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Friday, 15 April 2016

Create a Unique Look.

Fake Fabulous | Navy trench coat, vintage style dress and grey booties.

Everyone has a trench coat, don't they?

I read somewhere that everyone has a trench coat, and if they don't they should!
Is this really true?

I have never been a fan of the classic camel trench.
Especially after been flashed, as a young teen, by the stereotypical perv in a dirty camel trench.
That would put anyone off!

I do, however, love the look of a navy trench.

I had a Barbour one for years that I wore to death, eventually it faded to a rag and fell to bits.

Luckily, I found this navy replacement in a charity shop.
It was a little worse for wear, and needed a good wash.
I gave it a press and a few well placed stitches and it was as good as new(ish) again.

A navy trench coat really does go with everything.
Today, I teamed it with a vintage-style dress, and heels.
A classic look.

Fake Fabulous | Navy trench coat, vintage style dress and grey booties.

Is Classic just another way to say boring?

It was only after I was looking at this outfit (in the photos) that I thought...
"This is a look that has been done to death!"
Is "classic" just another way to say "boring"?

This got me thinking.
Is it really that important to do something new and different?
Is it even possible to do anything new in 2016, without looking a little wackadoodle?
Has every great look not been done to death already, ten times over?

I took a moment to think about how I go about selecting what I want to wear.
To figure out what my secret formula to dressing is.

And, I came to a surprising conclusion.


There is no secret formula, or great style masterplan.
I don't search the internet for "Outfit Inspo" or to find out what I should be wearing with what.

{I do love looking at magazines, and getting inspiration from them, but I never EVER have the budget for any true designer pieces}

So, I just do my own version with what ever I think might work for me.

Sometimes, I have a "bad taste" day (as described wonderfully by Yvonne
And, my solution?
I just laugh at myself, and rock it.

If someone else thinks I am a mess, then that is fine with me!

We can't all agree all of the time can we?
Just think how bored we would be if we all loved what everyone else was wearing.
There would be nothing to talk about, nothing to think about and nothing to provoke thought and possible inspiration.

Fake Fabulous | Navy trench coat, vintage style dress and grey booties.

4 Ways to create your own unique look.

  1. Make the first move. Forget about what everyone around you is doing and wearing. When you start 'dressing up' it has a ripple effect on the people around you. They start to be bolder, brighter, smarter ... It is like a Mexican wave of style!
  2. Pick your own. Don't worry about what is supposed to be in fashion or the latest trends. Think about shapes you love, the colours that make you smile, and start there. Having said that, the trends can sometimes inspire a great look, so don't discount them altogether.
  3. If you feel it, do it! If you want to clash colours or prints, go right ahead. If it feels right, it will look great. If it feels wrong, it will look wrong. Simple. If you are unsure of a look, try a different combination until you feel confident. I often have a shoe-swither, where I frantically try on 10 pairs, then go back to the original pair I had looked out!
  4. Take a selfie. Okay, maybe not a pouting and heavily filtered snap. But, If you are still unsure about an outfit, taking a full length photo in the mirror can help get some perspective.

Fake Fabulous | Navy trench coat, vintage style dress and grey booties.

This outfit came together because of this pretty dress.
I have worn it, on the blog, twice before.

{Here, to a garden party and Here, with cobalt blue tights}

It is a lovely shape and the colour really makes me smile.
The birds have so many different shades in them that you could accessorise in many ways.
It is quite versatile for such a distinctive item.

It may be spring, but it is really chilly outside, so bare legs are not an option.
I reached for a pair of green opaques (last worn here) and my grey lace up shoes to add a little more vintage-inspired glamour.

{See how I wore these beautiful shoes with a vintage pencil the sunshine!}

I popped a cosy, long sleeved, top under the dress (last worn here) for extra warmth.
A patent grey belt, with a perspex buckle, added a little more interest.
My navy mac and fun bag, finished things off nicely.

Fake Fabulous | Satin toe grey lace up booties.

