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Sunday, 31 January 2016

How to Wear a Vintage Pencil Skirt, with Attitude!

Fake Fabulous | Vintage pencil skirt.

I was going to call this post: Wearing Vintage in a modern way.

But, as I thought about it, I had to acknowledge that none of the items in this outfit are actually "new-season" or particularly modern.
This look is a real mixture of Vintage and just plain, old clothes!
We don't always need to be breaking the bank, or buying new things, to feel good.

Yes, new clothes and accessories are nice, but not always necessary....and sometimes we have other priorities for our hard-earned pennies.

I have to admit that I really love vintage clothes.
And, I am very keen to add more items to my wardrobe.

{I really need to go shopping with someone who knows what they are doing!}

However, despite this love of vintage, I am not into the full-on vintage look.
Much as I love to see it on other people, it is not for me.

So, here is how I styled my vintage pencil skirt (again) with plenty of my own personality!

{See this vintage skirt, styled with chunky boots, for work.
And, in a fun way with my trilby and a cropped top!}

Fake Fabulous | Vintage pencil skirt.

This look came together very easily....
The skirt is black and pink/red houndstooth, with purple flecks.
It was calling out for a colourful top.
So, I chose this one that I found in a charity shop, bringing so much energy and colour to my look.
It has a sheer front (and back) with a fine merino knitted yoke and sleeve edges.
A beautiful quality item, but a bit chilly on a winter's day, so I am wearing a poloneck top under it (and a brushed thermal vest under that to love those cosy layers!)
See a post about my secret layers here.

The top is so colourful that it allowed me to wear my green belt, purple tights and grey shoes...although I could have had my pick of practically any colour!

Do you see the horse peeping out of my waist-band?
So much fun!

Fake Fabulous | Vintage pencil skirt.

I wore this green eyelet belt, with a this post.

Fake Fabulous | Vintage pencil skirt, purple tights.

These grey leather shoes, may be old but they still make me smile.
Great quality, mini-platform, comfortable and super-soft leather (with a studded satin toe).
Pretty with purple too!

Fake Fabulous | Purple and grey.

Do you like to mix your Vintage items with Modern pieces?
Or, do you often make a fresh look from "old" clothes?
Please share in the comments...I love to hear your ideas!
If you prefer, you can tweet me @samantha4blair.

Skirt: Vintage Windsmoor (this one is nice and on sale!)
Tights: Fogal
Shoes: Luca Stefani these could be nice....with the right outfit.
Top: Ted Baker (old) found in a charity shop. This one is nice too.
Belt: Unknown (this one is similar)
Polo neck top: New look.

Get a similar look:

P.S If you like this post you might also like How I style Vintage shoes. Or, my Cobalt dress and Vintage leather jacket.


Saturday, 30 January 2016

5 (and an extra) Inspiring Links.


Here are 5 (well 6, really) blog posts, articles and videos that have inspired me this month.

1.  Find your personal style.

If you sometimes struggle to pinpoint your personal style (often buying clothes that end up never being worn) then you need to check out this post by Suzanne.

She explains how to find your Style Statement so you never buy something "wrong" again.

How to work out your personal style statement.

Here are my 5: Unpredictable, honest, feisty, positive, fun.

2. Choosing to dress modestly.

I was so delighted to find that, after I had left a comment on Catherine's blog, she had been inspired to write this post.
This post talks openly about modest dressing, and why Catherine chooses to cover up her assets.
I read it with interest and it made me think about my own approach to covering and/or exposing my body.
Not an age-appropriate reason either....Quite refreshing.

Why I prefer to dress modestly.

3. Being Honest, open and truthful.

This (old) post got me thinking about honesty and whether or not it is a good thing ALL of the time.
I am guilty of being overly 'honest' at times.
Tactless even.
Sharing TMI (too much information).

I also can't lie.
My true feelings are instantly written all over my face. This is not a good thing!
Is honesty always the best policy?
Can we be totally honest with our friends? And (more importantly) ourselves?

The truth about being honest.

4. Update your makeup routine.

This Lisa Eldridge video is an old one but still brilliant for anyone who wants their makeup to make them look better.
Make up can be VERY ageing, and Lisa talks you through how to look fresh and youthful as opposed to tired and haggard.

