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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

How to Wear Flares | Simple 70's Inspired Daywear.

Flared jeans and an off the shoulder top, over 40 | Fake fabulous

I know that I am quite late in jumping on the 70's-Style-flares bandwagon.
In fact, VERY late!
I honestly thought that I would avoid the trend all together.
However, flares don't seem to be going anywhere, do they?

In fact, all things 70's seem to be hanging around this well as all things 90's, but that is for another day.

I have dipped my toe in subtle 70's styling, and a more punchy, 70's colour palette.
But, flares are something I have not really been into for a while (unless you count this wide legged jumpsuit?!)
However, that is about to change.

Flared jeans & an off the shoulder top | Fake fabulous

Kick flare cropped jeans are everywhere this SS16, and I love the look of them.
Perhaps I need to investigate this trend further?
But, in the meantime, I decided to dig out my full-length flared jeans.
Simple, and fast becoming a classic.

Flares are quickly taking over as the modern version of the old boot-fit.
I spent most of the 90's in low cut, boot-fit jeans and they were very cool.
Unfortunately, boot fit jeans can look hideously frumpy in 2016.

How to pick Flares to suit your body shape:

  • Curvy/Pear/Hourglass with a round bum and hips? OR Tall and Slender with Hips and Shoulders a similar width?

Keep your flares fitted on the bum and thighs.
Choose a "true" flare, as wide as you want.
Your shape can carry it off with great style!
Taller figures can carry off a tunic/kaftan over their flares, which looks fantastic.

  • Petite? OR Boyish/Apple shaped with a Flat Bum or narrow Bum and Hips? 

Keep your flares more subtle.
A neater flare will suit your shape better.
Big flares can look weird with narrow hips or a flat bum, making you look an odd shape.

What Shoes to wear with Flares?

  • Chunky boots
  • Platform sandals
  • Clogs
  • Flatforms
  • Converse-style trainers
  • Chunky heeled shoes.
  • Flat sandals

Shoes to Avoid when wearing flares:

  • Ballerinas
  • Pointed Court shoes (some people might disagree with this one!)
  • Delicate shoes
  • Anything that lets the hem drag on the floor or causes the half-mast effect!

Shopping for flares:

These Flares should be good for me...
However, as a short-waister, I can struggle to look nice in this kind of outfit.
I can end up looking a bit like a cube of cheese balanced on two cocktail sticks.
Not a good look!

I am breaking at least 4 short-waisted rules here!

  • Tucking in my tops (and a thick top too!)
  • Wearing high-waisted jeans.
  • Adding a belt...especially an embellished one that catches the eye.
  • Off the shoulder top (although I did spend most of the day with it pulled up into a cowl neck! Brrrr)

All 4 of these broken rules contribute to making my waist look even shorter, and therefore chunkier.

However, I wanted to wear this outfit and I feel pretty good in it, so the rule book went swiftly into the bin.
Rules are made for breaking, after all!

Side view of flared jeans outfit, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

These long flares are comfortable and (with the addition of my thermal layers) warm.
I decided to pair them with a simple knit (which can be worn off the shoulder) and chunky is still winter after all!
{I am actually wearing a strapless bra and thermal top under this jumper too! The top is the same colour as the jumper, and is super stretchy, so it can go on and off the shoulder with ease}

See these chunky boots Here, with a vintage coat. And Here, with white jeans!

I really wanted to wear these old (VERY old) Johnny loves Rosie earrings....they might even be classed as vintage now!

When I was a student, I bought them to wear to a "posh" party (they were quite pricey, at the time).
I remember pairing them with a purple satin slip dress (I have fond memories of those bra-less years, dressing was so easy!) and chunky shoes.
They have a pretty Russian doll design....I will put a close up on Instagram.
Yes, they are old.
No, they are not on trend (or the latest in earring design) but I still love them!

Do you ever break the "Rules" when dressing?
Or, do you get confidence from knowing that what you are wearing is tried and tested for your body shape?
Please let me know in the comments...or Tweet me @samantha4blair.

