to MAX!

Just knowing that you look like the 'normal you' (or as close as you can get to it) helps you get on with those difficult tasks.
Looking your best gives you confidence when talking to professional people (like doctors or lawyers) or tackling difficult situations.

Looking pulled together gives the impression that you are someone who is in control and should be listened to, and respected.

Making the effort really does work when you need to bluff your way through life.

What's the point in starting to dress well now?

Even if you are not someone who dresses up, or makes much of an effort with your appearance, it is never too late to start!

You are never too old.
You are never too fat/thin/short/tall.
You are never too anything.

There is always a point.

{Have a look at these posts for more ideas to get started.....
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How to be braver.}

Fake Fabulous | Red knitted dress & blue blazer | Why it's important to dress your best!

Now for the fun bit....

33 things that happen when you start to dress well.

  1. People look at you. Women (and men) will start to glance in your direction. You may even attract a mate/date!
  2. People smile at you, and say "hello". 
  3. You get served quicker at the bar, or restaurant...I've done the research.
  4. Cars stop to let you cross the road. Weird, but true.
  5. The man/woman at the coffee shop/cafe remembers your name and your order which is a great feeling.
  6. The shop assistant has "just the thing" out in the store room...or behind the till... an even better feeling!
  7. You get a free upgrade (maybe).
  8. You feel better. 
  9. You smile more, people smile back at you. 
  10. You look happy, and confident, so you project positivity. 
  11. Other people like feeling positive (and happy) so they like being with you.
  12. You will inspire people around you to dress up more, and therefore spread the happiness.
  13. Your positivity rubs off on others.
  14. People talk to you.
  15. You start to receive compliments.
  16. You look like you are an organised person, and can therefore be trusted, so people start asking you for directions or advice.
  17. Some people will dislike you. These people are not worth knowing anyway, forget them.
  18. Friends start teasing you about your style, but ask your advice.
  19. The men in your life will value your opinion on their outfits and choices..
  20. You find that you want to experiment with the latest trends, and may feel a bit daft at first, but go for it anyway!
  21. You start analysing what makes an outfit work or not work (while you are people watching) and start making mental notes to avoid certain items or try new looks.
  22. You start to notice style faux pas that make you shudder...camel toes, hangage (toes over the front of open shoes, like claws), gapage (a space between the heel of the foot and the back of a shoe), muffin tops, badly fitting jackets, tags hanging out, hanger loops hanging out, shiny sausage-leg tights....the list goes on.
  23. You resist the urge to interfere, but would always tuck in a friend's tag!
  24. You suddenly find that most of your wardrobe does not fit properly, or looks a bit shabby and/or dated. 
  25. You throw out / recycle / donate most of your wardrobe!
  26. Some days you effortlessly pull a look together. You begin to trust yourself, and instinctively know what works/looks good. 
  27. On other days you spend too long in front of your wardrobe wondering why you have nothing to wear, and end up late!
  28. You begin to fall in love with (and collect) accessories. Storing them in an organised way and regularly 'sorting them out'...reorganising, recycling and re-purchasing {sometimes you might just look through your collection because it makes you happy... or maybe that's just me!?}.
  29. You will start to care more about your health, fitness and how your skin looks. 
  30. You will feel confident enough to try a new hairstyle, or makeup trend, whatever your age.
  31. When looking for clothes you save huge amounts of time by learning what colours, shapes and styles suit you.
  32. You begin to enjoy experimenting with different colours, shapes and styles that are not supposed to suit you.
  33. Shopping starts to be fun!

Fake Fabulous | Red knitted dress & blue blazer | Why it's important to dress your best!

Today I wanted to wear this knitted dress again.
The midi length of this dress is something I am experimenting with at the moment.
{Although, this dress is an old one the midi length is not one of my favourites}

I can be guilty of sticking to my usual styles, and being blinkered towards certain hemlines.
However, it is very important to keep trying new things (especially as we get older) so I am going to be taking my own advice!

Fake Fabulous | Red knitted dress & blue blazer | Why it's important to dress your best!

This dress is a knitted and ribbed fabric, which is very unforgiving, so a full slip was a must!
{I adjusted the straps on my slip to make it longer and lower at the front}

I would always wear a cover-up with this dress, normally a cardigan, but this cornflower blue jacket was leaping out of the wardrobe today.
Blood red and blue is a great combination.
Vibrant and fun.

I wanted to keep my look simple, and uncluttered, so a neutral shoe and my leopard belt seemed obvious choices.

A fun brooch kept everything light hearted.

My caged clutch and red lipstick finished my armour outfit off perfectly!

DRESS: American apparel...this one is very cool!
JACKET: Monsoon...this one is nice....this one is smarter.
BELT: Topshop...similar...this one is cool.
BAG: Tkmaxx...this one is pretty.
SHOES: XTI..this wedge version is cool!
BROOCH: Charity shop... this one is fun
LIPS: Wet and Wild
TOES: Barry M

Fake Fabulous | Red knitted dress & blue blazer | Why it's important to dress your best!

Do you dress up/ dress your best as often as you can?

Do you use clothes (and makeup) as armour against a bad day?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.
Or contact me for a blether!




