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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Work to Party outfit: Part 1 | Daytime leopard look.

Leopard Party dress and layers, for work.

Socialising after work, whether it is for networking purposes or personal reasons, can often be sprung upon us at short notice.
Sometimes, there is not even time to go home, freshen up and change.
We need to pull a party look together in a matter of minutes.

There are plenty of tips about pulling off this Work-to-Party or Desk-to-Dancefloor look.
They usually go something like this:

  • Wear a black shift dress with a jacket and courts for work.
  • Remove jacket, add sheer tights, sparkly heels, red lips and a chunky necklace.
  • You are ready to party.
BUT, hang on a minute!
What if you are not a 'black shift dress for work' type person?
What if the thought of sheer tights makes you shudder?
What if you want to look like you have made an effort? Without actually making to much of an effort!

I know many people are on holiday for Christmas but, many others (like me) work right through the festive season...but we still want to have fun!
This time of year is especially tricky, style wise, to pull off the Work-to-Party look.
Christmas and New Year (or Hogmanay, here in Scotland) celebrations, and nights out, require just a little more "zing" than the rest of the year.
Add in potential weather issues to the mix, and you have plenty to think about when planning an outfit.

Work-to-Party wear | Fake Fabulous

Day to night party look, Part 1: Daytime

Leopard print party dress, as daywear.

Work to Party | Fake Fabulous

This daytime look is perfect for a casual work environment.
If you are in a more formal environment, you can easy change the design of the boots and accessories to fit into your workplace.
This Leopard print party dress has the potential to look either hideously frumpy, or like something a 5 year old would wear.
It needs careful styling.
See how I last wore it to a Birthday garden party in the summer.

Today, I decided to wear it with my favourite boots (I am already wearing them to death for yet another season).
They work with anything!
See them with winter white and with an all-red look.
Chunky burgundy socks toned things down even more.

My Favourite boots | Fake Fabulous

I wanted to layer my dress up, so I wore it with a black polo neck underneath.
The polo-neck-under-dress trend is still going strong but, I just did it purely for a layer warmth!

A casual wool jumper toned everything down even further into daytime territory, and also protected my dress from any 'mishaps' during a busy day.
A slitter of soup, or a dribble of tea, on a dress you have to wear all day and then wear to an evening event is just awful. I would always recommend wearing something to cover it.
You will always feel fresh when you remove it, at the end of the day.
The addition of my moth necklace (last seen here with winter shorts) and a leather bag finished things off perfectly.
Is that a Pompom (or three) I see?
Of course!
Work to party outfit | Fake Fabulous
Work to party outfit | Fake Fabulous

Leather bag and Pom Poms!

As for your cover-up...
Go for a classic, like this Camel wool Coat (read the story of where I found it here).
A classic coat, like this, is suitable for day and night.
A trench works well too.

Work to Party outfit | Fake Fabulous

My EMERGENCY Winter party kit includes:

  • Party shoes
  • A beaded clutch
  • Quality opaque tights (as a spare)
  • A belt
  • Earrings
  • Lipstick
  • Mascara
  • Blush
  • Hair wax
  • Concealer
  • Good quality facial wipes
Come back soon to see my Emergency kit in action, and my five minute Party look.

Do you ever go straight from work to parties or social events?
Do you have a emergency "Party kit" at work?

Please share any tips you may have in the comments...or tweet me @samantha4blair

Dress: Boden, this one is similar. This is their new version.
Jumper: Boden (old). This one is similar.
Tights: Falke
Bag: Lango (Charity shop find), this one is nice!
Pompoms: Newlook and a boutique. These are nice.
Coat: Old, this one is similar.
Necklace: are similar ones.
Socks: Marks and spencers...similar.

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  1. I just love this outfit. The boots are to die for...I can see why you love them so much. That brown sweater really is adorable and it highlights the brown in the leopard pattern. You are so pulled together. Yes, perfect from work to party, indeed. You look beautiful!

    1. Thank you Regina! I will show you how I turned it into a night time look very soon :oD XXX

  2. you rock leopard for work!, gorgeous! I've a weakness for your tall boots, they're a favorite piece on you, modern and comfortable and fabulously colorful!
    Lovely layering!

    1. That is exactly why I love them, Monica! I will sob when they finally give up the ghost...I am sure I have a few more years yet though. :oD XXX

  3. Super cute, and you're right...that dress could be worn in a more conservative environment with a blazer and pumps!! Can't wait to see the "party" look!! jodie

    1. Thank you Jodie. It could work for a more formal environment, luckily I am able to wear what I want (within reason) XXX

  4. Fun outfit, feminine, and sporty all rolled into one. Love the boots.

  5. Great party look for work - it shows your sense of fun and personality. As a changeover piece it's perfect and I can't wait to see the evening version x
    Anna's Island Style

    1. Thank you Anna. I seem to be wearing this dress a lot more recently with various "unders" and "overs" is nice to get wear out of more evening attire. I am not sure how I would style a beaded ballgown as day wear though! hahahaha. XXX

  6. Sam, I love this color palette on you, you do a great job Layering! The rust sweater is gorgeous with your hair and complexion, love the boots of course, I have a similar pair I need to share on the blog. The bag is perfectly structured and looks amazing too

  7. Sam, I love this color palette on you, you do a great job Layering! The rust sweater is gorgeous with your hair and complexion, love the boots of course, I have a similar pair I need to share on the blog. The bag is perfectly structured and looks amazing too

    1. Thank you Jess! Rust is a great colour and it is hard to find the right shade....some are far too orangey. I always have my eyes peeled for the right shade :oD XXX

  8. It is a great daytime outfit. I had a look at the daytime styling for the summer garden party and can imagine what the dress is going to look like as party dress. Excellent.
    Love that you are Scot too (my best friend is).

    1. Thank you Greetje. The Summer party was a Scottish summer party so it was neither warm more sunny so I needed ankle boots and a cardigan! I sometimes long for 'sandals and silk' weather! XXX

  9. I am in love with your boots ! Such a statement pair of boots, and love it when you wear rust, tan and other "natural" colors, of course a black dress would have been the easiest and less original option, but this one is so much better ! You look awesome ! Oh, and did I ever tell you how much I love your hair color and also haircut ? :-) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion blog

    1. Thank you Vale! What a lovely compliment, I am chuffed to bits.....{blushes}..XXX

  10. Replies
    1. Thank you Hanna....they are my favourite pair. And super-comfortable too! I am glad you like them. XXX

  11. Eeeek!! You have that nose stud thingy, Samantha, you are SO cool!!!


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