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Monday, 6 July 2015

Headscarves, frumpy or fabulous?

I'm on holiday with a tiny wardrobe and no WiFi. Time to be inventive.
Yesterday my big, floppy, straw hat blew off and landed in the sea, causing lots of laughter. So, today I am wearing a headscarf to keep the sun off my hair (red colour fades fast enough without help from the sun).
Headscarves can have a bad reputation, they remind me of elderly relatives protecting their 'shampoo and set' or 1940's fancy dress.
Only the very young and beautiful can wear them,  with an ironic twist,  and look cool....Or so I thought.
I had to wear my new shorts again (I might never get another chance) and I definitely needed a cardigan (fresh breeze is an understatment!!) a slubby white tee and my old birkenstocks finished the casual look.
Photographs are courtesy of my 8 year old...nice job!
T-SHIRT: River Island
SHORTS: Fat Face
SHOES: Birkenstock
SILK SCARF: Market stall
Old birkenstocks
Old Faithfuls!


  1. I love these Birkenstocks. I have very long toes so just don't get in with the ridge at the end but I still love looking at them!

    1. That is a shame that you can't enjoy wearing birkenstocks :-( . they are incredibly comfortable. Have you tried all of their different styles? Or tried sizing up but going for a narrower fit.
      Thank you for your comment.


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