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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

6 easy ways to fake a waist.

Fake Fabulous | 6 ways to fake a waist | Leopard print jumpsuit and clogs, over 40.

Lets talk about faking that waist!

As we get older, there is no denying the fact that our bodies change.
No amount of healthy eating, cosmetic procedures, positive thinking and gruelling exercise can change the fact that we are ageing.

Of course, looking after yourself is a good thing, and it can help make you look (and feel) better.
However, change is inevitable.
I am a firm believer in living (and dressing) for today.
Have fun, and flaunt what you have left
Fake Fabulous | 6 ways to fake a waist | Leopard print jumpsuit and clogs, over 40.

As we age, our natural body shape determines where we lay down those extra reserves of fat.

Unfortunately (in a cruel and ironic twist) we are unlikely to 'fill out' where we want to.
We tend to lay down more podge on the places we don't need it.

For me, it is the loss of my not-very-defined-in-the-first-place waist.
As a short waisted woman, I tend to get mini love handles and a squishy muffin top.
I can also suffer from the filling out of my 'baby belly'.
My youngest once said to me..
"Your belly is funny Mummy!" She giggled "It's so soft and crinkly."
She is right.
A small reminder of three big babies who were once growing inside it.

We all have different signs of living etched onto our bodies, don't we?
Whether they are scars, from accidents or surgery.
Stretch marks from pregnancy, teenage growth spurts or weight gain (and loss).
Or, just general wear and tear from daily life (hello, age spots and eye bags!)
We all carry our imperfections.

Luckily modern clothes (and makeup) allow up to disguise these imperfections.
Clothes and makeup are our friends!

Fake Fabulous | 6 ways to fake a waist | Leopard print jumpsuit and clogs, over 40.

6 Easy ways I fake a waist.

  1. Belt it. Whether it is your top, dress, jacket or coat. Get a belt on it!
  2. Wear it open. Wear an open cardigan, jacket or coat to trick the eye into believing you have a narrower waist.
  3. High waists. High waisted trousers (or skirts) paired with a cropped top works wonders. 
  4. Tuck and pouf. Tucking in your top and blousing it over slightly also gives the illusion of a defined midsection.
  5. Wear a good bra. This is especially important if you larger bust. Get those girls 'up and out' and your waist will look inches smaller.
  6. Distract! If your waist really has given up the ghost althogether, don't despair, distract the eye with layers, jewellery or another body your legs!

5 other ways to fake a waist (That I haven't tried yet)

  1. Overlay dresses.
  2. Peplum tops.
  3. Side panel dresses (The ones with the black sides).
  4. Wrap dresses.
  5. Full skirts with a fitted waistband.
Fake Fabulous | 6 ways to fake a waist | Leopard print jumpsuit and clogs, over 40.

Today I wanted to wear this leopard print jumpsuit.
It caught my eye immediately, in amongst a jumble of "final reduction" items.
I love the retro feel.
However, it is potentially quite a difficult item to style...
  • There is the danger of looking a little too much like Peg Bundy or Bet Lynch! Retro is cool, trashy is not.
  • The fabric is very light and without much structure (although, it doesn't have any stretch so it won't go baggy at the bum and knees...which is good!)
Unfortunately, this jumpsuit makes me look a little bit like an ironing board.
Probably because it is not tailored, or lined.

{See this post where my knitted dress had the same affect}

The way to remedy this 'ironing board' problem was to add a slightly cropped (and boxy) open cardigan that skimmed, and gave the illusion of some definition at my waist.
I decided to continue on the 70's vibe, and pair this jumpsuit with 70's-style shades, a mini bag (with wicker detail) and some (very) retro clogs.

A delicate necklace, and some plain hoops, finished things off nicely!

Fake Fabulous | 6 ways to fake a waist | Leopard print jumpsuit and clogs, over 40.

Beware of the baggy bum!

