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Tuesday, 28 April 2020

DIY Style • Crochet Denim Sun Top and Jeans

Crochet top Khaki jacket and denim jeans | Spring Style | Fake Fabulous

I've been making a few bits of clothing recently and I'm loving the results.
DIY style is not for everyone, but I really like the fact that no one else will have a top like mine.
It's one of a kind!
As we all are.

Crochet top Khaki jacket and denim jeans | Spring Style | Fake Fabulous

It's the time and effort that goes in to handmade clothes that makes me appreciate them so much.
Anything that has been lovingly created (and modified to fit perfectly) from quality natural yarn, has got to be better (for the soul as well as the world) than a cheaply made polyester nasty.

I honestly believe anyone can knit or crochet.
It's all pretty simple, and YouTube is full to bursting of brilliant tutorials.

Just the other day I was looking up how to do a "long tailed cast on".
It was a mystery to me then 5 minutes later I was flying!

I'm certainly not a skilled knitter or crocheter.
I'm a beginner really, so every stitch of this top was done with patience and acted as a kind of therapy for my busy mind.

{You can't worry about global issues when you're trying to untangle a huge knot in your yarn!}

As for this outfit...

I'm going for a bit of a double denim vibe here.
The top is made from recycled denim yarn and the jeans are, well... denim jeans! 

I've added a khaki jacket to take down some of the girliness of this top and lacy bralet combination.

If the truth be told, I'm probably a little long in the tooth for flesh baring skimpy sun tops and lacy bralets, but what the hell eh?
We're not dead yet!

I must admit that I don't feel too comfortable in overly feminine styles and many DIY patterns are heavy on the femininity.

I'd love to find some "cool" edgy patterns... if you know of any please let me know!

Although, if you saw my "dressing up outfit" the other day you might laugh at that statement.
(It's pretty girly!)

The nude heels in this outfit didn't last long, if I'm honest, I changed them for a pair of pink sliders.
MUCH more comfortable but so much LESS chic.

These nude wedges are pretty comfortable but I've become so shoe-lazy recently that I can't stand anything on my feet that isn't a pair of bed-socks.
I'm not sorry about it either.
My shoe tolerance is at rock bottom.
As is by bra tolerance.
Hence the bralet.

That goodness I don't need any serious scaffolding!

There is something liberating about ditching those underwires and wearing something soft.

I was also sharing another DIY project recently.

Wait for it....

Im also going to be sharing a jumper I've made with you very soon.

One of my friends asked me if it's something Robert Smith might have worn in the 80s?
I had to laugh out loud at that one.

{You can be the judge of that when I share it!}

Crochet top Khaki jacket and denim jeans | Spring Style | Fake Fabulous

TOP:  Made form a Pattern by Wool and the Gang (and recycled denim yarn) that I amended to suit my needs.
(I made the straps thicker, the cups closer together and the overall body longer. No one needs to see my 46 year old midriff!
Plus, I added a button to the back instead of ties)
JACKET: Gap (years old, 18 or so!)
JEANS: Denham
BAG: Under Armour (It's a gym bag... my old one fell to pieces... but there is no gym so it makes a great shopper!)
SHOES: Dune. Old. Secondhand from eBay
NECKLACE: Tatty Devine

Crochet top Khaki jacket and denim jeans | Spring Style | Fake Fabulous



  1. I love this outfit especially your crocheted top. I think you did very well and the top looks professional.

  2. Oh I LOVE that top! so into the crochet thing! I am super impressed by your abilities!
    xo Eva

    1. Thank you so much but it was pretty easy, Eva. I'm not a great crocheter and it turned out okay so it must be a simple one! 😊

  3. Oh, how fab is that?? I love your halter - very trendy too - and it's even better that you made it! Very inspiring, Samantha! I wonder how long till I dig out my wool and crochet hooks!

    1. You're very kind Sheila... Thank you. Now I'm intrigued to see some of your creations?! ☺️X

  4. Gorgeous top! I love it, and your hair is beautiful.

    1. Thank you! You're being very generous about my hair..😘. It is driving me bananas with it's scabby ends and roots and brassy bits! πŸ˜‚ I've had the Brass off mask on it so many times I'm surprised it's not bright blue!! X

  5. I love your top! This inspires me to crochet a top of my own. I've been worried that I would put time onto something that didn't turn out. has some great edgy payterns., If you are interested.

    1. Oooo.... Thank you so much for that recommendation. I'll check it out.
      As for worrying things won't turn out, don't!
      I'm not a great crafter and still found it quite easy to amend this top to fit my body and suit my needs. Go for it! X😍

  6. Very flattering jeans. Knitting. Sigh. I have knitted things in the very distant past, but it was never a labour of love. It was always - hard going labour.

    1. HaHahah... Yes! I know what you mean. In the past I have knitted and almost felt like it was an endurance test!! πŸ˜‚ Something has changed recently though and I am more freestyling than following patterns religiously. Maybe that's the secret to enjoyment rather than endurance?! 🀣

  7. Divine color. Beautiful workmanship. Looks great with the pale wash denim.

  8. woww, love this crochet top and totally admire your skills, it looks so well done and perfectly fitted to yourself, which is something I know it's hard to achieve!
    And the color is lovely, so cute!, love the khaki jacket over it too!


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