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Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year Style Resolutions | A few of my favourite things.

Style Resolutions for 2016.

I have to be honest here...
I am not a fan of New Year Resolutions.
I am quite cynical about them.

How many fitness regimes are started in January, only for the trainers to be gathering dust by March?
How many diets end up in disappointment?
How many courses and classes are unfinished and neglected?
These failures only serve to make us feel worse about ourselves.
Fashion resolutions, however, are very easy to keep.

My 3 New Year Fashion Resolutions (that I think every woman should keep) are:

  1. To NEVER worry about what anyone else might be thinking....Confidence is the best accessory and nobody can tell if you are faking it.  Ditching the worry about gaining approval from others is liberating, and dressing starts to be fun (which is the whole point after all!)
  2. To keep an open mind about new shapes, colours and trends. Keep trying new things and pushing back the edges of your comfort zone.
  3. To never keep anything for "Best". Live and dress for today, you never know what is round the corner in life.

New Year Style Resolutions | Fake Fabulous.

As I was looking though the photographs of this outfit, I realised that (without actually trying) it contains most of the elements that I love about having fun with fashion.

  • Mixing Patterns
  • Mixing Colours
  • Coloured hosiery
  • Interesting shoes
  • Vintage clothes
  • Chunky jewellery and fun accessories
  • Layers

I was so happy that I had began the year in such a positive way.
Starting as I mean to go on!

This outfit is the kind of look that I love.
Comfortable and warm but still interesting, with plenty of colour, texture and fun.

New Year Style Resolutions | Fake Fabulous.

I decided to wear this vintage wool coat again as it has such an unusual shape and fabrication, not to mention the best (enormous) pockets ever!
See how I styled this 1950's coat (very simply) here.
Because of the 3/4 sleeves I wore wrist warmers, made from the sleeves of a jumper I had shrunk in the wash.
Gloves and a hat were a must today, it has finally started to feel frosty, and I customised a boring black beanie by adding a furry burgundy pompom.
My green tote was perfect for the daily lug of 'stuff', also adding another colour into the mix.

New Year Style Resolutions | Fake Fabulous.

I wanted to wear this colourful patterned dress with a silk-chiffon blouse underneath.
Layering is a great way to get more mileage from your clothes.
See this dress worn here....when I tried (and failed) to take my own blog photos.
Petrol blue tights and these fab new shoes were the perfect match.  For me anyway!
A good friend bought these shoes for me.
Isn't it great when someone really 'gets you' and can buy the most wonderful surprises?
I always look forward to opening her Christmas presents.
She is not into fashion (or blogging) but she knows I am, and that makes her gifts the most thoughtful.
I squealed in delight when I unwrapped this parcel.
Right up my style-street!

New Year Style Resolutions | Fake Fabulous.

New Year Style Resolutions | Fake Fabulous.

My geometric necklace was the perfect finishing touch.

New Year Style Resolutions | Fake Fabulous.

Look at my new shoes.
Navy patent leather with a cobalt trim.
I love them!!

New Year Style Resolutions | Fake Fabulous.

New Year Style Resolutions | Fake Fabulous.

Are you making any Resolutions this year?
Please let me know in the comments or tweet me @samantha4blair

Shoes: Marc Jacobs (a gift)...these are similar.
Gloves: Dents (these are nice)
Hat: Asda (old) customised with a...pom pom!
PomPom: Newlook
Arm warmers: Homemade...from the sleeves of a shrunken jumper.
Bag: Osprey (similar)
Necklace: H&M
Blouse: French Connection (similar)
Dress: Closet (this one is nice)
Tights: Gipsy 100 (similar)
Coat: Vintage (similar...well, not really..but still nice)

Shop my look...mostly reduced too!!



  1. Love the blue on blue on blue, Sam. Happy New Year from another house where no resolutions will be (or have been) made. Just new projects to be embraced. And trips to be planned. But no resolutions.

    1. Thank you Susan. New projects and trips sound much more fun than resolutions! XXX

  2. I like your fashion resolutions!

    The blue looks great on you; love the new shoes!

