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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Wearing 4 (or more) colours together.

Blogger Collaboration.

Wearing 4 colours (or more) together.

Firstly, I have a confession to make...
If I am honest, Blogger challenges and collaborations sounded (to me) like something bloggers do when they have ran out of ideas.
Something that I thought would be overly staged, quite false and not really for me.

However, after receiving an email from my bogging friend, Ann (or KrembedelaKrembe) I realised that these so-called challenges were just a way of showing how different bloggers interpret a certain look and could even inspire other women to experiment with their wardrobes.
I am all for that!
So, I was delighted to be asked to join some fellow bloggers in a "Wearing 4 or more Colours" challenge.

Although, I now have to make my second confession....

I do feel like a bit of a fraud!
4 colours is not so much of a challenge for me, more of  a daily occurrence in my wardrobe.
This does not seem like a challenge at all!

So in order to make this more of a genuine challenge for myself,  I decided to tone things down and make an outfit that was work appropriate.
Not something you might associate with a colourful outfit.

I can't even begin to tell you how cold I was standing here.
The wind was coming in icy blasts and my hands were blue!

Who needs volumising spray or an intense blow-dry when you have a gust of wind to do the job for you!

This look is great for a non-formal work environment.
Comfortable and just smart enough.

You could easily replace the loafers for a heeled pump or booties, if these are more appropriate for your work place.

This pencil skirt is a comfortable stretch jersey and was "cheap as chips" from Forever21.
The fabric is not too shabby either.
I was really surprised.
A nice thick jersey with a cheeky split.

I chose to wear it with a pair of marled grey tights, which I picked up in Lidl while buying bananas and bread.
I bought them to wear under my jeans (for warmth) BUT they are surprisingly good quality.
Grey tights usually remind me of school, but these are such a fine weave that they get away with it.

My silver loafers seemed the perfect choice to go with the grey, and add interest to a potentially dull lower half.
They are very comfortable and just fun enough without being OTT.

I decided to go for a simple jumper and polo neck combination.
Polo necks are still HUGE and you can't go wrong with a crew-neck jumper....especially in a cheerful hue like this neon coral.
A mustard polo neck seemed the perfect choice to wear underneath.
Pink and orange are a great combination.

My Moth necklace picked out the mustard and grey, tying the whole look together.
See it here, with shorts and here, with a party dress...during the day!

Adding a super-cosy and fluffy scarf added warmth and made the colours blend together.
See this scarf with a vintage knit, here.
A cute silver bag and my (now obligatory) pompoms finished things off perfectly.

Simple ways to add more colour to any outfit:

  1. Jewellery. A large and colourful necklace (or earnings) can lift a look from "Meh" to "Wow".
  2. Bag. Carry a pop of colour in the form of a classic bag in an unexpected shade.
  3. Shoes. Colourful shoes or boots can transform a mediocre outfit.
  4. Nails. A trendy and bright nail colour is so chic, and unexpected...people do notice!
  5. Lips. A colourful Pop can bring your face (and your outfit) to life.
  6. Scarf. Wearing a colourful scarf in an unusual texture (bright pink faux fur?) can add interest.
  7. Hat &/or gloves. Colourful leather gloves are a beautiful addition to any winter wardrobe... I am looking for a yellow pair.
  8. Coat. If you are feeling brave, a bright coat can brighten not just your day, but everyone that meets you too!

Skirt: Forever21 (similar)
Jumper: Boden
Polo neck: La Redoute..this one is nice, and on sale!
Necklace: Ebay (here is an easy shop selling similar designs)
Scarf: Newlook (This one is nice)
Bag: Topshop (This one is VERY cool)
Shoes: JohnnieB (similar)

I am joined today by five incredibly inspiring women...

Firstly, here is Ann from
Who looks like she is in a Winter Wonderland, obviously not in Hong Kong at the moment!
I wondered where all of the snow had gone...
She is head to to in prints, colours and textures, a riot of detail.
And, of course, her signature red lip.
She is one bold lady.

Coat: ASOS
Earrings: Macy's
Lipstick: Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur
Jumper: Zara
Trousers: Forever 21
Gloves: Market in China
Shirt: Tailored from China
Bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy 35

Next, meet Liyana from
I am a little (read: pea green) envious of her cute bag and cool gutties....sigh.
Look how casual and effortless, yet stylish this look is.
What a fresh combination of colours.