Some jumpsuits can make you look like you are wearing a nappy, or have a droopy bum (just like an elephants) even if your rear is still in decent shape.
To avoid this symptom, take care with the fit of your jumpsuit and avoid cheap fabrics.
To test the fabric: Do some knee bends, squats and a few rounds of sit-down/stand-up in the changing room cubicle, or at home (much less embarrassing).
Then have a good look at your reflection again.
If there is any sign of sagging and bagging, move on.
If you really love the jumpsuit, and have to have it, but it is still a bit droopy. Hitch up the waist with a belt, or wear a longer cardigan/waistcoat (vest) to cover any droopage.

Fake Fabulous | 6 ways to fake a waist | Leopard print jumpsuit and clogs, over 40.

Over to you...
What do you think of jumpsuits?
Are jumpsuits difficult to find in a decent fabric and fit?

How do you hide the signs of ageing and your changing body?

Please share your thoughts (and any tips you have) in the comments.
I love to read them!
Or tweet me @samantha4blair

Jumpsuit: Autograph at M&S (this one is gorgeous!)
Clogs: Gap (these are lovely...and a great price.)
Bag: Savoy (I like this one)
Cardigan: Zara (similar)
Necklace: A gift (this one is beautiful and unusual)

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  1. Hah...well you know my aversion to jumpsuits, but the three of us all have one now, and we'll be styling them soon (the post should be ready by the end of june)
    I'm even going to wear mine out and about soon to get a feel for it (miracle will never cease)!
    As for your jumpsuit---I think you've paired it perfectly with the cardigan & necklace! Even the clogs are so fun!!
    As for bodies changing---here's a funny story---so before we moved I was going through my closet and found this black skirt from dental school (we're talking 25 years ago). I thought---oh...this will probably be big because I was 20 pounds heavier then. And what do you know---it was actually a tad tight---craziness! So even thought the weight was less, certain areas had shifted--a lot!
    But I totally agree with the thought that you should live and dress for today! Nothing upsets me more than hearing a friend say she's not getting new clothes until she loses 15 pounds---oy!!
    jodie have 3 kids? When do you have time to blog?

    1. I agree completely Jodie!
      The amount of women who won't buy anything"nice" until they are at their "target weight" is shocking.
      Some of these women I have known for 20+ years and they have been saying the same things that whole time.
      They could have been wearing nice things and looking their best for 20 years instead of "making do" with boring and poor quality clothes.
      In fact they could have worn out the nice things from over use and got new lovely things!!
      I will never understand that way of thinking...and goodness knows I try to change their minds.
      I always think about the fact that life can be changed dramatically (or taken from us) in the space of a day, so I just go for it.
      If you want that jumpsuit (and I am so glad you are going for it too, Jodie) then buy it, wear it and enjoy it....lumps or no lumps! :oD
      Thank you for your great comment!

  2. Your down-to-earth attitude and wisdom is one of the main reasons I follow your blog (aside from your wonderfully original way with style and colour). It really resonates with the 40+ demograph! This outfit looks fabulous on you, the cropped cardigan caps it off perfectly.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Rozanne.
      I did smile when I read the word "wisdom"...I certainly don't feel very wise! I tend to just go for it, and hope for the best.
      I am so glad you liked this outfit. My husband does not like jumpsuits at all, they puzzle him.
      I think they remind him of his mum in the 70's, but that is why I like them so much.
      It's like dressing up, but getting away with it in real life.
      Loads of fun!

  3. Oh my you look AMAZING in that jumpsuit, and I love the clogs with it.

    I struggle with jumpsuits as I am long waisted with short legs, they tend to cut me in half, and then the legs are massively long and I have to wear them with crazy high heels! In fact I have the same problem with most trousers, so I don't wear them often.

    1. Thank you Gemma. You are very kind to say so. I can see how you would be cut in half then left with too much length at the hem. That is rubbish! I wonder if there is a design out there for you? On the plus side I bet you look amazing in a fit and flare dress and full skirts! XXX

  4. Love this post Samantha. Even though jumpsuits are not for me... legs too long, bum too flat, and waist too short.... they look great on you. Oh... and I also love that your clogs perfectly match your hair.