    Wishing you a happy & healthy 2016!

    1. And a Happy New Year to you too, Andrea! I am glad you like my shiny new shoes :oD XXX

  3. My opinion is like the fashion rules of yesteryear, resolutions have bit the dust! Every day is a new day and it's always good to grow and change, but we should also embrace ourselves as is and enjoy life!! And don't I love those blue shoes---we both got new blue shoes (I posted mine on instagram)---how fun! jodie

    1. Very true, Jodie! I saw your blue suede shoes....great shade of blue. I am looking forward so seeing them in blog action :oD XXX

  4. Sam, live the coat as I have expressed. Those new shoes would make me want to dance! Snazzy!! I don't really do resolutions as I think one should resolve for better health etc anytime. Stylewise, I do want to try new things , wear more of my closet,continue to wear what I love wearing
    Happy new year

  5. Sam, live the coat as I have expressed. Those new shoes would make me want to dance! Snazzy!! I don't really do resolutions as I think one should resolve for better health etc anytime. Stylewise, I do want to try new things , wear more of my closet,continue to wear what I love wearing
    Happy new year

    1. Wearing more of our "old" clothes is something I try to do. Quite often the new trends are just tweaked versions of things I already own or unexpected combinations of other items. It is fun to experiment and play around with colours, patterns and textures. Happy New Year to you too!!! XXX

  6. These colours are all so great together - I especially love the tights and shoes. Your resolutions and elements of what you like have given me cause to think more systematically about my own likes and 'rules'. Thanks for the inspiration - and Happy New Year! Kx

    1. Thank you...I am glad to be a little help. I am glad you like my shoes too :oD....and petrol/teal tights are fast becoming a 'neutral' that goes with everything in my wardrobe! Can teal be a neutral I wonder?? hahahaha....perhaps we can make anything a neutral if we want to. XXX

  7. Wonderful resolutions and oh boy I love those shoes! You look fab, xox


  8. Sensational start to the New Year. Resolutions don't need another year to start - if we want to make a change we can do it any time. Love this coat and think it works so well because of your gamine look - it's very Audrey Hepburn. And am having serious pangs of envy about these brougues, and would be over the moon if my friend bought them for me too! Totally chic today x
    Anna's Island Style

    1. Thank you Anna....I had a feeling you would approve of my footwear. Brilliant gift, eh? And they say us ladies are hard to buy for too! :oD

  9. So, so pleased to see that coat again as it's just a dream and my, doesn't it just look fantastic with those new shoes! Your friend has excellent taste and you've styled them perfectly!
    I too never make resolutions. Just keep on moving forward and growing. Although I am going to try and wear more dresses this year so we'll see how that goes!
    Happy New Year to you Samantha and I hope you're better now and fully recovered from being ill over Christmas.

    1. She did good, didn't she?
      She said that she saw them and instantly thought of me, which made me feel great as she got it spot on! Good luck with your "More dresses"...I, too, am determined to buy things out of my usual comfort zone. As you say...growing and moving forward. XXX

  10. Those are great New Year Style Resolutions! I especially love the first one. Great coat too!

  11. I love those shoes... brogues are so cool and stylish, you have some very cool pairs of shoes and boots my friend. I like your advice. I dont make resolutions, but rather reflect from time to time about things in life I may want to change, style, etc.. I love vintage jewelry and pieces so I think some of these details make it interesting as well. Great ideas my friend and that blue coat! love!

    Thank you for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

    1. Thank you Jessica....I am glad you approve of my shiny new shoes :oD. I must try some vintage jewellery. I love vintage clothes so I should really push myself and give jewellery a try too. XXX

  12. Totally love your funky mod style, Dear!

    Thanks so much for joining MY REFINED STYLE LINK UP!

    Dawn Lucy

  13. This is a great look on you and I totally agree with your goal of not saving anything as best. Thanks for adding your fashion flair to the My Refined Style Linkup!



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