Anti-ageing makeup

And a wee extra....
This is Lisa's latest video, with the beautiful Rosie.
Those lips!!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley makeup.

5. Dancing in the snow.

This article made me smile.
A 13 year old girl (from the town I live in) dancing in the snow covered streets of New York.

Ballerina takes to the streets in New York.


Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Secret Winter Layers | Boho Dress and OTK Boots.

Fake fabulous | Secret Winter Layers, 70's style dress & OTK boots.

Do you ever get tired of reaching for your Winter Coat, every day? {Or, like me, your Winter Waterproof Coat?}

What can you wear if it has stopped raining (hooray!) but is still bitter cold?

I am so sick and tired of wearing my long, waterproof, coat almost everyday this winter.
The weather has been relentless and, as a non-driver, practicality (unfortunately) reigns supreme!

So, when there was a break in the rain, I was delighted to leave my waterproof coat hanging in the porch cupboard.
At last, a cold and dry(ish) spell...a few flakes of snow were blowing through the wind but nothing like the deluge we have endured.

I could have easily reached for one of my colourful wool coats or even a puffer, but I wanted to wear this oversized knitted coat.

This coat was hand knitted and is very warm and comfortable.
Wearing it is like wrapping yourself in a blanket!
However, it has no sleeves.
Which is challenging in cold weather.

This calls for some "Secret" layering.
{Invisible layers that only you know you are wearing}

Fake fabulous | Secret Winter Layers, 70's style dress & OTK boots.

How to wear Invisible layers and stay warm:

  • Choose your fabric wisely. Very few people want to add bulk to their look. Try fine wool and silk for a super-thin, super-cosy effect. A lightweight (and close fitting) thermal top adds almost nothing to your silhouette.
  • Don't forget your legs! Many people forget to treat their legs to an extra layer, and just focus on the upper body. If you add that extra warmth to your lower body, it really makes a huge difference. Thermal/wool tights or fine gauge leggings under your jeans or trousers work wonders!
  • Treat your feet. Extra fine wool socks under your "normal" socks are very effective. Be careful when wearing too many socks. If your toes are restricted, and can't move around, they get very cold very quickly.
Fake fabulous | Secret Winter Layers, 70's style dress & OTK boots.

It won't surprise you to hear that I am layered up (to the max) in this 70's inspired outfit.

However, this dress shape can be very difficult to pull off.
The dropped waist can be very unflattering, adding bulk where it is least needed.
Add to this the potential problem of multiple layers, and things could get chunky.

Luckily, thin layering meant I didn't swell up too far!

My Secret (and not-so secret) layers:
Add to this my coat, scarf, hat and gloves (all wool) and I am fighting the chill with ease.

Confidence comes from feeling good.
Feeling good comes from being comfortable.
Comfort, and being the right temperature, go hand in hand.
So cosy layers are a confidence booster.
There is nothing stylish (or fun) about shivering.

Fake Fabulous | Secret winter layers, 70's style & OTK boots.

Do you have any any tricks for staying warm on cold days?
Or, keeping cool on sweltering ones?
Please share any tips you have in the comments....or tweet me@samantha4blair.

Dress: Asda. This one is similar and really nice!
Boots: Ted and Muffy....these are cool.
Tights: Levante (similar)
Polo neck: La redoute (similar)
Coat: Handmade (this one is beautiful)
Scarf: Urban outfitters (similar)
Gloves: Asos (these are great!)
Hat: Topshop (old)...I stuck a feather hat pin in it, for a little more colour.
Thermals: M&S

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Monday, 25 January 2016

Wearing a Gents Shirt | Pantone Colours of the Year.

Trying the Pantone colours of the year....Serenity and Rose Quartz.

Wearing a gents shirt without looking like a boy.
I have to admit that I had never heard of the 'Pantone colour of the year' until a few days ago.

I know many people will be wondering if I have been under a rock or something, but I had honestly never come across it.

Apparently, the colour that will represent 2016, is a mixture of Serenity (blue) and Rose Quartz (pink).

These colours are very pretty and supposed to be calming too.
Worth a go?

Fake Fabulous  | Pantone colours and a gents shirt.

I decided to wear this gents shirt....mostly because it is the only pale blue thing I own (I did go online and quickly remedied that!).

The shirt is made of a beautiful quality fabric and is a pleasing oversized shape.

