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Friday, 25 September 2015

How to wear Summer clothes in Autumn.

How to wear your summer wardrobe in Autumn.

Wearing colourful tights.
Wearing summer clothes in Autumn | Fake fabulous
Cobalt blue tights | Fake Fabulous

Beginners Guide to Coloured Tights.

I am sad to say goodbye to the Summer, in Ernest (haha I mean earnest) this time.
The leaves are definitely turning brown and the apples on the tree are bright red and ready for eating.

Despite these obvious hints for me to grab a jumper, I (stubbornly) still want to try and get a few more wears from some of my, hardly worn, summer clothes.

Do you feel the same about some of your pretty dresses or skirts?

I think that this is because Summer clothes don't get a fair crack of the whip here.
I buy them in hopeful anticipation, and they only see the light of day once or twice (if I am lucky).
I decided it was time to be inventive.

I love this bright dress, it has a twirly skirt and POCKETS!
Pockets on a dress (or skirt) are so satisfying....and very handy.
Such a great touch.
More pockets please!

I last wore it HERE to a garden party.... before the grass became a quagmire!

And, I really wanted to wear it again.

It is a substantial fabric, and lined, so it is the perfect candidate for some clever layering.

I decided to go all-out clash-tastic with these cobalt blue tights.

I know that this an extreme version of coloured tight wearing.
I appreciate that such BRIGHT colours are not for everyone, but I felt like I needed a little pick me up.
It is, honestly, impossible to be miserable in bright blue tights!

I layered a matching polo neck under my dress and grabbed my Bright Orange Coat...last seen HERE, clashing with red and blue too!

Which got me thinking about how to make more of my summer clothes work in them a longer life and me more dressing options.

Try layering something under your dress:

  • Fine or smooth knit polo neck.
  • A collared shirt.
  • A pussy bow blouse (See one layered under a Jumpsuit here)
  • A long or 3/4 sleeved a contrasting colour or pattern!

Of course, you can layer over your dress too:

Scarves always work well:

  • Long skinny scarves
  • Soft fine Cashmere (or cashmere effect) wraps.
  • Capes
  • fine knit Ponchos

Why not add some Autumnal shoes to contrast with your feminine dress?

Autumn themed touches, with accessories, are always fun...I wore my Oak leaves necklace.

Now on to the tights....

The basic principles are the same whatever colour you choose:

  1. Chose an opaque tight...opaques are more modern and look much fresher, they are also much warmer than sheers. Don't get me started on barely black tights!! 
  2. Always spend as much as you can afford, I am all for a bargain (£3 French Connection playsuit, anyone?) but believe me when I tell you that bargain tights are never a bargain. Cheap and shiny with an uneven stretch that looks odd on the leg. They ruin the rest of your outfit. Invest in some decent hosiery, your legs will thank you for it ...and so will the rest of your outfit.
  3. Try something other than black, it can look surprisingly chic and elegant.

"Entry level" colours include:

  • Charcoal
  • Deep Ink Blue
  • Midnight Purple
  • Dark chocolate Brown
  • French Navy

Intermediate colours (go on, be brave):

  • Burgundy
  • Plum
  • Bottle Green
  • Petrol Blue
  • Camel
  • Dark Rust

Advanced (not for the faint hearted) take a deep breath:

  • Cobalt
  • Bright Purple
  • Fuchsia
  • Violet
  • Orange
  • Dark red
  • Teal

Think about complementing your summer dress instead of being too matchy, matchy.
I went for a clash here (picking out the blue birds on the dress)
But you could be much more subtle...for example:

  • Olive coloured dress? Try petrol blue or midnight purple tights
  • Cream dress? Try dark green or plum tights.
  • Red dress? Try camel, charcoal or dark brown tights
  • Navy dress? Try dark grey or fuchsia (looks amazing!)
  • Grey dress? Try orange or rust tights (or vice versa)

Experiment, have fun...don't take any of it too seriously.

You won't please everyone with your style choices..but who cares, just please yourself!
One persons hideous-faux-pax is the next persons stylishly-individual and fabulous.

I thought I would leave you with some silly shots of me...after rushing out to catch some decent light and almost falling on my bum in the process!
Notice my bag that I just can't seem to put down these days. I have other bags, honestly.

