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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Bright Colours in Winter | Cobalt, Red and Sky Blue.

Fake fabulous | Wearing cobalt , Red and Sky Blue.

Another chilly day calls for another colourful winter outfit!

Nothing beats the Winter Blues like a punch of colour.
Nothing cheers me up faster than wearing my favourite colours.
Colour has the power to lift us up or drag us down.
It is our choice.

When it comes to colours, I have to admit to having a few favourites.
And the favourite of the day all depends on my mood.
Sometimes, muted tones of grey or cream.
On other days, bright pink or neon yellow.
But, cobalt blue and red are very often in pole position.
And, together they have me grinning from ear to ear!

It started with a lipstick

This colourful look started out with a lipstick.

My new blogging friend Ann (at surprised me by sending a fabulous red lipstick for my birthday.
{It turns out we are both February babies!}
She is very well known for her vibrant red lips and luckily she wanted to send some colour over to Scotland.
As I am sure you agree, a thoughtful surprise is the best kind of present.
I was touched.

This bold red lip needed something equally bold (and red) to play with, so I chose to wear this red silk skirt.
It is a vintage party skirt, from the 80's I think, and is so well made.
The fabric is raw silk, with a mock wrap front.

It feels like "real" clothes

It fits like clothes used to, do you know what I mean?
Back in time, before everything went either: too big and shapeless, or too stretchy.
It has real structure.
I feel properly 'dressed' in it.
{This is opposite to the feeling I get from wearing one of my sloppy jumpsuits}

Although it is supposed to be an evening/party skirt, I thought it would be fun to team it with this pale blue polo neck.
Styling it for daytime.
{I styled another evening skirt, during the day, here}

More blue please!

After wearing the pantone colours of the, I decided to get more soft blue into my wardrobe.
This polo neck is a great addition.
A classic and versatile item.
I can see it being very busy, in my wardrobe, moving into spring.
{Hurry up Spring, I am freezing!!}

I needed a warm coat that was not too heavy or bulky.
My bright blue coat was the perfect choice.
{See it styled here with a clash of pinks}
It tones nicely with the pale blue, and contrasts (in a satisfying way) with the red of the skirt.

Colour play

This red skirt seems to take on colour from whatever it is teamed with.
The silk appears to pick out the cool tones of the blues, and give the skirt a pink-ish sheen at some angles.
Certain fabric types can be influenced by pairing with different colours.
Colour is a powerful thing!

This necklace was a last minute addition (thanks to a dear friend who gave it to me, for my birthday) and it pulled the colours together well.

Fake Fabulous | Cobalt, red and sky blue.

Let's talk tights...

Legwear choices can be really difficult for me.
I love my tights!
But, there are so many beautiful types of hosiery, that I sometimes feel spoiled for choice.
The wrong tights can ruin the feel of an outfit.
Bad tights can ruin the look of the leg.
Don't get me started on barely blacks (shudder).
{See my post about tights here}
Legwear is so important.
Black opaques were a non-starter.
Navy would have been too dull, nice but just too plain.
Red too "dress up".
Cobalt too matchy matchy.
This navy tartan pair were perfect!
Fun but still grownup (okay, grownup...ish).

Fake Fabulous | Cobalt, red and sky blue.

Fake Fabulous | Cobalt, red and sky blue.

Shoe love

I simply had to wear my fab patent brogues (given to me as a Christmas gift... see the original post here).
They are slightly more masculine than my other brogues and oxfords, and this really helped to bring the red silk skirt back down to earth.
Shoes have the ability to transform the feel of an outfit.
That is why I love them so much!
{Imagine this outfit with these pumps, or these boots....totally different}

What are your favourite colours or colour combinations?
Do you wear them or just admire them?

Do you have your favourites but choose to wear a more muted colour palette?
Or, do you go bold and bright?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.
Or, if you prefer...message me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
I love hearing from you!

Fake Fabulous | Cobalt, red and sky bluePatent brogues & tartan tights.

