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Monday, 21 December 2015

Work to Party Outfit: Part 2 | 5 minute party look.

Day wear to Dance floor in minutes!

Here is a very quick and easy work-to-party look.
All you need is a simple "Party Kit" that you can either take to work on the day, or keep in your locker or at your desk.

Work-to-party, 5 minute look | Fake Fabulous

My EMERGENCY Winter party kit includes:

  • Party shoes
  • A beaded clutch
  • Quality opaque tights (as a spare)
  • A belt
  • Earrings
  • Lipstick
  • Mascara
  • Blush
  • Hair wax
  • Concealer
  • Good quality facial wipes
Work-to-party, 5 minute look | Fake Fabulous

I started off the Day like this... See the full post here.

Work-to-party, 5 minute look | Fake Fabulous

Casual and comfortable.
You can easily modify this look to suit your work environment.
I know some workplaces are much more formal than others.
I am lucky enough to wear whatever I want, hence my favourite boots!
A more classic boot would completely change the look, and feel, of this outfit.

I needed a super-quick turnaround time.
5 minutes to change, then out the door to have fun!

Work-to-party, 5 minute look | Fake Fabulous

I quickly popped to the ladies to slip off my jumper and polo neck (which was under my dress).
I then removed my boots and socks and put on these chunky, velvet, beaded heels.
They are real party shoes!
See them styled here, for a wedding.

As you can see in this was VERY windy when we took these photos!

Work-to-party, 5 minute look | Fake Fabulous

I chose a wide, patent belt to bring a different texture to this simple look.
My beaded clutch added another pattern and some more interest, without too much effort!

Work-to-party, 5 minute look | Fake Fabulous

Velvet shoes | Fake fabulous

Work-to-party, 5 minute look | Fake Fabulous

These large tassel earrings were the perfect finishing touch.

Two minute Party makeup:

  • Forget about reapplying a base, you will only end up chalky, emphasising any wrinkles and dry patches you may have.
  • Tidy up any mess around your eyes with a makeup wipe.
  • Reapply mascara. A couple of coats looks great.
  • Apply some light concealer to any dark circles, spots or redness....don't over do it though!
  • A cream blush can give a pretty glow (this Chanel one is fantastic! Pricey but worth it)
  • Add a statement lip! It is the easiest to make a daytime look instantly glamorous.

To finish off my five minute look I used some hair wax/paste to 'mess up' my crop.
Perfect hair is so old fashioned, If in doubt be slightly tousled!

Shop my makeup look:

If you had 5 minutes to get ready for a party what would you do?

Please let me know in the comments...or tweet me @samantha4blair

Dress: Boden (old) this one is similar. This is their new version.
Tights: Falke
Earrings: Unknown (these are lovely)
Clutch: Primark (this one is nice and on sale...quick!)
Belt: Coast (old) This one is similar
Shoes: Kurt Geiger (I am a little bit in love with these!)

Shop my look:



  1. I love both looks - and thanks for the great tips on the transformation! Merry Christmas! xox


  2. So gorgeous, you are! But didn't need the hair paste to mess up your locks---the wind could do that just as easily!
    I will admit to adding some kind of coverup (hopefully sparkly & shiny) to the dress for when I'm not dancing----I'm always cold! jodie

    1. Hahahah...very true Jodie! Good job I had not spent hours on and intricate blow dry. I had my fluffy cardigan in my bag too, just in case, but it was really mild....windy, but mild. I wore my camel coat to and from the venue. I get cold too, and end up miserable if I am! XXX

  3. OMG... I WANT WANT those wedges! They're awesome.
    Did you have a telephone box nearby for your quick change - a la Clark Kent?
    Isn't it amazing how changing just a few small things like shoes, earrings, etc... can totally change an outfit from day to night. Just shows how you can make things simple yet uber stylish!

    1. Thank you Jacqueline...they are half wedge half chunky heel....crushed velvet too! You can see the heel shape in the wedding outfit photo's better. We were in such a rush here! I actually think you COULD do this in a phonebox...but the ladies loo works too (and has better mirrors) Not the most glamorous of locations but it does the job :oD XXX

  4. Lovely and fun look - Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


  5. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Olga (what a Cool name you have!)....Merry Christmas! XXX

  6. Adorable! I especially love your tiny nose stud. I've got my nose pierced two years ago at the same spot, and have changed the (bigger) stud I was wearing since then to my beloved nose ring a year ago. Still, my mother refuses to sit on my left side, where she would have to look at the piercing when talking to me. I'm approaching my 30ies, but this is a topic the two of us will never reach an agreement on, I fear.
    Therefore I find it even cooler you wear your piercing - it proofes this kind of jewelry is absolutely ageless!

    1. Hahaha...that is so funny! I can imagine your mum's disapproval (my mum was the same when I pierced my ears at 18). The naughty side of me would be tempted to buy a nose ring... you can see that from both sides! :op
      Have fun with your piercings. You can always take them out when you need to, although I almost always wear mine. There are so many people pierced these days that nobody bats an eyelid.
      Even when I am very wrinkly (if I am lucky enough to make it that far) I will still be wearing it....possibly bigger and brighter and more in-your-face by then too.
      The great thing about being older?....You care less! XXX

  7. Well done. Looks fabulous. Must copy your earrings. Love them.
    But ehh... I hope that the heating was on full blast at the venue though. I mean bare arms? I see all bloggers do that and even though our temperatures are as mild as yours, it still gives me the chils.

    1. Come out partying with me Greetje!
      All of that dancing will keep you warm :oD
      P.S...shhhh.....I had a fluffy shrug/cape/wrap in the car for emergencies!

  8. You're stunning. Love your blog, your photos and your vibrant energy.

    1. Thank you so much Judith....I am all bashful at your lovely comment. XXX

  9. Absolutely perfect advice! I especially love that clutch. And you know I'm a big fan of leopard. And honey, that lippy is perfection!!

    Love, Ann


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