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Monday, 9 May 2016

Last Minute Wedding Outfit, over 40.

Fake Fabulous | How to avoid looking frumpy at a wedding, over 40.

What is it about wedding invitations, that makes (some) women go a little crazy?

If I had a pound for every time I heard someone say,
"I have a wedding in {insert month} and I need to loose {insert number} stones/pounds before I can buy anything nice."
I would have plenty of money, for more shoes!

The strangest phenomenon of all (for me) is the way women completely forget who they are (style wise) and start shopping for shift dresses, matching court shoes and fascinators. They end up buying alien things from shops they never normally go into.

What makes us feel like we need to fit into this wedding-guest mould?
What happens to our style mojo after that invitation hits the doormat?

I often see women, at weddings, hobbling around in uncomfortable shoes, tight (and restrictive) shapewear and generic wedding outfits.
Why can't we simply 'Weddingify' our own personal style?

Well, I think we can!

A last minute outfit

Usually, we get plenty of notice when it comes to wedding invitations, and plans can be made.
Occasionally though, we get that last minute invite.
I have nothing to wear!!

Luckily, last minute invitations are usually more casual affairs.
However, no matter how informal, a wedding it an occasion that deserves respect.
Ripped jeans are not an option!

Sometimes, a last minute outfit can end up looking great.
With little (or no) time to spare, there is less danger of over thinking, over analysing or over processing your look.

There is no time to get your shoes dyed to match your dress (yuck!).
There is no time to worry.

Just grab.
And Go!

Fake Fabulous | How to avoid looking frumpy at a wedding, over 40.

This outfit came together easily.
It is such a simple look.
Simple and comfortable.
Perfect for an all-day event.

This fun skirt has just enough structure to be smart, but is soft and comfortable enough to wear all day.
It has handy pockets too, which I love.

{I have been admiring full midi skirts on ladies like Carin (from @catoinamsterdam, on Instagram) and Vale (Fashion and They manage to look effortlessly beautiful in them}

I wanted to add a punch of colour, so I reached for this classic cashmere fitted jumper.
The outfit really needed a little extra something to lift it out of daywear into wedding territory.
This satin sash and a vintage brooch were perfect!
My metallic green shoes, pearls and a blue clutch, finished things off nicely.

Fake Fabulous | How to avoid looking frumpy at a wedding, over 40.

Skirt: Boden
Jumper: CX London (similar)
Shoes: Marta Jonsson (these are lovely)
Satin sash: It came with another dress (similar)
Brooch: Charity shop
Bag: Linea (this one is chic)
Tights: Wolford
Pearls: a gift


How to avoid looking frumpy (at a wedding) over 40.

Break the mould.
Avoid the classic shift dress and court shoes combination (unless, of course you are a shift dress and court shoe aficionado) and wear a wedding-version of your usual style.

There is no need to abandon who you are in favour of a 'wedding uniform'.
You can be true to your personal style and hang onto your mojo.

Outfit ideas

  • A full midi (or maxi) skirt and a shell top.
  • Pencil skirt and cold shoulder top.
  • Full, high-waisted skirt and cropped top.
  • Culottes and a fine knit.
  • Co-ords, in either trousers, culotte or skirt form. 
  • Playsuit (if you love your legs).
  • Jumpsuit, with either full length or cropped legs
  • Trouser suit.

Fake Fabulous | How to avoid looking frumpy at a wedding, over 40.


Wear comfortable (and modern) shoes.
You are going to be on your feet, for most of the day, so comfort is essential.
Painful feet are miserable and unattractive.
Pain shows up on your face, and walking like a stork on stilts is not pretty.

Ditch those old shoes your have had for years because they are 'good for a wedding'.
Unless the shoes are beautiful and unique, or a vintage gem, buy something new and modern.
Yes, I know that nude courts lengthen the leg and go with everything, but why not push the boundaries and wear something different?

With all of the beautiful styles and designs available (at every price point) there really is no excuse for boring footwear.

Chose lighter coloured fabrics or pale leathers and you can wear (almost) any style of shoe.
Satin always looks beautiful, as do florals and lace.
Have fun with your footwear!

