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Monday, 29 June 2015

How to wear pyjama trousers, over 40. Sloppy or effortlessly stylish?

Pyjama trousers, Stylish or sloppy?

How to wear pyjama trousers, casually, over 40.

Clarks originals lace desert boots.
Today I am giving pyjama trousers a try. 
I see these everywhere (on other people) but I still feel like they are way out of my comfort zone and can look a little lazy.
Am I being too hard on them?

I felt a little odd putting them on. 
They are very lightweight and unlined....Can I really venture outside in these over 40+?? 
Then, I had to give myself a shake..what am I talking about?! 
We can do anything we want at any age!

The trousers themselves feel great. They are VERY soft and silk-like in texture with a nice satin finish but the only thing elevating them out of the nightwear category is the zip and button fastening, everything else screams "Time to sleep!".
I am determined because I want to love them. They are supremely comfortable after all!

I didn't want to go down the heels and a smart fitted top route (I have seen that in every shop selling them) so I decided to style them casually.

These trousers are from Topshop and are quite patterned, with writing detail on them, so I toned them down a little with cream lace footwear and a super-sloppy jumper. My obligatory scarf and bag were picking out the black and red detail on the trousers (the bag has a red lining which peeps out when you walk).

I have to say that I loved wearing them.
Cool, comfortable and fun.
They also gave plenty of people the opportunity to say "So, you decided not to bother getting dressed today then?" very funny!

A thumbs up from me, but how do you feel?
Would you? Do you? How do you wear yours?

Trousers: Topshop
Jumper: Old and unknown
Leather Bag: Clarks
Desert boots: Clarks (again)...I LOVE these! so comfortable and cute.
Scarf: Charity shop
Earrings: Asda
Watch: Swatch


Sunday, 28 June 2015

What to wear to a casual dinner over 40.....after overcoming your fears!!

Overcoming a fear of heights.

Exhilarating day today... I pushed through my fear of heights (almost giving up at the first step) and dangled precariously from a selection of poles and ropes 400 feet up (well, over 40 anyway...much like myself!).
My trusty New Balance gutties (trainers or runners, to the non-Scottish) maintaining a firm grip. Skinny Topshop Jeans and a stripy tee. No accessories allowed. It is impossible to look stylish in a harness and helmet.

After this incredible adrenaline rush we went out for a family dinner to celebrate everyone's' achievements.

What to wear to a casual dinner

This was a 'throw-on' outfit (ready in 15 minutes) for a very casual dinner at Cafe Rouge.

My beautiful vintage Topshop Jacket made this outfit leap from plain to pretty. I love the detail of the fabric. It is like rough silk.

These GAP jeans are fantastic, super soft and a great skinny fit. I have just recently discovered GAP after being a Topshop jean devotee for a long time.

The lace T-shirt was a charity shop find.

A comfortable outfit for a warm summer evening.... and a walk to dinner.

Do you have any trusted old-faithfuls that can elevate an otherwise plain outfit into something that makes you feel special and just a little more 'dressed'?

Leather Sandals: Vertbaudet (children's shoes)
Jeans: GAP
T-shirt: Charity Shop
Cropped top (worn under): Asda
Scarf: M&S (old)
Jacket: Topshop (even older)
Necklace: Majestic
Glasses: Vogue
Bag: Tom Tailor

Casual dinner outfit.


Thursday, 25 June 2015

How to wear Culottes, part two! A french spin...ooh la la.

If at first you don't succeed...give it another go! 

culottes, orange umbrella, bardot top

The culotte saga continues.... I have feared them (see my previous post) and they ended up looking a bit frumpy. I didn't feel like myself.
So instead of steering clear and moving on to something less perilous I decided to grab them out of the closet and give it another go.

I knew that if I started with my favourite flats then the rest would follow.

A cute little bardot top and a cheerful bag helped things along... and of course a scarf!
The heavens opened so my orange brolly had an outing too.
I feel happier...and much more comfortable like this. Much more 'Me'.
I still can't decide if culottes are a hit or a miss?!?
What do you think ?
How do you style yours??

How to wear french sole
Yellow bag, bird scarf, culottes

Top: Newlook
Bag: Matties
Culottes: Matalan
Bird Scarf: Market stall
Umbrella: Samsonite
Shoes: French sole

How to get your style mojo back. How to be yourself.

I've lost my mojo!

Today has been a turning point for me.

I started this blog in order to inspire myself (and hopefully others) to be less frumpy, less apologetic and more fabulous... over 40 and beyond.  
I wanted to fly in the face of being 'age-appropriate' or 'more sensible' or just giving up.

However, after a very early review of my posts, I am shocked to see that my Culottes post is most definitely on the mumsy side.... pretty far over towards full on frump to be honest with you! 
I don't even recognise myself. 
My mojo has definitely packed a bag and left the building (taking all my good ideas and best clothes with it).
This has come as a bit of a wake-up call.

What can I do?

After some thought, I realised that I was trying too hard to please others. I was worrying what other people would like and listening to 'helpful' suggestions, placing seeds of doubt in my mind.
I like hearing suggestions and ideas and I love other people giving me their opinions (both positive and constructively negative) BUT, personal style should not really be about what other people want from me. 
It should be about what I want from myself.
I will never be everybody's friend and I will never appeal to everybody's taste so I need to stop trying to compromise my own taste. 

If you are having a wobble too, start by pleasing yourself then you will be true to yourself, honest, believable and original.

Love your own style.
Be happy and unappologetic, it is contagious!


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

What to wear to pop out to the pub, ripped jeans and ballet flats, over 40!

Being confident and comfortable in colour.

Today, I wanted to wear this beautifully made (and beautifully old) little cropped Jacket...or is it a cardigan? Lets call it a Jackigan!?
Ripped Levis jeans over 40The lining is silk and very soft with pretty feathers on it, hence my equally ancient peacock earrings.

