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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

How to wear a Classic Camel coat | Layering knits.

Layering knits without looking sloppy.

Wearing a mini dress and lace up boots, over 40.
Camel coats and knitted dresses seem to be in every magazine I open.
Knitted dresses over knitted tights, layered with cardigans, capes and cosy socks.

I love to layer and I love being warm and comfortable BUT, I don't want to look shapeless and sloppy....or, worse, Frumpy.
Knitted dresses can, so easily, look shapeless and unflattering (see the ironing-board effect HERE in this colourful combination).
However, after some inspiration from the super-feminine and classy Jessica @elegantlydressedandstylish (who is always on-point with her signature style)
I decided that I was going to do my own version of the "Knitted dress and boots" look.

Camel coat and lace up boots | Fake fabulous

This whole outfit began, not with a knitted dress but, with my classic camel coat.

The Camel Coat is another item that has the potential to look really frumpy...Gosh, there are a lot of them, aren't they?
This coat reminds my husband of his Mum.
I told him that this is because it is a classic, the camel coat concept has been around since the 1950's.
(Maxmara made an iconic version in 1981)
So his mum was a fashionista of her time.

In a mini homage to the 1950's, I wore these delicate vintage gloves.
They are a perfect fit for my skinny hands.

If you don't own a classic camel coat yet, I urge you to go and have a look.
There are so many different makes and styles, to suit all budgets.
They just add a little bit of class (not to mention warmth) to any outfit.
Even thrown over jeans, the camel coat looks chic.
Read the story of this super-bargain pure Cashmere version HERE.

Camel coat and lace up boots | Fake fabulous

So, once I had the idea of wearing this knitted dress again (you can see it here in an all-white look with a chunky cardigan) I knew I needed cosy layers.
This dress is one of those pieces that you think will end up filthy (I am a notorious butter-fingers) but somehow doesn't.
It is so versatile and really comfortable to wear, great for layering too.

I layered a polo-neck underneath, to add warmth and some interest.
I could have worn my fine knitted polo-neck, which would have been more in keeping with the all-knitted theme.
The fine knitted version is a better quality but it went all 'bunchy' around my middle and would not tuck in nicely.
I don't need any more lumps and bumps, thank you very much!
So this modal polo-neck had to do.

Layering knits with lace up boots | Fake fabulous

The dress is a funky shape, and pretty short, so it needed some cosy tights.
These wool ribbed ones are perfect.
Chunky burgundy socks (that are long enough to pull up when my knees get chilly) and my leopard beret seemed the obvious 'extra's' for this look.
I was coveting this designer hat, which is now in the sale, but mine is soft and comfortable and funky enough.

The star of this outfit (for me) are these boots.
I can not tell you have much I love them, but I will try...
  • They are incredibly comfortable.
  • A perfect fit.
  • Not too baggy around the leg.
  • Different, without being too 'Crazy'....a little bit punk a little bit horsey?
  • Excellent quality.
  • They go with everything...or I make them go with everything anyway!
I have had them forever (a slight exaggeration, but they feel like part of me).
I just get them re-soled every couple of years.

My burgundy bag finished things off perfectly (with the addition of a couple of furry friends!).
See this bag styled with vintage shoes, here....and pared down with jeans and a cashmere jumper, here.
Winter white dress and lace up boots | Fake fabulous

Camel coat and lace | Fake fabulous

My friend HATES these boots and rolls her eyes every time I wear them,
"Are they not ready for the bin yet?"
 lace up boots | Fake fabulous

Do you have any ancient and much-loved shoes (or boots) that you keep getting repaired?
Please share in the comments or tweet me a picture @samantha4blair

Camel coat: Old (This one is great)
Boots: Caterpillar (even older) these are really cool, with buttons...and these lace up ones.
Dress: Asos (This one is similar)
Under-sweater: Next. (this one is a better fit, I have them in other colours)
Tights: Levante (c/oUKtights)
Socks: TkMaxx (similar)
Hat: Topshop (old) This one is fab!
Gloves :Vintage (these are similar)
Nails: BarryM (almond)
Bag: Charity shop (this one is the real deal....swoon)
Pompoms: Oakland & Topshop

Here I am, caught admiring my old boots.
I think I might actually be telling them how fab they are in this shot!! ...shhhh, don't tell.

winter white and lace up boots | Fake fabulous

Shop the look:



