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Monday, 25 January 2016

Wearing a Gents Shirt | Pantone Colours of the Year.

Trying the Pantone colours of the year....Serenity and Rose Quartz.

Wearing a gents shirt without looking like a boy.
I have to admit that I had never heard of the 'Pantone colour of the year' until a few days ago.

I know many people will be wondering if I have been under a rock or something, but I had honestly never come across it.

Apparently, the colour that will represent 2016, is a mixture of Serenity (blue) and Rose Quartz (pink).

These colours are very pretty and supposed to be calming too.
Worth a go?

Fake Fabulous  | Pantone colours and a gents shirt.

I decided to wear this gents shirt....mostly because it is the only pale blue thing I own (I did go online and quickly remedied that!).

The shirt is made of a beautiful quality fabric and is a pleasing oversized shape.

Pale grey skinny jeans compensated for the bagginess of the shirt, making it feel more feminine.
Peep toed booties (matching my hair) lessened the masculine blow, even further.

7 ways to Feminise a Masculine item:

  1. Keep the rest of your outfit form-fitting. A loose shirt with tight leather trousers, for example.
  2. Roll up your cuffs. Wrists are very feminine and sexy (you can un-button the shirt as low as you dare BUT you can also have it buttoned up to the neck if you don't need cleavage to look like a woman!)
  3. Heels. Obviously.
  4. Feminine colours.
  5. Makeup. Luscious lips or a smokey eye can work wonders.
  6. Attitude. Strut your stuff and you will look great.

I wanted to wear my leather jacket as it was quite a mild day and we had a break from the incessant rain.
I have become so sick and tired of needing my raincoat over (what feels like) every outfit.

As someone who gets bored easily, I was desperate to get into something more Spring-like.
The bulbs are coming up after all!

{Speaking of hair has suddenly "sprung" out of my head, resembling Lego hair...Time for action!}

Fake Fabulous  | Pantone colours and a gents shirt.

Shhhh, don't tell....but, I was secretly layered up under this outfit.

Footless tights, under my jeans.
A thermal vest and a pink long sleeved top, under the shirt.
I also needed my hat, faux fur scarf and gloves.
It may be mild, but it is only 10 degrees Celsius, hardly balmy!

Faux fur is set to hang around well into the Spring.
Great news for any faux fur lovers.

A couple of whimsical necklaces, and some lace socks, finished things off nicely.

Fake Fabulous  | Peep toes and socks.

Do you ever wear gents clothes?
How do you style them?

Please share in the comments....or tweet me @samantha4blair.

Jacket: Superdry...this one is stunning!
Shirt: Claudio Lugli...similar.
Shoes: c/o JD Williams (similar)
Socks: UK tights (similar)
Jeans: Forever 21
Necklaces: Unknown (old)...this one is pretty.
Scarf: Zepla. This is so pretty!
Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company (old) this one is similar.

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  1. fabulous outfit, love those masculine pieces worn with attitude!, and such a subtle color combo!
    You're right, heels and make-up can give it a twist, but attitude rocks everything!

    1. Attitude should have been top of my list, Monica.
      As you say, it trumps everything else! XXX

  2. What a great idea to wear a guy's shirt---it's kinda like a tunic then! And the necklace is a perfect addition to make it more girly!! Love it all!!! jodie

    1. Thank you Jodie! I was struggling to find anything pale "Serenity" blue. This shirt is actually my son' was a gift but too "OTT" for his liking. The floral details turned him off. It is such a fantastic quality that I had to snaffle it! :OD. XXX

  3. I love how you styled the shirt! The pink & blue look great on you! Fun necklace, too! And I love the shoes!

    1. Thank you Andrea, these colours are tricky for me. I always associate pastels with being "old". Assuming that they would make me feel frumpy. BUT, it is all about the attitude. Feel good then you look good and vice versa! XXX

  4. Samantha! This is my first question: were your feet freezing?! Those socks are super cute as are the shoes, but they are making my feet cold for you!! I like this look the best with all of its layers on--the hat, the coat, the scarf--all of it. You look like the Pantone image!

    I'm with you: I didn't really now about the Pantone color until last year. It was our first Fab 40s post and we went with Marsala--last year's color of the year. Now I'm more in the know, but to be honest, I don't think it was ever such a big thing until it blew up on the Internet. I could be totally wrong here.

