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Friday, 29 April 2016

What happened to the colour? | Black maxi and Denim

Fake Fabulous | Black ME&EM maxi dress, Boden denim jacket, leopard bag

I am beginning to wonder what is going on with my style choices these days!
Recently, my outfits seem to be much less colourful, and much more muted.
Is it because the world seems to have woken up, and nature is providing me with all of the colour I need?
Or, is this style-shift a response to my current mood?
A phase.

Fake Fabulous | Black ME&EM maxi dress, Boden denim jacket, leopard bag

Today I found myself reaching for a long neglected item in my wardrobe.
This plain, long sleeved, black maxi dress.
Some might say... a staple.

Others might think...
Ooops, I nodded off for a moment.

Fake Fabulous | Black ME&EM maxi dress, Boden denim jacket, leopard bag

Then, I surprised myself even more!
I did not reach for my trusted 'outfit lifters', like bright shoes, colourful tights or a bold and vibrant necklace.
None of these things left my wardrobe.

I chose only: a simple denim jacket, muted scarf and plain jewellery.
The only pop of fun came from my leopard-face bag.
No crazy colours, no short hemlines, no bold lip colours.
Just a simple look.

Dress: ME&EM (this seasons)
Jacket: Boden (old...this one is nice, from the teen section but the sizes are generous and it is cheaper than the adult version, with cuter details too!)
Shoes: New Look (old) These are very cool!
Bag: Won at a fair. This one is loads of fun and on sale.
Bangles and earrings: Old.
Scarf: A gift (this one is stunning!)
Nails: Mavala

Fake Fabulous | Black ME&EM maxi dress, Boden denim jacket, leopard bag

I could try and explain this style-shift, by blaming the current cold snap we are experiencing here, in Scotland?
{We had hailstones, and snow, yesterday}

But, I suspect it is just a mood.
A black maxi mood.

Covering everything.
Concealing secret layers (Did I mention the snow?!)
Like venturing out in a cosy blanket.

Who knows where our style-moods will take us, if we let them!

Do you dress according to your mood?
What about plain maxi dresses, are they versatile and classic? Or, a little boring?
Please let me know your thoughts in the comments...or tweet me @samantha4blair

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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

6 easy ways to fake a waist.

Fake Fabulous | 6 ways to fake a waist | Leopard print jumpsuit and clogs, over 40.

Lets talk about faking that waist!

As we get older, there is no denying the fact that our bodies change.
No amount of healthy eating, cosmetic procedures, positive thinking and gruelling exercise can change the fact that we are ageing.

Of course, looking after yourself is a good thing, and it can help make you look (and feel) better.
However, change is inevitable.
I am a firm believer in living (and dressing) for today.
Have fun, and flaunt what you have left
Fake Fabulous | 6 ways to fake a waist | Leopard print jumpsuit and clogs, over 40.

As we age, our natural body shape determines where we lay down those extra reserves of fat.

Unfortunately (in a cruel and ironic twist) we are unlikely to 'fill out' where we want to.
We tend to lay down more podge on the places we don't need it.

For me, it is the loss of my not-very-defined-in-the-first-place waist.
As a short waisted woman, I tend to get mini love handles and a squishy muffin top.
I can also suffer from the filling out of my 'baby belly'.
My youngest once said to me..
"Your belly is funny Mummy!" She giggled "It's so soft and crinkly."
She is right.
A small reminder of three big babies who were once growing inside it.

We all have different signs of living etched onto our bodies, don't we?
Whether they are scars, from accidents or surgery.
Stretch marks from pregnancy, teenage growth spurts or weight gain (and loss).
Or, just general wear and tear from daily life (hello, age spots and eye bags!)
We all carry our imperfections.

Luckily modern clothes (and makeup) allow up to disguise these imperfections.
Clothes and makeup are our friends!

Fake Fabulous | 6 ways to fake a waist | Leopard print jumpsuit and clogs, over 40.

6 Easy ways I fake a waist.

  1. Belt it. Whether it is your top, dress, jacket or coat. Get a belt on it!
  2. Wear it open. Wear an open cardigan, jacket or coat to trick the eye into believing you have a narrower waist.
  3. High waists. High waisted trousers (or skirts) paired with a cropped top works wonders. 
  4. Tuck and pouf. Tucking in your top and blousing it over slightly also gives the illusion of a defined midsection.
  5. Wear a good bra. This is especially important if you larger bust. Get those girls 'up and out' and your waist will look inches smaller.
  6. Distract! If your waist really has given up the ghost althogether, don't despair, distract the eye with layers, jewellery or another body your legs!

