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Saturday, 25 July 2020

Jeans and Sequins • Daytime Sparkle

Jeans and Sequins • Daytime Sparkle • Fake Fabulous

Today I'm in the mood for a little daytime sparkle.
I don't want to be lit up like a Christmas tree.

I want a look that feels casual enough for everyday wear.
Special enough to be..... 
Erm, special? 
Jeans and Sequins • Daytime Sparkle • Fake Fabulous

Sparkles can look completely at home as part of a daytime outfit.
In fact anything you fancy can be worn in the daytime.

Just add jeans!

I'm wearing wide cropped jeans today but any jeans would look great.
Denim is a great leveller.

I'm also wearing a simple cami and a pair of strappy thong sandals.

Outfit done.

Comfortable and SO easy to wear.

Comfortable isn't normally a word I associate with sequinned items though.
They're often scratchy and pretty uncomfortable.

I had a jumper that used to prickle me at the neckline and I also had a sequin embellished dress that brought me out in a rash where my arms brush against my body when moving around.
Both got sold on eBay... fully disclosed.

{A rash isn't a great look though, Is it?}

Luckily, this little jacket/cardigan has great sequin placement (not too close to the seams) and is lined.
Perfect for a comfortable day or night outfit.

JACKET: Vintage Topshop (old)
CAMISOLE: Old (no label)
JEANS : Topshop
BAG: a Gift
GLASSES CHAIN: Belonged to my MIL.

Jeans and Sequins • Daytime Sparkle • Fake Fabulous



  1. Love this look Samantha. The whole look is right up my street. I'm wondering why I haven't thought of a pink cami? I would wear that so much xx

    1. I'm really surprised to hear that you don't own one already Laurie! X

  2. so beautiful! it's just too dang hot to wear something like this here in Northern California, otherwise I'd copy that outfit as soon as I finish my coffee!
    xo eva

    1. Blimey Eva! I was abut chilly too... And needed an extra cardigan 😂.
      Maybe for fall/winter?? X

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Very pretty outfit!l
    Looks comfortable to wear too,
    This kind of layering is ideal for a UK summer too, when every day is different! Not like here where I am (not far from Madrid) where we are averaging 34°, and after about 1pm it's just to hot to be outside, even in the shade!!

    1. 34 Pauline.... Good god that's a scorcher!!
      I love the heat BUT not if I have to go to work, or do 'normal life' things. It sounds unbearable!! 😣

  5. Love this modern yet 'down-to-earth' outfit. Cool jacket! Lise

  6. I love everything about this outfit - the lovely pink, the soft & cozy sparkle, the “retro” white purse, the pretty eyeglass chain and those adorable jeans. It’s the perfect summer outfit for a cool climate and you look great. It’s been in the 90s here in NJ so I will look forward to copying in the Fall!

    1. I the 90s?? Is that the 30s in Celsius (I think so).... Its only 15 degrees today as I type this and I'm in cashmere joggers! If only we could share and find middle ground. 24 degrees would be perfect for me. Xxx

  7. Lovely outfit and lovely sequins!. Totally agree that denim is a great leveller (and a fab neutral too!), so it makes sequins perfectly appropriate for a casual style!.
    Glad that your sequins are comfy too, as I've also had some scratchy sequined clothes, so annoying!

  8. Again, I did a jumper with black and purple sequins (second-hand this time) on jeans not so long ago. Great minds think alike.
    PS I don't mind being lit up like a Christmas tree (big grin).


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