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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

What to Wear when you Feel Rough!

Fake Fabulous | Feeling Rubbish? Red silk skirt, trainers & a T-shirt.

Feeling rotten today?

Don't worry, you are not alone.
We all have days like that.

You know how it goes.
Life is throwing some major challenges your way...
  • Suffering (or recovering) from an illness.
  • Undergoing treatment for a condition, or ailment.
  • Enduring hormonal changes/fluctuations.
  • Experiencing stressful family issues.
  • Serious work pressures and struggles.
  • Worrying, sleeping badly and waking up exhausted.

Some people are lucky, and get very few days like these.
For others, feeling rotten is a regular occurrence.
But, life (as they say) goes on.

Whether it is an important job that can't wait, kids that need fed, a dog that needs walked (whatever your life involves) hiding is not an option.

On days like these it is (very) tempting to reach for the jogging bottoms and a comfy sweatshirt BUT feeling like crap does not mean you have to look like crap too.

In fact looking grotty, and giving up, can make matters worse.

I know many people will argue that fashion/style/makeup/shoes are superficial (and shallow) BUT, when the proverbial hits the fan, looking your best (or at least half decent) can really help.

Think of it as armour against adversity.

As a friend recently said:
"They don't call makeup War Paint for nothing you know!"
The same is true for your fashion choices.

Fake Fabulous | Feeling Rubbish? Red silk skirt, trainers & a T-shirt.

Today is one of those days, for me.
I feel like I had a fight with a hippo, and it then spent the night sleeping on my face.
Not a pretty sight!
"Bleugh" does not even cover it...

My "Get up and give yourself a shake!" outfit, started with comfortable undies.
Days like these are not the time to be be trussed up in anything restrictive, or things that dig in.
Shapewear? No way!

I popped on a pair of beautiful sheer tights too, you can hardly see them on the leg!
I would highly recommend a good quality pair of tights if you live anywhere cool.
Especially if you are little veiny/pale/unevenly coloured on the legs.
These feel great and give me the confidence to go 'bare'.

Colour was a must today too, and nothing lifts my spirits like a splash of red.
It is my favourite colour.

I decided to wear this vintage silk skirt, again.
(See it styled with blue, here)
This skirt is very 80's, and lots of fun!
It is also the perfect length to wear with trainers, for a little tongue-in-cheekiness!
Not to mention comfort.
When I feel rubbish I need comfortable feet!

Fake Fabulous | Feeling Rubbish? Red silk skirt, trainers & a T-shirt.

As comfort and simplicity were the order of the day, this (super soft) T-shirt and a slouchy pink belt were all I needed.
A plain watch, tiny pink studs and my favourite bag finished things off perfectly.

I just need a strong coffee and I am good to go!

Fake Fabulous | Feeling Rubbish? Red silk skirt, trainers & a T-shirt.

How to "Fake it" when you feel rubbish:

  • Wear your favourite colour, or colours!
  • Choose your most comfortable undies.
  • Pick clothes in quality fabrics that fit well and make you feel good.
  • Choose a bag (or shoes) that you love.
  • Choose comfortable items, but avoid those sloppy joggers or wearing leggings as trousers.
  • Do your hair and wear a little makeup. Don't pile it on though, you will look worse (especially over 40).
  • Try and Smile, even if it is a little fake at first. Smiling through adversity really does make you feel better!

Please let me know what you think...
What do you do when you feel Rotten?

Do you have any tips for making yourself feel (or at least, look) better?

Share your thought in the comments...or tweet me @samantha4blair

Skirt: Vintage (this one is stunning)
T-shirt: Scotch R'Belle...It's a kids brand, but the one I am wearing is an age 14 and has plenty of room. (This one is cute!)
Belt: Boden (this one is pretty)
Trainers: Nike (similar)
Watch: Ice
Bag: Bogner...this one is cool too!

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Sunday, 27 March 2016

The FAB 40's | 8 Ways to Wear Florals in your 40's.

Fake Fabulous | Fab 40's | Florals

Welcome to part two of the fab 40's.

