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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Easy Halloween makeup, part 1 | Ghostly Terrors!

D.I.Y. Halloween costume and makeup.

Simple face paint-substitute for sensitive skin.

Neither I, nor my children, can wear face paint.
We get very sore skin and a nasty rash.
I am not sure why.
Anyway, I don't want anyone to miss out on Halloween fun, so I created scary makeup looks that do not require any face paint at all.

Great fun for kids, and Adults too!

I do make a very convincing 'old hag'.
Cue my hubby's joke...
"Not much make up needed for that, then?!"
 ...but that is a post for another day.

I need to warn you now, I am not a fan of 'pretty' (or sexy) Halloween looks.

I am not into being cute and 'happy' at Halloween.
We want it to be Fright Night, here!
The scarier the better.

{Now is a good time to mention that my "Witch" makeup, last year, made my two youngest cry....and scared my son half to death when I jumped out on him! hehehehehe (witchy cackle)}

So, if you have a nervous disposition...or are easily scared...turn away NOW!

Halloween fun, Part 1:

Ghostly terrors

DIY Halloween costume | Ghost makeup

This costume is so easy to make:
  1. Take a large piece of white fabric (an old bed sheet is perfect).
  2. Fold it in half.
  3. Cut a head hole (I made a slit at the back of the neck and glued on a little strip of Velcro to secure it).
  4. Cut out a rough (and oversized) tunic shape.
  5. Tack (or machine sew) it together leaving a very large seam allowance, which is left on the right side of the costume.
  6. Cut a ragged edge to the tunic's seam edge.
  7. Job done!

DIY Halloween costume | Ghost makeup

I also bought a large piece of grey chiffon, which I sewed into a tube so she could step in and arrange it over her head...for that ghostly haze.

DIY Halloween costume | Ghost makeup

Her face paint / makeup is simple too,

You will need:
  • Pale face powder (or that 'too pale' foundation you bought by mistake).
  • White or silver eyeshadow.
  • Red lip liner.
  • Black or dark grey eyeshadow.
  • Cream blusher (you could use the lip liner).

What to do:
  1. Dust the pale face powder all over the face (I used a sponge and pressed it on).
  2. Apply the white eyeshadow on the nose, cheeks, lips and forehead.
  3. Use the black eyeshadow to darken around the eyes and a little on the mouth too.
  4. Use the blusher (or lip liner) to line the eyes and smudge.
  5. Using the lip liner, add the drops of blood at the corner of the mouth.
  6. Mess your hair up and you are good to go!

Have fun scaring your friends and family.

Just in case you thought I had photographed a real ghost, here she is... a normal little girl after all!



  1. Okay...being that I'm not a Halloween lover, I'll just say this is creepy (take that good or bad, however you like)!! Great job though!! jodie
    ps...your original ghost is absolutely darling!!

    1. Hahaha Jodie...I am taking that as a compliment to her acting skills :oD
      Thank you for commenting, despite the fact you are not a fan of Halloween.

  2. She is soooooooooooo pretty. You have done a great job. She doesn´t look like a ghost more like an angel.
    We do not do Halloween at all at home, I suppose I dress up all the year round, hahahhaha
    Happy Sunday Samantha

    1. Thank you Sacramento! I think she is a beauty too....but of course I am a little biased ;o).
      I am surprised to hear that you do not enjoy a little Halloween dressing up fun! I would love to see your interpretation of a ghouly or a ghostly.

  3. hahaha, from angel to zombie. What a metamorphosis. Perfect

    1. She is quite shy so I had to persuade her to "look scary"....I think she pulled it off!

  4. I'm not into cute costumes either, and I think she looks amazing! Actually, I came here because I'm going to dress up as Cathy from Wuthering Heights' ghost, and I'm definitely going for this makeup. It looks absolutely real!


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