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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer! | 7 favourite Spring looks.

My 7 favourite Spring outfits

The weather in Scotland is never clean cut or nicely divided into seasons.
Even in the height of summer in can be cold and wet.

{I never move my winter jumpers too far out of reach, even in summer. They get as far as the top of the wardrobe, never the loft. That would be asking for trouble.}

However, even with the uncertainty of the weather, the beginning of June is (in my opinion) the beginning of summer.
So, summer officially starts tomorrow.
{I hope the weather is listening!}

I am delighted to tell you that today, I am sitting outside typing this, with a big mug of tea and a pile of digestives.
Happy days.
I am wearing my denim cut-offs, birkenstocks and a big floppy hat.
It is actually warm, in fact... almost hot!

The warmth, sun, and lack of rain, is definitely something to celebrate.

{Also, the fact that the Wifi signal has reached the garden}

Today is the perfect time to look forward, with the hope of a warm summer, and look back on some of my favourite Spring outfits.

My Favourite Spring looks

1. Double stripes, do they have the power to change how you look?

This stripey outfit was inspired by the striped looks that are in just about every magazine I look at, just now.
Mixing different sized stripes, and different colours, really captured my imagination and I wanted to translate it into real life.
However, this post did spark lots of thought on the subject of stripes and how they can sometimes get a bad press.
Do stripes really have the power to make us look slimmer?
Can wearing the 'wrong' stripes make you look bigger? Fat, even?

Read the original post to find out if stripes really can change the way we look.

Fake Fabulous | 7 favourite Spring looks

2. Denim Dress, and rescuing your shopping mistakes.

This Denim dress was actually a shopping mistake that I could not bear to part with.
Read the original post to find out how I salvaged this dress from the charity bag and how you can easily 'fix' your shopping mistakes with a few easy tricks.

Fake Fabulous | 7 favourite Spring looks

3. Dungarees and Chanel-style.

This outfit was inspired by my love of dungarees and how easy they are to wear.
Read the original post to find out how dungarees and chanel jackets are the perfect partners!
Get more ideas on how to style dungarees, here, they are so versatile and incredibly comfortable.
What's not to love?

{Check out my cheeky photobomber in this shot}

Fake Fabulous | 7 favourite Spring looks

4. Sports Luxe, bold colour and fun shoes!

This look started with an amazing (and totally impractical) pair of shoes.
I love them to bits but, they have divided opinion.
Love them or hate them, you can't deny they are colourful and eye-catching.

Read the original post to find out if my family gave them a thumbs up, or not!

Fake Fabulous | 7 favourite Spring looks

5. Green (faux) leather dress.

Are we ever too old for certain clothes?
Surely there comes a time when things like leather dresses (real or faux) just look a bit sad and desperate?

Read the original post to find out when we should stop wearing things like this.

{Check out some other leather dress styling, here and here}

Fake Fabulous | 7 favourite Spring looks

6. Wearing a Cliché and loving it.

This post started off talking about wearing a clichéd outfit, and how boring it can be...until I realised I actually liked it!
Read the original post to find out how I made this cliché my own.

Fake Fabulous | 7 favourite Spring looks

7. Gold dress and old legs.

This post started with me wanting to get my legs out, and catch some rays.
{Even though I never tan, I still like a little sun on my skin. And, some vitamin D is always a bonus!}

I started thinking about how I spent most of my life hating my legs, instead of enjoying them.
They used to look a lot better than they do now but I did not appreciate them.

Now that they are older (and past their prime) I wondered what we can do to improve the look of our legs without going crazy at the gym.

Read the original post to find out some of the (leg) problems we can encounter as we get older, and 7 easy things you can do to improve the look of your pins.

Fake Fabulous | 7 favourite Spring looks

What are your thoughts on my Spring favourites?
Did I miss anything?
Please let me know by leaving a comment, or contacting me.
I love hearing your opinions.

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  1. Funny how the calendar and weather don't always sync!! They say Colorado has two seasons: winter & summer and they aren't always separated!
    But I love the variety---living in Hawaii would be such a bore!
    BTW---I haven't seen those high heeled tennies again---do style them for me!! :) They have such personality---just like you!

    1. Very true Jodie.
      In Scotland we can get all four seasons in a single day. Definitely not boring! Thank you for reminding me how much I love my high trainers. I must get them out again. XXX

  2. Lovely in all of them.

  3. I agree that they are all lovely!! Your striped sweater and FANTASTIC sailor style bell bottoms are a source of envy. Also love the colorful sneakers peeking out from underneath.

  4. I agree that they are all lovely!! Your striped sweater and FANTASTIC sailor style bell bottoms are a source of envy. Also love the colorful sneakers peeking out from underneath.

  5. I love them all, but my absolute favourite is look #4, sports luxe bold colour and fun shoes. That is a cracker! Not many people could pull that off, but it looks AMAZING on you.

    Long may your weather last; we've had cold and rain here today. xx

    1. Thank you for your kind words Lisa.....It is my favourite look too (I love those shoes!) XXX

  6. I love all of your outfits Samantha. The sailor style pants your wearing in the first are my personal favorite. Are the something you've had for awhile or are the new? Either way they're right on trend (if we care about such things). You have an incredible sense of style dear girl. I haven't seen a "klinker" yet! :-)

    1. Thank you Judy. These trousers are old...very old... but they seem to come back into style time and time again. I love how they feel.
      P.S A Klinker...hahahaha...I love that! X

  7. I love the Denim dress look! And still do! The colors together, the bag, the shoes, everything. I would Love to wear it like that!

  8. Nice for a busy reader (me) ... such an overview. I like all your spring looks but love the last bright blue outfit (my taste).


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