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Thursday, 14 January 2021

How to Wear Joggers in a REAL OUTFIT over 40

How to WEAR JOGGERS in REAL LIFE over 40


It's time to face a REALITY check.

For many of us, daily dressing looks a little (READ: HUGELY) different from this time last year.

I must admit that I consider myself one of the LUCKY ONES.

I get to leave my home to go to work.

Despite the fact that I work in a hospital lab (and wear a Lab-coat and face-mask all day) I still enjoy dressing for this occasion.

Yes, I called heading out to work an 'occasion' because it feels like it is!

Dressing for work is still fun.

Not so much DRESSING UP for work (comfort is key, of course) but certainly creating an outfit and enjoying wearing it.

I get to wear REAL CLOTHES (Including proper outdoor Shoes) and use a BAG. 

{Remember Handbags Ladies?}

So, with that being said, the VIBE of this outfit is a REALISTIC off-to-work look.

  • Simple.
  • Comfortable.
  • Practical.

However, please don't worry if you're working from home (or not working at the moment).... The vibe of this look will be much the same... just swap out the boots for some slippers, thick socks or trainers.


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How to WEAR JOGGERS in REAL LIFE over 40


Today's outfit has everything I need for work.

  • Comfort.
  • Removable layers for various temperatures.
  • My Personality.

Let's break it down.
Starting with a SHOCKER......I don't have ANY thermal base layers on today!

{I know!!}

COSY joggers and a fitted polo neck top make up the backbone of this look.

These are modern shapes for 2021 that can be worn by ANY AGE.

I've added a pair of chunky-heeled boots.
Comfortable BUT just lifting this look out of the sloppy zone.

A chunky wool cardigan adds warmth and an OVERSIZED BURGUNDY COAT adds just enough grown-up-chicness to smarten up an otherwise super-casual outfit.
While still looking quirky and fun.

A cosy cashmere hat and a green cross-body bag finish the look off nicely.

How to WEAR JOGGERS in REAL LIFE over 40


WOOL KNIT: past season H&M Premium.


NYLON and LEATHER BOOTS: Clarks... A few years old.

SOCKS: French Connection (very old)



GREEN TOP: Charity shopped a few years ago.

CASHMERE HAT: Gifted a few years ago from Italy in Cashmere. Still going strong.

NECKLACE: Vintage (my MIL's)

How to WEAR JOGGERS in REAL LIFE over 40


If you also want to make your joggers into a REAL outfit (like me) I certainly don't want you to feel like you have to SHOP in order to recreate (or be inspired by) ANY outfit you see online.

{Although I'm guessing that if you have landed here you may already own some joggers and possibly be over 40?}

If not, it's no problem at all... you can wing it with me!

Let's start with the basics....

Any style or colour of JOGGERS will work here, even leggings if you're not a joggers fan.
Whatever to own.
Whatever style and colour you love.

If you struggle to feel modern (and NOT FRUMPY) in joggers try sizing up to give yourself room at the thigh, giving a more oversized, modern and effortless look.
Tight thighs on your joggers can look seriously FRUMPY and make you look chunky.

The green top can be swapped for ANY form-fitting top you own.
Any colour you like.
Short sleeves.
Long sleeves.
Even sleeveless... Depending on your climate of course.

{I love the look of a vest top and joggers}

A close fit to your top half is key.

The combat-like boots are my hero item here, but yours don't have to look like mine.
Trainers would look great.
Sliders, sandals or even slippers.

The oversized coat could be swapped for anything you like.
Coat, cardigan, jacket, duster.... whatever floats your boat.

Anything that you love and is practical for your REAL life.

Please say hello in the comments below OR Tag me your joggers look on Instagram @fakefabulous 

How to WEAR JOGGERS in REAL LIFE over 40

How to WEAR JOGGERS in REAL LIFE over 40


Are you currently working from Home?
Looking for work?
Working out in the community?

I'd love to know how your circumstances have effected your outfit choices compared to this time last year?



  1. Hi Samantha,so good to see you again & wow you even make joggers look fab!! Thank you for being so real and natural all the time. I'm living in joggers and leggings practically since last March as my employment is closed due to covid but hopefully this year will be better. Ireland is on its third full lockdown. Ps. You are looking so well & youthful so whatever you're doing let us in on it😀

    1. Thank you so much for this fab comment... And sharing your situation. It's hard going at the moment isn't it?
      I hope things improve sometime this year.
      You're very kind to say I'm looking half decent.... If you saw 80% of the photos from this shoot you might retract that!!! #haggard Hahahaha xxx

  2. It's great to see you back inspiring us with you're shop-your-own-wardrobe looks. Pretty much working totally from hone and am seriously into comfy casual but still chic looks. I agree that one item I.e a pair of heeled boots can certainly relevant the whole look. Wear with confidence and enjoy yourself is my motto!!!

  3. Hi Samantha! So lovely to see your posts again <3 Also I'd like to point out how FIRE your hair looks, oh my God, I have hair envy now and my hands itch to dye it that gorgeous red shade (it would have to be done at home at this time, of course, so I suppose that's not happening anytime soon).

    I love a good pair of joggers but for me it's hard to find one that fits nicely around the tummy area, and doesn't look like something that's more fitting for bedtime or the gym, but your Zara one looks so, so good; I'm guessing I would have immediately wanted to try those joggers on if I had seen them at Zara. I'm also a fan of those slouchy oversized cardigans and yours is just gorgeous. If Malaysia had four seasons, my wardrobe would be stocked with cardigans like that!

  4. I so enjoy your knack for pulling items together for a truly unique look that is both fashionable and practical. I retired shortly after the initial start of the pandemic. My retirement had been planned to occur long before but I'd expected to be doing a lot of traveling in the last several months instead of the reality of locking myself up at home. Nevertheless, my style choices have been evolving and I've been embracing joggers in this transformation.



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