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Friday, 18 March 2016

Dress over Trousers | Outfit for Cold Spring Days.

Fake Fabulous | Dress over trousers, outfit for cool days in Spring.

Early Spring can be tricky (style-wise), especially in cooler climates.
The sun may be shining, but it is sometimes only 8 degrees outside, and it could rain any minute... or even snow! (Yep, you read that correctly. Welcome to Scotland.)
March is not the time to disrobe.
However, we can still get that spring-like feeling and keep the layers.

Fake Fabulous | Dress over trousers, outfit for cool days in Spring.

I started this look with a pair of vintage clip-on earrings.
Straight from the 80's.
(Thanks Mum!)
They came to me with a matching bangle, making an old fashioned set, brilliant fun!
I could not resist wearing them with a bold red lip.

This vintage duo (and my red lips) seemed the perfect partner for a cool cotton dress.
This dress is a old one, and so versatile.
It is double layered and has perfectly placed pockets (I love a good pocket).

The organic cotton fabric is comfortable in hot weather (I can dream, can't I?) and can be layered up easily when the weather is cooler.
Loose dresses, like this one, also look great with a belt and sandals.

Today, I popped a ribbed polo neck underneath and a fine knit cropped cardigan over the top.
Both items add interest and warmth.
My grey skinny jeans (with a fine thermal layer under them) kept the look light in colour, but still cosy.

{See these grey jeans in action: Here (with a puffer), Here (with hot pink) and Here (with a gent's shirt)}

I decided to wear my ugly shoes again, too.
They are so comfortable, especially with these luxurious socks inside them!

My red, mini saddle bag, and a pair of tortoiseshell glasses, finished things off perfectly.

Fake Fabulous | Dress over trousers, outfit for cool days in Spring.

Please let me know your tricks for dressing on cooler days.
Or, do you leap straight from Winter to Summer where you live?

I love to hear your thoughts...
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Glasses: Primark (these are super-cool)
Dress: People Tree (this is nice)
Cardigan: Unknown (this one is similar)
Polo neck: Topshop
Bag: A gift (similar)
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Clarks originals (these ones are cool, and on sale!)
Socks: Cos (these are lovely!)
Earrings and bangle: Vintage (these earrings are stunning and this bangle is beautiful, and fun!)
Lips: Wet and wild

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  1. Hey...we just got 6 inches of snow today, so I'd be covering those arms here in Denver!! My silk long underwear gets a lot of use because it is no fun being cold!! Although luckily I don't have to spend much time outdoors!
    What a perfect way to transition a cotton's really behaving like a tunic!! I usually am not a fan of the pants under a dress look, but I think I like this because your pants are they looks more like tights!!
    How nice you wear your mom's jewelry!! But don't the clip on earrings hurt your ears? jodie

    1. Surprisingly, these clips are quite comfortable (big pads)....for a few hours! I gave up after 4, and popped on some small red studs (I had them in my purse, for the inevitable nip). I thought I did quite well. :oD
      They would certainly make an evening out, especially after a glass of anaesthetising wine!
      P.S. My arms were very chilly, standing outside without my coat. Luckily I spent the rest of the day indoors or in my red coat and a scarf!
      P.P.S 6 inches of snow would make my children VERY happy!

  2. Your dress has such a fun pattern! The colors of your outfit work really well together!

    I really like dresses over pants or leggings. Great way to stay warm!

    1. Thank you Andrea. You are right...a great way to stay warm. XXX

  3. I'm sorry to have to use this adjective but you look so cute, Samantha!! Incredibly pixie-esque and Twiggy-ish. Love love love this.

    1. Cute Sheela!? Hahaha...thank you. I know it is not normally in your vocabulary so I appreciate it, very much. XXX

  4. I too am getting v fed up with winter clothes - these are good tips for layering and I like that you're using more summery clothes in a clever way. My other tips for layering is two pairs of tights and good old fashioned petticoat. Still it's Spring Equinox today so surely it's going to get warmer?!

    1. Fingers crossed Kathryn! We are forever hopeful of that elusive warm summer. Two pairs of tights is a great tip. Fleecy lined ones are great too...under trousers. XXX

  5. you look absolutely comfy & cool wearing your cotton dress over pants, it's a very useful trick to wear a short cotton dress the whole year round!
    And I'm loving your accessorizing, those earrings, your sunnies, you rock a retro vibe! cool!!
    (and I'm loving your 'ugly' shoes too, mwhaha)

    1. Thank you Monica, Although I suspect you might be the only one! XXX

  6. This dress-over-trousers thing suits your figure so well Samantha. And this particular dress is so lovely too! (I have one similar in style lined up for your next parcel :) I think layering is perfect for this time of year when we're all still trying to fathom out what season we're in!
    Anna's Island Style

    1. Thank you Anna. Layering is great all-year here in Scotland (as you well know!). Sometimes Scotland forgets it is summer and decides to throw a few hail stones at us from time to time... and, of course, rain is never very far away. XXX

  7. I know that Scotland requires a lot of layering. In The Netherlands we layer as well, but in spring I often have the idea we are going straight from 15 degrees into 24 degrees, which means my clothes for "not cold and not hot" weather can be worn three days a year. Layering gives them an outing once in a while. Usually with very thin underlayers. That is all. Never so outspoken as you can. But I am learning.

    1. Oh Greetje...sometimes I long for that "proper' warmth. 24 degrees is almost tropical by Scottish standards! I love being warm and hate feeling cold so layers are my best friends. Thank you for your comment. XXX


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