Do you have any favourite colour combinations?
Do you want to be more adventurous with your choices this Autumn/Winter?
Or do you prefer the safety of black?

Please let me know...I love reading your comments.
Dress: Fever London
Coat: Hearts & Hands 
Tights: Fogal 30 Denier (c/o UkTights)
Belt: Topshop
Polo Neck: Redoute (I like this one)
Necklace: Tatty Devine
Nails: Barry M



  1. Oh, I know that feeling of dashing out to grab the fading light. Going to be even worse as we travel further into Autumn/Winter. Love the blue of the tights against the red. And nothing wrong with showcasing the bag again!

    1. This is very true Jaqueline...What will we do in the almost-permanent winter darkness?
      sigh....make the most of the light, while we can!

  2. Hey, Samantha, well done with another great "How to " article. Loving the pom poms again and the wonderfully bright tights with those mid heeled brogues - don't we just adore our brogues in any shape or form! I have a two-tone pair just waiting to be featured. Summer still lingers on here on the islands, so am holding off getting my tights out yet. xxx

    1. Thank you, Anna.
      Lucky toes are feeling the cold here.
      I have some seriously cosy tights and wooly socks on today, layered up as always.
      Looking forward to those two-toners!

  3. I often wear coloured tights in the cooler months. I started wearing them just with black dresses, then got more adventurous. I love the red and blue together, your photos are such fun!

    1. I think colour with black is a great way to start but it is easy to want more and end up buying many pairs....gradually getting brighter and brighter.
      Such a great way to add interest and cheer to a dull day.

  4. I bought new tights today!!! :) Love your outfits.

  5. I love the outfit, I do love a bright tights! Such great tips too.
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

    1. I am glad to hear that you love bright tights too!
      Thank you.

  6. It's definitely good to be adventuresome...and you hit the nail on the head!! That leaf necklace is so interesting! And as for that bag...who changes their bag often---certainly not me!!??? jodie

    1. I know a lot of people who have their favourite bag and wear it to death, that is very true! A good friend of mine, however, has a different bag everyday....or so it feels like....each one more colourful and stunning as the next! She has has 50 years of collecting beautiful bags.

  7. I don't own any fun tights. Reading your posts and seeing your photos on IG makes me want to get some!

    1. You definitely should Andrea....even just a subtle tone will make a difference to how you feel.
      Please give it a go and let me know how you got on!

  8. I love, love the print of the dress so much. I would also wear it all the year round.
    No tights for me as you know, hahhahah
    Happy Sunday, dear Samantha

    1. Thank you Sacramento! I could see you in this dress with a fantastic would look great with your beautiful skin tights needed!

  9. I love the look! I love how individual it is. Lovely bright summery dress, yet with tights it works well in autumn/ winter time too. I have never worn coloured tights before but this is very persuasive indeed! I think I must give it a try soon! :)

    1. Please do Ethan...they become addictive. I started off muted and subtle and today I am in bright Plum!

  10. wouu, fabulous post, really useful advices and some encouragement to wear colorful tights!, love everything about it!!
    And your outfit is awesome!, lovely red dress and lovely color combo!

    1. Thank you so much... I do hope you give them a try. Please let me know if you do!

  11. I love birght colored tights. I think they are so fun!!

  12. I love the bright tights! I too like to wear summer clothes into fall with the right accessories. Makes my wardrobe stretch even farther! :)

    1. It certainly helps me get a couple more wears out of neglected summer dresses!
      Thank you.

  13. I love the blue and red combination, the dress is really pretty...and I have serious bag envy! I'm a big fan of pockets on skirts and dresses too, I feel a bit lost without them to be honest!

    Emma xxx

    1. Thank you Emma.
      This bag is so silly and I can't help but smile when I carry it.

  14. I love your outfits, colorful and almost art in themselves. I think the print on this dress is so unique but lovely! You are welcome for the feature on Tuesday.
    Thanks for linking up to "Bloggers WHo Have Inspired Me"
    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures

  15. So funny Samantha! We're like on opposite sides of the thermometer! It will get cold here in Hong Kong, but it takes forever! I seem to always be seeing how I can incorporate fall and winter looks even though it's still quite warm. This paradox kind of cracks me up. Looks like you've come up with some excellent solutions!

    I adore your style!!

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  16. All I have to say about this is...FABULOUS! ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!



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