Necklace: A gift....this one is nothing like it, but gorgeous!
Shoes: Marc Jacobs ...these are similarThese are red patent!
Tights: Pretty Polly
Skirt: Vintage (similar)
Coat: Vintage (similar)
Top: Urban Outfitters (similar)
Belt: Boden (similar)
Gloves: Dents
Lipstick: Wet and Wild

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  1. Samantha! Only you would even have plaid tights!! Since I don't have any in my closet---I'd have to be oh, so boring and reach for grey---I'm really thinking I have to up my variety of tights!!
    And I'm in love with those shoes---the shine, the makes me swoon!
    I will admit to shying away from blue & red together---it usually reminds me of the Forth of July too much---but your combo does nothing of the sort!! So lovely!! jodie
    ps...I just thought I'd let you know our jumpsuits are in transit----I'm working on that blog series just for you!!!

    1. Oh Jodie, I am so excited to see your jumpsuit series. Thank you!
      As for 4th of July, of course! I had never thought of that. Hahaha...good job I was not in stars or stripes, eh?
      You should definitely get some more hosiery in your life....but I warn you is addictive!
      Thank you for your lovely comment. XXX

  2. Absolutely Fabulous Color Combo!!, love how you highlight every item and they work together so nicely!, love your cobalt blue coat, such a bright and delightful color, love your red skirt, very eighties and funny, and love particularly how you added those magnificent touches, your tights and shoes!!, lovely tights and fabulous shoes, you're right, shoes can change all the feeling of an outfit!! and your blue patent brogues are shiny and cool and love them!

    1. Thank you Monica. The skirt is so very 80's isn't it?
      I remember coveting them on "grown ups" when I was a girl. So bright and bold. My tights are back on me today, as I type this. Unfortunately, Jake (my dog) has just jumped up and snagged them...grrrrr. Emergency repair needed. I can't be mad though... he is a sweetheart! XXX

  3. I just love everything about this fabulous bold bright outfit!

    Those shoes are especially wonderful. Lucky you!

    That coat is the same colour as the velvet opera coat I scored thrifting this year. I wish I could wear it more but the slush/snow/mud mix along with -20 temps are for serious winter coats and boots only.

    You do wear colours so well.

    Will be sharing this on my FB fan page again.


    1. Oh...thank you so much Suzanne!
      I am NEEDING to see that opera coat in action. It sounds gorgeous!
      However the weather dictates what we wear! Luckily the rain had stopped to allow me to wear this coat. It is very fine but surprisingly warm. Must be good quality wool? XXX

  4. This look is so fab!! I love your play on colors and those shoes are beyond amazing!


    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I suspect that many people might find your outfits to be too bold for their tastes. However, I think you've hit upon just the right combination of ebb and flow. We can't dress in bold EVERYTHING, head to toe, else we look like the clowns of Barnum and Bailey. You have just the right eye for putting together lovely colorful outfits, but yet include some components that blend a bit more into the background. It's what gives your outfits that great eye appeal--that ebb and flow of bold and subtle. You go, girl.

    1. Thank you so much Riley!
      I had to look up Barnum and Bailey....hahaha...I have to admit to liking the colour combinations. Perhaps I should draw the line a a red nose? However, some days are so cold here they red nose comes naturally :oP
      Thank you for your comment about the ebb and flow...I suppose I do ground the bright colours with more muted tones, like navy and grey, without really thinking about it. Sometimes, though, I crave those clown-like clashes, I can't help it! XXX

  7. I cannot believe how you have made this outfit work, but it's great inspiration. The red against the various shades of blue works so well, and the necklace also helps to bring it all together. I adore your coat and I am so glad you chose those tights (I am also glad that there's someone else who doesn't see the point of barley black - grey, charcoal, coffee, all great - but why barely black?). Thanks for such fabulous inspiration! Kx

