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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Styling Animal Print with Black Palazzo Trousers.

Fake Fabulous | Black palazzo trousers and leopard print

Learning to love the leopard.

Recently, I have been enjoying wearing animal prints more and more.
{See my leopard print jumpsuit, here and a leopard print dress (during the day) and the same dress at night}

Oddly, animal prints are something I didn't really wear before I hit 40.
They didn't feel like me.
Not my style at all.
Now, I find myself drawn to their wild charms.
I wonder if leopard is something you grown into?
Is it a taste that takes years to develop and mature, like a fine wine?
Does the love of all things animal come with age?
I am beginning to think so!

Whatever the reason, animal print (mixed with either black, cream or tan) is another style cliche that I am loving.

Fake Fabulous | Black palazzo trousers and leopard print

Today wanted to wear my wide legged black trousers (last seen here, for an evening out) and a leopard print, fine knit jumper.
This jumper was one of my charity shop finds.
It had a hole under the arm, which needed a few delicate stitches, but apart from that minor flaw it looked brand new.
One persons trash is another's treasure.

Adding more animal magic in the form of a leopard print belt and my (faux) snakeskin pointed shoes gave more personality to my look.
A neutral bag kept things appropriate for work.
{I was tempted to wear my leopard bag too!}

Fake Fabulous | Black palazzo trousers and leopard print

A fun print needs little in the way of accessorising.
Simple earrings finished things off perfectly.

Fake Fabulous | Black palazzo trousers and leopard print

I have to share this silly picture with you.
It was so windy (sudden gusts) that my trousers were misbehaving and causing much hilarity.
The joys of outdoor photography!

Fake Fabulous | Black palazzo trousers and leopard print

Do you love leopard (and other animal prints)?
Has the way you feel about animal prints changed over the years?

Please share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @samantha4blair.

Trousers: Secret Heart (similar)
Jumper: Warehouse (this one is fun, this one is lovely!)
Belt: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop (these are nice, so are these!)
Bag: Hidesign (similar)
Earrings: Zara (these are beautiful)


  1. I love this look on you Samantha! I've been really intrigued by animal prints lately. It could very well be an age thing... ;-)

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  2. I think a good leopard print is a closet classic, and goes with so many different looks. That sweater was a great find! I also like how the wider leg pants make the look skew elegant.

    1. Thank you Susan. Leopard is fast becoming so classic that it is almost classed as a neutral! :oD XXX

  3. You are so wonderfully photogenic!

    I am an animal print junkie and like you, learned to love them after 40.

    This is a very classic chic look.


    1. Thank you Suzanne, you are very kind. I am beginning to think it must be an after 40 phenomenon....maybe we need to earn our stripes (or spots) :oD XXX

  4. What Suzanne said, you're photograph so well, Sam :)

    Animal prints and I? We've been besties since my late 20s. I've always loved them, although I wasn't quite as blatant about it then because there was this idiotic notion that they were reserved for a specific time of day and specific group of women. Pshaww!! You look lovely :) and that skinny belt, so precious.

    1. You are too kind Sheela...just a lucky shot! I knew you would have been a life-long fan. I didn't even glance in the direction of prints like these when I was in my 20's. Silly me! I was missing a trick. XXX

  5. Funny, because I'm not sure I owned any animal prints in my youth either! Of course, at that time I needed to be "professional" and I'm sure I thought animal prints did not fall into that category!!
    But I also think I see them more in the stores now, so they seem almost "normal"--or is it I just notice them now?

    1. I don't know is a strange phenomenon, isn't it? Did we not notice them before because they weren't on our radar (I am sure there was leopard around back then). Maybe our eyes are opened to wilder things as we get older?! XXX

  6. I LOVE PALAZZO PANTS! And the way you styled them is (of course!) FABULOUS!!

    Sam, these pants are sending me straight down my style memory lane. In high school (oh lordie!), I had the coolest pair of palazzo pants, and I felt soooooo cool every single time I wore them. Sometimes, I'd pair a buttoned up blazer so the flare and swish would really stand out. Oh....memories! In fact, one more thing: I wore those palazzo pants with my mom once in the lobby of a hotel in Seattle (the BIG city!). And when the waiter came, she said, So, what would you like? Meaning I could order a cocktail! I did!! What fun! And with my mom!!

    Love your outfit. And I love the memories you've sparked!

    Love, Annie

    1. Ha! Thank you for this great story Annie. I can imaging you all grownup (and beautiful) in your swishy trousers. I am so glad you had a memory jolt (and you liked my look too). XXX

  7. Animal prints just don't seem to leave the trendy list and I think have been a part of my wardrobe for about 10 years (at least!) Like many of you I relegated them to older,artsy,urban women only. Then there's also that evil dame in the Disney movie, "101 Dalmations" I think she wore a leopard coat until she decided a Dalmatian coat was preferable...?
    You look smashing Samantha and again your red hair sets off the animal print beautifully.
    I like leopard print with a nice bright red too!

    1. That is true Judy! I had forgotten. I wonder why we become drawn to animal prints? It is a strange husband does not like them at all! :oP XXX

  8. oh yes, I agree (I also started wearing animal prints in my forties!). Style is always evoluing and changing, and it's great to have fun experimenting unexpected trends!
    You look stunning wearing your palazzo pants and leopard top, it's a classic combo with a twist, and you rock it!, you're so elegant (and cool!!)

  9. These trousers are sensational Samantha. I adore them! They are uber classy and totally chic with this upcycled top. Charity shopping is such a joy isn't it? Love your fun photo at the end x

    1. Thank you Anna, you are right! Nothing quite beats finding a wee gem and bringing it back to life! XXX

  10. Très chic! Thanks for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday & hope to see you back this week!

    Dawn Lucy


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