I had to wear my teal cashmere jumper AGAIN...sorry people, it was the only thing that really felt right. I do have other knitwear (honestly) but it was a bit chilly and I wanted to keep things simple. Maybe a shirt is called for next?

The jeans WERE my son's (he will cringe as I write this) he had outgrown them and I snatched them up!

They are a gent's fit and needed a turn up to look boyfriend-style (or son-style in this case) as they were a little short on me. I also customised them with a bread knife...lots of fun!
The turn-ups have a reflective trim, very cool.

I then reached for my pink patent ballerinas... they are lovely to wear. Pretty AND comfortable.
I did put Foot Petal amazing arches (arch supports) in them. What a difference they make. Brilliant.

I also usually put a little chiropody felt above the toes in this style of maintains the shoe's shape and stops any rubbing (especially on boney feet like mine).

Does you use any little secret tricks to make shoes more comfortable?
Would you wear ripped jeans?
Do you "borrow" your children's clothes?

Please comment below and share your tips.

Cardigan: Zigfreda
Jeans: Levis (mens)
Jumper: CX London
Bag: TkMaxx (a gift)
Shoes: French Sole
Bracelets: Topshop
Glasses: Primark (a whole pound!)
French sole pink patent ballerinas

Purple and teal Silk and cashmere


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Culottes, are they hard to wear?

Culottes are they hard to wear?

Culottes, fabulous or hideous? 

This is my first culotte trial....every part of me was screaming a theoretical NO!
Are they only for super-young, super-skinny, super-gorgeous people? I asked myself.
I hope not... so I thought I would give them a go.
I went for a more 'grown-up' look today. Which was slightly out of my comfort-zone.

Osprey handbag ice watch
As I was nervous about concept of culottes I bought a cheap and cheerful pair from Matalan in a 'classic' khaki colour. They are a good fit and will go with lots of different things BUT I am wishing I had been braver and bought some colour or pattern, or Both!!

I think that I need to put together something more casual next time.
Dare I say it, a bit less 'mumsy'??!! Birkenstocks/pool slides, a funky tee? Watch this space.

Back to today.
It is a bit warmer (a whole 16 degrees, woo hoo) so my toes are out in ernest, although I was wishing I had popped some socks inside my sandals.
I like that look and especially the feel.
It gives me a little extra warmth and makes a shoe more comfortable. I agree that it's not for everyone though. It's an acquired taste.

I also needed a scarf. In fact I (nearly) always wear one.... and if it's not on me, it's in my bag. Handy to have for extra warmth but also great to shelter from the sun (dream on).

These sandals are so comfortable but give a little height, which is very handy for my first culotte day.... breaking myself in gently and my bag was another hubby birthday gift...give that man a gold star!

Culottes: Matalan
Cashmere Jumper: CX London (old)
Bag: Ospray
Glasses: Fenchurch
Watch: Ice
Shoes: Clarks Originals.


Monday, 22 June 2015

Monday morning Blues | Mixing striped trousers and florals.

Black and white, striped jeans,pink floral top
Black, white, pink, striped trousers

Ahoy there, me hearties!

It's Monday. 
{Monday morning work blues}.

It's a bit drizzly.
{Wet weather Blues}.

This calls for cheerful trousers!
I call these beauties my pirate trousers.
My husband says they remind him of rock concerts in the 70's...but I just laugh and take it as a compliment (you can turn just about any comment into a compliment if you try hard enough).
Love them or hate them, they make ME smile.

The top was an impulse 'polyester' buy and is neither practical or particularly comfortable, (it's a little scratchy around the arm-holes) but it is fun to wear.
It wafts around when I move.
Am I too old to have my back exposed? Who cares?! I like it.

I do usually wear this with a vest top / camisole underneath....and sometimes a thermal one!

Today, I was feeling brave.

The scarf is actually an Obi belt from a playsuit that I decided I was too old for (during a mini mid-life crisis). I saved a fragment because the fabric was so beautiful.

My shoes are fab! I LOVE them. 
Even with my pale skin and infamous ankles. They are super-comfortable and just seem to go with everything.

My bag was a gift from my lovely hubby (clever man) and even has my initials embossed onto the front. It is 'proper' stiff leather, like my old school satchel.

Jeans: Seven for all Mankind, but found in a charity shop (Cancer Research UK) for £4.50!
Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company
Top: Primark
Cropped top: (just seen, underneath) TkMaxx
Shoes: Clarks
Watch: Rotary
Bangles: Semi-precious chips
Scarf: Belt from a French connection playsuit

Striped jeans, floral top, nude shoes


Saturday, 20 June 2015

Summer chill? | Black and brown layers

Summer? Are you sure??
Fate is conspiring against my first 'proper' post.
It is definitely hayfever tells me so.
But, the weather tells me different....what is going on?

The light is very poor.....and my husband is trying his best to get a decent photograph.
Where are you sunshine?? I need my 'light'.

Today is a bit on the chilly side, only 14 autumn-ish layers seem to be on the cards.
It needs to be HOT for me to lose the layers.
The only hint of summer are my cheerful silver loafers with the black soles.
A little preppy, a little safe but a realistic work outfit for a chilly June day...Brrrrrrr

Trilby : Christys (Gents large....I have a BIG head)
Loafers: JohnnieB (teen section)
Black skinny Jeans: Topshop (Highwaisted)
Cardigan: M&S (it's actually supposed to be loungewear')
Jumper: Boden
Pendant : Vintage amber
Silk scarf: A gift
Silver hoops: Unknown
Glasses: TKMaxx
Bag : Barbour (a firm favourite....and a bit shabby!)
Jacket: All Saints.

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