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Saturday, 25 April 2020

Playing Dress Up • Quarantine Style

Quarantine Fashion | Dressing up for lockdown | Fake Fabulous

Somedays call for a little dress up!
Today is one of those days.

My hair is BADLY needing cut.
My roots are dire.
I'm going brassy.😳
My skin is parched.
My exercise routine is nonexistent.
I feel a bit of a mess.

In this situation what can be done?

Quarantine Fashion | Dressing up for lockdown | Fake Fabulous

There is only one thing for it.
Ditch the joggers and dress up a little!

This calls for a (slightly OTT) dress and a 'creative' updo.

{DISCLAIMER: This is not a creative updo at all. It's a scabby little bun and a headband.}

This dress is a little over-the-top to lounge around in, BUT why not?
I've no events to attend, for the foreseeable future, so today's 'date' with a bottle of wine and a book deserves some special attention.

Of course, I've not compromised on comfort here either.
Everything in this outfit is comfortable and 'loungable' in.

{I swapped out the boots for flip flops in real life, but they far too sloppy looking for these photos... even by my standards!}

This ended up being a comfortable and surprisingly practical outfit for a spot of garden sitting and book reading.
Perfect for a rare weekend in the Scottish sun.

Quarantine Fashion | Dressing up for lockdown | Fake Fabulous

DRESS: Old Topshop
TOP: Charity shopped a few years ago
NECKLACE: Very old
GLASSES: Very old
EARRINGS: Old (a gift)


  1. Hooray for wearing colours and prints! Today I am wearing orange trousers, a black metal Tshirt and a printed headscarf so Im also a bit dressed like you :-D

  2. I'm a nurse and lucky enough to be working a reduced schedule. So I am dressing for work as usual. But on my days off, I've decided I HAVE TO get out of my joggers and tee-shirt, even if to put on a nicer tee shirt and jeans, just to improve my mood. You look gorgeous, Samantha. I was fortunate to get my own hair trimmed last week, by driving to my hairdresser's house

    1. You're lucky to get a trim. We're not supposed to visit anyone here so that's not an option for me. I did a DIY deadends trim but it's not the best job! Hahaha

  3. don't cut your hair!! it's lovely! although i love your overall vintage vibe short hair, we have that the rest of our life for that....(I'm 48---my hair is long!...greys coming in, don't care about i tempted to cut it? YES! everyday...
    xo you always inspire me!

    1. HaHahah... Thank you Eva. I've had a little snip at the ends to get the frizzy away. Like you, my grey bits are not bothering me too much. I've painted some touch up on th eworst bits (temples).... Maybe it's time to blend slowly into grey? Let's face it, whether my hair is dyed or not I'm not kidding anyone that I'm anything other than 46!! 😊X

  4. Hooray for dressing up! I wore a vintage Hawaiian dress all day yesterday and felt marvelous!

  5. There was definitely something in the water today!

    I dug out some colourful Summer clothes too, for my exercise/walk. Made me feel more positive.

    Love your necklace, especially with that top. Su

    1. Maybe we've all hit a point where we feel the need to do something a little different!? I know I've had enough of my joggers and leggings. X😏

  6. Woww, such a lovely dress and lovely color combo! and you look so adorable in this!, totally Fabulous, comfy and cool, and really chic too!.
    Glad to see you enjoying some sunshine!


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