Jacket: Adidas
Dress: Ciaopanic
Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith
Bag: Mousse

Then meet Anna from
Her quirky hosiery and shoe combination is a joy to behold!
I love an unexpected twist to an outfit....especially when the top half seems quite conservative.
I must get some Tartan tights, there is an opening in my collection for a pair like these.

Jacket: Tabitha
Shoes: BCBGeneration
Dress: St Michael
Belt: Zara
Tights: old
Necklace: Magpie Vintage

The fourth lady joining us today is Nikki from
Check out those pom pom shoes, gorgeous cape and those tassel earnings....a girl after my own heart!
Her outfit is a riot of delicious tones then her hair adds another colourful punch.

Dress: CeCe
Cape Coat: ASOS
Clutch: The Cottage Shop in Houston
Earrings: Burdlife
Shoes: Custom Made by Coronation Vintage local stylist Dawn Bell
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Last, but by no means least, Sheela from
I think this colourful look was more of a challenge for her than anyone of the others!
She is more about unexpected shapes and fierce shoes than a riot of colour.
I love the yellow (one of my favourite colours) with the black and white...and who doesn't love a tartan wrap? 
A great way to inject colour into any outfit.
Notice how her boots, lipstick and hair pull the rest of the colours together?
Makeup and hair can be great accessories too.

Jumper: B&W - Thrifted
Top: Poshmark
Scarf:  Zara
Trousers: Herban Devi on Etsy
Boots: Shoedazzle 
Lipstick: Veronica from Anastasia Beverly Hills

Thank you for joining me on my first challenge.
I hope you enjoyed seeing what other bloggers make of a '4 colours (or more)' outfit.

Do you have a favourite?
Which outfit is closest to your personal style?
Please let me know in the comments...or tweet me @samantha4blair


Sunday, 27 December 2015

Simple look for a lazy day.

What to wear on a lazy day.

Comfortable dressing.
I would first like to apologise for my lack of posts over recent days.
I appreciate that, as it is Christmas, many people are otherwise occupied with eating, drinking and making merry.
Tis the season for socialising, having fun and spending time with family after all!

Unfortunately, I have also been poorly.
I will not bore you with the details but I slept through most of Christmas day and spent Boxing day getting poked and prodded.
I have been a million miles away from 'Fabulous'...Fake, or otherwise!
I hope your Christmas was more successful than mine and Santa was good to you and yours.

Moving on swiftly to this cosy outfit....

Some days we just need to run errands, walk the dog and do some house work.
Perhaps giving ourselves time to recover from overindulging, or illness?
Or just a well earned lazy day.

Not everyday is a smart or glamorous affair.
Sometimes we just want to slip on something cosy and comfortable.

Despite the need for comfort, there is never any excuse to be sloppy.
Jogging bottoms are for the gym...unless, of course, they are made of leather and worn with killer heels!

This outfit was for a day of catching up on house work and a little bit of dog walking.
However, I still want to be able to answer my door without the shame of pair of leggings and a scabby t-shirt!

Lazy day dressing | Vintage Fair Isle | Fake Fabulous

This Jumper is OLD...a real vintage piece.
I laughed when one of the actresses on "Call the midwife" (set in the 50's) was wearing an almost identical one, in green.
I love it's kitsch style.

A friend gave it to me after finding it at her elderly mothers house.
We were guessing that it is from the 60's, but can't be sure.
I get such a good feeling from Vintage clothes.
They are (almost always) so well made and I feel that (if they could talk) they could tell some very interesting stories. I feel special when wearing vintage.
The most important thing, for me today, is that it is incredibly warm.
I know I have said this before but "old" wool is so much warmer than the modern stuff.

If anyone has any idea why, please let me know!

The yarn is slightly 'scratchy' so I wore a soft jumper underneath (more cosiness) and my skinny jeans were obvious super-comfortable choice.
Wool socks and furry boots finished things off nicely.

This is not a glamorous or polished look, that is for sure!
But, sometimes this kind of outfit is the perfect choice. Easy and comfortable with just enough 'personality' to stop it being to boring.

Vintage Fair Isle | Fake Fabulous

Did you have a good Christmas?
What do you like to wear on a lazy day?

Please let me know in the comments...I have really missed hearing from you!

Cardigan: Vintage (this jumper is nice, so is this)
Jumper: Primark
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Duo (these are cool)
Socks: M&S

Lazy day dressing | Vintage Fair Isle | Fake Fabulous

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Monday, 21 December 2015

Work to Party Outfit: Part 2 | 5 minute party look.