Pale grey skinny jeans compensated for the bagginess of the shirt, making it feel more feminine.
Peep toed booties (matching my hair) lessened the masculine blow, even further.

7 ways to Feminise a Masculine item:

  1. Keep the rest of your outfit form-fitting. A loose shirt with tight leather trousers, for example.
  2. Roll up your cuffs. Wrists are very feminine and sexy (you can un-button the shirt as low as you dare BUT you can also have it buttoned up to the neck if you don't need cleavage to look like a woman!)
  3. Heels. Obviously.
  4. Feminine colours.
  5. Makeup. Luscious lips or a smokey eye can work wonders.
  6. Attitude. Strut your stuff and you will look great.

I wanted to wear my leather jacket as it was quite a mild day and we had a break from the incessant rain.
I have become so sick and tired of needing my raincoat over (what feels like) every outfit.

As someone who gets bored easily, I was desperate to get into something more Spring-like.
The bulbs are coming up after all!

{Speaking of hair has suddenly "sprung" out of my head, resembling Lego hair...Time for action!}

Fake Fabulous  | Pantone colours and a gents shirt.

Shhhh, don't tell....but, I was secretly layered up under this outfit.

Footless tights, under my jeans.
A thermal vest and a pink long sleeved top, under the shirt.
I also needed my hat, faux fur scarf and gloves.
It may be mild, but it is only 10 degrees Celsius, hardly balmy!

Faux fur is set to hang around well into the Spring.
Great news for any faux fur lovers.

A couple of whimsical necklaces, and some lace socks, finished things off nicely.

Fake Fabulous  | Peep toes and socks.

Do you ever wear gents clothes?
How do you style them?

Please share in the comments....or tweet me @samantha4blair.

Jacket: Superdry...this one is stunning!
Shirt: Claudio Lugli...similar.
Shoes: c/o JD Williams (similar)
Socks: UK tights (similar)
Jeans: Forever 21
Necklaces: Unknown (old)...this one is pretty.
Scarf: Zepla. This is so pretty!
Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company (old) this one is similar.

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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Keeping an open mind while shopping.

Why we should keep an open mind when shopping for clothes.

Fake Fabulous | Teal wool trousers, tan leather and multicoloured faux fur.

As part of my my New Year style resolutions I had advocated trying new things and keeping an open mind.
I believe we should continually evolve and change as we grow older.
Age is no barrier to style or fun.

Nothing screams "frump",to me, louder than being stuck in the same tired look for 10+ (sometimes 20+) years.

A style rut is hard to break free from, but we must give ourselves a shake from time to time or we can go flat.
A bit like orange juice, with bits... we need to keep mixing our juicy bits up!

I have to admit to being guilty of not taking my own advice, sometimes.
I often find myself dismissing certain brands, especially those aimed at older women, because I think they will be frumpy and not for me.

So when JD Williams contacted me to ask if I would be interested in promoting their new campaign, I have to honest and tell you, I was sceptical about the idea.

That brand is for "old" people, isn't it?
Surely anything they were promoting would not be of interest to me.
I may be almost 42, but I am not ready to slip into a sea of beige (and velcro shoes) just yet!

However, in the spirit of my new resolution, I decided to put my prejudgements to one side.

JD Williams were promoting making a fresh start, facing new challenges, trying new things....with a little help from the right shoes.

I could not agree more.
I am a big fan of using shoes (and clothes) to fake a little confidence in the face of adversity.
Everything is easier when you know you look your best.
And, who doesn't feel great when strutting their stuff in a fabulous pair of shoes?

These women might have taken it too far though....I can hardly believe what they achieved in heels!

This got me thinking about my own narrow-minded shopping habits.
Was I guilty of being a hypocrite?
Unfortunately, the answer was yes.

I have always avoided certain brands (like Wallis & Per Una)  and stuck to my "trendy stores" (like Urban Outfitters & Topshop) thinking this would stop me turning into a frumpy disaster.

Suddenly aware of my narrow-mindedness, I decided to have a rummage through the sale rail at good-old Marks & Spencers (I usually stick to buying basics and undies from M&S) my mind was open for inspiration.

Fate must have been on my side, as I found this gorgeous coat hanging in a jumble of random items.
Alone and my size.
We were meant to be together!

Fake Fabulous | Teal wool trousers and multicoloured faux fur.