I am honoured to be included in a group of international bloggers, called The fab 40's.
The purpose of the group is to show how different women interpret a specific 'theme', or style.

{There is a different theme every month}

Proving that being 40+ does not mean you have to be dowdy, frumpy, boring or forgettable.

Fake Fabulous | Fab 40's | Florals


This month the 'theme' was florals.
I don't mind admitting that I was quite apprehensive about my outfit options, this time around.
Last month's pink and red colour clash was something much more within my comfort zone.
Florals scare me a little.
They are a thin on the ground, in my wardrobe.

I have a floral-ish jumpsuit, but it is more of an 'oversized splodges' pattern than a true garden floral.
And, I also own a linen, floral skirt, but I hardly ever wear it.

This was a tricky one for me.

Fake Fabulous | Fab 40's | Florals

Today's Floral outfit came together very awkwardly, at first.

I originally had a different look laid out to wear.
A floral shell top and my striped trousers, but it felt nothing like "me".
More like a game of dressing up, and I knew it would look contrived and fake.

So, I binned it.
{Not literally!}

I was struggling to come up with anything else.
I put it down to me being more of a spur-of-the-moment mood-dresser, than a planner.
When my hand is forced (as it were) I end up feeling like I have nothing to wear.

{This is, of course, ridiculous.}

I needed to stop moaning, and get a grip!

So, in order to feel more like myself, I stepped into the familiar territory of pattern mixing.
Four patterns, to be precise!
This comforting pattern mix gave me the confidence I needed.

My floral blouse is not a loud and proud floral, but it felt right.
Sheer and petty, with a soft and muted floral design.
I decided to keep on the girly theme and wear a mini skirt.
This navy mini is quite short, and has a cutaway at each thigh (read about my wardrobe malfunction here) so flat shoes {in my opinion} are a must!
These snake print, pointed flats were the obvious choice.
I am wearing a pair of sheer tights, for warmth and to prevent the dreaded corned-beef-leg syndrome.

{It is March, in Scotland, after all!}

These tights are so beautiful that you can hardly see them on the leg.
Money well spent.

The shoes are just cheap, but quite comfortable after adding a stick on supportive liner.
Super flat, thin soled shoes are really bad for our feet and posture.
Luckily, stick on liners and supports are a cheap and simple solution.

{I always laugh at how big my feet look in nude flats.
They do elongate the leg and foot. I am only a UK 4 (37) , but look much larger here}

The floral blouse seemed to go nicely with the spots and the snake shoes, but I needed more...

My beloved, vintage Topshop, silk jacket added more familiar comfort (see it styled here and here,in summer).
Asymmetric, oversized earrings and my grab-bag, finished things off perfectly.

Over to you...
Do you love florals?
Or, are they out of your comfort zone?

Please let me know how you style your florals, in the comments...or tweet me @samantha4blair

Jacket: Topshop (vintage)...similar.
Skirt: Boden (this one is nice, and flirty!...and this one is lovely)
Blouse: Unknown (from a charity shop)..this is beautiful...this is a similar style without the florals!
Tights: Wolford
Shoes: Topshop (similar)
Bag: Hidesign (similar)
Earrings: H&M (these are nothing like mine...but pretty!)

Let me introduce...

Now it is time to introduce my fellow bloggers and their fabulous Floral outfits.

Dawn (from California) is making me a envious of her easy-breezy floaty dress, and the sunshine that goes with it!
There are only two colours in her that is something I could happily wear myself.
{I just need the mercury to rise a little more!}
This is a simple, but feminine, look and I am loving the extra floral "hit" from her vintage bag.

Floral dress: Calvin Klein
Floral handbag: Vintage
Gold weave wedges: Italian Shoemakers Brand (DSW)
Earrings: Bauble Bar

Sheela from Sheela writes.

Sheela is fearless and fiercely stylish!
This mix of patterns and colours is right up my street...and those shoes? Sigh. I love them.

Navy Blazer & Top: Thrifted
Polka Dot Leggings: JC Penny
Sunnies: Poshmark
Polymer Clay Rings: Etsy
Camellia Booties: ShoeDazzle

Andrea from Living on Cloud Nine.

