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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Denim Cut-offs, over 40? | Boho Summer Look

Fake Fabulous | Boho style, embroidered kaftan & Denim cut-offs over 40.

Okay, it's confession time.... 

These cut-off jeans were actually my son's, until he outgrew them.

I decided to rescue them from the charity bag, chopping them up (with a bread knife) to make a pair of distressed jeans.
He had already put the knee out of them, and the rest of the 'distressing' was easy and lots of fun!

{See them styled in one of my early posts, here.
And, here, with a muted, nude palette}

Fake Fabulous | Boho style, embroidered kaftan & Denim cut-offs over 40.

Unfortunately, when I was putting them on one day, I got my foot caught in the hole at the knee and ripped them (almost) in half.
They were a mess.
I was not impressed.

Fake Fabulous | Boho style, embroidered kaftan & Denim cut-offs over 40.

I had to salvage the situation, so I decided to turn them into a pair of denim cut-offs.
Not too short (I am not Daisy Duke) but not too long as to look non-committal.
In my mind, shorts should be short.

Some people might think that denim cut-offs are something to be avoided over the age of 20 (let alone 40!) BUT I just see them as a pair of jeans... only with a smaller inseam!

Fake Fabulous | Boho style, embroidered kaftan & Denim cut-offs over 40.

My rear end isn't hanging out of them, they cover the top of my thigh, and paired with a flowing tunic top {last styled here, with an all-grey outfit} I thought they looked quite demure.
Well, as demure as denim cut offs can be!

Yes, of course, I know that I am "No spring chicken" and my legs are "Knockin' on a bit" BUT, in real life, nobody really cares that much anyway.
The sun was shining.
It was warm(ish) and I was able to leave my thermals in the wardrobe.
{I am wearing one of my vest tops with a macrame trim, which I love}
So, I was taking the opportunity to get my legs out.
We have to make hay while the sun shines, after all!

Fake Fabulous | Boho style, embroidered kaftan & Bracelets

My light tan sandals (last styled here and here), a few interesting bracelets and a pair of earrings finished off my look nicely.


Fake Fabulous | Boho style, Clarks originals sandals.

Top: Darling (this one is nice)
Shorts: Levis (these ones are a bit smarter!)
Shoes: Clarks (these are nice)
Bag: Primark (similar)
Earrings: Old (over 20 years)...these are unusual and pretty.
Bracelets: Various gifts and charity shop finds.

Fake Fabulous | Boho style, embroidered kaftan & Denim cut-offs over 40.

Please let me hear your thoughts on denim cut-offs.
Do you/would you wear them?
If not, why not?

I love hearing from you, so please leave a comment below, or get in touch via my contact page.



  1. Of course I'd wear them...they are longer than a couple pair of shorts I currently have in my possession!!
    Looking great as usual---don't you just love it when the weather warms up? It feels like we're kids again!!

    1. Jodie, you are cheeky! :oD
      Your short shorts sound great. I like mine to cover the "squishy" bit at the top of my thigh. I am not a fan of ooze.
      Unfortunately the weather is cold and wet again today....Boooo!

  2. I am a sucker for a pair of really well worn (trashed) cut off shorts for bumming around the yard in summer. I'll also wear mine hiking. They are the most comfortable shorts I own.

    I love this little boho outfit.


    1. Your comfy shorts sound perfect.
      I had a similar pair until last year when I loaned them to my friend's daughter and ended up giving them to her. They looked much better on her bum than mine!
      I do miss them though :o(

  3. You look terrific in this outfit and I loved reading the epic of the distressed jeans. The fact that they belonged to your son at one time is testimony to your creativity and frugality as well as your "model" figure. I'd wear this at 64 if I didn't have those funky bits above the knees. Somehow slathering on the moisturizer just doesn't help. Squats don't seem to resculpt that area either. I say wear those cutoffs joyfully while you can!!!

  4. you rock your denim cut-offs, and I love particularly that they were rescued from the charity shop bag and revamped!, best pieces come from casual finds!
    Love your shirt and your sandals, and love that hippie summery vibe that you've created, so comfy&cool.
    I'm not used to wear shorts, even if I like the look on other people, but I think they don't look good on me!
    besos &

    1. Thank you Monica, shorts are not for everyone. This top would look great with some of your capri trousers or leggings. XXX

  5. I'm not a massive fan of shorts, but I'd definitely wear these! I love the way you've paired them with a tunic top - great look!
    Michelle x

    1. Thank you Michelle. I am starting to like wearing shorts more now, as I am getting older. Daft really as this should be the time to give them up! hahaha. XXX


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