I knew I wanted to pair this fabulous fur coat with the butter-soft, peep toed booties (in a gorgeous 'Scotch' colour) that JD Williams had kindly gifted to me.
It was too cold for bare toes, so I slipped on a pair of good quality black socks.
I love the socks and shoes look.

We were heading out for a casual meal (in celebration of youngest daughter's birthday) so I smartened up my look with teal wool trousers and a Victorian-style sheer blouse (I wore it recently, to see a punk band).
I skipped the camisole and went for bare skin under the dotty sheer fabric, Cheeky!

A leopard print belt, my bright blue clutch and a chunky gold chain finished things off perfectly.

Fake Fabulous | Chunky gold and multicoloured faux fur.

It just goes to prove to me that I should never judge a book by its cover, or a shop by its initial appearance.

Keep an open mind while might surprise yourself!

Are you guilty of sticking to tried and tested shops and brands?
What are your old haunts?
Are you planning to give some new brands a chance?

Please let me know in the comments...or Tweet me @samantha4blair

Shoes: c/o JD Williams
Trousers: Topshop (old) these are similar, and on sale. These are nice too.
Socks: COS
Coat: Limited @Marks&Spencer (similar...spree!)
Shirt: Oasis (A Charity shop find...this one is gorgeous!)
Bag: Linea (this one is nice)
Gold chain: M&S I tied a knot in it to make a choker (similar)
Belt: Topshop

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wearing a Bright Orange Jumpsuit, over 40 | So wrong, it's right!

In a surge of crazy sale shopping I found myself hitting the "buy" button for this jumpsuit.
Not only another jumpsuit, but an unstructured and untailored one at that!

A baggy, bright orange jumpsuit... over 40!
Have I lost my mind?

I have to admit that the main thing attracting me to this jumpsuit was the fact that it resembles a boiler suit (or a prison uniform).
This is probably the main issue that would put most people off.
Weird, right?
Some style choices can't be explained rationally.
Some items are so "Wrong" that they become "Right".

I know that I should hate everything about this jumpsuit but, I just can't help myself...
I love it!
When I slip it on, I really can't stop smiling.
It is bright, cheerful, comfortable and a fantastic conversation starter.

Almost everyone has an opinion on this jumpsuit.
Comments range from:
"Wow! That's bright Sam" 
"Oh...I didn't realise it was fancy dress today"
I always take comments as a compliment...regardless of how they were intended.
Most of the time, I just laugh!

Fake Fabulous | Orange wrong it's right!

As for styling this jumpsuit...

I could have easily contrasted the orange with a rich blue (or teal) making it less boiler-suit chic and more classy, but I could not resist adding more orangey tones.

Orange with tan and red, clashing with my red hair.
I could not help myself.
I was wearing my own sunshine today, and I liked it.

Fake Fabulous | Orange wrong it's right!

The jumpsuit is unlined and every lump, bump and seam is on display. So, I popped a pair of orange tights underneath and a breton long sleeved top (carefully tucked in to the tights) to minimise any extra bumfles..(a good Scottish word).

It may be cheap and cheerful, untailored, unlined, not cut beautifully BUT it is so very comfortable.

I was warm and comfy all day.
Even in the evening, I did not need to change into any lounge wear...this was the perfect lounging item.

I really wanted to wear it with converse-style gutties today but it was bitter cold (and damp) so these chunky brogues were a good option.
cream cardigan (draped over my shoulders) kept me cosy.

Fake Fabulous | Orange wrong it's right!

Have you got any "So wrong, it's right" items that you love to wear?

Please let me know that I am not alone by leaving a comment....or tweet me @samantha4blair

Jumpsuit: WalG at Topshop, this one is nice and has sleeves. This one is stunning!
Top: Marks and Spencers (similar)
Shoes: Clarks (similar)
Cardigan: Boden (very old) This is their current version.
Bag: Bogner (this one is nice)

Get the look...if you dare!


Sunday, 17 January 2016

Wearing a White Military-style Coat in Winter.

Fake Fabulous | White Statement Winter Coat | Military style & a Fur Hat.

Styling a statement coat with a fur hat.

Last night I was heading out on a date with my husband.
Romantic meal for two? Erm... not really... we went to see a punk band.
Yes, you read that correctly!