5 other ways to fake a waist (That I haven't tried yet)

  1. Overlay dresses.
  2. Peplum tops.
  3. Side panel dresses (The ones with the black sides).
  4. Wrap dresses.
  5. Full skirts with a fitted waistband.
Fake Fabulous | 6 ways to fake a waist | Leopard print jumpsuit and clogs, over 40.

Today I wanted to wear this leopard print jumpsuit.
It caught my eye immediately, in amongst a jumble of "final reduction" items.
I love the retro feel.
However, it is potentially quite a difficult item to style...
  • There is the danger of looking a little too much like Peg Bundy or Bet Lynch! Retro is cool, trashy is not.
  • The fabric is very light and without much structure (although, it doesn't have any stretch so it won't go baggy at the bum and knees...which is good!)
Unfortunately, this jumpsuit makes me look a little bit like an ironing board.
Probably because it is not tailored, or lined.

{See this post where my knitted dress had the same affect}

The way to remedy this 'ironing board' problem was to add a slightly cropped (and boxy) open cardigan that skimmed, and gave the illusion of some definition at my waist.
I decided to continue on the 70's vibe, and pair this jumpsuit with 70's-style shades, a mini bag (with wicker detail) and some (very) retro clogs.

A delicate necklace, and some plain hoops, finished things off nicely!

Fake Fabulous | 6 ways to fake a waist | Leopard print jumpsuit and clogs, over 40.

Beware of the baggy bum!

Some jumpsuits can make you look like you are wearing a nappy, or have a droopy bum (just like an elephants) even if your rear is still in decent shape.
To avoid this symptom, take care with the fit of your jumpsuit and avoid cheap fabrics.
To test the fabric: Do some knee bends, squats and a few rounds of sit-down/stand-up in the changing room cubicle, or at home (much less embarrassing).
Then have a good look at your reflection again.
If there is any sign of sagging and bagging, move on.
If you really love the jumpsuit, and have to have it, but it is still a bit droopy. Hitch up the waist with a belt, or wear a longer cardigan/waistcoat (vest) to cover any droopage.

Fake Fabulous | 6 ways to fake a waist | Leopard print jumpsuit and clogs, over 40.

Over to you...
What do you think of jumpsuits?
Are jumpsuits difficult to find in a decent fabric and fit?

How do you hide the signs of ageing and your changing body?

Please share your thoughts (and any tips you have) in the comments.
I love to read them!
Or tweet me @samantha4blair

Jumpsuit: Autograph at M&S (this one is gorgeous!)
Clogs: Gap (these are lovely...and a great price.)
Bag: Savoy (I like this one)
Cardigan: Zara (similar)
Necklace: A gift (this one is beautiful and unusual)

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Monday, 25 April 2016

The Fab 40's | 8 ways to wear pleats in your 40's

Fake Fabulous |Pleated asymmetric white top, skinny blue jeans and red french sole ballerinas

Welcome to the fab40's.

I am honoured to be included in a group of international bloggers, called The fab 40's.
The purpose of the group is to show how different women interpret a specific style.
{There is a different 'theme' every month}
Proving that being 40+ does not mean you have to be dowdy, frumpy, boring or forgettable.

Fake Fabulous |Pleated asymmetric white top, skinny blue jeans and red french sole ballerinas


This month the style we were given (by the beautiful Diane) was pleats.
This time, I was delighted. {Last month, I had a wobble}
As soon as I heard the theme I thought,
"I have just the thing!"
But, pleats can be tricky to wear.
They can hang, unflatteringly, over lumps and bumps. Highlighting them.
Especially with skirts and dresses.
Short-waisters (like me) can look stumpy, lumpy, bumpy and generally frumpy in a pleated skirt!

Fake Fabulous |Pleated asymmetric white top, skinny blue jeans and red french sole ballerinas

Today's pleated look came together easily.
I had the perfect pleated top!
This pleated top/dress has been featured on the blog previously, with an 80's feel.
It is so much fun to wear.
With it's giant sleeve and general silliness.

Fake Fabulous |Pleated asymmetric white top, skinny blue jeans and red french sole ballerinas

I originally had my satin pyjama trousers, and funky heels, looked out to wear with it.
In the end though, foot comfort won, and these red ballerinas came out to play.
Ballerinas worn with loose trousers looks a mess, so I am back in my faithful skinny jeans.
I know the fashion magazines say skinny jeans are over for 2016, but I am not letting mine go.
I decided to tuck this dress in to my jeans, but leave the pleated top layer loose at the back, like a cape.

