Hello, my name is Samantha. 
Welcome to to Fake Fabulous!

I am a 43 year old, working mother, living in Scotland.
I live with my husband, two of our four children and a (very scruffy) dog called Jake. 

Working part-time as a Biomedical Scientist I spend the rest of my week cooking and cleaning.
{Clears throat} 
Okay, okay....maybe a little blogging too!

Why Fake Fabulous?

Fake fabulous is an honest blog about personal style.
It is my way to describe trying to look good (fabulous in fact!) but without actually being fabulous (hence the 'fake'). 

I am just a normal woman making the most of what life, nature and three pregnancies has done to my body.
I don't have a huge clothing budget, or the time for endless trips to the hair and beauty salon.
Most of my money is spend on bills and our 4 children, but I still want (and deserve) to look good.

Let's face it, none of us are perfect, but we can all fake a bit of fabulousness when we want to!

"Better to be looked over than overlooked"(Mae West)

This is one of my favourite quotes!
Personally, I think it is more desirable to be a little bit...

OMG what was she thinking!?

Than totally forgettable.

Fake Fabulous is all about having fun with fashion!

Fake Fabulous
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Why start a blog in your 40's?

I decided to blog about style for three main reasons:-

  • I love to write. I can ramble on for ages about the things I am interested in, and often do!
  • I can be lazy, so knowing I need to 'blog' stops me sliding down that slippery slope of comfort dressing.
  • I hope I can inspire other women to be a little braver and have fun with fashion.
  • Being an 'older' blogger means I have a wealth of experience and have seen most fashion trends at least once!

Please contact me with any comments or suggestions. 
You can also tweet me @samantha4blair

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