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Sunday, 11 October 2015

How to be braver | Mixing bright colours.

Wearing bright colours with a splash of black.

Styling an oversized scarf.

This outfit post was going to be all about styling a bright and colourful, oversized snood.

Which can be an overwhelming and tricky item.
Especially if you do not have a lot of 'big hair' to puff out and play with.
There is a danger of looking like you have no neck, or your head is a cherry perched on top of a giant bun.

Oversized scarf | Mixing bright colours together | Fake Fabulous

Oversized scarf | Mixing bright colours together | Fake Fabulous

Anyway, as I began to write about the trouble with oversized snoods, I started to think about the trouble with black.

The ever-present, all-consuming, black...and more specifically, the dreaded black trouser.

Now, please don't get me wrong here.

I don't have anything against wearing black (I am wearing it today) or black trousers (I love my black jeans).

BUT, I do have a serious dislike of those cheap polyester things (you know the ones I mean).
Ill-fitting, unflattering, made of thin shiny fabric, shapeless, clingy....yuck yuck yuck!

Unfortunately these style-killers are everywhere.

I often hear the phrase:

"Oh, it doesn't matter, they'll do for my work." 

Well, unless you dress to the nines at home, or are a social butterfly; Out every night at fantastic events and busy all weekend with various activities. Then you probably spend most of your time dressed for work.
So, you spend most of your life wearing something that will "just do".

I know it is a cliche, but life really is too short to "just do" every day.

Why save nice things for best?

"It might get ruined at work."

Well, yes it might, BUT is that any worse than it hanging unworn in your wardrobe, slowly dating and rotting away?
I really don't think so.

Is it not better to have worn and lost, than to have never worn at all?

I understand that these black trousers are comfortable, a safe option, and I know that everyone else is wearing them...But ladies, you deserve better!

If you were dressing a friend, would you reach for those black trousers or would you say:

 "You have a teeny waist and you would look amazing in this!" 

{Produces full skirt and fitted knit with a big smile}
Your friend is beautiful and fabulous, isn't she?
Those dowdy black trousers wouldn't do her any favours, right?
So why put them on YOU?
You can and should be a friend to yourself.

"But, I need to loose half a stone before I buy any new clothes/put on a dress/wear colour."

Don't give me that!
You are alive TODAY.
Go and get something that fits you TODAY.
You may never loose that half stone.
If you do, go and treat yourself again to something new.

And, besides, black doesn't actually make you look slimmer.

"But I am too old/fat/tall/short/busty/flat-chested...[blah blah blah] what is the point of dressing up?"

None of us are perfect.
We all have our flaws, but we also all have our beauty.
If you could see yourself through the eyes of your friends you would see how amazing you are.
Whether it is your beautiful eyes, great legs, amazing hair, teeny waist, curvy hips...whatever.

I bet they do not see your 'problem areas' as much of a problem as you do.

My point is; Be brave and break free!
Try that colour.
Get those legs out.
Have FUN with your clothes.

Hang on a minute....What if you really love black?

And you love wearing trousers too!

Well, there is nothing wrong with that.
Black trousers can be super chic.
Why not find a more structured pair in a more interesting shape than those nasty ones that are trailing on the ground at your heel?
  • Cigarette trousers with brogues...Cold ankles? Wear some good quality funky socks.
  • Capri's with ballet shoes, booties or pumps....If you are brave, they look chic with lace tights or fishnets underneath (honestly).
  • Tapered and tailored wool, with high-heeled loafers.
  • High waisted and wide legged with chunky, block heeled boots.
  • Skinny trousers (or jeans) with Mary-Janes/booties/Ghilies/OTK boots....oh, anything goes, really!
The list could go on and on.
With so many different styles out there at various price points, there is no excuse.
So please step away from those old polyester faithfuls and give something else a try.
You deserve it!

Oversized scarf | Mixing bright colours together | Fake Fabulous

My polyester, black trouser rant is over, Thank goodness!

So, I am finally getting to the point of this post.....

I really wanted to wear this oversized snood again (I wore it for work with blue skinnies and my pear-coloured cardigan see a snippet HERE from Instagram).

It has so many colours in it, that I was spoilt for choice but I decided to go for some more pink.
Hot pink really warms up a chilly day.

This skirt is actually a long-sleeved dress but, as the thermometer was struggling to get into double figures, I layered this colourful cropped jumper over it.
(I last wore the jumper HERE with skinny jeans.)

These two colours don't 'go', but they are of a similar intensity.