Andrea is our guest blogger this month, from the Midwest.
Her blog is full of positivity and girly fun!
Her look is super-feminine, from head to toe.
Even her denim shirt can't escape the feminine touch, with a tie front and those fab chunky pearls!

Shirt: Loft
Maxi Skirt: Vintage Emanuel Ungardo
Shoes: Rosela 
Necklace: Fashion Bella
Bag: Hat Attack Tote
Bag Charm: Lenora Dame

Ann from Krembe de la Krembe

Ann is one talented lady.
She made this beautiful skirt and I want one (hint hint, Annie!).
I love how she tones things down, with a masculine shirt, and then amps up the femininity again with metallic heels and lacy socks!

Sunnies and earrings: Topshop
Necklace: from my Mom
Shirt and socks: Forever 21
Hamsa clutch: ASOS
Blue pumps: Vanilla Suite
Skirt: Kremb de la Kremb (hahahaha!)

Jennie from A pocketful of polka dots.

Jennie is someone who is not usually a fan of florals...although you would never guess from this shot!
The entire look, and the complimenting background, took my breath away.
I love how she tones down the floral punch with a plain tee and jeans.
So wearable.

Coat: Shein
Jeans: jcp
Shoes: Bamboo
Ring: Charming Charlie
Necklace: Old

Diane from Fashion on the fourth floor.

Diane usually adds a tomboy twist to her looks.
And this is no exception!
Her skirt maybe a full-on punch of florals, but she tones it all down with her casual gutties and a simple tied shirt.
Feminine, but not frou frou...making a statement skirt more wearable, for real life.

Shirt:  Target
Skirt:  Beulah 
Sneakers:  Cole Haan (Zero Grand) 
Watch:  Fossil from Macy's
Bracelet:  Charming Charlie

Mary from Curlybyrdie Chirps

Mary's take on the theme is classy, elegant and feminine.
I was not at all surprised, she oozes femininity.
I love the floatiness of the dress with her fabulous hair!
Her darker accessories make the look seasonless, too.

Dress: Taylor via Steinmart 
Shoes: Kohls 
Bag: Coach
Necklace: Walmart

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Friday, 25 March 2016

Restyle your Shopping Mistakes.

Fake Fabulous | Restyle your mistakes | Denim halterneck dress and tan.

Shopping mistakes...we all make them!

Do you ever buy things that end up hanging (unworn) in your wardrobe?
Do you ever waste money on clothes that you never wear, and just end up revisiting those 'old faithfuls' day in and day out?

If the answer is yes then don't worry, you are not alone!
Far from it.
Most of us have had a few (read: a lot!) of shopping mistakes.

I am VERY guilty of succumbing to that moment of shopping madness...
Where I see an item on the mannequin (or on a 6 foot model in a glossy magazine) and fall in love.

The price may be right (or not!).
The quality is there (sometimes).
It's cool, it's funky and I LOVE it!
Resistance is futile....Buy buy BUY!!!

Fake Fabulous | Restyle your mistakes | Denim halterneck dress and tan.

Then comes the guilt...

We get home and that shopping high is quickly replaced by a sinking feeling of guilt.
The shame of realising your shiny new item is all wrong.
An expensive (and embarrassing) mistake.
Do you hide yours in the bottom of the wardrobe?
I have mine hanging, tags swinging...mocking me.
Curses to my gullibility!

It's just wrong.

Sometimes you can't quite put your finger on what is wrong with your new purchase..
Maybe it's the wrong fit, the wrong cut, the wrong fabric or just too revealing and uncomfortable.
Whatever the issue, it hangs in the wardrobe for weeks/months/years...
{Delete as appropriate to your hoarding tendencies}

Then, finally, you give in to the shame, and donate it (either to a friend or to the local charity shop).
A complete waste of time and money.
Guilt inducing failure.

Wait a minute!

But, hang on in there..
There is a way to rework these shopping failures.
Giving them some style CPR.
Bringing them back to life.
Maybe even shaking up other items in your wardrobe, in the process.