I have to be honest, punk is not my first choice of music (I am more of a raver than a rocker) but I still had LOTS of fun.
I will not bore you with the details of the outfit underneath this coat... A Victoriana-style sheer blouse, black skinny jeans, black OTK boots (last seen, here, with red)
Not very remarkable.

I did, however, want to share with you this beautiful coat.
It injected some drama into a plain outfit, and just a little more of my own style.

Fake Fabulous | White Statement Winter Coat | Military style & a Fur Hat.

This winter coat is actually a sample that was never turned into the 'real deal'.
It is made of heavyweight wool (nice and warm) with a full skirt, and has the most beautiful silver embroidery at the collar and cuffs.
The finished piece was going to be £750 (and this was about 10 years ago) but I got it for £28!
Of course, the £750 version would have been finished to a higher specification.
For example, buttons to match the embroidery and a different lining (the lining is bog standard polyester satin).
BUT, for my bargain price of £28 (had I mentioned that?!) I was not complaining.
Even in its 'sample' guise it still has great impact.
There is no need to accessorise to inject some personality.
My hat and gloves were purely for practical purposes.

Fake Fabulous | White Statement Winter Coat | Military style & a Fur Hat.

It was so cold that I really needed a cosy hat, shivering is not an option for me!
Luckily, having short hair has its benefits.
One of them being: I can pop on a hat to keep warm and dry, never worrying about 'hat hair'.
As long as the hat goes on neatly, I can just whip it off, ruffle up my hair and I am good to go.

This furry hat is an old favourite of mine.
I have had it for years and I wear it very often.
Cosy and fun.
See how I wore it with white jeans, here.

A pop of raspberry lipstick, was all I needed to finish off the look.

Fake Fabulous | White Statement Winter Coat | Military style & a Fur Hat.

Coat: Sample from Ebay (this one is nice)
Hat: Old (I like this one too)
Boots: Vintage! (These are nice)
Jeans: Topshop
Bag: Primark (similar, and down to £10)

Have you ever bought a 'Sample'?
Would you wear a white coat in winter?

I love to hear your thoughts... so please leave a comment.
Or (if you prefer)  Tweet me @samantha4blair

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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Dressing "Too young" | Winter floral jumpsuit, over 40.

Should we be wearing jumpsuits over 40?

Are they not a bit "Too young" for us?

This question popped into my head after an interesting conversation I had with a colleague.
To cut a long story short...
She does not like shopping for clothes because she struggles to find things that are appropriate for her age.
"I don't want to dress too young, Sam".
Now, before I go on, I must let you know that this lady has the most amazing, tall and slender figure.
Yes, she is in her 50's BUT she still has her neat curves, toned arms and an enviably teeny waist.
Not to mention her striking colouring.
And she is worrying about dressing "Too young".
I wondered why?

We had a very enjoyable discussion where she argued her case well but, in the end, we had to agree to disagree.
I could understand her point of view but, I honestly think that no item of clothing is too young for anybody...Ever!
As long as the person wearing it: loves it, it fits well, suits the body it is on and is appropriate for the occasion, then it is a winner!

Of course you could throw a curved ball, and say...
"What about gold lame micro shorts then...Eh?"
Well, if there was an occasion that required gold lame micro shorts and they fit me well (and I had on some strong denier dance tights) then... Yes, I would wear them!

This got me thinking about jumpsuits.

It will not surprise you to hear that I think Jumpsuits can be worn at any age.

If you like jumpsuits, and they suit your body shape, then you should definitely be going for it!
Life it too short to be worrying that you are too old.
You will never again be as young as you are have some fun!

Fake Fabulous | Floral jumpsuit, over 40!

A jumpsuit like this one is such a versatile shape.
It can be worn with boots (just now) but, would look great with sandals (or converse-style gutties) in warmer weather.
It can be dressed up or down, casual or smart.
Conservative or sexy.
On it's own, or with layers.

It is also incredibly comfortable...almost too comfortable to be classed as a 'real' item of clothing.
It's like spending all day in your PJ's, I felt like such a fraud!

Fake Fabulous | Floral Jumpsuit.

Even though the fabric is quite substantial I still needed a pair of thermal leggings and a warm polo neck underneath.
{Standing in my thermal undies, I looked like I was going skiing}
Cosy socks and chunky boots were a must, it was far too cold for anything else.