Similar intensity colours can work well, especially if you use an accessory to pull everything together.

If you are trying to mix tricky colours, finding another item that contains all of your colours can magically make them work.
This is often a scarf but can also be other patterned items. Shoes work really well, if you can find them!

The three bright items in this outfit needed toned down ever so slightly.
So, I used my black sleeveless jacket (last seen with my vintage skirt, here, at a wedding, here, and with Tartan trousers, here) and black opaques with black boots.

I would normally reach for coloured you have probably realised by now!
But, the black just seemed to ground everything and allowed my snood to do most of the work.

I loved wearing this outfit, easy and comfortable but with a colourful punch.
Colour can really lift your mood and make you smile, therefore effecting every person you meet that day. Spreading a little joy!

Go on, why not try some colour tomorrow?

Do you know someone who needs to break out of their 'black trouser uniform' into some colour?

We all know that saying that:

"If someone puts you down enough you start to believe it."

 But remember, that the opposite is also true!

You could tell your friend she has beautiful legs and what a crime it is to hide them away.
Maybe it will boost her confidence just enough to give that dress she loves (but never wears) a go.

Please let me know how you get on....or tweet me a picture @samantha4blair.
I love to hear from you!

Bag: Primark
Sleeveless coat: French Connection
Jumper: Illustrated people
Snood: Asos
Dress: Baukjen
Tights: M&S (too shiny and not that cheap)
Boots: Coolway (last worn here, to a party!)

I thought I would leave you with this shot of me checking my tights....

"Hang on a minute....Are these tights shiny?? I think they are!! Arrgggghhh!!!"

Oh dear ....I am guilty of not taking my own hosiery advice (see that post HERE).

Oversized scarf | Mixing bright colours together | Fake Fabulous


  1. Such a fun scarf!!!!!
    I'd love for you to join my Fridays Fashions link up. :)

  2. I think the snood works because of your tidy pixie haircut... Something as wild as this snood needs to be offset with something streamlined and unfussy, like your outfit and hair here. Big hair is a statement in itself, and can look very messy quite easily, especially when combined with lots of colour and pattern and fabric. I know, from personal experience, as I see myself in the mirror every morning and my first thought is 'oh dear, I'm back in the 80's'...

    1. I love your perspective here Tiina!
      I always felt that my long (and big) wavy hair made things look 'better'....perhaps acting as a security blanket in a way??
      I feel quite exposed with my every flaw is on full view.
      Now that I have read your comment I can appreciate that it does make things look tidy and my long hair hanging around my shoulders would have looked messy. I would have instinctively had it up in a pony or top knot...perhaps not even understanding why.
      I love reading comments like this. A different perspective is refreshing.
      Thank you very much for commenting!

  3. I really love your outfit! And the snood looks amazing with it. I bought a snood a couple of years ago and haven't worn it yet. I really should. #streetstylesunday

    1. Thank you so much!
      You should definitely get that snood out and get cosy as the thermometer plummets....We are supposed to be getting a bad winter this year. You can be chic AND cosy too.

  4. Amen, sister!!! I agree with everything you wrote, and love the way you express yourself! Fabulous attitude!
    And I'm also very conscious about that 'big scarf effect' when you look like you have no neck!. Actuallly you look gorgeous, and love how you've mixed bright colors and black: such an amazing color combo!, it looks cool and interesting and elegant!
    Loving particularly your sleeveless jacket-coat!, it's a versatile piece and very funky!

    1. Thank you so much for your fab comment.
      I am glad you like the colour combination....the black seemed to work.
      I am thinking of buying a heavier-weight sleeveless coat for the colder weather, but I wonder if the sleevelessness of the coat defeats the purpose! hahaha

  5. Great scarf! And I love what you paired it with!

    I appreciate your black trousers rant! I do like my black trousers (they are not polyester), but I know that it is easy for me to get in a "black trousers rut." In fact, I wore them twice last week, and I'm starting to worry that it's starting... So I'm wearing a dress, a cardigan, and a colorful scarf tomorrow! :-)

    1. I know what you mean, Andrea!
      I feel like that about skinny blue jeans....sometimes they are too easy to pull on!
      I wore a leopard/houndstooth dress today for work (practicing what I preach)...I am glad you wore your dress too.
      We are style rut-dodgers!

  6. Perfect outfit! Bright colours and patterns is totally my style.

  7. Samantha,

    I do believe you might be my style sister. I'm not kidding. I love everything about you: your style, your philosophies, and your adorableness.

