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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Light Tan Over-The-Knee Boots & Pale Grey.

Styling light tan over-the-knee boots, and a pale grey puffy jacket.

Cosy Winter outfit....and Over the knee boots, at any age!

Light tan OTK boots & pale grey | Fake Fabulous

When I think of wearing puffy coats (and jackets) I know that I have to give up the idea of looking chic, and just hope not to look too much like a bag-lady....or like Bianca from Eastenders!

{If you don't know who that is, just search Images of "Bianca Eastenders Jacket" and enjoy!}

BUT, they are so comfortable and warm, and sometimes we just need a cosy hug on a cold day, don't we?

See this post here when I style my tartan down-filled jacket...with furry boots!

I was quite delighted to discover frost on the ground this morning. After weeks and weeks of incessant rain, it was a welcome change.
This meant I could wear something other than wellies, snow boots or chunky ankle boots!

This crisp weather was calling out for my pale grey puffy jacket.
It is very lightweight (and perfect for a busy day) but still cosy due to special high-tec padding (apparently).
I needed some warm mitts, and earmuffs too, as the wind was bitingly cold.

It does not matter that I am over 40.
These fun accessories are for everyone!

Light tan OTK boots & pale grey | Fake Fabulous

Under my cosy jacket, I wore: a brushed thermal vest, a polo neck, a leopard print top and a grey wool waistcoat....plenty of layers to fight the chill!
Using a wide leather belt, to pull everything together, kept the layers in check.
I find that belting layers also keeps me warmer.

Light tan OTK boots & pale grey | Fake Fabulous

Now for the tricky part....

I was lucky enough to be given some money (for Christmas) and so I treated myself to something way out of my comfort zone....a pair of OTK boots!

{These ones are from a company that makes boots for all different leg shapes, from very thin legs to extra wide. Great news for someone who struggles to find boots to fit, like me!}

However, I am not ashamed to admit to fearing the over-the-knee boot (a little).
I know some people wear them all of the time, and with great ease.
But I find them terrifying!

{Although, having said that, I did style a black pair using my personal security blanket of colour.}

These light tan ones were the obvious choice, for me, when pushing my boundaries.
Light enough (in colour) to be worn going forward into spring, with a distressed finish that made them a little different and more versatile.

I did not want to be too much of a blogging cliche (by wearing a knitted dress, or a floaty one with a chunky cardigan) but I did want to feel comfortable, on my first day, so my grey skinny jeans came out again.
See them here with pink and red...oh, and a pop of neon.

This muted colour palate made me feel exposed, as I often use bright colours as 'armour'.
But, it quickly grew on me!
Over the knee boots are surprisingly warm (who knew?) especially when teamed with a pair of cosy thermal socks.

I am determined to wear these new boots many more times, and have fun pushing my style boundaries even further...I may even wear them with that floaty dress, after all!

Have you pushed yourself out of your usual comfort zone with a new purchase?
Please let me know in the comments, or tweet me @samantha4blair.

Light tan OTK boots in Winter | Fake Fabulous

Boots: Ted & Muffy (these are similar)
Socks: Marks & Spencers
Jeans: Forever 21 
Top: Topshop (similar)
Belt: Topshop (I like this one)
Polo neck: Topshop (again!)
Scarf: A gift (this one is similar)
Gloves: Unknown (these are cool)
Earmuffs: My daughters! (These are nice)
Jacket: Puffa (similar)
Bag: Hidesign (this one is lovely)
PomPoms: Various shops.

Shop the look:



  1. Great OTK boots! I love the socks, too! Even though the colors are muted, the outfit still looks very "you!" :-)

    1. Thank you Andrea. I always appreciate your comments, and fantastic support. I did feel like the little things (like the socks) made the outfit more "me". I am so glad you agree! XXX

  2. What a wonderful post dear :) I wish you a happy healthy 2016 with lots of fun!

    Check out my new post - My amazing kitchen floor makeover :)

    LOVE Maria Inredning - it's Swedish for decor

  3. Gorgeous otk boots.Happy new year Samantha
    Laurie x

    1. Thank you Laurie. I am determined to get over my fear :oD XXX

  4. I love the boots!!! That's exactly how I felt when I decided to buy mine! I haven't worn mine with jeans yet though...I feel like I'm so short that there is no real estate between my waist & the boots--ha ha! jodie

    1. Hahahaha...Jodie, that is such a funny line! Your boots but look even "sexier" if they are further up your leg. It is really hard to style them without look like a cliche, or a bit 'cheap'...but we CAN do it Jodie 40+ or 50+ or any+!

  5. Love, love this color palette - and the over the knee boots are so IT! you look fab and thanks for sharing, xo


    1. Thank you Patti! This colour combination seemed too muted at first....although I seem to be leaning towards a softer palette in recent weeks (pushing out of my bright and colourful comfort zone). XXX

  6. Lovely casual look pepped up a notch with the boots. They're a perfect fit and such a good colour with spring just around the corner (hopefully!) so you'll get plenty wear out of them. Bright colours or muted you always look so cute x
    Anna's Island Style

    1. Thank you very much Anna! I am still a little "scared" of them....ridiculous eh? BUT, I am getting better :oD XXX

  7. Awesome look - the boots and tall socks are adorable! Just found your blog today and already I'm hooked - I love your style!


    1. Wow, thank you Rebecca! And Welcome :oD
      I am so glad you took the time to leave me such a nice comment.
      I was actually using the socks as a security blanket for these "scary" seems totally irrational, but the socks helped make me feel more like myself. XXX

  8. They are pure FABULOUS Samantha! Nothing to worry about. What a beautiful color to choose as well.

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  9. They are pure FABULOUS Samantha! Nothing to worry about. What a beautiful color to choose as well.

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

    1. Thank you Ann....they are a lovely soft colour and as soon as I get another day that is not soaking wet, I will have them on again. What is it people say? Face your fears!? :oD XXX

    2. Hmmm, what's my fear right now? I'm thinking hard about this one. I know I must have one, so I'll be getting back to you. Thanks for linking up to the Kremb de la Kremb Style Stories Link Up!

      Love, Annie


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