  1. I'm sitting at my desk on this Saturday morning with one of my prettiest bracelets on my wrist. I woke in a somber mood, however, donning my bracelet brings me joy, and so did this post. I agree with you - dressing well is great for your own soul, as well as the added perks :)

    1. Thank you Glenda. I forgot to mention the joy a pretty piece of jewellery can bring! Especially one attached to a happy memory or a family story. Thanks for reminding me of these perks too :oD XXX

  2. You speak truth Samantha!!
    I read an article not too long ago, how strangers trusted the directions given to them by men dressed in suits as opposed to men in casual/jeans!!
    I think it really makes a difference too---duh--that's why we love blogging, right??
    You look wonderful---I like the length of the skirt on you---I've been better about differing lengths too lately! It's funny to see how the hemlines in my closet used to be so even and now they aren't!!

    1. It would work just the same for men... You are right! Most of the 33 things would apply to them too. I LOVE to see a stylish man! XXX

  3. Your message is a valuable one - It's Never Too Late to Start Trying to Look (Be!) Better.

    Like Jodie, I think this length is lovely on you, very ladylike :-)


    1. Thank you Bettye. I am trying harder to think outside of my usual box. I am so glad you like it! XXX

  4. I know that is a fact. When I was still working, I had a lot of sale meetings. I was working in Fashion so surely I could not lead a meeting in jeans( we never wore jeans anyway) so I always dresses to the latest trends. And I felt convidant in it. And had the feeling that I had power! And that people listend! So I always dress up! Btw, I just love it! I honestly must say that a shorter dress looks in my opinion better on you! But then again, I dont think that there is much that does not look good on you!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Nancy.
      You are right about feeling more confident and powerful when you dress up a little!
      Feeling good is like armour, and makes other people believe what you say.
      An easy way to fake some confidence, and have fun! Thank you for this great comment.

  5. This is a great post. I want my friend who has self confidence issues to read it right away. By the way, I think this is a gorgeous look on you-from the deep red color to the dress length, which makes you look taller to the blazer and minimal jewelry. It is stunning!

    1. You are very kind Karen!
      I hope your friend finds a way to make a start with boosting her confidence, and looking here beautiful best.
      Although, a positive and supportive friend (like you) is one of the best boosters a girl can have! XXX

  6. I loved hearing your thoughts on this topic!! As an image consultant with a fledgling business, these are some really excellent concepts to get across to my clients. Love it! Also totally love your outfit!!

    1. Thank you Patti. You are very kind! Do you have a website? Please leave a link, if you do, so I can have a look. XXX

  7. There isn't a reason on your list that I disagree with and there are several I whole-heartedly endorse. Personally I have always loved the midi length, always hoping it made me look taller. You look stunning in the dress and pop of blue was a brilliant choice.


    1. Thank you for your kind words Rena. I think that this length can give the illusion of height (I am 5 feet 6) but I used to avoid it because I was always self conscious about my legs. Age has made me more confident....which is ironic as my legs are past their best! LOL

  8. I love reading this article, Samantha. You know what, I've encountered people who think less of those who put extra thought into their appearance, and regard them as superficial. But it's funny, I get the feeling that they actually resent people like us because they never did get to learn the importance of appearing put-together. We don't all need to look fashionable, or have a perfect face on, but just simply looking neat and tidy and smart makes a lot of difference, and not just change how the world sees us, but how we see ourselves! (Number 8 and 10, hollaaa). I know a girl who lashed out against girls who are into makeup on her Facebook wall, but I've always wondered if it was because makeup is something that is of the unknown to her, and she developed a fear of it, and that is her way of reacting to that fear. Am I making sense here...? I sure hope I do! And I sure do hope those people read your post here, to understand and put some effort in themselves, instead of shying away from everything altogether.

    1. I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to reply to this comment Liyana!
      Thank you so much.
      You make perfect sense!!!

      I think that anyone who "lashes out" at others (for whatever reason they choose: looks, race, gender, religion, age, sexuality...the list goes on and on) is basically unhappy with themselves and their own life. Sad individuals.
      Happy, contented people don't feel the need to try and pull others down....they just want to spread the joy!
      Thank you for this fab comment.

  9. oh yes, love this post!!, and love that you encourage us to dress up and feel confident, particularly when you're not in your best moment, because it certainly gives you that 'normality' feeling (so needed!).
    And I agree about baristas or shop assistants!, they remember you if you're well dressed (and smile to them kindly!)
    Love your red&blue outfit, it's a fab color combo and looks even better due to those 'neutral' accessories you choose. And such a lovely brooch!!

    1. Thank you Monica! I love it when that happens in a coffee shop. I love it when someone remembers my name and smiles back. Such a simple thing but it brightens the day for everyone! XXX

  10. Yes, yes and yes!! My mum, who's in her 80s, has always dressed well, wearing bright colours, and says that if she wears beige like her counterparts she gets patronised as a "little ole lady." Her advice was always "paint a smile on your face, dress up as if you're going to meet Robert Redford, and hold your head high."

    ps. Love that brooch!!


  11. As I read the list many points resonated. My mother always said to me that as women we should look our best. I want through a phase of 'why' that's sexist and we should be listened to for our intelligence not how we look. I've realised now that we are seen first and life is not like the ideal of being heard first.

    1. Your Mum was right Anna!
      As much as it is unfair we ARE judged on our appearance well before our personalities or opinions get a chance.
      Wise words.


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