Do you own a trench coat?
How do you wear yours?
Please share in the comments...or tweet me@samantha4blair

Coat: Full Circle (similar)
Dress: Fever London (this one is the same style but different colours)
Bag: TkMaxx (this one is very cool...this is a beautiful tote)
Tights: Charnos (similar)
Shoes: Luca Stefani (these are cool)
Breton: Boden (this is similar)

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  1. Even though I'm tons more conservative than you Samantha---there's a part of me that thinks exactly the same way!
    I don't actually own a trench coat because I don't want to be like everyone else (besides the fact that we really don't get a lot of rain, here). If I bought a trench---I'd want a bright pink one or print that would stand out!!
    As for our unique looks...that's where experimenting and having fun come in! As much as I love to go shopping, I also love to take what I have and try new & interesting things with them!
    And thanks to you---I'm even working on mixing my prints & wearing a jumpsuit (slowly but surely)!
    Love your style because it's yours!! jodie

    1. Thank you Jodie. I am looking forward to these posts! As for trench coats...There are a lot of positives: I love the look of them on other people, they are a great length, they keep you warm and dry. I do have this navy one and a black one, which I am about to donate. I want to like them more than I do. Maybe I should try and find a real replacement for my beloved navy barbour? Maybe it was the quality and finish I loved more than anything? It did go with everything (hence the falling to bits part!) XXX

  2. I hope people don't think classic is boring! It's just timeless. Some items just work - like brogues and trenches, so they stick around. I don't mind looking like everyone else if the look is one that I love. I only follow the herd, if the herd is going in my direction!
    But sometimes it's fun to add a twist. I have a trench I recently showcased but in denim. Your trench is navy so we've both added our own stamp on it. And your trench looks great with the bird dress which is fun and colourful. The red is a great counterpoint to the navy.
    I love the 'bad taste' day! Yes, sometimes we hit a bullseye and sometimes it's a dud but the fun is in the trying and exploring!

    1. I love that Jacqueline! Hahaha...Following the herd as long as they are going the way you want.
      I think I am the same...the pompoms for example, they were everywhere, but I still loved them!
      Your trench in denim was a great item. I am tempted to try and find another trench that captures my imagination.
      As for the bad taste days.
      Good taste is in the eye of the beholder anyway.
      One persons 'Chic' is another's 'Boring'.
      One woman's 'Fabulous' is another's 'Hideous mess'.
      And thank goodness for that! I love looking at different looks on different women.
      Variety is fun. XXX

  3. I currently own 3 trench coats and I firmly believe in their classic status. Your navy one is great. I have a denim trench that I found in the clearance, plus size area at TJMAXX. I paid only $9.99 for it and figure it was a bit small for a typical 1X person. Hooray for bargains!!
    I love your blue shoes Samantha.
    If we didn't have an occasional fashion faux pas how would we remain humble or relevant?

    1. Thank you Judy. I only have 2...and now feel like I need to up my game!
      I don't think I will ever befriend the camel version though (scarred for life!) :oD
      Perhaps I need to have a little look online for some ideas?
      Tkmaxx is a great shop. I love rummaging through the rubbish to find that freaky bargain. I am sure items that are not quite right end up there. Sleeves too long, neck-holes too narrow, one leg wider than the other (I found trousers like this once), too big/small for the size label...the list is endless. I love it when a real gem is uncovered. Your trench sound like one of those gems! XXX

  4. Every time I read your posts it is like you are inside my head. LOL Get outta there! ; )

    I also sometimes equate classic with boring. If you constantly hear or read someone being referred to as having a "classic style" and you actually do find their style yawn inducing then after a while you equate the word classic with the word boring. It is only natural and often the reason I stopped following many of the mainstream popular bloggers. It seemed to me they were all singing the same song in the same key over and over again. Anyone can do that.

    I'll always remember what a girlfriend of mine who studied cooking at Le Cordon Bleu told me, "Anyone can make a fabulous meal when you have a fully stocked fridge and cupboard. The sign of a true chef is one that can make a fabulous meal with whatever you have on hand."

    I'd say the same is true of style. Shopping thrift, vintage and consignment requires more knowledge and much more imagination that simply walking into a high end shop and buying everything off the mannequin.

    Taste is personal. I hate cilantro but my husband loves it. Same thing with my style. Loads of people really hate it, but it's not them that matter. I only worry about the reflection of myself in the mirror speaking my truth.