    1. they do Susan! I had honestly not noticed...I must be drawn to these scotch coloured shoes :oP Thank you for your comment! XXX

  5. Jumpsuits are a recent addition to my wardrobe, thanks to Ann, and I'm still on the fence where they're concerned. I've yet to find one which doesn't proffer a camel toe yet flatters elsewhere so the hunt continues. I do like yours although in all honesty, it's unlikely I'd ever attempt anything like this due to aforementioned camel toe issue GRIN how DO you manage to pull off these things so beautifully??? I ought to hate you just out of principle, but I don't, I adore you :)

    1. Thank you so much Sheela! The 'camel toe' is a horrible phenomenon. {I call it hoofage}. I can understand how and why it happens but there must be a design out there to suit you. What about cropped or culotte-length jumpsuits? Keep trying! XXX

  6. You have a beautiful figure and it's hard to believe that you're the mother of three. The leopard print and the clog color are perfect with you hair. Once again you're looking really comfy and very stylish all at once.
    At 64, Yoga and a variety of aerobic exercises have been key to maintaining my health and some desirable curves but time and gravity still claim a toll. It's wonderful to have some smoke and mirrors to pull out and you've added some new tricks to my collection. I think an obi belt is another good way to create the narrower waist illusion.
    It might diminish a bit of the butt bag as well (?)

    1. Oh yes Judy! Obi belts look great. And yoga works wonders....I must find the time to go to a class. I used to go when I was in my 30's, but I have let things slip (literally and metaphorically) you are inspiring me to try harder! XXX

  7. You have a beautiful figure and it's hard to believe that you're the mother of three. The leopard print and the clog color are perfect with you hair. Once again you're looking really comfy and very stylish all at once.
    At 64, Yoga and a variety of aerobic exercises have been key to maintaining my health and some desirable curves but time and gravity still claim a toll. It's wonderful to have some smoke and mirrors to pull out and you've added some new tricks to my collection. I think an obi belt is another good way to create the narrower waist illusion.
    It might diminish a bit of the butt bag as well (?)

  8. I really love jumpsuit and this is amazing!
    This print has a wonderful colour and I like with your skin!

    DadieB. ~

    1. Thank you Dadie (what a pretty name, BTW). I am so glad you like it! XXX

  9. I'm not a fan of jumpsuits, but this looks terrific on you - the shape, the colour and the print all really suit you. It will make me think again! I love the new look of your blog. Kx

    1. Thank you! I am glad you like it and I hope you find one that suits. They are so comfortable and easy to wear (once you find one that fits). XXX

  10. This looks great!

    I also have a leopard jumpsuit! Ha ha! Not many other people can say that. Mine is retro from the 80's that I bought at a vintage show. I own 3 or 4 others as well. Jumpsuits look good on me generally. They add visual height and don't show the Buddha belly. If they are a print like this one you're wearing it can camouflage anything.

    As far as body changes go as I am about to turn 50 in a few weeks it seems like they are ramping up speed. Some serious diet changes and more exercise will be required unless I want to revamp my entire wardrobe.


    1. I knew I could rely on you to have one Suzanne....and vintage too! I am envious (you would make the perfect shopping buddy).
      You are right about this print!
      I had a bit of a VPL in this (I could feel it) but the fabric completely obliterated to look of it!
      I love that.
      It means it is disguising other unfortunate runkles and bumfles. (good Scottish words for wrinkles, creases, lumps and bumps) XXX

  11. While you look darling in this, I never felt compelled to try a jumpsuit just for the potty factor (meaning, the difficulty in doing getting out of a one-piece bathing suit in the beach restroom). Life's hard enough :-)

    1. Thank you Bettye. I understand completely! This jumpsuit takes a moment (or two) to unbutton and leaving a trip to the ladies until the last minute is not advisable! Hahaha. XXX

  12. Wow, I love this look. And, got to tell you I was considering a return to my pixie a few months back, and some of your posts reminded me what I loved about this haircut. So I did the big chop two months ago and am loving it!

    1. That is great to hear! I was considering a grow out (again) but it is just too easy to be short, isn't it? No need to do anything with it most mornings...just run my fingers through. I am glad you are enjoying your new crop. :oD XXX

  13. This jumpsuit looks fab on you! I agree that adding visual interest around the waist really does give the illusion of a slimmer waist.


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up.