Take this dress, for example...

This beautiful little dress was hanging in a charity shop (years ago) looking gorgeous and funky.
It is so beautifully made, and fully lined in a contrast fabric.
A joy against the skin.
Fun, flirty and full of 70's style fun.
{I looked up these collared halterneck dresses, online, and they seemed a popular dressmaking patterns, in the 70's}

It is potentially sexy, fun and fashionable, with a retro vibe.
What's not to love?

However, I feel "silly" (and almost naked) when I wear it.
I have no idea why.
Maybe the cut reveals too much flesh, and I don't like it!
It has been hanging in my wardrobe for an age, making me wonder,
"What was I thinking?"
But, it is too beautiful to throw away.

The time has come for some action!

Luckily for me (and this dress) the 'Bare Shoulders' trend is everywhere this spring/summer.
And, no wonder!
It is sexy (without looking cheap) and our shoulders hardly age at all.
Great news if you are worried about a crepey cleavage or veiny legs...shoulders are "En Vogue!"

I decided to pair this beautiful dress with this cute bardot top.

{Another neglected item that is too flimsy, and too short, to really make an impact on my outfits. Although I did wear it with my arch-enemy...the dreaded culottes!}

The navy and tan stripes of the bardot top were the perfect partner for this dress, allowing me to bare my shoulders without feeling too exposed, or trashy.

Fake Fabulous | Restyle your mistakes | Denim halterneck dress and tan.

My friend had spotted this gorgeous leather belt, on the clearance rack at Tkmax, for £3.
It is a beauty, and I can see it going with many different looks.
She is a clever cookie!

Fake Fabulous | Restyle your mistakes | Denim halterneck dress and tan.

As the look was mostly denim and tan, these tan peeptoe booties were the obvious choice for me.
I can see myself wearing these a lot  this summer.

Fake Fabulous | Restyle your mistakes | Denim halterneck dress and tan.

My bargain-tastic leather bag (another charity shop gem), a couple of colourful rings and some simple gold hoops, finished things off perfectly!

Fake Fabulous | Restyle your mistakes | Denim halterneck dress and tan.

How you can rework your shopping disasters:

Problem: The colour is all wrong.

Problem: It is a sloppy fit.

  • Invest a few pounds in getting the item altered at a tailor or seamstress. 
  • Sleeves can be shortened, darts created, waistbands narrowed, hems name it they can (probably) do it!

Problem: The top half is too revealing. 

Problem: The hemline is too short.

Problem: The fabric is cheap, unflattering and flimsy.

Fake Fabulous | Restyle your mistakes | Denim halterneck dress and tan.

Please let me know what you think...Did I save this dress?
Do you have "mistakes" hanging in your wardrobe?
Please share in the comments...or tweet me @samantha4blair

Dress: Next..found in a Charity shop (similar)
Top: Newlook (this one is cute)
Nails (toes): Mavala 
Bag: Charity shop! (this one is similar :oD)
Belt: TkMaxx (this one is nice)
Shoes: c/o JD Williams

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Underwear as Outerwear.

Fake fabulous| Slip top, sequin shrug, palazzo trousers, irregular choice shoes.

Slip dresses are everywhere (again) this spring/summer.
But how can we tap into the trend, over 40, without looking like a sack of spuds?

{Spuds=Potatoes, to anyone wondering what I am talking about!}

I don't know about you, but my days of wearing nothing but a slip dress and teeny-tiny briefs are over.
I love the look of a slip dress.
However, the beautiful lines (and delicate fluidity) of them is ruined by the addition of undies.
I am going to leave these flimsy beauties to the (lucky) bra-less.

I attempted to tap into the slip dress trend (a little) back at Christmas time.

{See how I styled my vintage 90's almost-slip dress}

I love my black dress, but springtime calls for lighter fabrics.
This beautiful top was perfect!

The fabric is pure silk, and feels delightful against the skin.
The top itself is just delicate (and sexy) enough to look on-trend, but it still allowed me to wear a (pretty) bra underneath.
Thank goodness for that!
The lace panel was calling out for some layered necklaces, so I added some silver and pearls.

