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Let's collaborate • Fake fabulous

Let's work together!

Fake Fabulous Style is an inclusive blog focusing personal style, fashion and beauty engaging with people, of all ages, who have a real love of fashion.

You could connect with over 13K people (per month) by promoting your brand with a feature post.

Stats (as of December 2019):
  • Monthly Pageviews: 55K+ 
  • Reach: 13K+
  • Audience Location: US 33%  | UK 26% | Australia 8% | Canada 6% | Germany 3% | Spain 2% | France 2%
  • Age Demographics: 18-24: 27%  | 25-44: 49% | 45+: 24%
  • Typical direct views per post: 2K-5K
See the Fake Fabulous Fohr for more details.

Topics covered at Fake Fabulous:
  • Fashion & Personal Style... with a focus on mindful consumption.
  • Knitting and Crochet.
  • Hair & Beauty. 
Please DON'T ask for any of the following:
  • Publishing any guest posts or pre-written content.
  • Promoting/joining brand affiliate programmes.
  • To include "follow" links within sponsored content, or for gifted products.
  • To feature any products that are not related to fashion, style, health, fitness, beauty or knitting!
  • For us to Work for 'exposure' only.

Let's collaborate • Fake fabulous

Gifted products and services policy:
  • We only accept items considered to be of interest to the Fake Fabulous Style readers.
  • Gifting an item (or items) to Fake Fabulous does NOT guarantee a feature on the blog. Some items/services are not suitable for feature posting but could be shared on social if I believe my readers would be interested.
  • All gifted items will be highlighted as 'c/o' and all links to the specific items (or main website) will be 'no-follow'.
  • Any unsuitable items will be returned at the sender's expense.
  • Guaranteed and exclusive coverage is chargeable. 
For a feature post please contact us for details of rates as they are calculated on an individual basis.


Hosting international giveaways will only be considered if the brand (and/or products) are in keeping with the ethos of Fake Fabulous and would be of interest to the readers.
Giveaways must be to the value of £100 or more.

Sponsored posts:

All offers of sponsored content will be considered but no pre-written content will be published.
Any images I use will be my own.

All content will be original work.

A decision to write a sponsored post will be based on how the brand inspires, and whether or not it will be of interest to the Fake Fabulous readers.

Please note that and 'do-follow' links are NEVER used.

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