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Friday, 20 May 2016

Blue Jumpsuit, 3 Ways | #PPP3

Fake Fabulous | Electric blue jumpsuit, 3 ways

This post is the third, in a series, called the Ping Pong Posts.

This time Anna, Ann and I are styling a Jumpsuit.
A bright blue leopard(ish) print jumpsuit.

This jumpsuit is a tricky customer, for sure!

It is quite hard to find any jumpsuit that fits properly.
Whatever your size and shape, there are almost always compromises to be made.

This jumpsuit is totally unstructured, loose in design but still a size 8, with NO stretch.
Totally unforgiving.
I knew that the gorgeous Ann would have a job squeezing the "girls" into it.
Sorry Ann!
And, I suspected that it would be a little on the long side for beautiful Anna.
Sorry Anna!

This was a huge challenge for my friends.

I wondered if perhaps I was subconsciously getting my own back for my previous shirt dress issues?
Hahaha (evil laugh) revenge is mine...

Fake Fabulous | Electric blue jumpsuit, blue clutch, green shoes, black coat and a chunky necklace.

However, the last laugh is on me!
This jumpsuit turned out to be a challenge for me to style too.
The fabric is so unstructured (and unforgiving) that it shows every lump, bump and flaw.
It can also cling, which I hate.

A simple sash fixed the shapeless problem but, I still needed a smart cover-all to hide it's unstructured cling and to give me the confidence to go out.
A sleeveless jacket was perfect.

Fake Fabulous | Electric blue jumpsuit, blue clutch, green shoes, black coat and a chunky necklace.

As there was a lot of gape at the neckline, I added a cowl neck cami underneath for comfort and decency.
Leaning forward was no longer obscene.
A Chunky necklace provided more coverage, and interest.

{These pictures were taken way back in March (before I sent my parcel off to Anna then she sent it on to Ann) so I was a little (Read: VERY) cold and the light is poor. Apologies for that}

Fake Fabulous | Electric blue jumpsuit, blue clutch, green shoes, black coat and a chunky necklace.

A blue clutch and green shoes finished things off perfectly!

Hang on a minute!

Is there not a rule about blue and green never being seen together?
Well, yes, that boring rule exists.
But I disagree with it!
These green shoes clash (with the blue) in a really satisfying way.

Jumpsuit: I can't remember! (this one is gorgeous)
Top: Charity shop (similar)
Shoes: Marta Johnson (these blue ones are nice too)

Fake Fabulous | Electric blue jumpsuit and  green shoes.


I love the way each of us is so different, even with such a distinctive item.
We never discuss our outfit options, and each time it is a genuine surprise what we come up with.

Anna, from Anna's Island Style 

I like the way she has styled this tricky piece, with layers and fabulous (high) shoes
She has 'grounded' the jumpsuit with neutrals but has still kept her unique style.
I love the way this outfit keeps your eye moving.

Check out Anna's blog to see how she works wonders with her charity shop finds.
She has such an eye for a bargain!

Jumpsuit: Mine!
Waistcoat: Charity shop
Tshirt: Primark
Shoes: M&S
Handbag: "Borrowed" from her daughter
Pendant: from New Zealand
Turquoise bangle: Old
Gold bangle: Charity shop
Rings: Charity shop
Sunglasses: Quay Australia

Ann, from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann's backgrounds always make me smile.
How does she find such great backdrops?
Living in Hong Kong certainly has it's benefits.

Her look is totally different, again.
Simple and uncluttered.
Black and silver accessories work perfectly.
And, check out that bag!
She made it herself (Try it yourself, here)

Silver necklace and bracelet: Target
Jumpsuit: Mine
Clutch: DIY by Ann!
Satin pumps: Goodwill (US charity shop)

How would you have styled this jumpsuit?
Please let me know in the comments....or tweet me @samantha4blair


  1. I love this elegant evening look on you Samantha. The long waistcoat is a simple solution to streamline the whole ensemble. And those shoes are adorable. Oh, how I wish they were big enought to be a PPP item! The jumpsuit was a great item to throw into our challenge, so thank you for that. Bring on the next one x

    1. Yay!
      I love how each time is a surprise. We are all so unique. XXX

  2. Now this was a challenge---a jumpsuit when everyone's body is so different? girl---there is a mean streak in you!!
    But I'm the first to admit that all three turned out fabulously!!
    As for your sleeveless jacket---I would've put on a fur coat---bless you for freezing for us readers!!
    ps...did you just buy the jumpsuit for this very post, or did you already have it?

    1. Oh...I was BALTIC Jodie! (A good Scottish slang word for freezing)
      But, I knew we were going live in May and tried to visualise the slightly warmer weather.
      You can see every downy hair on my body standing on end. :oP
      This jumpsuit was a "wardrobe lurker"...bought with good intentions but never worn.
      This was a great opportunity to do something with it.
      Also, to see what Anna and Ann did with it too.
      When it arrives back from Hong Kong I will have fresh inspiration to wear it again.
      Method in my madness :oD

    2. That's so smart---I have some of those "lurkers"---I just need to take the time to find what works with them---and another set of eyes never hurts! (or bodies in your case---ha ha)

  3. I love this, so gorgeous! I'm loving your blog too, let me know if you would like to follow each other! x

  4. I love this series! What a fun piece you chose! I loved seeing how you each styled the jumpsuit!

    The sleeveless jacket looks great with the jumpsuit. And I LOVE your necklace! Fabulous outfit!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  5. I love blue and green together. Where do these silly rules comes from??? I love how this is so blue in your photos but on Anna's and Ann's it looks purple! Anyway, no matter, as three stunning looks. I really like the layered look with yours - the sleeveless vest really looks a treat with it.

    1. Weird isn't it! I would swear it was blue.....maybe it is only blue in Scotland??? :oP

  6. wouuu, you look gorgeous wearing that jumpsuit, such a cool print and such a fabulous ensemble!, love that cowl neck and pretty necklace adding interest, and love how you added structure with your belting and your jacket, and obviously, love your accessorizing!!! magnificent greens and blues together!!
    And I'm a huge fan of your 'three ways' posts, that's a great idea. Love how Ann worn that jumpsuit her way, taking in the legs and creating a different silhoutte!. Love Anna's styling too, such a fabulous accessorizing and layering, and she rocks her sleeveless jacket too!

    1. Thank you Monica! Greens and blues do go together, don't they? I always think of blue flowers, like and green is beautiful. I am so glad you enjoy this series. It is fun to be part of, as well as a HUGE challenge :oD XXX

  7. How fabulous to see that you all had a different take for such a unique item and the lessons that can be learned from your examples. Your add of color, Anna's use of stripes, and Ann's simplistic approach but with a transformation of the silhouette (knots at the ankles). You all look stunning.


    1. Thank you Rena. I am always impressed by Anna and Ann. We never discuss our options so each time is a nice surprise. Sometimes I wish I had thought of their outfit! XXX

  8. What a fun idea, love all three styles, they are all totally different. check out my blog if you get a chance..Jacqui

  9. I first saw this on Ann and she looked so insanely fabulous I had to swing by and check out your spin on the jumpsuit. You did not disappoint...I love the way you layered it and the addition of the green was pure genius! The sleeveless jacket over top was a great idea, but then I am a huge fan of layering. :)

    1. Thank you Debbie....although I needed a fur coat!! Hahahaha. I was freezing!!! XXX

  10. Oh goodness!!! This is you version of the traveling yellow skirt eh? So fun!!

    I just started following Ann of Kreme de LA Kreme but can't follow Anna's Island Style (though I want to) because I don't do instagram. Anyway you're all brilliant. So different and each delightful!


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