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Why Work with me?

Fake Fabulous is an honest blog about personal style, fashion and beauty.
Aimed at the 40+ women (but read by all ages) Fake Fabulous engages with people who have a real love of fashion!

Do you want to connect with women who are interested in fashion and style, with the disposable income to enjoy it?

You could directly engage with over 10,000 users per month by promoting your brand with a feature post, or giveaway.

Fake Fabulous is reaching a growing audience and you could be a part of it!

Stats (as of January 2017)

  • Monthly Pageviews: 43K+ 
  • Users: 10K+
  • Audience Location: 32% US | 27% UK
  • Age Demographics: 18-24: 27%  | 25-44: 49% | 45+: 24%

See my Fohr card for more details.

Brand work

Some of the brands I have enjoyed working with are:

These posts are never just an outfit post!

Topics covered at Fake Fabulous

  • Fashion & Personal Style.
  • Hair & Beauty. 

Things I DON'T do

  • Publish any content that I have not written myself (pre-written).
  • Include "do-follow" links, within sponsored content, or for gifted products.
  • Feature any products that are not related to women's fashion, style and beauty.
  • Work for 'exposure' only.

Gifted products and services policy.

  • I am very happy to consider all offers of gifted products, related to fashion/style/beauty, to feature at Fake Fabulous.
  • I will only accept items that I would happily buy myself, and I consider to be of interest to my readers.
  • Gifting an item (or items) to Fake Fabulous does NOT guarantee a feature on the blog or any social media platforms.
  • Gifted items will be featured at my discretion, and only if I genuinely like and wear/use them.
  • All gifted items will be highlighted as 'c/o' and all links to the specific items (or main site) will be 'no-follow'.
  • Any unsuitable items will be returned at the sender's expense.
  • Guaranteed and/or Exclusive coverage is chargeable. Please contact me for details of my rates as they are calculated on an individual basis.


I will consider hosting international giveaways, if the brand and products are in-keeping with the ethos of Fake Fabulous and would be of interest to my readers.
Giveaways must be to the value of £100, or more.

Sponsored posts

I will also happily consider sponsored content, where I will write a piece about a brand's products or services and provide social leads.

All content will be my own work, and 100% honest.

My decision to write a sponsored post will be based on how a brand inspires me, and whether or not I think it will be of interest to my readers.

Please contact me for details of my rates, and note that and I NEVER incorporate "Do-follow" links.

Contact me

If you wish to contact me to discuss anything, I would be delighted to hear from you!

Email: samantha44blair(at)gmail(dot)com

Tweet me: @samantha4blair

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