Shoe styles I love...

Beautiful ballerinas (the lower the vamp, the better).
Patterned or embellished courts (or flats).
Sling backs, with chunky heels.
Strappy sandals.
Glove shoes.
Shoes that lace (or ribbon) up the leg.
Brogues (flat or heeled).
Wedges (be careful though, court shoe-style wedges can look really frumpy).

Fake Fabulous | How to avoid looking frumpy at a wedding, over 40.

It's all about the fabric

Most of your favourite key shapes, and styles, can be found in wedding appropriate fabrics.
If you find the right fabrication (almost) anything goes!

It is a good idea to check what colour the bridesmaids are wearing (if there are any) and the mother of the bride. Turning up in something similar can be awkward.
Chose lighter and brighter coloured versions of your favourite styles.
Floral patterns work beautifully.
Stripes and checks are bang on trend this year, and will modernise your look.
Silk, cashmere, fine wool, chiffon, devore, brocade and lace are all winning fabrics for a wedding.
Think about embellishments.
Embroidery, pearls and applique can lift your outfit into 'Wow' territory.

Cover ups

Pashminas may be the go-to cover up for such occasions, but there are so many beautiful alternatives.
Try and avoid the matching bolero jacket and go for something unexpected.
A lace trench (a classic trench can work well, as long at it is crisp).
A satin, embroidered bomber looks super-modern.
Sleeveless coats and jackets give a sleek finish.
A luxe dressing gown-style jacket is luxurious, and decadent.


As tempting as it is, try and avoid wearing the traditional jewellery 'set' (especially if it is fine jewellery).
Yes, it is pretty and classic, but matching delicate items can look old fashioned.
Try and mix things up a bit, for a modern look.


Keeping your makeup natural (and fresh looking) is perfect for a daytime wedding.
Now is not the time for a full face of slap.
You can always take a liner (or shadow) with you, and create a smokey eye in the evening.
Of course, a bright lip is always a winner!


Don't forget your shades.
Make sure your mascara is waterproof and you have tissues with you.
A beautiful wedding can even bring a tear to a glass eye.

What is your wedding style?
Do you like to do your own thing and break the wedding mould?

Please let me know in the comments...or tweet me @samantha4blair


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  1. Well, you definitely hit the sweet spot, Samantha!! This midi is absolutely perfect for a wedding!!
    And how very ingenious to take the sash from something else and keep it in place with a brooch!! (I'd probably try to tie it, and then it'd look all crumply & fat---I always forget the brooch at the waistline even thought I did a blog post about it, so thanks for the reminder!!)
    Wowza---those shoes are covet worthy!! Reminds me of the wizard of oz for some reason (in a good way)!
    Now just don't forget the gift, and you're good to go!!

    1. Yes Jodie! They remind me of Oz too. :oD
      Maybe they are the ruby slipper's evil sister? Hahahaha.
      Thank you for this lovely comment. The brooch at the waist is something I have seen before and never really understood until now. Perfect for securing a sash.
      The skirt was also a little big around my waist so the sash was cinching it in a little too.

  2. "Grab, accessorize, and go!" love this advice, Samantha , and the outfit you put together is fabulous. Magical shoes too! xox


    1. Thank you Patti. I always end up looking (and feeling) a mess if I have over-thought an outfit. Less (thought) is always more. :oD XXX

  3. Lovin' the sash and vintage brooch. They just lift the whole outfit to something very special but without over doing the whole look.
    And I couldn't agree more with you about ditching the nude shoe. I get so bored of seeing them (please take note Duchess of Cambridge!). With all the colours available to us why go for nude????

    1. Exactly! :oD
      More colour please!!
      There are so many options to enjoy wearing, and for shoe-watchers (like me) to enjoy looking at. XXX

  4. Such a fresh look for a wedding - not to mention enviable. I'm obsessed with that skirt, Samantha, I wish it comes in a fuller length, like right above the ankles.

    Liyana | Affordorable

    1. I looked for you Liyana, but no luck!! :o((
      All of the maxi length skirts seem to be jersey and loose the lovely structure....boooo!!

