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Thursday, 17 March 2016

How to Wear Double Stripes! | Do Stripes Make us Look Fat?

Double Stripes?

Are they double-trouble for 'normal' women?

Fake Fabulous | Double Stripes, spots and florals.

Let's cut to the chase here.
The problem with stripes is on the tip of everyone's tongue...

Do stripes make us look larger than we are?


Well, the answer is simple...Yes.
Oh, and No.
Confused? No wonder!

Read any fashion advice/websites/magazines, and chances are you will encounter these words of wisdom...

"Horizontal stripes will make you look fat."

Well, I have to disagree!

Stripes don't make us look wider or narrower.
Their direction does not matter, neither does their width.
They don't make us look taller or shorter.
In fact stripes don't really change the way we look too much at all.

Let me explain...
Any item of clothing (caught at the wrong angle) can be unflattering in a photograph.
But, we don't live in a photograph do we?
We are living, breathing, moving people that constantly change.

Other people don't view us from one 'good' angle, they get a total 360, the whole package.
Most (if not all) women look better in real-life than in photographs.
Personality shines.
The face comes alive.

Stripes can look great on any size if they are the right size.
When I say the right size, I mean the right dress size not the right stripe size.

If you are a larger dress size, and love a wide horizontal, then go for it!
If you like an item of clothing, and it makes you feel good, then it is going to look great.
Regardless of the "rules".

However, a word of caution...
Ill-fitting stripes can look horrendous.
I mean really bad.
Highlighting lumps and bumps.
In fact, creating lumps and bumps.
Much like the clothing version of an ordinance survey map.

Badly fitting striped clothes (in cheap fabrics) are never going to look good, on anyone.
{okay, maybe if you are 17, with the body of a dancer, but even then....}

If in doubt (and the style allows) size up.
If the fit is bad or the fabric is too cheap, move on.
Stripes can look great, you just have to find the right ones for you.

Fake Fabulous | Double Stripes, spots and florals.

Double stripes are everywhere this spring and will be hanging around for a while.
Stripes are bang on trend just now.
But, let's be honest, stripes never really go out of fashion.
They are always around in one form or another.

These sailor style trousers are a classic striped style.
They are (very) old and I dust them down every spring.

They have those Classic style points that never date:

  • Heavyweight canvas/linen fabric.
  • Fine white and blue stripe.
  • Classic (but quirky) sailor buttons.
  • Unusual (but subtle) green trim.
  • Straight and wide leg.

They could be vintage, or bought yesterday.
That is why I love them.

Fake Fabulous | Double Stripes, spots and florals.

My striped jumper is a more modern take on the stripe theme, but is still nothing new.
Different sized stripes, in four different colours.
Simple and fun.

I sized up (two sizes) in this top as it was supposed to be tight and cropped and I didn't like the look or feel of it in my size.
{Back to that Ordnance survey map}
No wonder it was in the sale.

I popped this spotty blouse underneath (for a contrast of pattern) and this gorgeous necklace from Yosa.
Check out the website

{If you use the code FAB10 you can get an extra 10% off the already brilliant prices}

Fake Fabulous | Double Stripes, spots and florals.

Classic converse-style pumps and a mustard bag finished things off perfectly.
Comfortable and on-trend...what's not to love?

What about you?
Are you a fan of stripes?
What type do you like the best?
Will you be trying the "Double Stripes" look this season?

Please let me know in the comments....
Or Tweet me @samantha4blair.

I love hearing from you!

Jumper: Limited collection @M&S (similar, but with warmer colours...I love it!)
Trousers: Boden (this season's version)
Shoes: Boden (new season's version...and they would go with anything in all 3 colours)
Necklace: c/o Yosa
Blouse: H&M (similar)
Bag: Matties (this one is gorgeous)

Get the striped look:



  1. You just hit the nail on the head Samantha!!
    It's the fit of the clothing, not the print! Just like my mom always says that all one color makes her look slimmer---and I argue (because I love to argue)---no mom, it's the fit!
    Love how your longer sleeves are hanging out below the shorter ones---so Madame Secretary!!
    As usual you do the print mixing thing like a pro (i'm so in awe)
    Keep up the great work!! jodie

    1. I am intrigued by this "madame secretary" character. I have never watched it but after a quick search...I like her style! :oD
      The sleeve thing is just something I have done for (almost) ever, because of my long arms. Necessity more than a style choice. I am glad you like it though.X
      I am delighted that you agree about the fit Jodie. Keep arguing with your Mum! XXX

  2. Sing it, sister! Rules were made to be broken anyhow.

  3. I feel the same way about stripes; I've never found the horizontal ones to make me appear wider, or found vertical stripes to "elongate" me. Weirdly I remember this one time I wore vertically-striped pants and people were commenting how appropriate they are on me (I'm not that tall but I'm considered relatively tall here in Malaysia), on top of them exclaiming "I can't wear those pants because I'm too short!" Isn't that a little ironic, because if vertical stripes REALLY make you appear longer and leaner, wouldn't everyone be rushing to wear them?