Fake Fabulous |Red french sole ballerinas

I'm not usually a matching-things person but, today I couldn't resist matching my shoes to a patent leather belt, bangle and lipstick.
{My lipstick is a gift from the lovely Ann @krembdelakrembe}
It felt good to do something slightly different.

Fake Fabulous |Pleated asymmetric white top, skinny blue jeans and red french sole ballerinas

Over to you...
Do you love pleats?
Or, do you think they are unflattering and add bulk?

Please let me know how you style your pleats, in the comments...or tweet me @samantha4blair

Top: Topshop (this one is beautiful quality, and much easier to wear!)
Jeans: Falmer (these are perfect!)
Shoes: French sole (these liberty print ones are gorgeous)
Belt: Topshop (old) (this one is nice)
Bangles: Blue-Charity shop, Red-From my mum, Silver-from a friend.

Let me introduce...

Now it is time to introduce my fellow bloggers, and their fabulous pleated outfits.

Dawn (from California) looks amazing in her pleather pleated skirt.
Part lady, part steam punk goddess.
{Check out those tattoo tights}
I love it!

Skirt - Shein
Top - Shein
Shoes - Nine West
Bag - Vintage
Tights - Stop and Stare

Sheela from Sheela writes.

Sheela is a pretty as a spring flower in her pleats. 
Showing us her delicate and feminine side, in swaths of floating pink pleats...until you get to those shoes.
This flower has thorns!
She is one fierce and fabulous lady.

Jacket - Charter Club
Dress - Lush
Leggings - Zara
Boots - Bakers
Bag - LeiC
Rings & Cuffs - Gifted

Yvonne from Funky Forty.

Yvonne is our guest blogger this month, from Zurich (originally New Zealand)
Her blog is full of fun and a great attitude to life.
{You can probably guess this from her photograph!}
She also believes that chocolate can cure most ails, and that gets my vote any day.
Yvonne chose a casual look, which proves pleats don't have to be dressed up.
She has dressed them down with effortless ease.
Easy to wear and great for anyone who wants to try pleats but is a little wary.

Jacket - H&M
Glasses - Cerjo
Jumper - Zara
Skirt - Storm
Boots - Vintage, somewhere in Beaune

Ann from Krembe de la Krembe

Ann is as cute as a button in this casual look.
I love the thrown together feel of this outfit, and the mixing of prints.
{Although, I think Ann classes leopard as a neutral!}
I am crushing on those Star Wars shoes.

Evil Eye Earrings and Leopard Backpack-Hong Kong Market
Top-Forever 21
Denim Vest-TopShop
Skirt- Lianjiang Village, China
Slip-ons-Vans Star Wars Limited Edition

Jennie from A pocketful of polka dots.

Jennie is every inch the lady here.
She often has a masculine touch thrown into her look, and the way she has styled this shirt has an androgynous vibe about. Which I love.
Her leg lengthening heels make a great work-appropriate way to wear pleats.

Shirt - NY&Co.
Skirt - Simply Vera Vera Wang
Shoes - Madden Girl
Necklace & Ring - Local Boutique
Bracelet - Gift
Sunnies - Charming Charlie

Diane from Fashion on the fourth floor.

Diane usually adds a tomboy twist to her looks.
And, this is no exception!
Her blouse maybe super-girly but she tones it all down with her casual coated jeans and a pair of tan heels.
Making this an outfit we could all wear!

Tunic: Metropark
Jeans: Habitual from NYC Scoop
Sandals:  Coclico
Watch:  Quartz 

Mary from Curlybyrdie Chirps

Mary's take on the pleated theme is classy, elegant and feminine.
I was not at all surprised, she oozes femininity.
I love the boldness of the dress with her fabulous hair!

Dress -Eliza J 
Shoes -Jcpenny
Bag - Jcpenney

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Fab 40's in Florals.

Inspired? Join in the pleated fun, and get my look...


Sunday, 24 April 2016

The Best £50 I have spent (for a good while)

Image from PIPDIG.CO

I am super excited to share my new blog design with you.

I decided to go for it a couple of days ago, and I have been working away at the little tweaks needed to get it the way I wanted.

I needed something slick and cool without looking too frilly and girly.

The Equinox template at Pipdig caught my eye immediately!

{Please Note: I am not getting paid to review this service and I did not get a discount because of this post. I just wanted to share with you my great experience.}

The template was installed for free and was so easy to customise.
They do (almost) everything for you, and the customer service is fantastic.
I am delighted with how everything turned out.