Day wear to Dance floor in minutes!

Here is a very quick and easy work-to-party look.
All you need is a simple "Party Kit" that you can either take to work on the day, or keep in your locker or at your desk.

Work-to-party, 5 minute look | Fake Fabulous

My EMERGENCY Winter party kit includes:

  • Party shoes
  • A beaded clutch
  • Quality opaque tights (as a spare)
  • A belt
  • Earrings
  • Lipstick
  • Mascara
  • Blush
  • Hair wax
  • Concealer
  • Good quality facial wipes
Work-to-party, 5 minute look | Fake Fabulous

I started off the Day like this... See the full post here.

Work-to-party, 5 minute look | Fake Fabulous

Casual and comfortable.
You can easily modify this look to suit your work environment.
I know some workplaces are much more formal than others.
I am lucky enough to wear whatever I want, hence my favourite boots!
A more classic boot would completely change the look, and feel, of this outfit.

I needed a super-quick turnaround time.
5 minutes to change, then out the door to have fun!

Work-to-party, 5 minute look | Fake Fabulous

I quickly popped to the ladies to slip off my jumper and polo neck (which was under my dress).
I then removed my boots and socks and put on these chunky, velvet, beaded heels.
They are real party shoes!
See them styled here, for a wedding.

As you can see in this was VERY windy when we took these photos!

Work-to-party, 5 minute look | Fake Fabulous

I chose a wide, patent belt to bring a different texture to this simple look.
My beaded clutch added another pattern and some more interest, without too much effort!

Work-to-party, 5 minute look | Fake Fabulous

Velvet shoes | Fake fabulous

Work-to-party, 5 minute look | Fake Fabulous

These large tassel earrings were the perfect finishing touch.

Two minute Party makeup:

  • Forget about reapplying a base, you will only end up chalky, emphasising any wrinkles and dry patches you may have.
  • Tidy up any mess around your eyes with a makeup wipe.
  • Reapply mascara. A couple of coats looks great.
  • Apply some light concealer to any dark circles, spots or redness....don't over do it though!
  • A cream blush can give a pretty glow (this Chanel one is fantastic! Pricey but worth it)
  • Add a statement lip! It is the easiest to make a daytime look instantly glamorous.

To finish off my five minute look I used some hair wax/paste to 'mess up' my crop.
Perfect hair is so old fashioned, If in doubt be slightly tousled!

Shop my makeup look:

If you had 5 minutes to get ready for a party what would you do?

Please let me know in the comments...or tweet me @samantha4blair

Dress: Boden (old) this one is similar. This is their new version.
Tights: Falke
Earrings: Unknown (these are lovely)
Clutch: Primark (this one is nice and on sale...quick!)
Belt: Coast (old) This one is similar
Shoes: Kurt Geiger (I am a little bit in love with these!)

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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Work to Party outfit: Part 1 | Daytime leopard look.

Leopard Party dress and layers, for work.

Socialising after work, whether it is for networking purposes or personal reasons, can often be sprung upon us at short notice.
Sometimes, there is not even time to go home, freshen up and change.
We need to pull a party look together in a matter of minutes.

There are plenty of tips about pulling off this Work-to-Party or Desk-to-Dancefloor look.
They usually go something like this:

  • Wear a black shift dress with a jacket and courts for work.
  • Remove jacket, add sheer tights, sparkly heels, red lips and a chunky necklace.
  • You are ready to party.
BUT, hang on a minute!
What if you are not a 'black shift dress for work' type person?
What if the thought of sheer tights makes you shudder?
What if you want to look like you have made an effort? Without actually making to much of an effort!

I know many people are on holiday for Christmas but, many others (like me) work right through the festive season...but we still want to have fun!
This time of year is especially tricky, style wise, to pull off the Work-to-Party look.
Christmas and New Year (or Hogmanay, here in Scotland) celebrations, and nights out, require just a little more "zing" than the rest of the year.
Add in potential weather issues to the mix, and you have plenty to think about when planning an outfit.

Work-to-Party wear | Fake Fabulous

Day to night party look, Part 1: Daytime

Leopard print party dress, as daywear.