Fake fabulous| Slip top, sequin shrug, palazzo trousers, irregular choice shoes.

These wide-legged, high-waisted trousers seemed the ideal partner for such a delicate top.
Light and flowing, but providing coverage and structure to my look.
I teamed them with my much-loved leather obi belt.

{I am breaking the short-waisted rules again. Naughty!]

This sequined charity shop gem (it cost one whole pound!!) worked well as a coverup.
It added some colour and texture to an otherwise 'plain' look.

My gorgeous mint and gold shoes, and a caged clutch, finished things off perfectly!

Fake fabulous| Slip top, sequin shrug, palazzo trousers, irregular choice shoes.

Are you wearing slip dresses, or tops, this season?
How will you style them?

Please let me know in the comments....or tweet me @samantha4blair.

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Slip: Alchem1st (similar)
Trousers: Stolen heart (similar)
Shoes: Irregular choice (gorgeous!)
Bag: Love dreams (this is similar, but I am dreaming of this one)
Cardigan: Charity shop. (similar...ish)
Obi belt: TkMaxx (similar)
Necklaces: All old or vintage (similar, similar, similar)

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Sunday, 20 March 2016

One Tartan Jacket, 3 ways | Ping Pong Post, #PPP1

Fake Fabulous | Tartan jacket, yellow and brown.

It's good to share!

This post is the first in a series called the Ping Pong Posts.
{A great idea, from my international blogging buddies, Anna and Ann}

With lots of help from these friends, I hope to showcase how three women can wear the same item in three different ways.

Three very different women, with different lives, different tastes and different hair colours!

Imagine popping round to a friends house...
{A friend with a wardrobe you would love to rummage around}
You crack open the fizz, or the wine, or a cheeky vodka. I make a great cocktail too!
You break out the nibbles, put on some tunes and start playing dress up.
Sounds like a fun night, right?

Unfortunately, the ladies in my style trio all live thousands of miles apart.
So, this coat did a spot of international travel on our behalf.
From the Isles of Scilly, to Hong Kong, to Scotland.
It has fairly clocked up the air miles!

Fake Fabulous | Tartan jacket, yellow and brown.

This gorgeous wool jacket is by no means a classic or traditionally versatile (in the way a plain navy blazer could be).
It is a very unique and eye catching item.
Tricky to style in three different ways...right?

Well, let's find out...

I decided to wear this beautiful cape/jacket with some skinny jeans (last seen here).
The jacket is so unusual, and voluminous, that I needed a neater silhouette on my bottom half.

{Too much all-over volume can make me look really scrawny}

I was roasty-toasty inside this wool jacket, so I could happily reveal a toe (or two) in these cut out booties.
I have had these shoes for years, but they seem to be back in style again.

Fake Fabulous | Tartan jacket, yellow and brown.

I was pleased to find that jacket worked really well with my red hair, and I wondered how it would look with Anna's blonde and Ann's dark locks?

Anyway, with the red sorted, I wanted to pull out the gorgeous yellow tones in the wool fabric.

{There is a vibrant apple green in the weave too, and I cursed my lack of this colour in my wardrobe...I must remedy that}

I chose this bright yellow jumper with a denim shirt underneath.
I loved the way the cuffs popped out of the bottom, adding more colour and interest to the look.

Fake Fabulous | Tartan jacket, yellow and brown.

This bag, with #YEAH embossed on it, was the perfect (fun) finishing touch.

Fake Fabulous | Tartan jacket, yellow and brown.

Coat: Benetton (Anna’s)
Jeans: M&S
Shoes: XTI
Jumper: Boden (teens)
Shirt: Boden (Adults this time)
Bag: M&S

Let's have a look at my two swapping buddies....

Anna, from Anna's Island Style

Anna is a blogger who started blogging around the same time as me (although when you see her site you will think she had been doing it forever, it is so slick!).
She has a love of charity shops and bargain hunting (ditto) and also a real way with colour and pattern.
A girl after my own heart!
She is the mastermind behind this ping-ponging AND the lucky owner of this fab jacket.
I am not envious at all (nope, not a bit) of her beach-based shots.
No wonder she has such a beautiful smile on her face!