{I was also really pleased to find out that Pipdig are based in Newcastle, a stone's throw from the town where I was born. This is a very good omen!}

Now that my blog is back in full working order I promise to be back to "normal" blogging ASAP!

Are you are thinking of changing your blog layout/design?
Or, are you planning on starting a blog? 

Please let me know what you think in the comments.
Or, tweet me your thoughts @samantha4blair


Friday, 22 April 2016

Wearing One Colour | Long Earrings and a Mini Bag.

Fake Fabulous | Grey embroidered tunic, long earrings and a white mini bag.

Head to toe in grey?

Sounds boring, frumpy and a bit yawn inducing, right?
Grey (and Beige) are colours that many people associate with getting "old'.
Colours we resort to when have given up on style.
Or, we are giving up on life in general!

But, grey does not have to be dull.
like grey, and I am definitely not giving up on life just yet!


Fake Fabulous | Grey embroidered tunic, long earrings and a white mini bag.

This multi tonal, grey outfit started with these shoes.

I LOVE these shoes.

I know I say that a lot (about a lot of different shoes) but these really are just fab!
High enough.
Distinctive enough.
Interesting enough.
And, superbly comfortable.
A joy to wear!

I found them on Ebay, for less than the price of a lunch.
However, to be honest, I would have happily paid full price for them.
My bargain just makes them just a little sweeter on the feet!

Fake Fabulous | Allsaints Grey buckle sandals

Fake Fabulous | Allsaints Grey buckle sandals

My grey skinnies came out (again).

{See them here with a similar dress-over-trousers look}

I paired them with a voluminous tunic.
This embroidered top was an impulse buy.
Luckily, it was only a couple of pounds from a charity shop.
I was drawn to the quality of the fabric, but I immediately thought,
"That style is not really me."
However, as I keep saying, it is important to try new things in order to stop ourselves getting stuck in a rut.
So I bought it, and surprised myself with how much I like it!

The day was not exactly warm, so I popped this grey kimono-style cardigan over the top, adding more volume and texture.

My mini white bag and a pair of long earrings finished things off perfectly.
Fake Fabulous | Grey embroidered tunic, long earrings and a white mini bag.

Mini bags look so adorable but, let's face it, they are pretty useless.
This one can only take my (small) coin purse, a tissue and a lip balm.
My phone is a bit of a squeeze.
I needed a larger bag, too, for all of my work essentials (like snacks!).

Fake Fabulous | Grey embroidered tunic and a white mini bag.

5 easy ways to wear the same colour head to toe:

  1. If in doubt, pick a neutral. Great "easy" colours are taupe, beige, blush, cream, ivory, white and grey!
  2. Mix your tints and shades. Lighter and darker versions of your chosen colour will work well together. Mixing tones works beautifully too.
  3. Play with texture. Mix your fabrics. Try mixing wool, silk and leather. Or Suede, denim and chiffon.
  4. Get your layers on. Layering pieces will give the look purpose, and make more of a statement.
  5. Go Pop! Break the look up (subtly or not) with a touch of another colour. I used white/cream here.

Have fun!

{See this all-red outfit and this one mixed with pinks}

Fake Fabulous | Grey embroidered tunic, long earrings and a white mini bag.

Shoes: All Saints
Jeans: Forever21 (these are cool)
Smock top: Darling (this one is nice)
Cardigan: Pullover (this one is similar)
Bag: Savoy (this one is gorgeous!)
Earrings: (very) Old

How do you feel about Beige and Grey?

What about Mini-bags?
Fun or useless?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.
Or tweet me @samantha4blair



Wednesday, 20 April 2016

One Black and White Shirt Dress, 3 ways | #PPP2

Fake Fabulous | Black and White Shirt Dress 3 ways | #PPP2

This post is the second in a series called the Ping Pong Posts.

This time Anna, Ann and I are styling a shirt dress.
Easy peasy.


Well... I have to admit that I struggled with this shirt dress.
I am not very good at dressing "to order", anyway. Add in the fact that this dress is not mine, made it even harder.
I was beginning to worry that I would let the girls down.

The shirt dress is very oversized, and I toyed with adding a belt in an attempt to make it more fitted.
Unfortunately, the addition of a belt made me look like a little girl dressed up in her mum's clothes.
Especially if I was wearing heels.
Oh dear!
Was this dress going to beat me?