  14. The jumpsuit isn't easy to style or wear, but you've done a great job here Samantha. I love all the waist enhancing tips, but do smile at the thought of you needing help in this area (you have a tiny, teeny wee waist!) but good advice anyway. Yet another fab pair of shoes with that cute little bag - your closet just seems to go on and on...
    Anna x

    1. Hahaha..not really Anna! I can look at little like a sausage on sticks at times. With zero definition where I want it. Believe it or not I only have one wardrobe of clothes...just a normal sized one too!! As for shoes....hmmmmm....that is another story! :oP XXXX

  15. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

  16. Isn't it so true? Our bodies just ... change. I'm going through menopause and I definitely can see a difference. Not to mention: brain fog, hot flashes, and irritability. Anyway, look at us rocking middle age! Thank God for the inspirational women I've met online!

    Thanks so much for being a part of our Fun Fashion Friday party!

    Dawn Lucy

    1. Thank you Dawn. Although I have suffered from brain fog and irritability for most of my adult life! :oD XXX

  17. I love this post, I love your outfit, I love your tips! You are wonderful. I so agree in dressing for now, we have to look forward not back and a good bra is everything. When I'm done breastfeeding, I will spend good money on bras (beats surgery).

    I would love for you to come and check out my new style linky for fashion & beauty loving mums like yourself #MumsThatSlay

    Yvadney x

    1. Thank you very much Yvadney. Your comment took me back to my breastfeeding days (well, years). Don't be alarmed at the state of your boobs after you finish feeding your babies..they do spring back to shape, eventually. As you rightly said, a good bra is a wonderful thing! XXX

  18. mwhaha, love that 'flaunt what you have left' motto!!, and also love your magnificent advice!, I've realized that some of your tricks are included in my 'flattering tips' too, and you're right about wearing a good bra (it makes your body shape look absolutely different!)
    You look gorgeous in your jumpsuit, cool and modern, with a 70's vibe, and love particularly your cute little bag!

    1. That quote came from Cybil Shepherd, she is one strong woman. It is one of my favourites. I have been trying to pursued a friend to buy a decent bra for....well forever. I even bought her one once! She suddenly gets a "figure" when she does wear a good one (not often enough though). Surely some bras for larger bust must be comfortable? They can't all be agony, can they? Being a small busted women, it is not a problem I have. XXX

  19. You are so beautiful! And this jumpsuit looks fabulous on you. I have trouble with jumpsuits because I am very high waisted with very little waist definition as well (the title of this post really got my attention). Every jumpsuit I have tried on to date gives me a total crotch wedgie! Needless to say, crotch wedgie is not at all flattering! I also have the world's smallest bladder (confirmed by ultrasound! haha), so getting out of the jumpsuit a million times a day would probably annoy me, so perhaps it's best they don't look good on me!

    But I have found some adorable peplum tops at Old Navy that really work for me for waist definition (most peplums have made me look 8 months pregnant!). So I keep trying to create a waist and when I find something that works, I stick with it! I guess I need to write a post on this topic as well. Thanks for always inspiring!


    1. Ouch Shelbee!...I feel your pain. Lots of clothes in my size seem to assume I am going to be petite and have no length to them. Hoofage is NEVER attractive, yuck! Maybe that is why this jumpsuit was in the sale for a fraction of its original price? As for the bladder situation...this one would be killer! It has a row of buttons, then a row of concealed buttons. It takes forever to undo!
      You should definitely post on this topic! It is interesting coming from a long-waisted person. Peplums make me look pregnant too!!! Hahahaha....I am glad I am not alone. I must check out Old Navy to see if I can find one that doesn't.
      Thank you for your comment, kind words and great ideas.

  20. I really like this jumpsuit on you, love the print! Goes so well with your coloring! The bag is sweet and those clogs, love the burnt rust color. I love to order my clothes online, but probably would have to try on a jumpsuit as my height have some looking too short! Great tips and I am a fan of wrap tops and also peplum! You look beautiful and your website ( new) is fabulous!!

    Thanks for linking up with Turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

    1. Thank you Jess! I am glad you approve of my new look :oD. I must give these peplum tops a go now that I am hearing such good things about them. XXX


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