  1. Love your coat, lovely look, and great styling! My blog is middle aged fashion focused as well!


  2. Those boots are so you!! Now, I'm not sure I'd wear them, but they are definitely a statement maker!! This is a great outfit Samantha!! As for the camel coat....I still don't have one because I always opt for the print/fun ones! jodie

    1. Thank you Jodie... I do love these boots! They attract plenty of comments too. I am not surprised to hear that your coats are fun and colourful. XXX

  3. Very nice indeed. So chic.

  4. That fit+flare white dress, the leopard cap and your boots are all super cool. I want them.

    If you like to participate, I am currently running a linkup on my blog today. Thanks, Ada. =)

  5. I have total coat envy! Stunning Samantha
    Laurie x

    1. Thank you Laurie, it is a great coat...I'm glad you like it too! XXX

  6. Great outfit! I love everything about it, and it's so you! I always love how much fun you have with fashion!

    1. Thank you Andrea! These boots are so old that they feel part of me...I can't help but smile when I wear them ;oD

  7. Such lovely layering! Your hat is positively perfect with this look and gives you even more stylish flair. I say you should keep your fun boots Forever. ;) I don't own a camel coat, as all of mine are bright colors or patterns, but I really do like how classic they are. I may start keeping my eye open for one this year. Oh, as far as your other knit shirt lumping and bunching - have you tried layering it under a close fitting camisole for a smoother fit? I do that little trick all the time when I am layering shirts under my sweaters and do not particularly want to look like I added a few tummy rolls overnight.

    1. I am glad you think these boots are as fab as I do. I will probably cry when the leather finally wears out, pathetic but true! I do wear cami's and full slips, Jennie. It is a great tip. This time I tucked the top into my tights then wore a slip on top. Not very glamorous but only I see that bit. Tucking tops into my tights reminds me of being a school :oD XXX

  8. I love this SAM! Thank you for the high praise as well . I love the white knit, the pattern on it and the shape is gorgoeous on you and looks amazing on you figure! I love those boots.. just have a thing for cool boots that lace up like that and the color Love the camel tutleneck underneath and tights giving it a jumper look. The extra panache and style ala Sam is the fab hat!
    Great look my friend!
    jess xx

    1. Thank you Jessica! I am so glad you like my version of your great look. I loved the way you worked your jumper and OTK boots combination, such a lady! I recently got my vintage early 90's OTK boots re-soled. I hope to wear them soon! XXX

  9. I love how the look started off very prim and proper and ended up revealing this cute mini dress and tights being anything but. Very much doing your own thing Samantha, and so well! Rock on xxx

    1. Hahaha, thank you Anna....I was pretending to be all lady-like. XXX

  10. Samantha I forgot to say congratulations on the link up feature with Ann on Kreme de la Kreme. You deserve the limelight. You've applied yourself well to this blogging milarky, are always interesting in what you do, and honest when you've been inspired by others. Well done xxx

    1. Thank you so much for that, honestly, it means a lot to me. XXX

  11. I always reheel and resole shoes! I never understand why people throw away shoes without doing so. You can get years of wear out of shoes so I get where you're coming from. And I much much prefer your beret to the Kors one! It's perfect with the coat and looks fab on you. And the boots are just so funky!

    1. Thank you so much! Mr Kors couldn't do a better job, :oD. I am glad to hear you maintain your shoes too. I have just had some vintage 90's boots resoled and I hope to feature them soon, saving me a couple of hundred pounds for the modern equivalent. I forgot I had them...I love it when that happens. XXX

  12. The coat was my favorite part of the outfit, but then I saw the dress! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Gosh I love this outfit. You're like a winter bride or something. That white dress I love it! The beret, I can't find my leopard print one--for years now--and I miss it terribly. The boots--I have a pair. I saved (if possible when on a year abroad program) during my junior year in Florence, Italy and finally purchased the riding boots I would visit daily. I have them and love them and will never part with those riding boots. They're a part of my hiSTORY!

    Thank you for linking up to my Style Story Link Up Samantah! You're the best!

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  14. you look like such a throwback in that first pic. so cute and chic.

  15. Those boots though! Love this cool mod look, Dear! Thanks for linking up with My Refined Style Link Up!


    Dawn Lucy

  16. You nailed frump there! Tights are a great way to wear a shorter dress after 40 and those boots are fabulous. Thanks for sharing your style point of view on the My Refined Style Linkup!



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