    Shall we be good, good friends?


    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

    PS Thank you for linking up to my Style Story Link Up!

    1. Thank you so much Ann,
      You are my sister in the sunshine....6000 miles away, where it never really gets cold.
      I am here in Scotland, where it never really gets hot!
      Poles apart but it feels like you live down the road... that is what is so cool about the world wide web.
      It was a pleasure to link up to your new link party....I hope it goes really well for you and you do it all again next week!


  8. Wonderful post, full of positive ideas, Samantha - thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!


  9. What a sight for sore eyes, Samantha, such a lovely vision of colour and texture. How brave of you to pair everything together and how perceptive to have pulled it off this stylishly :) your outfit reminds of something very Rykiel. Well done, indeed. I'm a new fan.

    1. Wow! Thank you so much!!
      I am so glad you popped by and left such a nice comment. "Very Rykiel"....shucks [bashful face].. That was entirely unintentional and (after googling her latest collection) very flattering.
      I have now found more designer items to covet. Thank you for that too!

  10. Ha, ha, that was a good, old rant you got off your chest! Absolutely, good riddance to bad black trousers! Especially when as you've listed, there are so many good alternatives out there. Great combo of the two bold colours, brought into harmony by the vibrant snood. Perfect for those chilly Scottish mornings!

    1. Thank you Jacqueline! There really is no excuse for those monstrosities...there are so many great looking items out there (and a bargain prices too...if we look hard enough)
      I am glad you like the colours together.
      Thank you for your comment.

  11. Such great advice about the black pants...I want to shout it to many a woman I see!! (And I could rant about shoes...sometimes I see a great outfit and then the shoes....ugh!). As for your snood--the colors are just magnificent. I like it doubled up better for some reason. And a bit funny about the tights---but really, I couldn't even tell in the first pix---and then only because you pointed it out! Thanks for the laugh! jodie

    1. Thank you Jodie,
      Shiny tights are a pet hate of mine too! They ruin beautiful legs. I was horrified when I looked down....and gave hubby a wee row for allowing it to happen (hahaha, despite the fact that he was completely oblivious). Luckily, the light did not pick up the shine in most of the photographs.
      I promptly gave them to one of my daughters....she is so young that she can pull them off. (just) ;oD.

  12. OMG Samantha it's like I wrote this - you read my mind about being braver and bolder, but most of all the thing about not wearing your best clothes to work... I NEVER understood girls who said that when I worked in an office!!! I always, always wore all my nice stuff and craziest heels to work, and I'm so glad I did because it gave me interesting outfits to shoot as well as making me feel good every day.

    Only now that I work from home and on most days NOBODY sees what I wear (which is ironic seeing as I'm a fashion blogger) do I appreciate those days even more. Plus the black polyester trousers thing? You forgot to mention wearing them with an even cheaper, nastier white shirt and NOTHING else. No colour, no funky shoes, no accessories, no fabulous hair do. I think that combo should be banned...!!!

    There's *my* rant over... Which leaves me to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE that snood! I love all this colour, I love your booties, I love your attitude. I think you're going to go a long way in the blogging world my lovely - hope we get to meet one day :)

    Catherine x
    Not Dressed As Lamb

    P.S. thank you for all your wonderful comments you always leave on my blog, I'm so ashamed I don't comment as much as you.

    1. Thank you so much, Catherine.
      To be rant was initially longer, including shapeless blouses and pastel v-necked t-shirts BUT I was worried that I had gone on a bit too that was culled.
      And there was a paragraph on shoes.
      You are MEGA busy so never apologise for not commenting...but I really appreciate it when you do!

  13. What a great outfit! I love the colours you look really lovely.
    Gemma xx

  14. I NEVER wear black, don't own anything black and always wear something glorious even when I'm not going anywhere. The delivery man says he loves coming to our house as I was looking fab in my vintage gear. Bless him.
    As my friend says "If you don't feel great in it don't wear it"
    You certainly look great in your clobber today
    Lynn :)

    1. Good for you, Lynn!
      I love the idea of you opening the door with a flourish, sporting some beautiful vintage dress and cheering up the delivery man(or woman's) day.
      My delivery lady usually catches me in my PJ's....she is an early bird!

  15. Beautiful look, I love the playful mix of textures and colors here.
    Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me"
    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures

  16. I always have a tough time wearing pants regardless of colors, I always struggle with shoes. Love the fun color pairing in this outfit!

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.


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