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Sunday, 17 April 2016

How to Wear a Leather Dress, over 40 | Green Leather and Denim

Fake Fabulous | Green leather dress, denim jacket, Boden belt and bag, Clarks peep-toe shoes.

Today I wanted to wear this (faux) leather dress.
I love the simple shape of it, and I was really drawn to the unusual colour.

It has raw edges, which I like, and a fitted T-shirt shape.
When I say fitted, I mean bust darts and a neat waist.
In fact, the waist is perfect!
A rare treat.

I have to admit that I would have preferred an extra two inches of fabric (at the hem) because of its flared shape of skirt.
I don't know why, but when it comes to short skirts, I feel much more secure in a neater, fitted shape.
I imagine this flared skirt flying up, in a gust of wind, to show the world my pants!

{Don't worry. This is very unlikely as it is a heavy fabric, but I still made sure I was wearing a decent pair, just in case}

Fake Fabulous | Green leather dress, denim jacket, Boden belt and bag, Clarks peep-toe shoes.

The dress itself could (in my opinion) be worn during any season.
Summer in Scotland is never that warm, so a piece like this is a genuine all-year-rounder.
Adding tights, in colder weather, and some cosy layers, would make it appropriate for the winter months too.
I can see this getting a lot of wear!

This leather dress is very occasion-versatile.
At first, a leather dress may seem like a difficult item to wear and style.
But, this dress could easily look smart(er), with the addition of a blazer or trench coat.
I am looking forward to styling it in many different ways.

Today I kept things really simple, and casual.
The sun came out, for a while, so my legs were out again.
Still blue-tinged though...sorry folks!

{I did pop on a pair of opaques (and changed my shoes), later in the day, as the temperature dropped}

I wrapped my denim jacket around my body and belted it.
This gave the jacket more shape, but still maintained that 'thrown on' feel.

I forwent bold jewellery, settling for my neon watch and a pair of tiny lemon slice earrings.
My old faithful neon edged bag, and my nude peep-toes, finished things off perfectly!

Fake Fabulous | Clarks nude peep-toe shoes

Things to consider when wearing leather (real or faux) at any age...

  • Leather can highlight lumps and bumps, drawing attention to them.
  • Black leather can be harsh and very draining on the skin. Black can cause shadows and accentuate lines..unless you are one of those lucky women with colouring that comes alive in black.
  • Leather can look a little vampish or trashy.
Fake Fabulous | Green leather dress, denim jacket, Boden belt and bag, Clarks peep-toe shoes.

Ways to make leather easier to wear...

  • Wear it on parts of your body you want to highlight. There are so many leather items out there you will easily find something to suit.
  • Avoid leather on problem areas. Unfortunately, those leather trousers are not going to hold in, and smooth out, your saddle bags or mummy tummy.
  • Try a softer shade. Try tan, nude or even green!
  • It you love the look of black, try teaming it with a more forgiving colour. Even popping on a necklace in 'your colours' can make all of the difference.
  • If you feel too dressed up (or like dress-up) in leather, layer a more casual piece over the top. An interesting cardigan, waistcoat or denim jacket can work well.
  • Play with textures. Try a silk blouse underneath your dress, of a fluffy jumper with your leather trousers.
Fake Fabulous | Green leather dress, denim jacket, Boden belt and bag, Clarks peep-toe shoes.

What do you think about (faux) leather?
Do you wear it?
Would you like to, but worry how it will look?
Please share your thoughts in the comments...or tweet me @samantha4blair

Jacket: Boden (old)..this one is nice.
Dress: Luna allegra (this one is cool...and would look great with black)
Earrings: Zara (these are cute)
Watch: Swatch
Belt: Boden (old) I wish I had this one in my collection!
Bag: Boden (old) I like this one.
Shoes: Clarks 

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  1. Well, Samantha, you know I love my faux leather, so it's no surprise I'm loving this outfit!
    I totally know what you mean about the skirt length--although I love the flared part especially when sitting---it covers so much nicer than the straight skirts! (and I'm chuckling and glad that you're wearing decent pants!!) Of course, you could just wear another skirt under this??
    And great balls of neon!! Between you and Greetje, I'm feeling quite left out---easily remedied with a shopping trip, I suppose!

    1. I had not thought of that Jodie. You are full of ideas. I must pop over to look at Greetje's neon. I do love a splash! I am sure you could do a neon series?!?! XXX

  2. Great dress! I can see it styled so many different ways. I love it with the denim jacket & the neon accessories!

    1. Thank you Andrea! I think you are right...this could be versatile with different styling. XXX

  3. even not a huge fan of faux leather, nor leather dresses on me, I admire when worn by others, as I do now!! You look lovely, comfy&cool!, and your dress looks amazing, love its shape and color. I think olive is a fabulous neutral color to be mixed and matched with many others! So it's a very versatile piece too!
    (Leather/faux leather are not suitable for our summer weather, in any way!!)

    1. Of course Monica! Hot temperatures and leather (especially faux) would be uncomfortable and sticky. Maybe in winter? :oD XXX

  4. I love the way you've styled this faux leather dress, Samantha, and all the advice you've offered! I like not only the shape and texture, but the color is wonderful for you. xox


    1. Thank you Patti. I was surprised at how decent the texture could almost pass for real! XXX

  5. I love the green leather with the denim jacket...and your bright greenish yellow bag is the perfect accent!

    1. Thank you Bettye. I always thought this bag (and my toe polish) was a little greenish! I am glad you agree. XXX

  6. I am a fan of leather, real or faux although I must admit that wearing real leather is much more comfortable. I have a couple of faux leather dresses that can make me sweat like I'm wearing a plastic bag, which in reality, I am.

    I'm a fan of a belted jean jacket.

    Love the whole look.


    1. I agree Suzanne. Real leather is so much more comfortable than faux and I would invest if it was a classic (so to speak). This dress was only £25 and it's real sister had another 0 on the end of it...I think I am too much of a quantity person to really invest in a few quality classics. I know quality wins BUT I reserve my pennies for shoes and coats. Even then I still manage to apply the quantity philosophy. I am such a fickle creature :oP. Thank you for your comment. XXX

  7. Samantha, that faux leather dres!!! I LOVE the colour it comes in, too, like a muted khaki green, I think?

    By the way, I think people could mistake you for a teenager, really, from the photo of your back!

    1. I do worry about that, sometimes.
      In my head I am still about 22 (and I forget my face is 42).
      I want to dress in the clothes I want to wear. I don't really want to look younger, just not frumpy.
      Sometimes I go a little too far towards "Mutton dressed as lamb" but I think society is slowly changing what it deems "acceptable" for older women.
      Thank you for your kind words.

  8. How about we don't want to look "younger", we just want to RETAIN the fashion freedom we've had all our lives. Why allow the others to define us anymore than we did at 16, 25, 35...

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    1. Sorry, all links that don't redirect to a personal blog are deleted. Thank you for commenting though. XXX

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry, all links that don't redirect to a personal blog are deleted. Thank you for commenting though. XXX

  11. I agree, it is a beautiful dress, very versatile. The unusual colour looks very good on you, and I love the bright lime colour with it.

    1. Thank you Greetje. I must tell you that I was feeling pretty exhausted here and this dress cheered me up no end! XXX


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