Fake Fabulous | Black and White Shirt Dress 3 ways | #PPP2

I decided to stop trying too hard and just relax.
A casual look was the answer.

The dress is oversized, and too much all-over volume can make me look really scrawny, so I decided to get the "Samantha Bag" out to do some work for me.
It's chain strap lay across my body, adding a little shape.

Luckily the dress has brilliant pockets (I LOVE a well placed pocket) making it easy to control in gusts of wind and adding to the casual feel.

I left the neckline open, and rolled up the sleeves, to make it less overwhelming.
Adding one of my favourite necklaces gave more structure to the look.

Fake Fabulous | Tatty Devine Fishbone.

Shoes were a potentially a problem too.
I discovered that heels were a no-no (too dress up).
Brogues looked odd.
Sandals weren't working either.
In the end I reached for my old faithful gutties.
Simple, comfortable and effortless.
Exactly the look I was going for.

Plain silver hoops finished things off nicely.

Fake Fabulous | Black and White Shirt Dress 3 ways | #PPP2

After my initial panic I actually really enjoyed the look (and feel) of this dress.
What was I worrying about?
It would be a perfect casual look, on a warm day....come on Scottish sun!

Dress: Ichi (this one is pretty)
Shoes: Guess (these are nice)
Bag: c/o Yosa
Glasses: Primark (these are cool)
Cuff and Earrings: old
Necklace: Tatty Devine

Anna, from Anna's Island Style

She is the mastermind behind this ping-ponging and the owner of the shirt dress.
I love the way she styled it, as an over-shirt.

{Why didn't I think of that!?}

Mixing patterns within a simple palette is so effective.
I love the way this outfit keeps your eye moving.

Check out Anna's blog to see how she works wonders with her charity shop finds.
She has such an eye for a bargain!

Dress: Ichi
Trousers: H&M
Top: Primark
Belt: H&M
Shoes: SixtySeven
Bangle and rings: Charity shop
Sunglasses: Quay Australia

Ann, from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann's backgrounds always make me smile.
I love the shot of her looking at the paintings.

{She took these herself, with a tripod and remote}

Her look is totally different, again.
I had a sneaking suspicion she might add some red to the mix.
Black, white and red are perfect together.
Her red trench is making me feel that trench coats don't need to be boring at all!

Check out Ann's blog for more boldness and great DIY projects (she customised this little bag).

Follow her on instagram.

Sequin beret: H&M
Double Back Red Earrings: Chinese Market
Red Trench: Shanghai Tailor
Dress: Anna's
Clutch: DIY with Découpage
Socks: Forever 21
Booties: Zara

How would you have styled this shirt dress?
Please let me know in the comments....or tweet me @samantha4blair


Monday, 18 April 2016

What can we do about Ageing? | Beauty Over 40.

Getting older is great fun, right?

Ask any woman, over 35, and she will tell you that being older has a lot going for it.
  • With age comes a wealth of experience.
  • Experiencing life means the development of wisdom.
{Although, to be honest, I am still waiting for my wisdom to develop. When I am 50, maybe?}
  • Getting older means we get to know ourselves well. We know what suits us. We know what our strengths and weaknesses are. We know our limitations.
  • Age brings confidence, and a positive attitude to life.

Of course, all of this this is great.
However, when you are confronted with your 'morning face' and a magnifying mirror?
The truth is scary.

Faced with the reality of ageing, you might happily trade in all of that wisdom for smooth, flawless, skin.

    Ageing has it's challenges.

    Unfortunately, as we age, mother nature has some cruel challenges for us to overcome:
    • The hair on our heads will probably get thinner, duller and harder to manage.
    • Our eyes start to fail, so these unwanted hairs go undetected. Unfortunately, the only people who can't see this offending fuzz is us!
    • We might get age spots. On our hands and (like me) on the sides of our faces too. Lovely!
    • Skin tags (and strange lumps) can sprout out of nowhere.
    • Eventually, our gums receded and our teeth start to resemble a grave yard.
    • Everything slides South... Bottoms, the flesh on top of our knees, skin (everywhere) the dreaded bingo wings appear, our boobs can resemble either puppy-dogs ears or water-filled balloons (depending on their size).
    • Not to mention all of those aches and pains that creep up on us.

    Depressing stuff, eh?

    But don't panic!
    If you have enough money (and time) there are many fabulous procedures that can 'fix' your face, and all your wobbly bits too.

    In the blink of an eye.
    (Almost) Pain free.
    Some can even be done on your lunch hour!

    Well....not really.

