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Sunday, 19 July 2015

How to wear culottes, part 3 | Do culottes look good on anyone?

This is my third attempt at dressing in culottes....and possibly the last!

How to wear culottes.

Styling culottes over 40.

The reason being is that my youngest daughter said to me (as I was heading out to take my photographs)

"Mummy, could these culottes not ruin your blog?"
Children are honest, very honest.
They have no ulterior motive.

I tried to laugh it off as I headed outside BUT it did get me thinking....are some 'fashion' items just unwearable for real people? Should I stop trying to make these culottes work for me?

Then the heavens opened.
Was this poetic justice?

As I looked through my shots afterwards, I realised that not one of them contained a smile.
Oh dear, culottes....have you beaten me??

What do you think?
Culottes, yes or no?

Culottes: Matalan
Cropped T-shirt: Sisley
Baby cord Bag: Unbranded
Lasered booties/ shoes: XTI
Under Top: Marks and Spencers (thermal)
Silk Scarf: Moschino
Perspex necklace: Boden
Umbrella: Samsonite

P.S I will not be beaten! Culottes with tights and boots. A winter post perhaps?


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