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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

"Minimal-PLUS" style... a new way to dress!

Minimal plus style | Fake Fabulous | Basic Outfit

I have been completely overwhelmed by the lovely comments left on my previous blogpost.
The one where I was wondering what was happening to my style.

See that post HERE

I've realised, after some thought, that this shift is not only a normal part of growing up (and growing older) but also a natural (and subconscious) awareness of global 'trends'.
Not just fashion trends but also those 'trends' that are political, economic and environmental.

Whether we think we're 'trendy' (or interested following trends) or not is irrelevant.
Even if we think we actively avoid trends they still influence us.
Subtly but powerfully.

Every time we pick up a magazine, turn on the TV or log on, we are being influenced.
Trends matter.

At the moment, "trends' are moving away from frivolities and fripperies.
Excess seems increasingly vulgar.
Trends are gradually moving...

  • Utilitarian and functional.
  • Practical and comfortable.
  • Sustainable and ethical.
  • Natural fabrics with minimal environmental impact.
  • Modest styles, less flesh on display.
  • Better Quality fabrics, cuts and finishes.
  • Timeless styles and colours.
  • Ageless designs.
  • Minimal details.

These are influences that seem to be cropping up more and more.

Minimal plus style | Fake Fabulous | Basic Outfit

Here is the first of my Minimal looks... or Minimal-PLUS as I like to call it.

Minimal-PLUS is simply a Basic look with a little something extra.

Today I'm wearing a pair of black jeans and an grey t-shirt.
Effortless and super-casual.

I feel comfortable and confident in this look.
Most surprising of all...I didn't feel boring!

Maybe this was helped by the red lip and my leopard clogs?
Simple "extras" and individual touches made a big difference.

Messy hair (of course!) a floaty scarf, big sunglasses and layered bags finished things off nicely.

I think it's important to say, at this point, that if you are experiencing the urge to modify your style, or explore other avenues in the way you dress, shopping is not always the answer.

Excess consumption of clothes and accessories is not what we should be striving for.

Don't rush to purge and bin the contents of your wardrobe.
Try packing away any items you're tired of, or that don't fit your intended aesthetic.

Storing these pieces means that if you have a change of heart you can dig them back out!

Also remember that you can use items you ALREADY OWN to create the look you want.
Try looking at Pinterest to find inspiration....
e.g. "Black jeans street style" or how to wear a purple dress" will bring up plenty of different looks to try.

If you yearn to try something completely different from your current style you could try borrowing an item from a friend.
Or, have a look on eBay, Vestiaire and similar secondhand sites.

If you do find you have a BIG gap in your wardrobe that can't be filled by secondhand shopping then invest in quality.
You don't need to spend a lot just spend wisely.

With all of that said, it's important to enjoy getting dressed everyday.
Expressing yourself is important and clothes are our way of communicating to the world who we are, how are want to be seen and even what we believe in.

Clothes can be very powerful!
{Even the simple ones}

Minimal plus style | Fake Fabulous | Basic Outfit

SHOES: Lotta (a few years old)
JEANS: Secondhand (Borrowed...permanently!)
T-SHIRT: Very old 
SCARF: A gift (old too!)
BAGS: Small one: ASOS. Large one I made.
GLASSES: Vogue (very Old)

Minimal plus style | Fake Fabulous | Basic Outfit

What "PLUS" would you have added to make this jeans and t-shirt outfit your own?
Colourful trainers?
A headscarf?
I'd love to know!



  1. Great outfit, I can totally relate to this. Lise

  2. Loved the previous post can totally relate and the outfit today is great too

    1. Thank you so much... It really means a lot to read that! 🥰

  3. A fine example of how a simple jeans and T-shirt combination can become really stylish with the addition of the right accessories.

  4. How strange, I've just realised that your list of newer trends matches my (permanent) criteria when shopping... bar utility which makes me look like a builder or something :D In my teens and twenties it was near impossible to find nice clothes in natural fabrics, thank goodness that sounds so outlandish these days.

    I'm even more keen to see what you do with your new style now. And yes you look very stylish in your black and grey... this going to be right up my street, yay! Su

    1. Thank you Su!
      I'm so pleased you like this look and that my new ethos is your 'normal'... Do you have and brand recommendations?! I'd love to know. X🥰

    2. Well I'm relying on you to up my game Sam :D

      Unfortunately lovely Ness have closed their stores, but there is Thought. They used to be Braintree Hemp so a long record of good ethics etc... lots of info on their site. Since the Camden Lock fire they seem to have gone completely online.

      My hemp cardigan from the Braintree days still makes me look glamorous, haha, and I have all their plain longsleeve bamboo tops - fantastic colours, gorgeously soft, and last well.

      Good tip: even long term staples are very reasonable prices if you can hang on until the end of their sales. 10% off if you subscribe to the email. Su x

  5. Lovely outfit, I like how you styled your black denim and also love the fab clogs and cute accesories. You Rock!
    And also lovely advice on not rushing to purge our wardrobes!.

    1. It's tempting though isn't it? Out with the old in with the new.... I know that if we let too much go we end up yearning for it's return. True for so many things, not just fashion! 😘X

  6. Ilove your minimal plus extra look. It's a realistic and chic approach to dressing. Also great advice on not completely purging a wardrobe. This can be a bad idea for the planet leading to excess consumption of more clothing! Looking forward to more of these fab looks!

  7. Thank you Juliana!! I'm glad you agree. I'm excited to create more outfits and see where this goes. You're support means so much!! 🥰


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