Work to Party | Fake Fabulous

This daytime look is perfect for a casual work environment.
If you are in a more formal environment, you can easy change the design of the boots and accessories to fit into your workplace.
This Leopard print party dress has the potential to look either hideously frumpy, or like something a 5 year old would wear.
It needs careful styling.
See how I last wore it to a Birthday garden party in the summer.

Today, I decided to wear it with my favourite boots (I am already wearing them to death for yet another season).
They work with anything!
See them with winter white and with an all-red look.
Chunky burgundy socks toned things down even more.

My Favourite boots | Fake Fabulous

I wanted to layer my dress up, so I wore it with a black polo neck underneath.
The polo-neck-under-dress trend is still going strong but, I just did it purely for a layer warmth!

A casual wool jumper toned everything down even further into daytime territory, and also protected my dress from any 'mishaps' during a busy day.
A slitter of soup, or a dribble of tea, on a dress you have to wear all day and then wear to an evening event is just awful. I would always recommend wearing something to cover it.
You will always feel fresh when you remove it, at the end of the day.
The addition of my moth necklace (last seen here with winter shorts) and a leather bag finished things off perfectly.
Is that a Pompom (or three) I see?
Of course!
Work to party outfit | Fake Fabulous
Work to party outfit | Fake Fabulous

Leather bag and Pom Poms!

As for your cover-up...
Go for a classic, like this Camel wool Coat (read the story of where I found it here).
A classic coat, like this, is suitable for day and night.
A trench works well too.

Work to Party outfit | Fake Fabulous

My EMERGENCY Winter party kit includes:

  • Party shoes
  • A beaded clutch
  • Quality opaque tights (as a spare)
  • A belt
  • Earrings
  • Lipstick
  • Mascara
  • Blush
  • Hair wax
  • Concealer
  • Good quality facial wipes
Come back soon to see my Emergency kit in action, and my five minute Party look.

Do you ever go straight from work to parties or social events?
Do you have a emergency "Party kit" at work?

Please share any tips you may have in the comments...or tweet me @samantha4blair

Dress: Boden, this one is similar. This is their new version.
Jumper: Boden (old). This one is similar.
Tights: Falke
Bag: Lango (Charity shop find), this one is nice!
Pompoms: Newlook and a boutique. These are nice.
Coat: Old, this one is similar.
Necklace: are similar ones.
Socks: Marks and spencers...similar.

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Styling a Vintage Coat | 1950's Wool Coat & Chunky Boots.

How to give a vintage coat a modern spin.

Styling a 1950's wool coat with skinny jeans and chunky boots.

I want to introduce you to this delightful coat...
It is a genuine vintage item.
Made in 1958, to be exact.

1950's Vintage Coat & Chunky Boots | Fake Fabulous

1950's Vintage coat & Chunky boots | Fake Fabulous

1950's Vintage coat | Fake Fabulous

The reason I know this, is that it belongs to my mother-in-law.
She wore it, on her wedding day, as part of her going away outfit and looked stunning.
It was also worn throughout her two pregnancies and is the perfect shape for maternity wear, how clever!
This vintage coat is a real beauty, with a rich history.

1950's Vintage coat | Fake Fabulous

Back in 1958, this coat was handmade in quality wool.
It has 3/4 sleeves, oversized pockets and a delicious satin lining.
The cut is a cool and unusual shape, gloriously oversized and a delight to wear.
It was ahead of it's time!

I love giving Vintage items a new lease of life.

This coat is almost 60 years old and could have been made yesterday.
I feel privileged to be able to wear something so incredibly well-made and stylish, as well as being so emotionally valuable.
You can almost feel the history woven into its fibres.

To stop Vintage items looking like "dress-up", I think it is important to add a super-modern element.
Today that modern edge came from my new (and ferociously chunky) boots.
I am a firm believer in keeping your footwear modern.
Even the most up-to-date dress can be dragged down, into Frumpsville, with a dated shoe.

{Unless you are styling a Vintage shoe of course!}

Chunky boots | Fake Fabulous

I know these chunky boots are not everyone's cup of tea, but they certainly stop this coat looking like a dusty old throw-back.
And (most importantly) I love them!

Once I had chosen the boots to pair with this Vintage coat, I knew I had to keep the rest of my outfit understated.
I did not want to compete with the beauty of its Vintage shape.
I wanted a simple, but different, daytime look.

Choosing a plain jumper and skinny blue jeans, I kept the colour palette tonal.
However, I could not resist some chunky wool socks for a bit of warmth (and texture).