    Anyway, always winning at this necklace game, Samantha, that vibrant hued flowers are simply beautiful.

    1. I am so glad you agree Liyana! I am not very tall either (a whisker under 5 feet 6 inches) but I often feel taller, even in totally flat shoes like these. I think petite ladies look amazing in stripes, regardless of their direction! XXX

  4. wouuu, lovely ensemble!!, your pants are a really fabulous piece, lovely shape, lovely pattern and lovely buttons!, they're a modern classic which rocks!! and love how you've created your double-stripes ensemble, with a little contrast of polka dots, and your beautiful necklace.
    Obviously, your shoes add that interesting touch that make everything even more fabulous!

    1. Thank you so much Monica! These old-faithful trousers get dragged out every spring and I always feel like they are brand new again. I am glad you like my necklace too! XXX

  5. Nailed it. And nailed the reason sometimes stripes can flatter or not.

    I do find I stay away from larger stripes and stick to smaller ones. I find they are easier to manage when you have chesticles.


    1. Chesticles?!? Hahahaha. I love that, and am promptly stealing it. Brilliant. Thank you Suzanne. XXX

  6. I quite fancy the teeny polka dots of your undershirt, Samantha, and the subtle stripes of your wide-legged pants that give off such a resort/nautical vibe. Then those coloured kicks under the hems?? Cheeky and sassy. I too love stripes in all forms and orientations, and have learned to ignore what society deems as appropriate or inappropriate. Who gives a shit :)


  7. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. I love this look on you. It is so you! The necklace is the right finishing touch

  8. I LOVE stripes, and I LOVE your outfit! It's perfect down to the polka dot shirt, fun necklace & shoes! I also think you make excellent points about why sometimes stripes do not work out!

  9. You own the stripes, Samantha! These look marvelous together. I'm wearing horizontals in my sweater today, and I don't think I look too terribly wide : > Thanks for sharing, xo


    1. Thank you Patti. You are right...horizontals don't make us look wider at's all in the fit! XXX

  10. That outfit is adorable! Love your hair too. :) I like stripes a lot. I'm chubs and I don't care - I've never seen a difference on stripes versus none and thick stripes versus thin anyway! ;) You bring up a lot of good points and ultimately, I think if you feel cute, you'll look cute.

    1. I am glad you agree Jessica! I don't think that size really matters at all, just the fit. Keeping rocking those stripes! XXX

  11. Love this outfit, Samantha. Especially those pants. And the blues with your lovely red hair. A perfect spring outfit. Sigh. Sighing because we had snow yesterday... and more predicted for tomorrow. Ah well... spring will come... one day:)

    1. Thank you Susan. Scotland's weather is (for the most part) quite predictable, but we always hope for warm spring days and long, hot, summers. We usually get a stiff breeze and plenty of drizzle! :oD

  12. I am a fan of stripes and I don't mind double stripes or polka dots with stripes. Which is quite an achievement for me. As pattern mixing is not in my genes. Before I started blogging I would not even have considered it, not even polka dots with stripes, so I am getting better. You were wise to size up in the top. Now it looks ever so good. Fun how your sneakers reflect the colours in the sweater. I love the sweater with the trousers and the sneakers. I can also appreciate the polka dot shirt underneath it. The necklace and bag are crossing my comfort zone. But that is why I am me and you are you. This is no criticism on my part. Far from it. You know me a little by now, don't you?

    1. Of course, Greetje! I am getting to know you. I laugh because I thought this look was a little "toned down" and perhaps a plainer outfit? I can see how the little touches of yellow could push you over the edge a little :oP. We are (happily) all so different and inspire thought in each other. Thank you for your comment, your double stripes 'thumbs up"! XXX

  13. I'm so behind with catching up on my blogs so apologies my comments are late to the party but I absolutely adore this outfit on you Samantha.
    It's just so full of joy - all the colours and stripes work beautifully together. I love how you've balanced the stripes with each other perfectly. And then it's all topped off by that gorgeous necklace from Yosa. As you know, I too have a few of Rachel's necklaces and so lovely to see you wearing this one. Perfect for the outfit.


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