I also wore a long cashmere waistcoat.
It is quite a fine knit but twice as warm as some of my chunkier pieces.
The finer knit also makes it look a little bit smarter.

The jumpsuit had enough going on with it's winter floral pattern, so I kept accessories to a minimum.
I did need a belt though, and this green one seemed the perfect choice.
Fake Fabulous | Winter Florals

Fake Fabulous | Floral jumpsuit, over 40!

Would you (do you) wear a jumpsuit?

Is there anything you think is too young for you?
What age do you think we become too old to dress too young?!

Please join the discussion and let me know your thoughts on this subject.
I always love to hear your please leave a comment.
Or, if you prefer, Tweet me @samantha4blair

Jumpsuit: WalG at Topshop (this one is nice, if you prefer a sleeve)
Under-top: Next (similar)
Boots: London Rebel
Bag: Osprey (again!) I have others, honestly! This one is lovely.
Waistcoat: The brand is Maison Cinqcent.
Belt: Unknown (similar)

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Trying new colours | Sage and Navy

Why should we try new colours?

Why bother trying to style colours that we don't normally wear?
Is it not better to keep doing what we know works for us?
To keep wearing the colours (and styles) that we have tried and tested, and thereby, never making a fashion mistake?

At this point I could ramble on about pushing yourself, never giving up or giving in, always ensuring that you continue to evolve your style, growing and learning, keeping up with trends, pushing boundaries, being open minded to new ideas....blah blah blah...

All of these things are true.

BUT, the real truth (for me) is...
I get bored.
Simple as that.
I just get bored of wearing the same old things in the same old ways.
How tedious is it to reach (unthinking) for the same colours?
To put together the same outfit combinations, day in and day out?

Clothes are not a necessity to me, they are a pleasure. Something to be enjoyed.

We don't need a whole new wardrobe, full of expensive items, every season.
A few new pieces can shake things up a little, and make old things seem like new.

So, every season, I experiment with colour.

Fake Fabulous | Topshop sage fluffy jumper and navy velvet trousers.

Today I am wearing a colour I never thought I would....a muted (and soft) Sage Green.

Pale Sage Green is a colour I have always avoided.
Reminding me of (very) old ladies at weddings.
The kind of colour I thought I would end up wearing when I was done with life and just wanted to disappear into the background.
What is it about certain colours that evoke such strong reactions?
I was spurred into colour-action by receiving this necklace as a Christmas gift, from my step daughter.
I instantly loved it, but realised (quickly) that I had nothing to wear with it!
Having always said that there was more green needed in my wardrobe, I now had a perfect excuse to start looking.

This cropped (and fluffy) sweatshirt seemed the perfect partner for my new necklace.

Fake Fabulous | Sage fluffy jumper and Chunky necklace

How to try a new colour

  • Buy something!

This seems obvious but, if you just procrastinate about trying new things, it never happens.
So, go out (or go online) and buy something completely different.
  • Buy your 'New Colour' in a shape that you are familiar with.
Try getting a very familiar style, but in your new choice of colour.
Cropped tops and fluff are no strangers of mine.
Skinny jeans or tights would be other familiar items I could use.
What would be yours?
The modern shape (and fabric) of my sweatshirt helped to offset any "old lady" feelings that I might feel bubbling up.
  • Wear your new hue with some old (and familiar) favourites.
To make the colour-experiment easier, try teaming your new item with some old faithfuls.
Everything else I am wearing here is between 2 and 10 years old.

Fake Fabulous | Sage fluffy jumper and navy velvet trousers.

Once I had bought my new fluffy sweatshirt, the rest of the outfit fell together easily.
The necklace needed a contrast, so I chose a denim shirt and a fine polo neck.
These were great for mixing up the colours and textures, not to mention that extra layer of warmth that I love!

Navy velvet trousers added a depth of colour and more texture, while my green tote bag made the sage seem more at home with the blues.

Chunky boots finished things off perfectly, without actually going with anything I was wearing.
The reason?
They go with my hair!

Matching your hair to your shoes works to pull an outfit together even more.
Like a pair of bookends, keeping everything in the middle nice and tidy.

Fake Fabulous | Sage fluffy jumper and navy velvet trousers.