    With every cosmetic procedure comes risks and potential failure.
    Some can cause serious health problems.
    Of course, there are some (seemingly) amazing results out there.
    But, bare in mind that facelifts can look really odd in real life and (ironically) look better on younger women, in their 40's as opposed to women in their 60's.
    Filers can go horribly wrong.
    Even something as common as botox has it's risks.
    Also, these procedures need maintenance.

    So, what can we do to look younger?

    Answer...(and you won't want to hear it)....NOTHING!
    Hang on a minute!
    Aren't there hundreds of lotions, serums, gels, sprays and dyes out there, to turn back time?

    Can't we get "things done" that will bring back our youthful looks?

    Well, the big cosmetics companies (and pharmaceutical brands) will tell you, YES! 
    You need to spend a small fortune on:
    • Specialist cleansing systems.
    • DNA-infused face creams (or ones with snail slime in them).
    • Buffing machines.
    • Gadgets that electrocute your face.
    • Expensive masks, serums and eye creams.
    • Youth-giving foundations.

    {The list goes on and we need to remortgage the house to pay for it all}

    And, goodness knows we (as women) buy into it!
    I don't mind admitting that I am a sucker for a deliciously scented lotion in beautiful packaging.

    {I am going to play the Scientist card here, sorry}
    Contrary to what the big brands would have us believe, most of the creams on the market contain the same basic ingredients, whether they cost £1 or £100.

    Yes, of course, there are added extras in some, but the basics are the same.

    I am not saying don't buy the pricey creams.
    If you love them, do it!
    If it means you spend a moment pampering yourself by applying these lovely lotions, then go ahead and enjoy it.

    {Massaging the face is very beneficial}

    However, if you are on a tight budget and think that you need these creams, you don't!
    Buy that basic cream (like Nivea) and spend time massaging it it in, just like an expensive one.
    You will notice a difference in your skin.

    Beauty secrets (that are not so secret).

    • Smile and try to be positive. This is the most important secret of all!
    Has anyone has ever read Roald Dahl's book "The Twits"? His description of Mrs Twit is a beauty lesson that all women should listen to:
      "If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has ugly thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until it gets so ugly you can hardly bear to look at it.
      A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."

      Wise words indeed!!

    • Drink plenty of Water. I am guilty of not drinking enough. BUT, I do drink gallons of tea and I hope that counts!
    • Don't eat too much sugar (including fruit sugars). Sugar really does age you. If I have a heavy night of eating cake or crisps I wake up with a puffy and bloated "Carbohydrate face".
    • Eat well. Don't eat (too much) processed muck. I am not going to pretend that I don't eat junk food.  I do, just not all of the time.
    • Sleep....{if only}...but WOW what a difference a decent sleep makes. Sleep is the most powerful beauty tool. Forget spa treatments and £200 creams. A night of unbroken sleep is the BEST.
    • Clean your face. Not necessarily with pricey lotions, just do it WELL with something that does not irritate you. A double cleanse works wonders too.
    • Exercise. I am not saying go crazy at the gym, just talking a brisk walk boosts circulation and brings more blood to your face. Great for oxygenation of your facial tissue and removing toxins. You also get to clear your head AND it stops your bum sliding down the back of your thighs! Win-win really.
    • Don't smoke. You have heard it a thousand times, and it is true. Nobody wants a mouth like a cats bum.
    • Don't drink too much booze. A glass is good , a bottle is not. Drinking REALLY shows up on the face, I know, I have seen it first hand. Think of the "drunks" portrayed in faces, broken veins, purple noses, bloated, puffy big beer belly (yes women get beer bellies too) enjoy your tipple but don't go OTT.
    • Protect your face. Shield your skin from harsh weather. Wear sunglasses and a hat in summer, wear a scarf in winter. Easy.
    • Makeup is your friend! Especially when it comes to brows and eye makeup. I know how pale and "old" I look when my makeup is not up to scratch (You can see this in some of my photographs). There are so many tutorials online, but my favourite is Lisa Eldridge. Look her warned, watching her videos is addictive!

    If ageing is getting you down, remember that real beauty is ageless.
    It may be a cliche, but it is true. A fun personality, and sense of humour counts so much much more.

    If all else fails...
    Here is a picture of a cute puppy.
    Not a very good beauty product, but a puppy never fails to make me smile.
    And, everyone looks better with a smile on their face!

    Do you have any unusual beauty tips?
    What is your routine?
    Are you guilty of any beauty sins?

    Please share in the comments I love hearing from you!
    Or tweet me @samantha4blair.
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