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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Secret Winter Layers | Boho Dress and OTK Boots.

Fake fabulous | Secret Winter Layers, 70's style dress & OTK boots.

Do you ever get tired of reaching for your Winter Coat, every day? {Or, like me, your Winter Waterproof Coat?}

What can you wear if it has stopped raining (hooray!) but is still bitter cold?

I am so sick and tired of wearing my long, waterproof, coat almost everyday this winter.
The weather has been relentless and, as a non-driver, practicality (unfortunately) reigns supreme!

So, when there was a break in the rain, I was delighted to leave my waterproof coat hanging in the porch cupboard.
At last, a cold and dry(ish) spell...a few flakes of snow were blowing through the wind but nothing like the deluge we have endured.

I could have easily reached for one of my colourful wool coats or even a puffer, but I wanted to wear this oversized knitted coat.

This coat was hand knitted and is very warm and comfortable.
Wearing it is like wrapping yourself in a blanket!
However, it has no sleeves.
Which is challenging in cold weather.

This calls for some "Secret" layering.
{Invisible layers that only you know you are wearing}

Fake fabulous | Secret Winter Layers, 70's style dress & OTK boots.

How to wear Invisible layers and stay warm:

  • Choose your fabric wisely. Very few people want to add bulk to their look. Try fine wool and silk for a super-thin, super-cosy effect. A lightweight (and close fitting) thermal top adds almost nothing to your silhouette.
  • Don't forget your legs! Many people forget to treat their legs to an extra layer, and just focus on the upper body. If you add that extra warmth to your lower body, it really makes a huge difference. Thermal/wool tights or fine gauge leggings under your jeans or trousers work wonders!
  • Treat your feet. Extra fine wool socks under your "normal" socks are very effective. Be careful when wearing too many socks. If your toes are restricted, and can't move around, they get very cold very quickly.
Fake fabulous | Secret Winter Layers, 70's style dress & OTK boots.

It won't surprise you to hear that I am layered up (to the max) in this 70's inspired outfit.

However, this dress shape can be very difficult to pull off.
The dropped waist can be very unflattering, adding bulk where it is least needed.
Add to this the potential problem of multiple layers, and things could get chunky.

Luckily, thin layering meant I didn't swell up too far!

My Secret (and not-so secret) layers:
Add to this my coat, scarf, hat and gloves (all wool) and I am fighting the chill with ease.

Confidence comes from feeling good.
Feeling good comes from being comfortable.
Comfort, and being the right temperature, go hand in hand.
So cosy layers are a confidence booster.
There is nothing stylish (or fun) about shivering.

Fake Fabulous | Secret winter layers, 70's style & OTK boots.

Do you have any any tricks for staying warm on cold days?
Or, keeping cool on sweltering ones?
Please share any tips you have in the comments....or tweet me@samantha4blair.

Dress: Asda. This one is similar and really nice!
Boots: Ted and Muffy....these are cool.
Tights: Levante (similar)
Polo neck: La redoute (similar)
Coat: Handmade (this one is beautiful)
Scarf: Urban outfitters (similar)
Gloves: Asos (these are great!)
Hat: Topshop (old)...I stuck a feather hat pin in it, for a little more colour.
Thermals: M&S

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  1. ohhh, you look comfy & cool, gorgeous!, lovely dress, and lovely touch of yellow in your turtleneck, it's a fabulous color combo!
    And also lovely boots and coat, and so cute beret!, you rock details!, lovely accessorizing!
    I'm a huge fan of turtlenecks under dresses! and pettipants too!

    1. Thank you Monica. I know you are a fan of accessorising, and I am so pleased you approve of my choices (and colours)....most appreciated! XXX

  2. Yay, there's nothing stylish in shivering ! You said it and I couldn't agree more ! I am so fed up with some blogs promoting summer sandals with naked legs and a coat, it can look good but it can't feel good ! I love layering and I see you are a master at it ! Love that dress, such a fun print, and the mustard turtleneck looks great under it ! Beautiful look, perfect and warm, I'd wear anytime ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion blog

    1. Oh Vale, I find bare legs difficult even in summer! Scottish summers are not consistently hot. We may get a very warm days but not many. Blue (and mottled) skin is not attractive...hahaha. I am all about the layers so thank you for your vote of confidence! XXX

  3. Amazing, amazing dress. We have to do secret layers in HK because the buildings are so cold! Otherwise we end up wearing our jackets inside, too! Especially this week. Brrrrr....

