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Monday, 25 April 2016

The Fab 40's | 8 ways to wear pleats in your 40's

Fake Fabulous |Pleated asymmetric white top, skinny blue jeans and red french sole ballerinas

Welcome to the fab40's.

I am honoured to be included in a group of international bloggers, called The fab 40's.
The purpose of the group is to show how different women interpret a specific style.
{There is a different 'theme' every month}
Proving that being 40+ does not mean you have to be dowdy, frumpy, boring or forgettable.

Fake Fabulous |Pleated asymmetric white top, skinny blue jeans and red french sole ballerinas


This month the style we were given (by the beautiful Diane) was pleats.
This time, I was delighted. {Last month, I had a wobble}
As soon as I heard the theme I thought,
"I have just the thing!"
But, pleats can be tricky to wear.
They can hang, unflatteringly, over lumps and bumps. Highlighting them.
Especially with skirts and dresses.
Short-waisters (like me) can look stumpy, lumpy, bumpy and generally frumpy in a pleated skirt!

Fake Fabulous |Pleated asymmetric white top, skinny blue jeans and red french sole ballerinas

Today's pleated look came together easily.
I had the perfect pleated top!
This pleated top/dress has been featured on the blog previously, with an 80's feel.
It is so much fun to wear.
With it's giant sleeve and general silliness.

Fake Fabulous |Pleated asymmetric white top, skinny blue jeans and red french sole ballerinas

I originally had my satin pyjama trousers, and funky heels, looked out to wear with it.
In the end though, foot comfort won, and these red ballerinas came out to play.
Ballerinas worn with loose trousers looks a mess, so I am back in my faithful skinny jeans.
I know the fashion magazines say skinny jeans are over for 2016, but I am not letting mine go.
I decided to tuck this dress in to my jeans, but leave the pleated top layer loose at the back, like a cape.

Fake Fabulous |Red french sole ballerinas

I'm not usually a matching-things person but, today I couldn't resist matching my shoes to a patent leather belt, bangle and lipstick.
{My lipstick is a gift from the lovely Ann @krembdelakrembe}
It felt good to do something slightly different.

Fake Fabulous |Pleated asymmetric white top, skinny blue jeans and red french sole ballerinas

Over to you...
Do you love pleats?
Or, do you think they are unflattering and add bulk?

Please let me know how you style your pleats, in the comments...or tweet me @samantha4blair

Top: Topshop (this one is beautiful quality, and much easier to wear!)
Jeans: Falmer (these are perfect!)
Shoes: French sole (these liberty print ones are gorgeous)
Belt: Topshop (old) (this one is nice)
Bangles: Blue-Charity shop, Red-From my mum, Silver-from a friend.

Let me introduce...

Now it is time to introduce my fellow bloggers, and their fabulous pleated outfits.

Dawn (from California) looks amazing in her pleather pleated skirt.
Part lady, part steam punk goddess.
{Check out those tattoo tights}
I love it!

Skirt - Shein
Top - Shein
Shoes - Nine West
Bag - Vintage
Tights - Stop and Stare

Sheela from Sheela writes.

Sheela is a pretty as a spring flower in her pleats. 
Showing us her delicate and feminine side, in swaths of floating pink pleats...until you get to those shoes.
This flower has thorns!
She is one fierce and fabulous lady.

Jacket - Charter Club
Dress - Lush
Leggings - Zara
Boots - Bakers
Bag - LeiC
Rings & Cuffs - Gifted

Yvonne from Funky Forty.

Yvonne is our guest blogger this month, from Zurich (originally New Zealand)
Her blog is full of fun and a great attitude to life.
{You can probably guess this from her photograph!}
She also believes that chocolate can cure most ails, and that gets my vote any day.
Yvonne chose a casual look, which proves pleats don't have to be dressed up.
She has dressed them down with effortless ease.
Easy to wear and great for anyone who wants to try pleats but is a little wary.