My boots have plenty of attitude, stopping me looking too prim and ladylike.
I just let the boots, and the vintage coat, do all of the talking!

I finished the outfit off with navy gloves and a black beret.

1950's Vintage coat & Chunky boots | Fake Fabulous

Are you lucky enough to own any items from the 50's?

Do you have a favourite vintage era?

Please let me know in the comments...or tweet me @samantha4blair. 
Coat: Vintage (similar...ish!)
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Shellys London, Sold out!! These are the shoe version and they are EPIC! These boots are cool too.
Beret: Tkmaxx, This wool one is nice too.
Gloves: Old, these are nice.
Jumper: Primark, This one is nice.

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Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas party look, over 40.

Slip dresses and smokey eyes.

Are they not just for teenagers?
Should we even think about trying them, over 40?
Or, should we just step away...?

I have found a vast array of barely-there, silky, little dresses all over the internet, and I love the look of them!
But, how can I tap into this slip-dress trend as a 40+ woman?
With a body that has been through 40+ years of living!

We should be able to wear anything at any age but, even I have to concede that the very skimpy and VERY flimsy slip dresses (that look incredibly sexy on the young) can look like a nightdress on a more mature woman.
We are in danger of looking like we have forgotten to get dressed... not the image I am aiming for!

I remember the satin slip dresses from the early nineties.
High gloss satin, with teeny tiny spaghetti straps.
Absolutely no room for underwear.
But, at 18, I had no real need for underwear, so this look was right up my street!
They were the ultimate in sexy dressing....{Think SJP in Sex and the City, in that nude (and backless) slip dress}...stunning!

Nowadays though,  the thought of a satin spaghetti strap, and no bra, is breaking me out in a cold sweat!

Bias cut and a smokey eye | Fake fabulous

In order to be as nostalgic as possible, I decided to wear an original bias cut, slip(ish) dress from the 90's.

Bias cut, strapless and a smokey eye, over 40.

This dress is made of a substantial, striped fabric (reminding me of a tuxedo) and has a very well fitting bustline.
This allows me to wear the spaghetti straps up, or tucked away for the strapless look.

It is a true bias cut, which feels odd to wear again, and can be very unforgiving.
Wearing a waist slip, under the dress, helped the fabric skim over my body.
I am NOT a fan of shapewear.
I am a firm believer in comfort, and the less-is-more approach to underwear.
Cling, squeeze and bulge are not on my 'to do' list!
Comfort is always key.

I decided that the dress needed more structure around the waist, so I wore my butter-soft, leather obi belt (see it styled in the summer and for a wedding).
A belt gives the waist more definition, and helps to stop the bunching that can occur in bias cut fabric.

The length of this slip dress is perfect for showcasing hosiery and/or shoes without being too revealing. And, the high-low hem reminds me of a flamenco dancer. Olé!

I could not resist wearing a pair of lace tights, and my favourite chunky heels.
It was frosty outside so I needed my toes covered, even if it was just with a layer of lace.
See these lace tights with leopard print.

My chunky necklace (worn to death in the summer), simple jet studs and a beaded clutch finished the look off perfectly.
See my bag with an 80's spin.

I also wore my cream evening coat over this, but it would not work in the photographs, so I will save that for another day.

Smokey eye, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Just a quick word about hair and makeup....

To keep the look modern and fresh, and away from looking like something I have had in my wardrobe for twenty years (even though it is!!) I kept my hair and makeup simple and slightly "undone".
My hair was brushed forward at the sides and blow dried back (and up) on top.
I used hair 'dust' to maintain height and a finishing product (Aveda control paste) to added texture.
My smokey eye was so easy too.
I primed my lids then layered grey and purple (lighter silver tones at the inner corner).
Lots of blending, even more mascara and I was done.

A messed up "do", a smokey eye and a very natural base, blush (I used a light bronzer for definition) brow and lip kept things up-to-date.
There are some amazing makeup tutorials on the internet if you are unsure.

Smokey eye and a natural base, over 40 | Fake Fabulous.

What do you think of the slip dress and smokey eye look?
What are you rocking for your Christmas party?

Please let me know in the comments...or tweet me @samantha4blair

I thought I would leave you with this shot....
Sometimes my camera does weird and wonderfully unexplained things, like this!
Party wear, over 40 | Fake fabulous...comic effect!

No filter, I just hit "enhance".
It shows up the tuxedo stripes really well and I love the comic book effect!