    1. I can hardly believe you live without central heating. I know HK is generally warm (and HOT sometimes) but I still can't get my head around it! My heating is on for 9 months out of the year, and even in high summer it needs to go on some days. Brrrrr indeed! XXX

  4. Those boots are absolutely fabulous---it's got me thinking that maybe I need a flat pair of OTK boots since I love my heeled ones so so much!! I layer like you do since i'm always cold. I even will layer some of my old, ugly color hosiery under my tights & jeans. I've been known to have 3 pairs of hose/tights on just so I could wear a dress!! jodie

    1. too Jodie! I have been known to layer up those tights. I have wool footless tights that I wear under jeans and they are a must-have on cold days. I hope you get some flat OTK's...looking forward to you sharing them already! XXX

  5. As a Canadian I know the importance of secrets layers which you've done very well. As a 49 year old woman though I also know that if I can't strip off those layers once inside I run a serious risk of spontaneous combustion if I can't remove some of those layers quickly. Since I'm older I try to layer in ways that are easier to remove in public.

    I think the great thing about this outfit is you can't tell you're layered at all. Normally I start looking like the Michelin man.


    1. You are spot on here, Suzanne. I dress for where I am going that day, but sometimes get caught out! I have been known to disappear to the 'ladies' and wriggle out of a couple of under-layers when I have been in danger of spontaneously combusting (unexpected heating or roaring fires). I was okay this day....I was actually wishing I had an extra cardigan with me at one point! Brrrr. XXX

  6. The waffle knit cardi/coat is a great addition at this time of year when a coat is too much and normal cardi isn't quite enough. This one is bloomin' lovely. I think the dress is so cute and works well with the OTK boots, which by the way are such a perfect neutral colour they'll go on and on. And the dash of an extra pattern by way of that hat is sweet too. You have the perfect gamine features to wear hats, lucky you!
    Anna x
    Anna's Island Style

    1. Thank you Anna. The cardigan/coat is so chunky and cosy, quite weighty too. It is wool so repels water (or snow) up to a point and then gets soaked and weighs a tonne! I have been caught out once and it was a weight training exercise just to lug the soggy knit home! XXX

  7. What an amazing outfit and it looks so comfy too #Fashionfriday

  8. Very well styled. I love the boots. And the dress is very elegant. Great job of dressing stylish AND be warm. Not easy.

    1. Thank you Greetje. These boots are fast becoming my favourites! XXX

  9. Gorgeous prints, love the layering. Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday

  10. Just wondering, is there a tie at the first waist ruffle seam area? I think this dress should be tight around your waist blousing there and then falling a little shorter. But maybe that isn't an option. Is that ok that I said that? I hope so. I just think you have a great waist, so show it off! The print of this dress--love it. I'm definitely a bit boho so anything paisley-esque is right up my alley. And the color--navy with hints of oranges and burnt red, also a love.

    Are you loving your OTK boots? I thought so!! And yes to the layers--I'm at the point where I've stopped showering and just allow my thermal layers to be my skin. I know. Ewww! Gross! But hey, gotta deal with the cold somehow...

    Thanks for coming over and linking up to the Kremb de la Kremb Style Stories Link Up Samantha.

    Love, Ann

    1. It would be good with a drawstring, you are right! Unfortunately it was just a cheap one and had no functional drawstring. It can be a really unflattering shape and I can see why is was in the sale. I look a lot wider in this dress than in many others. Dropped waists are difficult to style. Thank you for your comment. XXX

    2. BTW, of course it is ok! I really appreciate your input. XXX

    3. I woke up worried about this comment! ;P You styled it expertly despite no waist. Leopar + OTK adds the necessary sass! I'm glad it was ok though! A x

  11. Love all of the colors, especially how you highlighted the mustard color. The print is cool and since I am in the South, our winter is more like 2 months, jan, feb, so I have more coats then I need. Love the OTK boots, so cool, you bought em! THey fit you well too. I have thin legs like you and have to make sure the boots fit well, Go girl!

    Thanks for linking up to Turning Heads Tuesday
    jess xx

    1. Thanks Jess! It is great when we find boots to fit, isn't it? You have 2 months with coats I have 12!! Hahaha. XXX

    2. Thanks Jess! It is great when we find boots to fit, isn't it? You have 2 months with coats I have 12!! Hahaha. XXX


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