Anna also chose a skinny jean to balance the volume of the jacket (great minds!).
She has picked out the orange tones with a perspex necklace and added a frilled cuff to the sleeves, for more interest.
Chunky platform boots and a statement ring finish her look.
The volume of the jacket and the skinny dark jeans/chunky boots combination make her look perfectly proportioned and even 'leggy'.
Dark wash jeans are always a winner.
The colours in the jacket work well with her blonde hair too.

Jacket: Benetton
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Frilly blouse: charity shop
Cardigan: H&M
Boots: Office
Perspex necklace: old
Rings: charity shop

Ann, from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann has been blogging since the beginning of (blogging) time.
She is a dab hand, and her site reflects that.
He style blows me away.
She is the master of the texture-mix.
Today she has managed to find the perfect tonal background on the streets of Hong Kong.
Her look is totally different, from Anna and I, and I have to say I am not surprised.
She is so bold and inspiring.

Follow her on instagram.

In her signature black, but with her own twist, she has picked out the dark buttons (of the jacket) with her (P)leather culottes and a plain black roll neck top.
Adding a leopard bag, and cowboy boots, just ups the individuality points and ties the richer tones of the jacket to the rest of her look.
She has even ditched her statement red lip for a softer (and warmer) tone.
Her dark hair seems to match into the jacket too.

Coat: Anna's! 
Black hat and sunnies: Forever 21
Black turtleneck: Uniqlo
Black (p)leather culottes: Zara
Cowboy boots: Old West (via Zappos)
Leopard crossover: Jaspal, a Thai boutique kind of like Zara
Earrings: Random HK market stall

Do you ever borrow clothes from your friends, or family?
Who's wardrobe would you love a rummage through?

Please let me know in the comments, or tweet me your thoughts @samantha4blair

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Friday, 18 March 2016

Dress over Trousers | Outfit for Cold Spring Days.

Fake Fabulous | Dress over trousers, outfit for cool days in Spring.

Early Spring can be tricky (style-wise), especially in cooler climates.
The sun may be shining, but it is sometimes only 8 degrees outside, and it could rain any minute... or even snow! (Yep, you read that correctly. Welcome to Scotland.)
March is not the time to disrobe.
However, we can still get that spring-like feeling and keep the layers.

Fake Fabulous | Dress over trousers, outfit for cool days in Spring.

I started this look with a pair of vintage clip-on earrings.
Straight from the 80's.
(Thanks Mum!)
They came to me with a matching bangle, making an old fashioned set, brilliant fun!
I could not resist wearing them with a bold red lip.

This vintage duo (and my red lips) seemed the perfect partner for a cool cotton dress.
This dress is a old one, and so versatile.
It is double layered and has perfectly placed pockets (I love a good pocket).

The organic cotton fabric is comfortable in hot weather (I can dream, can't I?) and can be layered up easily when the weather is cooler.
Loose dresses, like this one, also look great with a belt and sandals.

Today, I popped a ribbed polo neck underneath and a fine knit cropped cardigan over the top.
Both items add interest and warmth.
My grey skinny jeans (with a fine thermal layer under them) kept the look light in colour, but still cosy.

{See these grey jeans in action: Here (with a puffer), Here (with hot pink) and Here (with a gent's shirt)}

I decided to wear my ugly shoes again, too.
They are so comfortable, especially with these luxurious socks inside them!

My red, mini saddle bag, and a pair of tortoiseshell glasses, finished things off perfectly.

Fake Fabulous | Dress over trousers, outfit for cool days in Spring.

Please let me know your tricks for dressing on cooler days.
Or, do you leap straight from Winter to Summer where you live?