    1. Thank you so much! Red can look good with pale blue, can't it? In fact, I have found that most shades of blue work. I suppose I was inspired by my daughter in denim and a red T-shirt, and this is just a version of that combination(ish).
      I am so glad you agree with me about those hideous barely blacks. Hahahaha. Yes to all of those shades you mentioned...but barely blacks are only good for (trying to think of an occasion) Hmmmm, Nope...nothing! :oD XXX

  8. This is good Samantha, and you carry off bright colours so well . The tights were a lucky find; they're absolutely perfect with your shoes.
    Baci Sallyxx

    1. Thank you Sally! They are cool tights but my dog has just snagged them with his over-enthusiastic jumping and wagging. Grrrrrr. I would be cross but he is such a sweetheart. I just need to do a little repair. XXX

  9. Woman, you look amazing amazing AH-MAZING. I was just telling Jess you've inspired me to put together a Blue outfit and then I realised you'd inspired her to do the very same!! How cool is that??? How cool are you??? :) there are so many stunning elements in this ensemble but if I really had to narrow it down, I'd go for those tights. No insipid wallflower are they xoxo

    1. That is VERY cool Sheela! I am so pleased to have somehow inspired you to wear blue. There are an enormous range of hues to choose from. There is a blue out there for everyone :oD. I am glad you approve of my tights. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! XXX

  10. How kind of Ann to send you that lipstick - really suits you. And Happy February Birthday!
    The fun tights and necklace are the perfect linking pieces in this outfit and we all need a burst of colour on winter days! And I love how the lighter blue in your Christmas brogues is the colour of the coat and sort of fits in with the line of the tights!

    1. Wasn't it? I was so surprised and delighted. Thank you for noticing the tights/brogues pattern thingy, that was going on. I only noticed after the event! XXX

  11. Love the shoes! I wore my cobalt tights on Wednesday (wettest dullest day of the week) with my orange coat- agree you need to add brightness to a dull winter day. You've inspired me to wear cobalt again today! It 's such a gorgeous colour and - I think - versatile too. Love all your colour combinations: v inspiring!

    1. "Yay!!" for those cobalt tights, Kathryn. I bet they looked amazing with your orange coat (one of my favourite combinations). Thank you for your lovely comment. XXX

  12. This is such a beautiful, classic coat Samantha and I do love how you've styled it up to be young and funky with the mini skirt and those tartan tights. But let's not forget to give those wonderful brogues a fair mention too! The whole look is a winner x
    Anna's Island Style

    1. Ahh, thank you Anna! I had a feeling you would give my brogues another mention :oD.
      This coat is so thin (thin is probably the wrong word) fine maybe? Anyway, it is so warm despite its thinness. It must be that "old" wool I have mused about before. Vintage clothes can be lovely, can't they? XXX

  13. OK I am a virgin when it comes to colourful tights. I have worn black ones with little white dots, black ones with big black polka dots, bright blue ones and green ones. That is it. End of story. I want to but I am such a coward and a novice that I usually wear barely black (OK shudder, go ahead). So I went to your post about tights and saved it on my tool bar.
    As for your outfit: marvellous. Such a bright, colourful, modern and well proportioned outfit. I applaud you. The tights are really good with it. As are your shoes (something I never dare to wear as flat shoes give me strange big feet, something to do with not having an arch). As for bright coats.. I am all for that.

    1. Greetje, with your AMAZING legs you must try some coloured hose! It would a crime not too!! XXX

  14. I LOVE the blues and the red together here. By the way, is there a red-hued lipstick that does NOT go with your red hair? I'm starting to suspect there's none... So sweet of Ann to send you such a gorgeous gift, it really suits you!

    As always, your accessorising wins. I don't wear tights but even I want those! My favourite is the necklace. I think it'll be quite a moment to rummage through your collection of accessories.

    1. Hahaha...thank you Liyana! I am coming round to a brighter lip, and trying more colours. Ann has given me the push I needed. I am a bit of a makeup wimp!
      As for rummaging...You would be more than welcome! I like sharing.... It is a shame you are on the other side of the planet. XXX


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