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Friday, 22 January 2021

Cropped Wide Leg Jeans, Navy, Cream and DMs * Over 40 Style

Cropped Wide Leg Jeans, Navy, Cream and DMs * Over 40 Style


Casual style... as per usual these days!

It's not very flattering... the shapes don't hide or disguise anything and cropped jeans shorten the legs.
It's not very AGE- appropriate for a 46 year old!

It's certainly NOT very professional... AT ALL.
AND it's not very fashionable.... No moulds were broken, no jaws dropped.

BUT.... with all of this said, it has one BIG thing going for it.


At the end of the day, that's all that matters.

If you're enjoying this post why not have a look at these alternatives...

Cropped Wide Leg Jeans, Navy, Cream and DMs * Over 40 Style


WOOL COAT: Vintage, charity shopped AND old!
JEANS: TopShop (old)
LEATHER BOOTS: Dr Martens... 2 or 3 years old
ECRU WOOL JUMPER: Secondhand from the gent's section
BAG: an old gift
CASHMERE HOODIE: Borrowed from my husband (permanently!)
NECKLACE: Vintage... very old.


Let's break it down.
Comfortable jeans and a fitted polo neck top make up the backbone of this look.
A long wool coat smartens this up a little.

I've added a pair of chunky boots (and a chunky necklace too) just to toughen things up.

A cosy cashmere hoodie stops the long wool coat feeling frumpy and a holographic cross-body bag finishes the look off nicely.

Cropped Wide Leg Jeans, Navy, Cream and DMs * Over 40 Style


This outfit is the easiest of looks to make yours!

Let's start with the basics....

Wide jeans (cropped or long, it doesn't matter) and neat fitting jumper (or t-shirt) in a lighter colour that you like.

{A close fit to your top half is key.}

The long coat could be swapped for anything you like.
Any colour of coat would work, even a long cardigan... whatever your climate allows.

Add a chunky necklace (or earrings if you prefer) and boots.

Add a cross-body bag and you're done!

Please say hello in the comments below OR Tag me your wide jeans look on Instagram @fakefabulous 

Cropped Wide Leg Jeans, Navy, Cream and DMs * Over 40 Style


My question is VERY random today.

Do you believe in the power of Crystals?
I'm curious about them and I'd love to know your thoughts?



  1. I actually think you are quite stylish looking in this outfit and it gives me lots of style inspiration with my wide legged jeans! You do have the prettiest coats. After you modeled the camel coat a few posts ago I got busy trying to find one but, alas, couldn't find one that I thought would work. Now, I'm thinking blue might be the way to go, LOL! No, I don't believe in the power of crystals so can't comment on your question. Have an awesome weekend!

    1. Get Both Debbie!! 😁

      There will be a secondhand bargain somewhere out there for you... The perfect navy and the perfect camel coat.
      I know it!!
      Keep looking... And thank you so much for commenting! ❤️

  2. Love your look this week x crystals yes I do think they have an energy and also lovely to look at so what's not to like! X

    1. Thank you so much. Especially for your thoughts on crystals.
      I agree with the energy (everything contains it) and the beauty.
      I know they can seem weird and a bit flaky to some people but I like to keep an open mind and find out more about things I'm know nothing about.
      As you say, even if we just enjoy looking at them then that is a big positive. ❤️

  3. I am delighted that you’ve returned to blogging and like all 3 looks you’ve shown this year. They are comfy and practical, yet very attractive. Also, easy to duplicate for any woman regardless of age or size. You provide a very simple primer. I have always loved long coats and still have a few from the 80s and 90s - so glad I kept them. They make any outfit look special. Regarding crystals, all of earth and creation are magic and have energy and power. There is no end to the marvels in life.

    1. Thank you so much Kathleen... Its good to be back.
      I'm in complete agreement about energy and power... It's a fascinating subject! X

  4. That's a beautiful coat and I really like how you styled this look!

  5. You look fab, Samantha!
    As for crystals — absolutely. Last year I bought one of those water bottles with the crystal inside. I can't say for sure if it has made a difference, but I like to believe it has lol. It certainly changes the taste of the water. I love wearing crystals too, and I have some that I keep next to my desk when I'm working.
    Suzy xx
    The Grey Brunette

    1. That's really interesting Suzy.... I'm going to have a deeper look into them. Thank you for leaving this comment. X

  6. You look fab, and very You (totally agree this is all that matters). Love the way you style jeans with the long wool coat and chunky boots and a cute bag. Really cool!
    I'm not a huge fan of jeans, but wide leg trousers and a long coat look like a great idea these days!

    1. Jeans can be a little bit restrictive can't they!? In glad skinny jeans are on their way out and comfortable wider legs are more on trend. 😍Xxx

  7. You look wonderful and gorgeous! Love your tips, very down to earth and mindful of weather. Thanks.

  8. I love your style! You look awesome. I love the down to earth style that is mindful of weather.


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