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Sunday, 31 January 2016

How to Wear a Vintage Pencil Skirt, with Attitude!

Fake Fabulous | Vintage pencil skirt.

I was going to call this post: Wearing Vintage in a modern way.

But, as I thought about it, I had to acknowledge that none of the items in this outfit are actually "new-season" or particularly modern.
This look is a real mixture of Vintage and just plain, old clothes!
We don't always need to be breaking the bank, or buying new things, to feel good.

Yes, new clothes and accessories are nice, but not always necessary....and sometimes we have other priorities for our hard-earned pennies.

I have to admit that I really love vintage clothes.
And, I am very keen to add more items to my wardrobe.

{I really need to go shopping with someone who knows what they are doing!}

However, despite this love of vintage, I am not into the full-on vintage look.
Much as I love to see it on other people, it is not for me.

So, here is how I styled my vintage pencil skirt (again) with plenty of my own personality!

{See this vintage skirt, styled with chunky boots, for work.
And, in a fun way with my trilby and a cropped top!}

Fake Fabulous | Vintage pencil skirt.

This look came together very easily....
The skirt is black and pink/red houndstooth, with purple flecks.
It was calling out for a colourful top.
So, I chose this one that I found in a charity shop, bringing so much energy and colour to my look.
It has a sheer front (and back) with a fine merino knitted yoke and sleeve edges.
A beautiful quality item, but a bit chilly on a winter's day, so I am wearing a poloneck top under it (and a brushed thermal vest under that to love those cosy layers!)
See a post about my secret layers here.

The top is so colourful that it allowed me to wear my green belt, purple tights and grey shoes...although I could have had my pick of practically any colour!

Do you see the horse peeping out of my waist-band?
So much fun!

Fake Fabulous | Vintage pencil skirt.

I wore this green eyelet belt, with a this post.

Fake Fabulous | Vintage pencil skirt, purple tights.

These grey leather shoes, may be old but they still make me smile.
Great quality, mini-platform, comfortable and super-soft leather (with a studded satin toe).
Pretty with purple too!

Fake Fabulous | Purple and grey.

Do you like to mix your Vintage items with Modern pieces?
Or, do you often make a fresh look from "old" clothes?
Please share in the comments...I love to hear your ideas!
If you prefer, you can tweet me @samantha4blair.

Skirt: Vintage Windsmoor (this one is nice and on sale!)
Tights: Fogal
Shoes: Luca Stefani these could be nice....with the right outfit.
Top: Ted Baker (old) found in a charity shop. This one is nice too.
Belt: Unknown (this one is similar)
Polo neck top: New look.

Get a similar look:

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  1. You look stunning in this - everything from the colours and the fit to the photos. Best pixie profile ever. Thrift shopping is like treasure hunting and I enjoy the experience almost as much as stumbling across a new old favourite.

    1. Oh, thank you Melanie. Charity (or thrift) shopping is so much fun...I am always hoping to find a gem, sometimes we do! Nothing can beat that feeling. XXX

  2. ohhh, fabulous color combo and fabulous shoes (loving them!!!), love how your skirt makes a contrast with purple tights, and how your shoes echo some shades in your top, it's an amazing subtle color combo!

    1. Thank you Monica. I wanted to be nice and bright today (the winter sun came out to greet me too). Colour certainly lifts the mood! XXX

  3. Such a lovely skirt and you have the perfect body.
    I am glad the sun has come out for you.

    1. There may have been sun, but it was bitter cold!!! Brrrrrrrr. XXX

  4. I cannot believe that I think we have the same skirt. I just picked mine up about 2 weeks ago while thrifting. Mine looks exactly like yours except it is red with black houndstooth. I haven't worn it on the blog yet.

    Also I have shoes that look very similar to yours, but with a pointy toe. Too funny. We obviously have similar tastes.

    The collective colour mash-up is wonderful.

    I am a HUGE fan of vintage and also love pairing my vintage with modern, although I can also be found wearing full vintage for dances or special evenings out. Friday night we are headed to a 1920's murder mystery dinner and I will be dressed 1920's.


    1. That is funny Suzanne, I did have a feeling you would like this skirt!
      I hope to see it on your blog soon. XXX

  5. have attitude galore!! The way you mix your prints & colors is truly artistic! I will admit I would've been boring and gone with black tights---but I have a good reason---I have no purple tights in my possession!! jodie

    1. You must remedy that Jodie! Coloured tights are lots of fun. XXX

  6. I see the horse! What a fab outfit, with color and charm and your personality shining through. thanks for linking, xo


  7. That Looks great. I l♥ve it!

    xoxo Sabine

  8. love that ootd and those shoes..
    if you want we can follow each other.
    kisses from MM

  9. Gorgeous top! right up my street! I think I need to start shopping for some vintage items although I do pinch some off the mother sometimes, she stores literally everything!
    Laurie x

    1. Oh Laurie, rummaging through your Mum's wardrobe (and vintage clothes) sounds like loads of fun! XXX

  10. I love the colorfulness of this look! Amazing top and simply fabulous shoes!

  11. Any chance we have the same shoe size, you think? You already know I love the top, but I'm seriously into those shoes as well.

    By the way, I've always liked seeing bright lipsticks with red hair - I don't know what lipstick you're using here but it goes so well with your hair's bold shade!

    1. Hahaha Liyana....I am a UK 4, so maybe! :oP Thank you. XXX
      The lipstick is MAC one, a bright coral(ish) colour, I am starting to love a brighter lip!

  12. Yes, yes, yes! This outfit has my fist pumps coming out again! (Too bad comments down't accept the cute little emojis!) Samantha, this sweater. It's just exquisite. I wish I could see it in person--I bet it's even more spectacular. And of course, you've styled it expertly.

    If I was on the street and saw you, I would definitely stop you for a picture or at very least a compliment or two!

    Thanks for linking up to the Kremb de la Kremb Style Stories Link Up.

    Love, Ann

    1. Ann, you are a sweetie! Thank you. You would love this top, I just know it. XXX

  13. I love every individual piece here and you've combined them with great artistry. Brava!
    baci Sxx

  14. I love that skirt. Pencil skirts are my favorite type. Your outift is so fun and creative. You look great. Thanks for joining us on My Refined Style.

    1. Thank you Jennifer, I was feeling very "colourful" and creative that day. My clothes usually reflect my mood. I am an open book! XXX

  15. Wow,nice skirt, I love Checked Pencil Skirt. look good on.


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