Johnny loves Rosie earrings | Fake Fabulous

Boots: Shellys (this is the shoe version...and on sale!)
Jumper: MissFoxy (similar)
Jeans: Tesco (similar)
Belt: TkMaxx (similar)
Earrings: Johnny loves Rosie (very old)...these are pretty and more "on trend"!
Bag: Barbour (similar)

Maroon and Denim | Fake Fabulous

Shop my look:

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  1. I'm so glad you're such a rule breaker!! Because this outfit looks supreme!! I think the earrings (they are just gorgeous) are just perfect especially when you make the sweater shoulder baring. Here's an idea for future (with this outfit as an example): wear it this way and then say differently (say with the sweater untucked) and show them side by side? i think i'd be a totally different look---not necessarily better or worse--just different! jodie

    1. Good idea Jodie. I have thought of that as a way to show the reasons why I do things the way I do. Unfortunately, I usually end up forgetting and just showing what I did! then I think about it again after the event and wish I had photographed them with ballet pumps, for example. I will try to be less impulsive and more planned.....maybe :oP. Thank you for a great suggestion. XXX

  2. Your legs are made for these jeans.

    I have tried flares in the past with dubious results. In the end I just found that I didn't want to be forced to wear platform shoes everywhere to make them look decent.

    I love the colour of the sweater and you look supa sexy with it off the shoulders.

    The earrings are gorgeous! I'm always so jealous, as I can't wear earrings for much more than an hour myself. Seems like my whole body is rebelling about being stylish.

    I have a hard time following any rules, so breaking them is second nature to me. ; P


    1. I was taken by surprise at the length of these jeans, Suzanne. I was hoping to wear them with gutties but, unfortunately, it was not to be! Thankfully these boots are very comfortable...phew. I am wondering if I tumble dry them, they might shrink a bit and allow a lower shoe for spring/summer? I hope so. Anyway, I am off at a tangent! Thank you for your lovely for the Earrings, they have those extra wide backs which hold them comfortably and securely in place without feeling too weighty or pulling. Unfortunately, the original company was taken over in 2009, and I can't vouch for the quality of the new manufacturers....but if they are sticking to the ethos of the original, they will be nicely made too.
      I laughed at your "whole body rebelling about being stylish" comment. Hardly!! LOL

  3. Your headline ought to say Fake Fabulous does fabulous flares! You look stunning in these Samantha and the pairing with the off the shoulder top is truly stylish. The jeans are leg lengthening and work well to counter your short waist. I'd be using that first photo as your head shot for your blog - your bone structure, your features, your skin - its all model perfect!
    Anna's Island Style

    1. Hahaha....great headline Anna, you could write for a newspaper!
      You are too kind with you comments about my first shot.
      Just lucky with the sun! XXX

  4. You look amazing in flares ! Love the shoes you wore under them ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion blog

    1. Thank you so much Vale! XXX I did want to wear my shearling clogs but my jeans were too long! Hahahaha

  5. I'd say - This is Perfect - (and fun :)
    baci Sx

    1. You are very kind, Sally! The jumper was on and off my shoulders all day... pulled up when I was chilly, pulled down when I warmed up a bit. XXX

  6. If I read the rules I think "yes that makes sense". But when I look at you in this outfit, I think: she looks so damned good in this. Colour near her face (very becoming), applying another rule 1/3 and 2/3 in proportions (check), with the chunky boots making her legs look like daddy longlegs. Absolutely gorgeous. Also your hair and the earrings. ... ahh. You know you are a classic beauty?
    Oh and by the way.. I am shaped like an inverted triangle with a flat bum and no hips. What helps with flared jeans is a fitted jacket covering the bum.

    1. Thank you Greetje.
      You are the queen of "daddy long legs" proportions....that is for sure!
      That is a great tip too, about covering bums. Especially a fitted jacket, that can give the impression of more hip/bum than is actually there.

  7. In LOVE with this 70's inspired look! One of my very favs on you!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday & happy Valentine's Day!

    Dawn Lucy

  8. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Love the top.

  9. Hi Sam!
    I love the long earrings, the off the shoulder top, the color is divine on you! I have flares too I should style, but dont wear a very high heel so I need to get the altered a bit. This is so flattering on you! LOVE!!

    Thank you for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

  10. Holy Hot Mama! I love this outfit!! And there's nothing chunky about the middle. Not. At. All.

    I have to look up "short waisted." You've used the terminology before, and I keep getting confused, so I will research (I am a librarian after all!) and clear it all up for myself. Anyway, you look ultra fantastic in this outfit. In fact, you might want to change Fake Fabulous to Fully Fabulous or something like that!

    Lookin' good Sam! *winkwink*

    Annie from Kremb de la Kremb

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