Dress: Vintage, this one is super flirty!
Tights: Charnos (similar)
Shoes: Topshop unique, these are gorgeous!
Necklace: Topshop (similar and stunning!)
Obi: Tkmaxx (similar)
Clutch: Primark, this one is witty and fun.
Earrings: Vintage (similar)

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Friday, 11 December 2015

Indoor photographs | Wearing Neon, hot pink and grey.

Should we be wearing neon, over 40?

Of course we should! (If we want)
We can wear whatever we want at any age.

I love a pop of neon.
I wish I could pull off a full-on blast but, it is not a colour that suits me on a large scale.
It, unfortunately, washes me out.
But, that won't stop me wearing an accessory or two!
Winter is the perfect season for a cheerful burst of neon colour.

If you love the idea of neon but find it a bit in-your-face, try a couple of small accessories.
Even a tiny pop can make all of the difference.

Today, I also decided to have a go at taking my own photographs (again) this time indoors.

My main problem is that my house is so jam-packed full of people, that there is not a spare inch of empty wall to be found.
The clean lines and pure white spaces that other bloggers seem to have in their homes, is so far from my reality, that it makes me laugh.
Every square foot of my home has it's own accumulation of 'stuff'.

However, desperation had set in.
I had no blog photographs.
None at all.
Many great outfits had gone by without being captured.

The light indoors is awful and the "set" is worse.
But, I had to do something!

Hot pink, neon yellow & grey | Fake Fabulous

This is my first indoor effort.
My camera is on a tripod in my girl's room and the only light is coming from the spots, in the hall.
I just enhanced the image and attempted to edit out the clutter. I know I need more practise at this!

As you can see from the un-retouched shot (below) this "studio" is actually a bit of a mess.
Complete with thermostat, art and a towel rail!
Not very glamorous.
And, not quite that slick (and perfect) bloggers life.

At least today's outfit was captured on digital film though, which is an improvement!

My look was all about bright colour and warmth.
When piling on the layers, in winter, many people neglect their legs but they can get chilled too.
Don't forget to layer them up and look after them!
Thermal leggings or tights are great under jeans, very cosy.
I am wearing thermal leggings under these grey skinnies.

I wore my favourite boots (again) and some grey, wool knee socks, adding more warmth.
See my favourite boots here (with a white dress) and here (with red).
Because my legs were so toasty this meant I could wear a shorter coat.

This wool reefer is a favourite of mine.
It has a pale grey base with a darker grey, red and yellow tartan design.
I think is goes with just about anything, especially this neon trimmed bag!

I decided to wear my hot pink sweatshirt dress.
Popping a red polo neck underneath and a grey cropped cardigan over the top.
Lots of lovely layers for warmth, and plenty of colour for winter cheer.

Hot pink, neon yellow, tartan & grey | Fake Fabulous

I finished the look off with a neon necklace, watch and a cluster of pom poms (what else?!).

Hot pink, neon yellow, tartan & grey | Fake Fabulous

Luckily, my youngest came home from school quickly and (while there was just a glimmer of light) we rushed outside.
"Mum, what's happening with your hair?" 
"It's going crazy!"
Freezing and ferocious wind, whipping around was no fun at all.
Our teeth were chattering.
"Leap mum! Do some leaps!"
This is getting to be a great tradition.
My little photographer knows how to have fun!

Hot pink, neon yellow & grey | Fake Fabulous

Not a slick and perfect blogger's life.
Just my normal (and a bit on the messy side) life.
But we sure know how to laugh!

Hot pink, neon yellow & grey | Fake Fabulous

Do you ever take indoor photographs in your own perfect space? Or do you have a messy life, like mine?

Please let me know in the comments...I love to hear from you.

Hot pink, neon yellow & grey | Fake Fabulous

Jeans: Forever21
Pink swing top : Forever21 (sold out now but this one is similar)
Boots: CAT (very old, from Ebay)...similar
Red poloneck: La redoute (this one from M&S is nice, and reduced!)
Coat: Boden (old) This one from J Crew is stunning!
Grey cropped cardigan: M&S (very old) This one is similar and even has a pink contrast inside!
Necklace: Primark
Watch: Swatch
Bag: Boden...I can't find anything like it....This one is nothing like it but loads of fun!
Scarf: A gift (try this one)

Like this post?
Why not try What happens when you take your own photographs?

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