    I want to share this really nifty thing I did with a men's shirt. I turned it into an off the shoulder. You can see it here with white jeans and here as just a cover up on the beach. I went to my local thrift shop, bought a very large men's shirt, took it to the tailor, and voila! Off-the-shoulder pinstripe shirt! I love it!! I see many more wears in its future.

    Here's another post demonstrating what a perfect mixer you are!

    Love, Ann

    1. That is a great idea Ann!
      Taking this shirt to a tailor to be altered, I also have a dark grey one (same make and design) which would make a brilliant dress (albeit a short one!). Thank you for the inspo! XXX
      P.S...forgot my feet. Well, yes and no....the day was super-mild for the time of year AND I was getting a lift (so no real walking involved) plus the wee sockets are surprisingly warm...AND I had sneaky footless tights on. I am a big wimp when it comes to being cold!

    2. You'll have to let me know if you tailor the shirts Samantha. I'm glad your fee were ok! You inspired me to pull out my lacy whites the other day.

      Thanks for coming over and linking up to the Kremb de la Kremb Style Stories Link Up.

      Love, Ann

  5. I saw this and wondered why the heck you weren't featured! You did a much better job.


    1. Suzanne you are so generous! I had a look at the feature. Wow...I like! I am so glad my post was out first or I would have looked like a copy cat :oP.
      As for not being are too kind. My photos are not slick and editorial enough, more "normal" and being 40+ doesn't help either. Thank you for your vote of confidence though! That is enough for me. XXX

  6. You're so good at this layering up thing, Samantha. I fear I'd just look like a bag lady if I tried a bit of layering. You've captured the essence of the Pantone colour theme really well, and I love the mix of masculine/feminine with the shirt on one hand and the fake fur on the other. Beautifully played as ever, Sam.
    Anna's Island Style

    1. Thank you Anna....although I am 100% sure you would NOT look like a bag lady! XXX

  7. Well great minds think alike! I did a menswear inspired outfit also on Monday for my Seasonal Skinny Style Challenge with a suited and booted post! Aren't we lucky that we also get to raid the men's department too sometimes!
    Great shirt and those cuffs are fantastic and quite rightly need to be shown off! Love the feminine touches here and even your layer under the shirt is rose quartz!

    Love your interpretation of the colours. And as the colours are quite soft and feminine it actually quite refreshing to see them style this way. These colours could so become too twee and girly but not in your capable hands!

    I vaguely had heard of Pantone before blogging but only in a vague that name rings a bell kinda way but found out more once I started blogging. I think it's one of those things you'd would only really know about from something like blogging.

    1. We must be on the same style page! Brilliant.
      Maybe your tomboy post subconsciously inspired my gents shirt wearing? I did feel very feminine despite being quite androgynous in shape (and hair). Thank you for your lovely comment. XXX

  8. Great ideas. I really enjoyed. I just love the shade of your jeans.

    1. Thank you Sloane. There are an unusual shade of blueish grey...unfortunately they are slowly dying, I need to find another pair soon! XXX

  9. Love your jacket, the colour, the style, everything. I have been after one like that for a while and I always wonder if I'm tool old to wear something like that. I think it looks fab on you.

    1. You are NEVER too old, Elena!
      If you want one, get one and strut your stuff.
      My father-in-law's sister is in her late 70's and is probably the most stylish person I know.
      She rocks (and I mean ROCKS) the latest colours and shapes. Always on trend without looking like a "crazy old person". She would not think twice about getting this jacket, if she liked it.
      Neither should you! You will never again be as young as you are today, so why hang about? XXX

    2. I guess so, will need to check one jacket out

    3. I am glad to hear that! There are loads of nice Spring-like coloured leather (and faux) jackets. Have fun! XX

  10. Yes, this is certainly not a masculin look. You are too feminine to ever look like a man. Don't you get cold in your peep toe shoes with only lace socks? Or is it a matter of "anything for a good style" haha.
    And no, I don't wear gent's clothes. My shape is an inverted triangle so that is not a good look on me.

    1. Yes Greetje, my toes did get a bit chilly, but it was unseasonable mild (about 15 degrees) and I was indoors for most of the time. My toes are in two layers of wool socks today though! XXX


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