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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! | 7 Favourite Winter Looks.

My 7 favourite Winter outfits

Winter is slowly loosening its grip on Scotland.
Plants are emerging.
The daffodils are beginning to unfurl.
It has finally stopped raining!
{For the moment}
The sun is shining and I am full of optimistic energy.

This is the perfect time to look forward to Spring, and back on some of my favourite Winter outfits.

Do you agree with my choices?

My Winter Favourites:

1. How to wear leggings.

This outfit was inspired by my love of comfort (and layering).
However, it did spark lots of thought on the subject of leggings as trousers.
And, lead to a post about the problem with leggings, and how to wear them without looking (too) sloppy!

Read the original post to find out how to choose the perfect top and shoes to wear with your leggings.

Fake Fabulous | 7 favourite winter looks.

2. White coat! In Winter?

This statement coat made me feel like I should have been an extra, in Dr Zhivago.
So even snowed for the occasion!

Read the original post to find out how I got this coat (for next to nothing) and where I went that night.
I bet you can't guess!

Fake Fabulous | 7 favourite winter looks.

3. Multicoloured faux fur and peep toes.

This outfit was inspired by my (sometimes) narrow minded attitude to shopping.
I found this coat (and these boots) in unexpected places, for me anyway.

Read the original post to find out how I got this amazing fur coat and why we all need to keep an open mind when buying new clothes.

Fake Fabulous | 7 favourite winter looks.

4. Trying a new colour.

This look started with a totally alien colour for me!
I decided it was high time I tried something out of my usual colour spectrum.

I also realised the joy (and importance) of "bookending"....find out what on earth I am on about, in the original post!

Fake Fabulous | 7 favourite winter looks.

5. Too old for a floral jumpsuit?

Are we ever "Too old"?
Can we dress "Too young"?

This slightly OTT floral jumpsuit made me wonder....Should I be wearing a jumpsuit, over 40?

Read the original post to find out what prompted these questions and what I think about the issue.

Fake Fabulous | 7 favourite winter looks.

6. Wearing vintage....with attitude!

This post started off talking about wearing vintage in a modern way...until I realised how 'OLD' everything in this outfit was.

Read the original post to find out how I wore vintage in a not-so modern way....with my old clothes.
And, why we all need a little attitude!

Fake Fabulous | 7 favourite winter looks.

7. Welly Weather!

During the early Winter months we had a seriously prolonged period of torrential rain.
OOTD posts were on hold and I was getting pretty down about it.

I finally persuaded my hubby to come outside with me to shot what I like to wear in miserable weather.
He hid behind the building (protecting my camera) to take this shot.

Read the original post to find out what is so special about these wellingtons!

Fake Fabulous | 7 favourite winter looks.

What are your thoughts on my winter favourites?
Did I miss anything?

Please leave a comment, or tweet me @samantha4blair.

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  1. All of your looks are fun, Samantha. However, the last picture made me smile.

    1. Thank you Glenda. I am glad to hear that! We had been experiencing such awful weather, a colour injection was essential. XXX

  2. Fabulous looks, Samantha! I love that they are all so different yet all so you!

  3. THanks for linking to Top of the World Style last week. I really love the coats in this post. The white one has such a great Russian attitude and the multi color one is so streetstyle chic. Please send them to me when you are done with them. LOL

    1. I thought you might approve Nicole. The fur one would certainly keep you cosy up there! XXX

  4. These are all such fabulous looks and I can see why you selected each of them! I really enjoy seeing all of the bold colors and style choices - truly inspiring. Have a wonderful day, Samantha!

  5. It may be goodbye winter, but it'll never be goodbye style!
    You have it in every ounce of you Samantha because as we know, pictures don't lie!

  6. So many fab stylish looks! The winter white coat may be my personal favorite - a real stunner. Thanks for linking, xo


    1. I thought it might be Patti! you would definitely need it if you came to Scotland for a visit... and some thermals too! XXX

  7. I honestly don't know that I can pick a favorite Samantha...all so beautiful, and the colors are a treat for the eyes! I have to say I do have a bit of a crush on the multi-colored fur coat though...

    1. You are too kind Debbie! Thank you. My fur coat is a starts conversations whenever I wear it. XXX

  8. 1-3-6-7 are my absolute favorite looks, you are a master with colors and you know how much I love them ! Great styling, Samantha, you picked some true gems among your posts :-) So inspired by your style :-* Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion blog

    1. Thank you Vale! That really means so much to me. Especially coming from someone with such a stunning wardrobe. XXX

  9. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. I don't think that the first outfit looks sloppy. It's meant for the weekend. I think it would even work for casual Friday at my office


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