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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

What to Wear when you Feel Rough!

Fake Fabulous | Feeling Rubbish? Red silk skirt, trainers & a T-shirt.

Feeling rotten today?

Don't worry, you are not alone.
We all have days like that.

You know how it goes.
Life is throwing some major challenges your way...
  • Suffering (or recovering) from an illness.
  • Undergoing treatment for a condition, or ailment.
  • Enduring hormonal changes/fluctuations.
  • Experiencing stressful family issues.
  • Serious work pressures and struggles.
  • Worrying, sleeping badly and waking up exhausted.

Some people are lucky, and get very few days like these.
For others, feeling rotten is a regular occurrence.
But, life (as they say) goes on.

Whether it is an important job that can't wait, kids that need fed, a dog that needs walked (whatever your life involves) hiding is not an option.

On days like these it is (very) tempting to reach for the jogging bottoms and a comfy sweatshirt BUT feeling like crap does not mean you have to look like crap too.

In fact looking grotty, and giving up, can make matters worse.

I know many people will argue that fashion/style/makeup/shoes are superficial (and shallow) BUT, when the proverbial hits the fan, looking your best (or at least half decent) can really help.

Think of it as armour against adversity.

As a friend recently said:
"They don't call makeup War Paint for nothing you know!"
The same is true for your fashion choices.

Fake Fabulous | Feeling Rubbish? Red silk skirt, trainers & a T-shirt.

Today is one of those days, for me.
I feel like I had a fight with a hippo, and it then spent the night sleeping on my face.
Not a pretty sight!
"Bleugh" does not even cover it...

My "Get up and give yourself a shake!" outfit, started with comfortable undies.
Days like these are not the time to be be trussed up in anything restrictive, or things that dig in.
Shapewear? No way!

I popped on a pair of beautiful sheer tights too, you can hardly see them on the leg!
I would highly recommend a good quality pair of tights if you live anywhere cool.
Especially if you are little veiny/pale/unevenly coloured on the legs.
These feel great and give me the confidence to go 'bare'.

Colour was a must today too, and nothing lifts my spirits like a splash of red.
It is my favourite colour.

I decided to wear this vintage silk skirt, again.
(See it styled with blue, here)
This skirt is very 80's, and lots of fun!
It is also the perfect length to wear with trainers, for a little tongue-in-cheekiness!
Not to mention comfort.
When I feel rubbish I need comfortable feet!

Fake Fabulous | Feeling Rubbish? Red silk skirt, trainers & a T-shirt.

As comfort and simplicity were the order of the day, this (super soft) T-shirt and a slouchy pink belt were all I needed.
A plain watch, tiny pink studs and my favourite bag finished things off perfectly.

I just need a strong coffee and I am good to go!

Fake Fabulous | Feeling Rubbish? Red silk skirt, trainers & a T-shirt.

How to "Fake it" when you feel rubbish:

  • Wear your favourite colour, or colours!
  • Choose your most comfortable undies.
  • Pick clothes in quality fabrics that fit well and make you feel good.
  • Choose a bag (or shoes) that you love.
  • Choose comfortable items, but avoid those sloppy joggers or wearing leggings as trousers.
  • Do your hair and wear a little makeup. Don't pile it on though, you will look worse (especially over 40).
  • Try and Smile, even if it is a little fake at first. Smiling through adversity really does make you feel better!

Please let me know what you think...
What do you do when you feel Rotten?

Do you have any tips for making yourself feel (or at least, look) better?

Share your thought in the comments...or tweet me @samantha4blair

Skirt: Vintage (this one is stunning)
T-shirt: Scotch R'Belle...It's a kids brand, but the one I am wearing is an age 14 and has plenty of room. (This one is cute!)
Belt: Boden (this one is pretty)
Trainers: Nike (similar)
Watch: Ice
Bag: Bogner...this one is cool too!

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  1. Some great tips here! So sorry to hear you're having an off day.

    I love the idea of wearing nylons but I would be scared to do it honestly. They are considered very "stripper" or woman over 75 here. I'm not exactly sure why since I hardly see a stripper wanting to wear pantyhose. I mean I don't think they are very elegant to remove unless you are wearing the stocking version.


    1. Suzanne, this make me laugh out loud!
      The thought of a stripper in tights...not very sexy to "strip" out of...:oD
      They are ugly items, for sure!
      I totally agree.
      These ones are so sheer and lovely to wear that nobody would know, unless of course I blabbed and told everyone! hahaha.
      Those horrible multi-pack cheap versions do make me shudder, and think of either my Nan (sorry Nan!!) or Nora Batty (google her!).
      Elegant removal is too much of an ask though, maybe a trip to the bathroom is called for?

  2. It must be something in the air Samantha---I just had the worst migraine of my life last night---thus I think i'll be spending the rest of the day in my pjs (a first)!! But tomorrow I'll take your advice and put on some cute clothes!!
    I'm with you that color can make us feel better (that and a great pair of shoes!!) jodie

    1. I hope your migraine has departed and you are back on form, Jodie.
      My new 4 inch stiletto heeled trainers (yes, I said trainers) arrived today so I am like a dog with two tails at the moment! :OD
      Shoes can work magic on mood.