I love to hear your thoughts...
Leave a comment or tweet me @samantha4blair

Glasses: Primark (these are super-cool)
Dress: People Tree (this is nice)
Cardigan: Unknown (this one is similar)
Polo neck: Topshop
Bag: A gift (similar)
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Clarks originals (these ones are cool, and on sale!)
Socks: Cos (these are lovely!)
Earrings and bangle: Vintage (these earrings are stunning and this bangle is beautiful, and fun!)
Lips: Wet and wild

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Thursday, 17 March 2016

How to Wear Double Stripes! | Do Stripes Make us Look Fat?

Double Stripes?

Are they double-trouble for 'normal' women?

Fake Fabulous | Double Stripes, spots and florals.

Let's cut to the chase here.
The problem with stripes is on the tip of everyone's tongue...

Do stripes make us look larger than we are?


Well, the answer is simple...Yes.
Oh, and No.
Confused? No wonder!

Read any fashion advice/websites/magazines, and chances are you will encounter these words of wisdom...

"Horizontal stripes will make you look fat."

Well, I have to disagree!

Stripes don't make us look wider or narrower.
Their direction does not matter, neither does their width.
They don't make us look taller or shorter.
In fact stripes don't really change the way we look too much at all.

Let me explain...
Any item of clothing (caught at the wrong angle) can be unflattering in a photograph.
But, we don't live in a photograph do we?
We are living, breathing, moving people that constantly change.

Other people don't view us from one 'good' angle, they get a total 360, the whole package.
Most (if not all) women look better in real-life than in photographs.
Personality shines.
The face comes alive.

Stripes can look great on any size if they are the right size.
When I say the right size, I mean the right dress size not the right stripe size.

If you are a larger dress size, and love a wide horizontal, then go for it!
If you like an item of clothing, and it makes you feel good, then it is going to look great.
Regardless of the "rules".

However, a word of caution...
Ill-fitting stripes can look horrendous.
I mean really bad.
Highlighting lumps and bumps.
In fact, creating lumps and bumps.
Much like the clothing version of an ordinance survey map.

Badly fitting striped clothes (in cheap fabrics) are never going to look good, on anyone.
{okay, maybe if you are 17, with the body of a dancer, but even then....}

If in doubt (and the style allows) size up.
If the fit is bad or the fabric is too cheap, move on.
Stripes can look great, you just have to find the right ones for you.

Fake Fabulous | Double Stripes, spots and florals.

Double stripes are everywhere this spring and will be hanging around for a while.
Stripes are bang on trend just now.
But, let's be honest, stripes never really go out of fashion.
They are always around in one form or another.

These sailor style trousers are a classic striped style.
They are (very) old and I dust them down every spring.

They have those Classic style points that never date:

  • Heavyweight canvas/linen fabric.
  • Fine white and blue stripe.
  • Classic (but quirky) sailor buttons.
  • Unusual (but subtle) green trim.
  • Straight and wide leg.

They could be vintage, or bought yesterday.
That is why I love them.

Fake Fabulous | Double Stripes, spots and florals.

My striped jumper is a more modern take on the stripe theme, but is still nothing new.
Different sized stripes, in four different colours.
Simple and fun.

I sized up (two sizes) in this top as it was supposed to be tight and cropped and I didn't like the look or feel of it in my size.
{Back to that Ordnance survey map}
No wonder it was in the sale.

I popped this spotty blouse underneath (for a contrast of pattern) and this gorgeous necklace from Yosa.
Check out the website

{If you use the code FAB10 you can get an extra 10% off the already brilliant prices}

Fake Fabulous | Double Stripes, spots and florals.

Classic converse-style pumps and a mustard bag finished things off perfectly.
Comfortable and on-trend...what's not to love?

What about you?
Are you a fan of stripes?
What type do you like the best?
Will you be trying the "Double Stripes" look this season?

Please let me know in the comments....
Or Tweet me @samantha4blair.

I love hearing from you!

Jumper: Limited collection @M&S (similar, but with warmer colours...I love it!)
Trousers: Boden (this season's version)
Shoes: Boden (new season's version...and they would go with anything in all 3 colours)
Necklace: c/o Yosa
Blouse: H&M (similar)
Bag: Matties (this one is gorgeous)

Get the striped look:

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