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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

How to update old-fashioned clothes | Re-working a frumpy jacket with neon yellow and white.

How to stop a tweed jacket looking frumpy.

I have been guilty of discarding some fabulous items of clothing, in the past, in favour of something a little more grown up or appropriate for my age (see an explanation HERE).

Are we all guilty of this at some point in our lives?
How many times have you looked at something fabulous on the rail, in a shop (or online) and thought,

"That IS beautiful!...but not for me, I am too old/ young /fat /thin /short/ tall/ pale/ dark/ wrong shape/ wrong personality/ wrong life"*
*(delete as appropriate)

Then you reach for the same old shapes and colours....ten pairs of black trousers anyone?

Why do we put ourselves down like this?
Why should you not buy that truly fabulous item and rock it!?

This unfortunate problem resulted in me going out and buying some less than exciting, totally uninspiring, and...lets face it, downright frumpy clothes.

Most of them never saw the light of day as I just did not feel like myself wearing they hung, limp and pathetic, with their tags intact, in my wardrobe.

Thoroughly depressing me every time I opened the doors.
Reminding me of how much money and time I had wasted.
Making me miss my old (and much more fun) items even more.

I have now decided to take positive try some Style CPR on my wardrobe disasters.

The first of these sorry sights is a boucle or tweed (ish) Chanel-esque jacket.
It was stupidly expensive (for me)...contradicting my normal spending habits, and adding to the shame!

I know these jackets look amazing on 20-somethings, who wear them with cool irony....mussed-up hair, graphic t-shirts and skyscraper heels.

On 40-somethings,however, they remind me of something my Nan would wear on a Sunday or an outfit more suited to the Queen.

I was determined to give my jacket one last chance before donating it to charity.

Not wanting to go down the easy route of dark skinny jeans, a casual T-shirt and heels...that would be too predictable...I paired it with my white 'girlfriend' jeans (worn HERE) and an almost-neon yellow jumper.

I added a vintage (1970's) gent's leather tie, I'm not sure why, I just loved the idea of it.

My white and silver brogues were a must, as it is impossible to feel rubbish when wearing these. I LOVE the white soles!
My little studded bag finished things off nicely.

To be honest, I am not sure if I completely rescued the jacket from Frumpsville.
But, I do like it a little more....

How to wear a tweed jacket over 40

Black and white tweed chanel-esque jacket, yellow and black.

What and silver brogues

Brogues: Aldo
Jacket: Boden
Jeans: ME&EM
Jumper: JohnnieB



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Susanne....I'm still not 100% happy with it (unlike my grungy old denim jacket) but I think it could grow on me.

  2. I love 'frumpy' things! I feel like I can get away wih wearing sexy things with them. I love the pop of colour in this outfit :) #brilliantblogposts

    1. I like your way of thinking...the frump-factor of one item toning down the naughtiness of another.
      Very clever...keeps everyone guessing.
      Thank you for your comment.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much.
      These brogues are one of my favourites...I can't help but smile when I look down at them.

  4. I don't see frump. Where's the frump? LOL! You have rescued it (but to be honest, I don't think it needed rescuing). It's not frumpsville!

  5. First, have I told you how much I like your hair! I cant wear short, but you have the face for it. I do not, the way it is. I have a tweed jacket with blue and a citrine, and it is in the sell pile. I love your post as I just cant place why I dont want to keep it either. No frumpiness allowed. I love the tailored pants, brogues and the bright color on yo, lovely!!

    Thank you for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

    1. Thank you Jessica!
      Some items I just can't get along with...they feel 'wrong'.
      I bet that if we had a clothes swap party we would find some gems in each other's 'to go' piles.
      Maybe you could dig out that tweed and try it again?? I would love to see that!

  6. Hi Samantha, Lovin' your blog and think you're going from strength to strength. Brogues are to die for creating massive brogue envy. Have come up with a little idea. This jacket is a tricky one to style but could be fun to swap with another blogger to see how differently we would both style it - what do you think? Breaking the bloggin frontiers! Swapping our audience too. xxx

    1. Hi Anna, Thanks for popping over and leaving a comment.
      A blog-swap sounds a great idea...same dress/jacket/whatever, with a different spin on it.
      I like it!
      I'm already thinking this needs a belt....hmmmm....
      Drop me an email and we could sort out a posting off to the island.....all the way down south.


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