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Friday, 1 April 2016

Wearing Dungarees, over 40 | Chanel-style Tweed and Denim.

Chanel-style tweed jacket.

This fun look started with a chanel-style, tweed jacket.

I have a serious Love/Hate relationship with this jacket.

I want to love it's classic lines and timeless style BUT, I always feel a tad frumpy when I put it on.
Frumpy and boring.
It makes me think of old ladies, at weddings, smelling of mothballs.
Old ladies with perfectly coiffed, and lacquered, hair.
Too posh, too stuffy...and just a bit naff.

Was it was another of my (expensive) fashion mistakes?

Fake Fabulous | Wearing dungarees, with tweed, over 40.

I decided that the only way to wear it was with with the least frumpy, and most fun, item in my wardrobe.

I needed something in a great neutral colour, that is the style-opposite of a classic tweed jacket.
Something that is as far removed from smart, coiffed and posh as you can get.
These dungarees are perfect!

I know I should probably give these dungarees a break (for a while) but I can't help myself!
Dungarees are so versatile.
And, they make me smile!

Fake Fabulous | Wearing dungarees, with tweed, over 40.

I wanted to keep the lines of my outfit as simple as possible, so a plain white T-shirt was the order of the day.
These light tan, old skool, buckled sandals are comfortable, and easy to wear.
They give me a little height too.
Lengthening my legs and counteracting the shortening effect of the dungarees.

Fake Fabulous | Wearing dungarees, with tweed, over 40....rear view

Fake Fabulous | Wearing dungarees, with tweed, over 40...side view

Fake Fabulous | Wearing dungarees, with vintage brooches, over 40.

Three pretty brooches added a dash of femininity, and finished things off nicely!

Fake Fabulous | Wearing dungarees, over 40. Vintage brooches

Have you got a favourite look (or item) this Spring?
Please share in the comments.
Or send me a picture, on twitter @samantha4blair

Tweed jacket: Boden (old)...this one is similar.
Dungarees: Topshop...almost sold out...these are nice too!
Shoes: Clarks originals (these are pretty)...these are different, but wow!
Bag: Primark (similar)
T-shirt: Boden
Brooches: Old (similar fish, similar flower, similar disk)

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  1. Love the brooches grouped together and the shoes. I think between those two items they make the whole outfit special.


    1. Thank you Suzanne. I was trying to figure out how to wear my brooches without feeling a bit "meh" about them. Too boring....until I grouped them together! I then googled a vintage site and had more inspo about pinning them to necklines and in unusual places. I might revisit the local antique shop and have a rummage for some interesting pieces. I am trying to keep an open mind about items I previously wrote off. Thank you for your lovely comment. XXX

  2. What an inspired combination!! Works a treat. It has encouraged me to resurrect my "you look like a farmer, Mum" khaki dungarees and whack a mustard blazer over them to see if I feel less ooh-aar and more ooh-err!!

    1. Hahaha..."Ooh-aar to ooh-err!", Brilliant...I love that! I hope you give those khaki dungarees another chance. They sound lovely, especially with orange. In fact they would go with pretty much any colour...pinks, nudes, blues. Maybe I need a khaki pair too?? :oP XXX

    2. Yes of course you need a pair ;) Ooh blues and khaki... Would never have thought of that... Some great colour suggestions there...! Thanks. Definitely feel a dungaree day approaching... X

  3. I have to say Samantha with that smile & fabulous pixie haircut--you'll never be boring no matter what you wear!
    And I'm laughing because I love that jacket (of course i'm the older generation--so i'm allowed, right?). I just wore mine with my graphic t-shirt, distressed jeans & fringe/tassel necklace--so I'm truly hoping frumpy was the last adjective used to describe me!!
    And I am working on that jumpsuit series (your dungarees reminded me to tell you) for the 3 of us. Nancy's jumpsuit has been quite the challenge--I was altering it, but have given up and am on the hunt for another---stayed tuned!! jodie
    And man---short sleeves and naked tootsies--it must have warmed up for you---lucky girl!

    1. Thank you Jodie! You are hardly the "older generation" at 50. My bestest buddy is 51 and she is just a girl! A graphic Tee? I love that idea too. Maybe this jacket will be out again soon?
      This jumpsuit series sounds amazing. I think I have the perfect one for Nancy hanging in my wardrobe! Wrap front and deep V...great for layering. I am really looking forward to see what you come up with. XXX
      P.S. It was one of those strange Scottish weather days...warm sun then hailstones! Socks went on in the afternoon (pretty frilly ones) and a cardigan too.

  4. DARLING! The Chanel jacket and brooches send a clear message that this is the epitome of "fun"ky. At 64 I've cherished at least 3 rounds of fashion
    moments for bib-overalls. Not to mention that they're as comfy as leggings!

    1. Hello Judy, and welcome to the "comments" is great to have yours!
      At 64 you must have tried everything at least once, if not more, and know exactly what to go for and what to avoid. These dungarees are indeed as comfortable as the dreaded leggings :Op...and much more forgiving! I wish I had a 'real' chanel jacket...{daydream moment}... I often have a look on ebay to see how many thousands they are going for. One day I might find a bargain.

  5. I have the same feeling about a couple of Chanel jackets I own, and I also wear them with something unexpected and less classic, it truly works ! You did a great job here, love this outfit and it's as always very creative and very "you". You look fab ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion & beauty blog

    1. Thank you very much Vale! I need inspiration for more tweed jacket outfits that don't involve heading to Frumpsville.... I will pop over for a look. XXX

  6. Loving that jacket!!!!!

  7. I'm with Jodie, I'm in the love party with this jacket. But I get it, if you feel frumpy in it no amount of others telling you otherwise can change it but honestly, it does NOT look frumpy on you. In fact it looks fantastic with the dungarees.
    And the grouping of the brooches is a cool touch. I have MAJOR love for the fish in particular! It reminds me of the angel fish we swam with whilst snorkling off the Great Barrier Reef on my honeymoon - awwwwwww.

    1. Hahahaha....thank you Jacqueline! Okay...I will listen to your words of wisdom and wear my (not-frumpy) jacket a little more. XXX

  8. I don't see how this is at all frumpy, the jacket I mean :) it looks divine. And very whimsical when paired with dungarees!! Never in a million years would I have even thought of putting the two together, Sam. I'd probably wear it with a white tee and something leather. Dungarees are simply too similar in design to my childhood convent school pinafore uniform for me to be able to wear them without any form of style PTSD ;)

    1. Oh oh and please do come join my link-up, Sam :) it's simply not the same without you xoxo

    2. Convent school uniform? Enough said Sheela. You have the disney-pass for dungarees.
      A disney pass means "she does not" In Scottish "She disnae have tae wear that!"...anything you have worn at school does not need repeated. XXX

  9. So, I just bought myself a vintage pair of overalls after swearing off of them when I was preggo. I've already worn them twice. I really love the idea of decorating them with vintage brooches. That will be my next outfit with overalls for sure! Thanks for all the style inspo, lady!

    1. Thank you Norbyah. They do need a little "something" don't they? I am always looking for ways to add a little more! XXX

  10. I'm with Jodie, I love the jacket too:) You look adorable.Thanks for joining us on My Refined Style!



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