Jacket - H&M
Glasses - Cerjo
Jumper - Zara
Skirt - Storm
Boots - Vintage, somewhere in Beaune

Ann from Krembe de la Krembe

Ann is as cute as a button in this casual look.
I love the thrown together feel of this outfit, and the mixing of prints.
{Although, I think Ann classes leopard as a neutral!}
I am crushing on those Star Wars shoes.

Evil Eye Earrings and Leopard Backpack-Hong Kong Market
Top-Forever 21
Denim Vest-TopShop
Skirt- Lianjiang Village, China
Slip-ons-Vans Star Wars Limited Edition

Jennie from A pocketful of polka dots.

Jennie is every inch the lady here.
She often has a masculine touch thrown into her look, and the way she has styled this shirt has an androgynous vibe about. Which I love.
Her leg lengthening heels make a great work-appropriate way to wear pleats.

Shirt - NY&Co.
Skirt - Simply Vera Vera Wang
Shoes - Madden Girl
Necklace & Ring - Local Boutique
Bracelet - Gift
Sunnies - Charming Charlie

Diane from Fashion on the fourth floor.

Diane usually adds a tomboy twist to her looks.
And, this is no exception!
Her blouse maybe super-girly but she tones it all down with her casual coated jeans and a pair of tan heels.
Making this an outfit we could all wear!

Tunic: Metropark
Jeans: Habitual from NYC Scoop
Sandals:  Coclico
Watch:  Quartz 

Mary from Curlybyrdie Chirps

Mary's take on the pleated theme is classy, elegant and feminine.
I was not at all surprised, she oozes femininity.
I love the boldness of the dress with her fabulous hair!

Dress -Eliza J 
Shoes -Jcpenny
Bag - Jcpenney

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Inspired? Join in the pleated fun, and get my look...



  1. This is such a fun project every month! I always love seeing everyone's interpretations!

    Your pleated blouse is so much fun. And you paired it perfectly with skinny jeans & red ballerinas!

    1. Thank you Andrea. I wondered what everyone would do with their pleats and I am always surprised and inspired. This is great fun to be part of. XXX

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a pleated shirt...what a perfect way to wear pleats...and yours has all the characteristics of you (interesting, unique, beautiful)
    It would have been interesting to see it with your satin trousers, but they are wider, no? And my first thought is with a flowy shirt like this, you would need something skinny on the bottom (of course, I've been wrong a couple times in my life---ha ha). I think the skinny jeans & ballerina flats really look gorgeous with this blouse!

    1. Thank you Jodie! The satin trousers are a little wider, like pyjamas, and needed a heel. Without heels, the whole look was a little sloppy and pathetic looking. Sometimes I love wearing a heel and somedays I can't be bothered. Definitely a mood dresser!

  3. Wow! So many great looks! What a fun and eclectic group of ladies!

    Your top is so fun. It looks like it should be out on the dance floor at Studio 54.

    I like all of these looks but that last maxi dress really blew me away.


    1. Thank you Suzanne. Mary's dress is indeed a showstopper! XXX

  4. Oh Samantha I just love this pleated top on you! The pairing with these jeans and cute red shoes looks casual and such fun. Who'd have known how many different plays there could be on this subject? These ladies are all looking fab, but my other favourite has to be that wonderful outfit of Sheela's - totally OTT!
    Loving your new blot format. Very sleek and stylish - just like you x

    1. I am constantly surprised by these ladies. I am sure there is an outfit here for everyone. I could see you in something very similar to Sheela. Right up your street! XXX

  5. wouuu, love this 40+ bunch of fabulousness, love that you share your style all together and having fun!!
    Obviously, I love your outfit too, you look particularly gorgeous!, love skinnies (whatever they're trendy or not!) and love those red accents you've added to the ensemble, they give it a twist!, an elegant and sassy twist!!