After looking through the photos and thinking about my own colour choices, I started searching online for colour palettes that include sage.
The popular colours to mix with sage seem to be peach and cream...sometimes including a soft tan.
Really pretty combinations.
Maybe inspiration for another sage day?
See my new Pinterest board: Colour Palettes. 

Do you ever use 'Bookending' when picking shoes?
Do you have any NEW colours that you are keen to try?

Please let me know in the comments...I love to hear from you!

Or, if you prefer, Tweet me @samantha4blair

Jumper: Topshop.....annoyingly reduced to £10 now...grrrrr.
Necklace: Topshop, a gift from my Stepdaughter.
Trousers: Boden (old)....these are their recent version.
Boots: Aldo. These are nice....and these made me squeal in delight!
Bag: Osprey (this one is really nice)
Shirt: Boden (old)...similar.
Polo neck: Next....this one is similar.
Gloves: Dents....these are a leather version.

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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Light Tan Over-The-Knee Boots & Pale Grey.

Styling light tan over-the-knee boots, and a pale grey puffy jacket.

Cosy Winter outfit....and Over the knee boots, at any age!

Light tan OTK boots & pale grey | Fake Fabulous

When I think of wearing puffy coats (and jackets) I know that I have to give up the idea of looking chic, and just hope not to look too much like a bag-lady....or like Bianca from Eastenders!

{If you don't know who that is, just search Images of "Bianca Eastenders Jacket" and enjoy!}

BUT, they are so comfortable and warm, and sometimes we just need a cosy hug on a cold day, don't we?

See this post here when I style my tartan down-filled jacket...with furry boots!

I was quite delighted to discover frost on the ground this morning. After weeks and weeks of incessant rain, it was a welcome change.
This meant I could wear something other than wellies, snow boots or chunky ankle boots!

This crisp weather was calling out for my pale grey puffy jacket.
It is very lightweight (and perfect for a busy day) but still cosy due to special high-tec padding (apparently).
I needed some warm mitts, and earmuffs too, as the wind was bitingly cold.

It does not matter that I am over 40.
These fun accessories are for everyone!

Light tan OTK boots & pale grey | Fake Fabulous

Under my cosy jacket, I wore: a brushed thermal vest, a polo neck, a leopard print top and a grey wool waistcoat....plenty of layers to fight the chill!
Using a wide leather belt, to pull everything together, kept the layers in check.
I find that belting layers also keeps me warmer.

Light tan OTK boots & pale grey | Fake Fabulous

Now for the tricky part....

I was lucky enough to be given some money (for Christmas) and so I treated myself to something way out of my comfort zone....a pair of OTK boots!

{These ones are from a company that makes boots for all different leg shapes, from very thin legs to extra wide. Great news for someone who struggles to find boots to fit, like me!}

However, I am not ashamed to admit to fearing the over-the-knee boot (a little).
I know some people wear them all of the time, and with great ease.
But I find them terrifying!

{Although, having said that, I did style a black pair using my personal security blanket of colour.}

These light tan ones were the obvious choice, for me, when pushing my boundaries.
Light enough (in colour) to be worn going forward into spring, with a distressed finish that made them a little different and more versatile.

I did not want to be too much of a blogging cliche (by wearing a knitted dress, or a floaty one with a chunky cardigan) but I did want to feel comfortable, on my first day, so my grey skinny jeans came out again.
See them here with pink and red...oh, and a pop of neon.

This muted colour palate made me feel exposed, as I often use bright colours as 'armour'.
But, it quickly grew on me!
Over the knee boots are surprisingly warm (who knew?) especially when teamed with a pair of cosy thermal socks.

I am determined to wear these new boots many more times, and have fun pushing my style boundaries even further...I may even wear them with that floaty dress, after all!

Have you pushed yourself out of your usual comfort zone with a new purchase?
Please let me know in the comments, or tweet me @samantha4blair.

Light tan OTK boots in Winter | Fake Fabulous

Boots: Ted & Muffy (these are similar)
Socks: Marks & Spencers
Jeans: Forever 21 
Top: Topshop (similar)
Belt: Topshop (I like this one)
Polo neck: Topshop (again!)
Scarf: A gift (this one is similar)
Gloves: Unknown (these are cool)
Earmuffs: My daughters! (These are nice)
Jacket: Puffa (similar)
Bag: Hidesign (this one is lovely)
PomPoms: Various shops.

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