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Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Gamine Outfit * Cute, fun, colourful * Over 40

Gamine style ideas

It's time to think about wrapping up warm.

Summer is slipping away and waistlines are expanding (or is that just mine?) in readiness for the colder months.

It's all about those layers baby!

Gamine Autumn Outfit idea

Layers don't have to be lumpy and frumpy.

Layer up but keep it Fashion Darling!

(Blatantly Obvious Disclaimer: There's no 'high fashion' to be found here.... but plenty of 'personal style'!)

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Gamine autumn outfit ideas

This outfit has everything I need:
  • Comfort.
  • Casual vibes.
  • Colour.
  • Cosiness.

In my opinion, no matter the scores on the doors (whether you're age 17 or 77)... this outfit would look appropriate. 
Classic but quirky.


STRIPED COTTON KNIT: M&S, charity shopped,


JEANS: Topshop.

LEATHER SHOES: Dr Martens, a few years old. Found on eBay!


LONG WOOL COAT: Ted Baker, a few years old now.

BAG: eBay



Every one of my pieces in this outfit are old.
(YEARS old in some cases!)

I don't ever want you to feel like you have to SHOP in order to recreate (or be inspired by) ANY outfit you see here at Fake Fabulous Style.

Make this your own without shopping.

Let's start with the basics....

You can wear whatever style suits your body and makes you feel good.
If you need to make a turn up to show off a shoe/sock combination then go for it.
A turned up jean lengthens the leg and adds a little bit of sass.

The striped knit can be swapped for any colour or style that you have.
Pick a similar colour for your under-layer and if your knitted piece has sleeves that are full length push them up, pulling the under layer down to create an interesting layered look.

Any chunky shoe would look great, as long as you can see a peep of sock-action!

The hot pink coat could be swapped for any colour you love, or blazer/long cardigan if your climate allows.

Accessories with a bit of humour about them work well but anything that makes YOU smile is the thing to wear.

Let me know if you'll be recreating this look YOUR WAY.

Say hello in the comments below, OR Tag me your version of this look on Instagram @fakefabulous 


Are you embracing the change in season or hanging onto the summer by your fingernails?



  1. Yea! You’re back! This is my kind of Fall outfit. Simple and comfy but with interest. The different sleeve style and length of your 2 tops, your necklace and your shoe/sock choice make this outfit charming. And easy to replicate in a million ways. Welcome back from Kathleen in NJ.

  2. Definitely embracing the Fall weather. Long, hot, sunny Summer was lovely but intense - happy it’s over. Love Autumn - cool, cozy, comfortable. Perfect weather for dressing and sleeping. Kathleen in NJ


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