    1. Thank you very much Monica. This group is lots of fun to be a part of! We are all do different and that is what makes it work (in my opinion). I think there is something for everyone in this group of women. I am glad you are approving of my skinnies. :oD XXX

  6. That top is gorgeous on you - and I love it with the skinny jeans! Kx

  7. Hotness alert!

    I love this look from head to toe, Samantha! I'm always a sucker for white + denim + red looks, and yours is spot-on!

    Liyana | Affordorable

    1. You are very kind Liyana! Thank you. I was wishing for a polka dot to add a little something this look. Unfortunately I am a bit short of polka dots. I think I may need a bag! XXX

  8. You looks so Marvelous! I am seriously crushing on your one shoulder pleated top. It looks wonderful with your blue skinnies and pops of red. I am with you on not being ready to hang up my skinny jeans yet. They are easy to dress.

    1. Thank you Jennie! They do go with everything don't they? What did we wear before skinny jeans?! :oP XXX

  9. Part lady part steam punk goddess … I LOVE LOVE LOVE that! lol. Kinda my personality too! You look like an angel in this blouse, Samantha! So beautiful ….

    Dawn Lucy

    1. Thank you Dawn! I loved your look here. So cool. I secretly wished I had thought of this look :o) XXX

  10. Look at you - a modern goddess! Love this daring and modern look, Sam. Thanks for linking up, xox


  11. I do believe I'm rather fond of being called the one with the thorns, Sam, I do I do I do!!! And clearly, you've nailed the ethereal look down to pat. What a vision.

    1. Thank you Sheela. I loved your mix of feminine and do that so well! XXX

  12. That top is positively dreamy Sam! And those ballet flats are complete perfection. Skinny jeans will never be over in my book!

    1. Thank you Debbie. This is a fun top to float about in, I am glad you like it :oD XXX

  13. A funky Greek goddess comes to mind and a lovely one at that.
    I feel like you might have been enduring a bit of a chill for the sake of this fashion statement. You met this challenge very creatively!

    1. Thank you Judy. I was a little chilly! Luckily the chiffon sleeve tucks easily into a cardigan sleeve (which went straight back on ASAP)....if you look closely you can see my goose bumps! :oD XXX

  14. OK.... I am back. Sorry to have neglected your blog for so long. I just cannot cope anymore. Digital life is taking over my normal life and I do not want that to happen. So you have to suffer. I am sorry.
    Now for this outfit of yours. I was gobsmacked. You can guess that the matchy matchy stuff went down very well with me. I also have a crush on red with jeans. Throw in white and you have a classic outfit... but... with you with some twists. That dress worn as a top is STUNNING. The ballerinas are sooo cute and sassy. And your skinnies show what a perfect body you have.
    You look radiant and very sexy without showing parts that... well you know what I mean.
    I like a lot of looks of the other Fab 40's, but I disagree with your comment on Diane's outfit. Even though I love that too, it is most definitely not an outfit "we can all wear". OK feeling old here.

    1. I am so glad you approved of my matching Greetje!
      Thank you so much for your kind words....I certainly don't have a perfect body, but I am glad I have given the illusion of it looking decent. I always love reading your comments, thank you so much for popping over to take the time.

  15. Ok, first off, I want to say again, congrats on the new blog theme! It looks so, so, sooooo good! Super profesh!

    Now, on to your pleats. Of course, they are fabulous! This top is so dreamy. And to add the pops of red, well, you know I'm a red girl, so I love these touches. And isn't that red lippy the best! I'm glad to see it on you. It looks FABULOUS!

    Great job Samantha. I love The Fab 40s. :D Annie

  16. Hi, I've just come across your blog - I love your style! Especially your live of colour :) this outfit is fab, you look amazing. Jane X

    1. Hi Jane. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such a nice comment. XXX

    2. Hi Jane. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such a nice comment. XXX

  17. I am going to have to buy that top! I just love it, romantic, flowy, etheral, pretty, now, I imagine you didnt get it in the states! haha
    Love this gorgeous look on you with the touch of red in your cute shoes and lovely lipstick!
    Thanks for linking up with Turning heads tuesday
    jess xx


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