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Friday, 12 February 2016

7 Different Ways to wear Chunky Tan Brogues.

7 wears to wear Chunky Brogues

Brogues have been around now for (what feels like) decades!
In the distant past, they were the preserve of the wealthy gentlemen.
However, brogues are fast becoming a classic shoe for women too.
And, it is easy to see why.
They go with everything.
They give a cool edge to almost any outfit.
They are very comfortable.
What is not to love?
Styling them is easy...

1. With Jeans

This is the obvious choice....
Cuffed boyfriend/girlfriend/Mom/skinny jeans and (almost) any top look great with chunky brogues.
However, I don't actually have a picture of my chunky brogues with any jeans!
Can you believe that?

{Although, this look could have easily involved my Chunky brogues}

I do wear them (a lot) with all kinds of jeans, but I just don't have any photos....I MUST remedy that this spring!

Anyway, I thought I would talk about 6 different looks that you can create with your chunky brogues.

2. With Ankle Grazers and Patterned Socks

Fake Fabulous |Chunky Tan Brogues

This is an easy jeans alternative.
Comfortable and cool.

{see these trousers styled with fake fur, here...this look could have easily involved these brogues too!}

The ankle grazing length (of the trousers) allows some cool patterned socks to be showcased.
This is a fun look on cooler days.
It also works really well with jeans.

{see the original post, here}

Fake Fabulous |Chunky Tan Brogues

3. With VERY Wide Legged Trousers/flared jeans or culottes

Fake Fabulous |Chunky Tan Brogues

Any wide legged trousers will work (this is a jumpsuit).
The shoes give enough height to stop the trousers trailing and add length to the leg.
They can look particularly good with tailored trousers (especially with turn-ups) and a crisp shirt.
Feminine yet masculine.

The chunky brogues would also work well with flared jeans.
Both full length and the cropped flares.

They would also look very cool with culottes (although I am yet to try that look, it works brilliantly on culotte lovers!)

{see the original post, here}

Fake Fabulous |Chunky Tan Brogues

4. Bookending, with Bright Tights

Fake Fabulous |Chunky Tan Brogues

If you get your brogues to match your hair (or close enough) you can try bookending!
Bookending is the 'art' of matching you hair to your shoes.
Topping and tailing your outfit, if you like.
The outfit does not even need to match the shoes!
Granted, this colour palette is an extreme case BUT you can see how the shoes and my hair go together.
This grounds the other colours.
It can work with any look.
Why not try it for yourself?

{see the original post, here}

Fake Fabulous |Chunky Tan Brogues

5. With a 70's colour palette

Fake Fabulous |Chunky Tan Brogues

Tan, orange, brown and mustard are all colours that sum up the 70's, for me.
Do you remember those hideous soft furnishings of days gone by?

Tan chunky brogues can add a soft tonal feel to a vibrant 70's palette.
In fact, they can tone down any colour palette, especially if you tie in another item...such as a belt or bag.
I loved wearing this outfit!
Colourful and fun, but so comfortable.

Grab a belt that goes well with your brogues and experiment with colours in your wardrobe.

{see the original post, here}

Fake Fabulous |Chunky Tan Brogues

6. With shorts and woolly tights

Fake Fabulous |Chunky Tan Brogues

This is another one of my favourite outfits.
The tan brogues add a masculine, yet feminine, feel to this slightly gamine look.
I love the warmth and interest they add to the outfit.

They also stop the shorts looking either too "boyish" or too "cheap".
Heels with shorts can look trashy, but the classic chunkiness of brogue stops this happening.

{see the original post, here}

Fake Fabulous |Chunky Tan Brogues

7. With a jumpsuit

Fake Fabulous |Chunky Tan Brogues

Finally, with a jumpsuit.
A bright orange one at that!

This was an incredibly comfortable outfit that was just like wearing pyjamas!
These brogues are so easy to wear and, with the addition of the belt and bag, were just smart "enough" to pull this bright jumpsuit out of loungewear territory.
Although, later in the evening, the belt came off and my fluffy socks went on.....bliss!

Hero shoes

I have LOTS (and I mean lots) of beautiful shoes, that I love to wear, BUT I am guilty of too regularly reaching for my "Heros".
Choosing the same favourites for my day to day life.

See my Seasonal Shoe Heroes....

Summer hero
Autumn hero
Winter hero
Party hero

I don't have a spring hero yet....but I will soon!

Do you have a classic shoe that seems to go with everything?
Do you reach for your "Hero Shoes" time and time again?

Please let me know in the comments... I love to hear your thoughts and ideas, especially your favourite shoes!

Or, if you prefer, tweet me @samantha4blair....with a picture!

Let's shop for cool Brogues!



  1. I'm sat here with mine on now funny enough and they are being worn with my vintage tweed suit of waistcoat and trousers.
    I've got such big feet and skinny legs I gave to be careful what I wear on my feet otherwise they look like canal barges.
    My favourites are a pair of maroon leather German boots I got for £8 at a vintage fair about 3 years ago
    Lynn :-)

    1. Your boots sound like my kind of footwear!
      Chunky , practical and a bit "different".
      Perfect with everything!

  2. Well, I'm working on this....I finally bought a pair last year. They just aren't my go-to's ---yet! I gravitate towards more of a pointy, sexy shoe and these are quite masculine! But I'm learning to dress outside my box with the help of you & many others!! thanks for such great inspiration! jodie

    1. Go for it Jodie!
      You are super-feminine (in every way) so could never look masculine....even in a suit and tie!
      A chunky shoe would add another element to your look....and I bet Nancy and your Mum would look amazing in a heeled brogue. XXX

  3. You styled them well. I find brogues extremely difficult to style. With flat shoes, I get a very large strange foot, because I have no arch. And with heels brogues... well.. my old fashioned thinking ("pumps are nice with a dress") gets in the way. I shook off a lot of such old ideas, but this one (footwear) is the hardest. I can still appreciate what others like yourself are doing. So eventually I will come round. Probably when it goes out of fashion again. Love your autumn heroes.

    1. Greetje, your awesome legs would be PERFECT for this shoe. Especially as you are an inverted triangle. They would add balance and a bit more "funkiness" to a dress. I do hope you take the plunge as I would love to see the results! XXX

  4. Great inspiration ! I love a good pair of brogues :) and you made me think I actually need a tan pair since I have a few but all in black ! Looking awesome in your looks and I especially love the 70s color palette on you =) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion blog

    1. Vale, your shoe collection is my most coveted! Any more fabulous shoes and I might cry!! LOL XXX

  5. Great ideas for styling the brogues. Goes to show just how versatile a shoe they really are. And I love the fact that yours have a little bit of a heel too.
    I love them with the tailored shorts. Fab.

    1. Thank you Jacqueline. I am always tempted to buy more pairs as there are so many different colours and styles to choose from. But, I need to stop as my CC is in danger of spontaneously combusting! (CC=credit card). XXX

  6. I never really payed much attention to brogues, but I might have to get myself a pair now! Love the way you styled them.

    1. Thank you so much Ciara. You should grab yourself a pair, to try. They are surprisingly versatile. XXX

  7. I can't decide which way I like them styled best, but I do think I like them best with tights. In each of the stylings when you wore it with a skirt, dress, or shorts, I really liked being able to see your calf and ankle. You have great legs! And with the shorter hems both the legs and shoes were highlighted. Yay!

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb


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