    I thrifted a wonderful black leather trench coat this year.

    Idk on the man in the trench! Talk about having NO imagination!

    I love the whole look you're wearing. So retro inspired.

    We can't reinvent the wheel every day.


    1. Thank you for such a great comment Suzanne.
      (I had to google cilantro...coriander! I am with your hubby on that one. :oD)
      What a great point about ingredients.
      I imagine it is much easier to look great if you can buy the entire designer look straight off the rail.
      However, I do see plenty of women (and celebs) who have amazing designer items and still look a bit "bleugh" my mind anyway.
      Maybe money can't buy taste, after all?
      I like a classic or minimal look, sometimes.
      I love a vintage look, sometimes.
      I adore an eclectic look, sometimes.
      I never want to be stuck on a shelf, in a certain style.
      Variety is the spice of life!
      Your leather trench was HOT... I am slightly envious of your thrift stores and your skills as a savvy shopper.

  5. Hiya Samantha,

    I had wanted a trench for the so long, and it wasn't until I got out of the typical color that a trench worked for me. See, the original trench, in that khaki color, well it makes me look ill! Finally, when I resisted the typical trench was I able to find a trench I love. It's in my color: red! You will be seeing it soon. Wink wink:D

    Love how you styled this navy trench Sam.

    Love, Ann

    1. Hi Ann, Thank you for stopping by to leave a comment.
      A red there is something I could enjoy wearing!

  6. Such a fab post - thank you so much for linking back to Have a great weekend.

    Yvonne xx

    1. Thank you pleasure!
      Your post really made me smile.
      So true. XXX

  7. Hello dear Samantha, I think that clothes look as unique as you are or feel it doesn´t matter how many time it has been done.
    You look really lovely and gorgeous in your lovely red dress, unique indeed

  8. it's a fabulous Little Red Dress! and love it matching your navy trench, which is a classic piece but it can't be boring!. I like a trench, but not particularly those beige trenches people is used to wear, as beige horrifies me!. I think your navy trench looks perfect, versatile and cool!.
    You've created another magnificent color combo, and love your shoes (as usual!)
    I usually never mind about what's trendy, and pick my clothes inspired by whatever I see, films, series, pictures, art and creative people's blogs (you know what I mean!;DD)

  9. it's a fabulous Little Red Dress! and love it matching your navy trench, which is a classic piece but it can't be boring!. I like a trench, but not particularly those beige trenches people is used to wear, as beige horrifies me!. I think your navy trench looks perfect, versatile and cool!.
    You've created another magnificent color combo, and love your shoes (as usual!)
    I usually never mind about what's trendy, and pick my clothes inspired by whatever I see, films, series, pictures, art and creative people's blogs (you know what I mean!;DD)

    1. I laughed out loud when I read that beige horrifies you. surprise there! XXX

  10. I do like trench coats but they have to be made from a good quality material that won't crease, a crumpled coat will ruin any look. I think the same goes for anything that can be labelled "classic" - if it's meant to be timeless it's worth spending a bit more money on and buying good quality or it will just look tatty after a few washes anyway. I love how you've styled your outfit, blue and red look great together. The bag is fab!

    Emma xxx

  11. I cannot believe you ever thought this was boring! I love the coat. But more than that I love the red dress with green tights and those glorious two-tone grey-blue shoes - I would never have thought about red-olive as a combo, but it works so well. I think it's warmer for you over there than us over here and I am glad we are not anywhere near giving up tights yet - I always leave it as late possible anyway, and sometimes not at all! - so time for me grab an olive pair like yours and have fun! Kx

  12. I do own one trench coat but it's in this boring grey shade. I wish I could have more, but as you know, the weather in Malaysia doesn't permit a trench coat... Although if I were to buy a new one, I would actually get one in camel! (PS: Sorry to hear about the flashing incidence, that must have been awful!)

    I've had my "bad taste" days too, but I just learned never to repeat that same mistake.

    By the way, LOVE this red dress. I honestly adore how red shades look on you (especially paired with your hair, I think!).

    Liyana | Affordorable


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