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Monday, 13 July 2015

How to wear a Playsuit (Romper) over 40.

Playsuit and 'Over 40' in the same sentence? 

40 MUST be too old for a playsuit? Is this the ultimate fashion faux pax?
How to wear a playsuit.

Playsuits over 40, back view.

I was determined to give the Playsuit / Romper look another chance after a break of almost 10 years... I used to have a very sharp and tailored fine-pinstripe pair that I loved wearing to work with thick opaques and brogues.

Unfortunately, in my late 30's,  had a bit of a style crisis and decided to try and dress a little less 'young' and a bit more 'appropriate'....oh dear! Why oh why? (that is a story for another time).

This was a fashion disaster... I consigned many fabulous (and fun) items to the Charity donation bag and replaced them with too many boring items which I have hardly worn. What a fool!

My only comfort is that someone will have found them and be (hopefully) loving them as much as I did.

It is best not to dwell on mistakes of the past (whatever form they take) so....

I discovered this super-comfortable, super-casual, super-cute little playsuit in a sale rail for the bargain price of £3! Worth a try at that price, no?

It is the most beautifully soft chambray fabric, with little flecks of colour running through it.

I teamed it with my well-loved Geek shoes (I call them my 70's school girl shoes) and a plain blue T-Shirt. Adding a cream fine-knit wool cardigan and a silky scarf, for warmth...and a bit more coverage. I find a scarf gives me an odd sense of security.

This is a really comfortable and casual look....perfect for running errands on a warm day.

Have you discarded any well-loved items because you thought you were too old?
Maybe it's time to rediscover them!


Romper: French Connection
Shoes: Office
T-shirt: Primark
Suede Belt: Boden
Necklace: Homemade
Bag: Monsoon
Cardigan: Zara
Scarf: Market stall

Chambray fabric detail and necklace.



  1. That playsuit is gorgeous, I love the flecks of colour, beautiful! You look absolutely fabulous! :)
    Is £3.00 a typing error because that's SUCH a bargain?
    I'm also in love with your shoes!!!
    X X

    1. Wow! Thank you Lucy. X
      Yes, the playsuit really was three pounds...In the bargain price rail at Tkmaxx. Yellow stickered things that nobody wants. I think it was because it is an age 13-14...but fits more like a woman's 10. These places are always worth a rummage. XXX

  2. Well my dear, if you can wear a playsuit and look this good, nobody will think you are over 40. You look fabulous in it. And as long as you look fabulous... keep doing it.

    1. Thank you Greetje!
      We should all keep doing what we love to do, for as long as we can. You never know what is round the corner. Your comment is most appreciated. X


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