    2. That's so sweet of you to do, thank you! I do have a similar skirt - no, two, actually, both of which I've never worn, but I can't tell you how much I wish for a striped one! I'll just keep on looking =)

  5. Such a lovely look for a wedding - simple but elegant, in one way effortless and informal, in another way it says that you have thought about your outfit. Who would have thought that the top and shoes would work together, but they do and provide some very lovely and unusual colours to the whole piece. Lovely! I hope you had a lot of fun at the wedding! Kx

    1. Thank you so much! I know what you mean about the colours....strange isn't it? I just thought bluey-green, blue, green....?? Yep that'll work! :oD XXX

  6. I love your wedding guest outfit. Fun, dressed up, especially the shoe colour, unexpected and oh so fresh. Yes, I have found that too - women often freeze-up for wedding dressing, the weight of tradition maybe, smothers the playful spirit. Too bad. I love all your advice here.

    1. Thank you Melanie.
      You are right, the weight of tradition.
      Even my husband was unsure (and he knows what I am like)...."Should you not wear a matching hat or something?!" Hahahaha. I just laughed.
      I like the way traditions can be bent slightly to suit, especially when attending an older person's wedding who is doing exactly what they want. XXX

  7. What a wonderful and timely post!
    I wonder why we freeze up when it's time to dress for a wedding? It's probably the most formal occasion we routinely dress for after a certain point in our lives. Perhaps we don't get enough "formal attire practice"? Or do we just over think and come out looking like some creepy, uncomfortable Cinderella?
    You look lovely and the sash and brooch is a genius touch. The formal full skirt is really cool in a sporty stripe. Lots of nice unexpected contradictions that make this look really classy!

    1. Thank you Judy.
      I am not really very comfortable all trussed up in formal attire...I think I would be that creepy cinderella....or worse!
      A casual vibe always creeps into my look, even when I am trying to be smart. I don't bother fighting it...too much like hard work. :oD XXX

  8. lovely piece of advice, I'm going to keep it in my mind, as I'm absolutely unable to dress up properly for a wedding. The one and only wedding attire I enjoyed was an embroidered floral skirt I worn to four different weddings (and it's still on duty)
    Love your fabulous outfit, you're gorgeous, elegant and absolutely You!, expressing your personality and looking fabulous!!. Such an amazing dress, lovely color combo and wonderful accessorizing. I'm admiring every detail!

    1. Thank you Monica. You are very kind. Your embroidered skirt sounds intriguing and easy to make "new" each time. XXX

  9. Hello Samantha, being invited to a wedding in Spain , is like having a heavy Penalty fee or traffic ticket because apart from your clothes you have to give a present to the bride and groom (covering the cost of the food, plus plenty extra for them) Last wedding I went to it was about 150 euros per person, and that is if they are not members of the family that it would be much more, so fingers crossed to be invited hahaahhahhah
    Great post, great look

    1. Weddings are big business for everyone involved! Wedding cake? Add a zero to the price! Ditto for everything else too. I usually give money (or vouchers) seems more useful than another toaster :op. XXX

  10. Wow Samantha, you looked amazing in this striped midi ! Absolutely lovely, please do wear midis more ! Thanks for your mention, I am happy and flattered. Sending you a big kiss !

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion and beauty blog

  11. Love it! I have never seen you in a midi. The blue color is fabulous on you and love the ingenuity of the brooch on your belt! So cool! The green shoes are the perfect compliment. I just think of a wedding as another excuses to buy a pretty dress! ha!
    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

    1. Hahahaha...very true Jess! Your natural feminine and elegant style is perfect for tweaking into a great wedding look. XXX

  12. This is a fab post Samantha. Full of good advice, especially about just dressing as you, not some wedding guest clone. Excellent stuff. Your outfit is all that you suggest; very you, cute yet classy, comfortable for a long day, and has lots of lovely touches (brooch and sparkly shoes) that lift it out of the ordinary. Bravo!
    Anna x

    1. Thank you Anna. I am so glad you like my will see them again for our PPP :oD XXX

  13. Beautiful Samantha. Just absolutely beautiful. I love how you styled this. I would also wear it in a heartbeat.


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