    2. They really can, can't they? I ponder this phenomenon often since proportionally wise they really only constitute about 10% of our outfits. Possibly the fact that they are in our easy view from above makes them a huge factor for us! I can't wait to see you trainers on stilts!!

  3. Sorry your not feeling your best. I know that one of the reasons why I wear a lot of color is to feel good psychologically too. When I was diagnosed with EDS and my pain was out of control, not functioning etc.. I wore all black. It was my mood. It does not help. So now I reach for colors. I love the casual look and the red!
    Great tips

    1. Jess, you are so right! Wearing dull and drab clothes just drags us down even further. Colour is the answer! XXX

  4. Sorry your not feeling your best. I know that one of the reasons why I wear a lot of color is to feel good psychologically too. When I was diagnosed with EDS and my pain was out of control, not functioning etc.. I wore all black. It was my mood. It does not help. So now I reach for colors. I love the casual look and the red!
    Great tips

    1. I was in a local antique shop today (on the way to picking up my new shoes) and I was looking through the vintage and antique jewellery and thought of you. You would have had a ball! XXX

  5. Great tips, really useful advice for those awful days, and I've had a lot of them last months!. Hormonal changes, stress, worrying and sleeping bad!, check!. But it's lovely to know that I'm not alone, and encouraged to dress up everyday, even if I feel like crap!. Taking care of myself, adding some Red Color (which is also one of my favorites), and expressing myself through fashion (and frivolity!) are fabulous ways to stay comfident even in a bad moment!
    Love your red skirt and red sneakers combo, and your favorite bag is really fabulous too! You look absolutely comfy&cool!

    1. Monica, you always look so full of life and colour that nobody would ever guess you were feeling anything other than fantastic! A smile, and a positive attitude, goes along way. XXX

  6. Ahhh bad days. Why do they even have to exist? Save to remind us to treasure the good days more, I suppose. When I really feel horrid, to be honest, I just put on my most comfy clothes and a sheetmask and lie down on the couch until I feel better. I don't even want to leave the house. When I'm feeling somewhat horrid, I like to dye my hair. And put on my fave shoes which are 5" wedge booties a la McQueen :)

    1. That pick-me-up sounds perfect! Literally, and metaphorically, giving you a boost. XXX

  7. Goodness, this is your rubbish day outfit?! It's so cute! While I completely agree that getting dressed improves your mood slightly (particularly if you're wearing color), I find I still default to workout clothes and PJ's on my really off days. Thank you for sharing your inspiring tips!

    - Liz @ Downtown Demure

    1. Thank you Liz. On really bad days I would, of course, stay in pj's and lie in bed. But, on those other days, when I feel rough but just can't get away with hiding, colour is my best friend (oh, and coffee) :oD XXX

  8. The bright reds in this outfit today really ought to banish the blahs. I can hardly believe that you're actually wearing tights - I did think you were sporting the true bare leg look, amazing! I love that bag too, as you could carry a whole change of clothes in that.
    Anna x

    1. These tights are the BEST Anna! One woman (at work) did not believe me when I was wearing these (last summer) and was stroking my leg saying "are you sure you have tights on?!". Oh, and they last and last too! This bag is my favourite BUT it is a nightmare to find anything in. I rummage and rummage finding all kinds of weird and wonderful things! XXX

  9. I adore the premise of this blog post - my Nan always says a little bit of what you fancy does you good. And if that something just so happens to be your favourite colour, then so be it!
    Great post.

  10. I'm having major style envy over your adorable red bag, which has such nice detailing! Love your cheery red shoes too!

  11. Wanted to post as I decided to challenge my fashion sense today with this outfit you're rocking! First -- made the purchase of the quality tights you keep saying are key. Have to agree that quality is worth it! Couldn't quite bring myself to wear sneakers tho... Since I let my son (age 7) choose the accessories I found myself really smiling through the process, and through the day, too. I think I may be learning to layer things well -- Thanks for these great ideas!

    1. Thank you so much C! Letting your 7 year old choose...that is a great idea. Children can be really surprising and they have very open minds! My girls often have ideas about what goes with what and what looks "cool". I like to hear their thoughts (although I am likely to ignore their advice..shhhh, don't tell them!) sometimes they come up with a gem. XXX

  12. Sorry you were having a bleurgh day :( I know the feeling only too well (I'm having one today!), but you're right about dressing up a little bit to help make yourself feel a little better. Good undies and comfortable shoes are an absolute must!! I must say, you look beautiful, I'd never have thought you weren't feeling so well. LOVE that handbag :D
    Suzy x

    1. Sorry to hear your were feeling rubbish! I hope you are on the mend. Thank you for your kind words Suzy...I was a bit "death warmed up" here! :oP XXX


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