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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Growing out a short pixie cut | Getting an undercut over 40?

Growing out a Pixie cut?

Can you have an undercut over 40? Grey hairs? Let them come, going grey gracefully OR Grab the hair-dye, quick!!

My super-short, super-easy and super-cute pixie cut has suddenly reached the "Help, I can't do anything with it!" stage.
As you can see, it has grown down over my ears and I am in danger of cultivating a MULLET!!
Valuable time needs to be spent now, I actually need to use a brush and even straighteners in order to look half way decent.
I have quite a lot of fine hair and it has a wave to it... arrgh, I don't have time for this!

It is in desperate need of something...but what?
Do I chop it off and go for a radical undercut?
Do I grow it out (it grows pretty fast) and sport another short and funky bob?
The other burning question is: Do I let my grey hair shine through??

Desperately needing a haircut!!

Unfortunately, the process of growing out my hair can lead to the 'Worzel Gummidge' effect.
I mean looking like a scarecrow to those of you who don't know (or don't remember) him. This look can last for months and months :-(.

Even with regular trims, the waves and kinks (that look great when it is longer) drive me crazy. It is permanently a disaster area or a battle ground...everyday is a hat (or paper bag) day! 

Then, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it starts to resemble Lego-hair....or a helmet. 

This is further exaggerated by too much styling and over processing. The over done blowdry is the kiss of death to any look. It takes about six months to grow a layered 1920's style bob. 
Sounds hellish right???

Growing out a pixie cut....looking like Worzel Gummidge. Even a beautiful face can't save this look!

BUT, short hair is expensive to maintain. Haircuts are a fortune and they need to happen every 6 weeks or so.
Grey roots show up much more noticeably with shorter hair, longer hair hides things a bit better. Short hair is COLD, a concern for me here in Scotland.
Long hair can be more versatile, sexier, funkier, younger...more fun?

The grey hairs are also an issue.
Mine are fine in texture and scattered throughout.
Is it time to embrace the grey? It is a major dilemma.
There are some stunning grey-haired ladies out there, usually rocking an edgy cut, but there are also many coloured haired beauties too.
Some rocking a funky bright red or a peroxide blonde..... (Sigh)... another dilemma.

The honest truth is that I don't know what I will do until the last moment.
I will, as I always do, make my decision whilst sitting in the hairdresser's chair.
I swing from one side to the other them change my mind at the last minute.
Who knows what will happen??

In the mean time, here are a selection of inspiring contenders....

Gorgeous undercut, long and flippy top.

The beautiful Tilda, stunning colour and undercut.

My hair looked a bit like this at christmas, can I do it again?

The stunning Keira, love her 'scruffy' fringe.

I love the mussed up top...shorter at the back maybe?

Wow! hair... stunning. Love the colours.

This cut and colour are beautiful.

Should I grow it out to this,  I a few months!!

Perfect! I want!! (face too please)

My only gripe is that there are not enough 'non-frumpy' over 40 hairstyle images out there.
Most of the time it is the beautiful face of the stunning young model that makes the haircut desirable.
We need more older women modelling!

Are you thinking of growing your hair?
Getting the chop?
Letting your grey hair come through??

Please let me know in the comments.




  1. I am a big fan of short hair on women in general because I think it really accentuates the face and eyes. Your cut is great on you! I also rock a pixie and have had it all lengths but keep coming back to really short hair. I'll tell what I have experienced at the hairdresser as far as gray - even though it looks like a lot is showing through and it would seem easier to just let it go, it's likely not going to be gray all over so you would have to dye it gray until it completely turns! I think it's unique to have short, funky hair especially when you have the face for it (and you do!) Don't know if I helped, but I can relate! Good luck!

    1. Thank you Karen, your thoughts and experience certainly gives me something to think about. Most appreciated!

  2. I do not see the difference between short or long hair. Both of them can be so nice and cute!
    You look awesome BTW.

    1. Thank you Sily.
      I totally agree that both long hair and short hair can both look great. I have had all lengths and all (well, most) colours since my twenties. That's what I love about can keep changing it and keep updating it, and if you hate grows again!
      Thank you for your comment (and your link)

  3. Long time lurker here! I have been forced to cut my hair short because of MS pain (yes, hair can hurt!). I am intrigued as to what a 1920s layered bob is. Can you link to a photo? As for the grey hair... I am not up to facing that yet!

    1. Hi Nellie,
      Thank you so much for your comment....I definitely agree that the grey issue is a tricky one to contend with! It depends on a whole host of things: original colour, skin-tone, texture of greys, the actual colour of the greys, the distribution... lots for us women to think about.
      I can't pretend to understand about your MS pain but I do hope that you have found some kind of relief with your shorter cut. I hope you are not mourning the loss of your long tresses and that you can embrace a fabulous and funky new look.
      I am going to put my idea of a 1920's style layered bob on my twitter feed (on the right hand side of this page)...please feel free to disagree with me!

  4. What did you end up deciding? I am guessing short! It's so fabulous on you. Also, what are you going to do about the greys? Do you want to know what I am doing for now? I pluck them out--well, actually let me correct that: I pay my kids HK$2 a hair for each one they tweeze out. Easy allowance money--and much cheaper than the salon!

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

    1. DONT PLUCK!!!
      Please please please....don't.
      You are so dark that you could mascara them. Or buy a dye and paint it on small sections (as needed). Never pull out your beautiful hair.
      I am going to dye mine...I was going grey "gracefully" but ended up loosing all colour from my face. I may try some henna. I have not hennaed since I was a student. It i makes your hair so could henna and turn your greys into highlights!
      Don't pluck any more!!

  5. Keep your beautiful red hair. Wear any style delicate enough for your delicate features.


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